Welcome to the official web presence of internationally renowned psychic, Carla Baron.

You may have seen her work as a psychic profiler starring on truTV's "Haunting Evidence" .. or perhaps as a celebrity psychic profiler, utilizing her expert skills to hone in on a missing persons investigation for a well-known celebrity's missing brother on the special,
"Psychic Hollywood: The Search for Truth"
which aired on E!..

Psychic Carla Baron was featured on an episode of "MysteryQuest" for History Channel as a renowned psychic/ medium searching for evidence of lingering ghosts haunting the isle prison of Alcatraz. This eerie photograph of a full-bodied spirit apparition taken by me on my cell phone early that morning is undeniable PROOF that the afterlife does indeed exist.

You may have heard of a hit Court TV series called "Psychic Detectives."

Well, you may not be aware that psychic Carla Baron starred in the pilot episode special for "Psychic Detectives" - subsequently catapulting the phenomenon of 'psychic meets crime' into the television mainstream.

Psychic Carla Baron can be seen on several episodes of "Dead Famous"
(Biography Channel) as she uses her medium abilities to sense the celebrity famous
who have crossed over to the Other Side.

ABC Primetime highlighted Carla Baron's work as a gifted psychic profiler, realizing early on this would be just the beginning of many times we would witness her work on crime investigations.
(This segment now rebroadcasts periodically on 20/20 for WE tv.)

Let's not forget where it all began for Ghost Hunters everywhere ... MTV's FEAR.
Carla Baron was the official psychic/ medium for the reality hit paranormal series setting the industry standard for paranormal reality tv.
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