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June 23, 2016

Was spot on about my ex. She told me that he was angry with me about the divorce, he is. She told me there would be one more angry upset and outburst before it is totally over. She could not have known that. In fact, there is one last financial transaction that he wants to do one way and our therapist and money manager are advising another. It will probably be upsetting. She told me I will need to play hardball with him. She explained that my ex really doesn't know much about how to have relationships and saw me only as an extension of himself to be kept in a cage and he is mad and doesn't understand why I didn't like the gifts he gave me. She told me I married him for status - which was true. I wanted so much to get out of the poverty I was raised with.

Carla had no information about me other than my birthday and my name, and she talked about my interior design business and staging. This is EXACTLY what I have been doing & have a passion for! (Carla knew nothing about this until after our session.) When asked about writing, she said "self-publishing" and some book about myself. I happen to be in the process of writing a memoir, as well as, self-publishing a design book.

When I asked about my mother's health, she told me she saw cancer - possibly in her lungs. My mother recently had hip surgery, and is healing slowly. Carla tells me this is because she sees "smoke" around her lungs and it has not been diagnosed. My mother smoked for many years... a fact Carla was unaware of during this reading. She tells me that she may have little tears in her lungs, and if she should get pneumonia - she will have a hard time recovering.

Carla, told me my father is dark - all "smoke and mirrors" and has done stuff I don't want to know about. (I have no doubt that is true.)

In fact, I resonated with almost every thing she said. It felt warm to be validated in the concerns and worries I have had, as well as, hope and encouragement toward the areas of my life I am interested in improving. I have never had such a specific reading with details like Carla offered.

I will definitely call again soon.


Austin, Texas

June 13, 2016

After weeks of going back and forth about having a reading with Carla, I decided yesterday I was going to do it. So I booked a 15-min session (wish I booked longer!) What a lovely lady she is! Being nervous beforehand - she took the time to make me feel relaxed before she even started.

My main focus was on a relationship that I had come out of. Carla had this man's personality down to a T. She doesn't "sugarcoat" anything; even though I wanted it to be something else, it's not to be, and better things are coming my way. So now I will heal myself, and you can bet I will be phoning for a longer session over the coming months!


May 30, 2016

I have talked to a psychic before - but not like Carla. She was very easy to talk to - just like a best friend. I was at my wits' end with my recurring eye issues. I needed answers.

In Carla's reading, she managed to identify the root cause and suggestions on how to improve the eye issues that I am dealing with during the call, and reassured me the eye is fine. Very impressive since I was worried I'd never be okay unless I caved into the surgery they wanted. I'd managed to wiggle out of it since last June as they wanted to rush & reroute both tear ducts in which one has no issues at all.

I had been considering doing a business venture with a friend which I was uneasy about to begin with since it has been a lot of squabbling on details etc. Carla was spot on... she described my friend's personality to a T. She actually hit on the items that concerned me about the venture indicating it would be a lot of "fighting & stress" involved. She said a new opportunity would be opening up with a younger different person around November. Which is great! Younger people are more like me & think out of the box. Looking forward to what November brings me.

I was so thankful to talk to her, and I am so excited at what the future will bring. Also that my eye will recover so I can wear my contacts again. Thank you, Carla- you made me feel so much better.

I will be calling again!

Columbus, OH

May 26, 2016

I have never called a psychic before....if it wasn't for a friend of mine talking to Carla, I never would have sought one out. I figured the real psychics were too expensive for regular people like me to afford.

At 45 years old, I was at a crossroads in my life... I needed answers. I knew Carla had been right on with everything she had talked to my friend about. I had a lot of questions- so I bought 30 minutes of her time.

I was nervous, kinda shaking... I had a notepad ready with my list of questions.

My husband and I recently closed our business of 15 years... so my first question was if my husband would be getting a good job soon. Carla says "June, and with a better income"... she described my husband's personality to a T.

Then I asked her if our house would sell soon... her answer was "if you save the house - you save the marriage" ...(I hadn't even mentioned any marriage problems yet) ....she said we still had a choice, and that we wouldn't have to sell the house.... she even mentioned removing the listing- but said we might as well wait til June, when he got his job.

I asked about my health.... she knew I had been eating too much sugar...and too much at a meal time.

I asked her about having any kind of a relationship with my estranged parents... she described my parents' personalities to a T... and as it turns out, I'm better off without both of them in my life...a choice I had already made, and she knew that.

I cried throughout the entire reading, but Carla was very easy to talk to. I was so thankful to talk to her...and I am so excited at what this next month will bring. Thank you, Carla- you made me feel so much better.

I will definitely be calling her again.

Cedar, MI

May 18, 2016

Over the last two and a half years, I have had a total of three readings with Carla. Each time I spoke with Carla it seemed like she knew me better than I knew myself. In my first reading my biggest concern was about my current and future employment. She knew right away that I didn't feel appreciated at my current job and that it wasn't going to be permanent and that put me at ease. She stated that I would meet someone at the end of 2015 or beginning of 2016 that would offer me a new job and to not worry about the pay because I would move into management right away. Well, I met my new boss at the end of 2015 when he came in to my former job. By the beginning of 2016 he offered to hire me full-time with his company, just as Carla predicted. He has also informed me that he wants to move me into management right away!

The purpose of my second reading was because I had gotten a serious speeding ticket and was worried about the outcome and I also wanted to know why I continually get speeding tickets. After she told me everything was going to turn out fine, she went on to tell me about my most recent past life to help me understand why I get speeding tickets. Carla told me in my past life that I was a fighter pilot. Not just any fighter pilot, but an Ace. She stated I that I liked making it known that I was the best at what I did, which is funny because I'm told that's how I am today. She also hit the nail on the head with my rush for adrenaline and "need for speed." She said that I have always had an infatuation with anything mechanical and aviation related. I do remember when I was a kid that I always loved playing with toy planes and cars. As an adult I have owned a couple of Mustangs which are based off the WWII Mustang Fighter Plane and I love how they make me feel like I am in a fighter jet. I didn't tell her about my childhood infatuation with planes or my love of Mustangs until after she told me of my past life. She said that I was shot down while over the Indian Ocean in 1979-1980 while on a secret mission and all I would have seen was a bright flash and a loud bang. Which totally explains why I startle easily and hate loud noises to this day! She picked up on that fact that my coworkers love to startle me because it was so easy. She was shocked that I was reincarnated so soon (within 10 years) because she feels that I had unfinished business to take care of.

In my third and most recent reading I asked her about my living situation and when I would be moving to a new location. Carla told me to continue to keep building my credit because she sees me owning my own home in 2020. But before then, she sees me renting a home this December in an area that is surrounded by woods. She said more than once how beautiful it's going to be and that I'll love it there. I am excited to see her predictions come true again!!

Stafford, Virginia

April 25, 2016

Carla's reading was spot on and she managed to identify and touch on some current health issues that I am dealing with all over a skype audio call, which was very impressive. From a different continent, there is no way she would have any idea of some of these physical symptoms and also pointed out a few things I hadn't connected with vitamin deficiencies.

She described the exact words I had used earlier in the day in the phone to my mum as well as making a suggestion of ways I could help improve things.

She also touched on work and described my current boss down to a 'T' .. as well as, clearly explaining the relationship I have with both my dad and partner and previous trust issues.

Her reading was enjoyable and I managed to get a lot of info out of the just 15 minutes - and wish it had gone on for hours!

London, UK

April 18, 2016

I am deeply interested in psychic readings and have about two or three every year. While every psychic is a little different, Carla's approach/abilities permit precise detail (like accurate timing, personality insights, locations, etc.) that led to specific advice.

A great example is my current work situation in which I crave meaningful change; Carla sensed that the company where I work is experiencing turmoil that will eventually lead to reductions in staff and increased workload. When she mentioned that I can immediately benefit from simple networking (which would lead to my next position), she actually knew the exact industry that I was considering, which has zero connection to my current job! Carla, I am impressed with your talent and look forward to meeting with you again!

Jenifer C.
Newport Beach, CA

April 18, 2016

I had been waiting to do a reading with Carla. There were some things in my life that I needed closure for and was hoping she could help me. However, I kept putting it off and making excuses..."What if she can't help..." I was scared I would be worse off than before and have even fewer answers.

I am so glad I finally chose to have the reading. I was (of course) nervous but Carla immediately put me at ease. She is super sweet and instantly calmed me down. I only chose a 15 minute reading because I wasn't sure what to expect. Next time I will definitely choose a longer session. It was like talking to a friend... but one that had excellent insight into my problem.

Carla was able to explain to me how souls work which is what I needed to hear. It was fascinating (did I mention I wish I chose a longer reading?). She was also able to give me insight on my past lives which parallel my current life in relation to the anxiety I fight on a daily basis. Once I heard her talk about my past lives it was like a light switch went off.

I want to thank Carla for the closure and answers she gave me during my reading. If you are on the fence about having a reading I say DO IT!!!

Thank you, Carla!

Cincinnati, OH

April 15, 2016

I first contacted Carla on January 17th, 2016 shortly after my husband was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer that had spread to his bones, brain and adrenal gland. I was scared and curious as to what she would see for us.

I had been reading her testimonies from others and knew it was the right time to call. She asked our birthdays, then asked me where I'd like to start...I said my husband..that's all I gave her..she immediately picked up he was sick..stated he waited too long..someone had told him to get checked (My Uncle). She also saw him in a toxic job..he was a heating and cooling (Hvac) guy and also a seabee in the Navy. (CB for construction battalion that specializes in asbestos clean up among other things). I did not confirm or deny anything. Just said maybe. She told me his first exit date was June but he didn't have to take it.. that threw me as I knew (being a nurse) he would not survive this aggressive cancer until June,...but after looking up "exit dates", it made more sense..she also told me I would first see the decline in his eyes...again right on with that. I then asked her about myself..she immediately saw that I have an autoimmune disease. All I said was maybe. Yes I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis the year I met my husband but I never confirmed. She then said she saw it reversing..which it has. Almost completely. But that is another story.

So I then waited..I took care of him day after day, and he lost his battle April 5th. I knew I would call her again. Especially after I have had a bird pecking on my windows since this past Wednesday the 13th. I'm very emotionally destroyed. Obviously.

So today April 15th we had another session. She again picked up on him. Said she saw trouble in the brain. (I never confirmed the cancer had spread anywhere on our first session, let alone the brain.) She said there was a bright light right before he died, that sort of startled him. I felt like she was describing his last moments as if she was there. Because he did startle. It was scary..then he was gone.

We talked about his ring. He had lost so much weight I had to get it resized. He was very passionate about that ring, and I am wearing it now. He told her to tell me not to ever take it off..that he would know. Definitely something he would say!!

The bird, she said, is sensing a loss and is trying to see what is going on. That it wasn't necessarily him, but the bird was distracting me from crying all the time.

I'm sure there are more small things, but I'm exhausted from today. I also forgot to tell her that when he became bed bound, I began feeling all his pain. I knew when he was hurting, when he needed pain medication or to be repositioned. I believe that was a gift to be so connected and intuitive to my loving husband. Thank you so much Carla. You will hear from me again!

From a forever fan. ♥

Christine W.
Waterford, MI

April 8, 2016

Carla did a reading for me back in February. My main focus of interest was on my love life. Carla said I would end up WITHOUT either of the two men in my life.

Last week, within days of each other, they both ended our relationships. I'm grateful that my marriage is ending. The other guy broke my heart but it doesn't seem we were meant to be.

She also saw me leaving my home. She said I would be staying with someone else - a woman - but in another town not far away. I now stay with my mom in the next town.

I am ecstatic over my newfound freedom which she also said would happen. Now I'm just waiting for my job opportunity and new love she predicted.

Once I get working again, Carla, you'll definitely be hearing from me. Thank you so much.

Lagrange, Ohio

March 21, 2016

I had my God knows what number reading with Carla - once again she did not disappoint! We only did a 15-minute reading, so it was one or two topics we focused on - family and future job.

My mom has been ill - she is not incapacitated, but she has been sick. She was in the hospital last year for emergency abdominal surgery. She has a very stressful job and does not take care of herself. Carla informed me when I inquired about her health that she saw her having issues with her abdominal area. (I mentioned NOTHING to Carla about the previous hospitalization.) SHE WAS DEAD ON!!! This problem with my mother will occur in April, and she will be in tremendous pain and have to go to the hospital. I asked if this will kill her. Carla said, "No, but this is what it will take to get her to pay closer attention to her health and well-being."

Carla sees that I will be working at a restaurant in NYC. I asked for a few more details because there are A LOT of eateries in NYC. Carla saw a place that is "new" and has "outdoor seating," so I will concentrate my search for places like that.


Upper Saddle River, NJ

March 19, 2016

Sometimes in our lives we reach a point of desperation. Maybe it's depression, maybe it's because you grow tired of waiting for a change, or maybe you're just looking for the answers necessary to help guide you back to the right place. Whatever it may be - that's where Carla comes in. Over the past year I worked almost 14-15 hours a day and the end result was depression, fatigue, and low energy. I felt like my life was sucked out of me and that I couldn't remember the girl I used to be. Happy, Positive, Cheerful, and funny. I worked so hard but the end result led to nothing and innocent people were hurt. I found Carla's profile on twitter and I've been immediately drawn to her soft heart and kind spirit. Of course you can get all the free readings you want on twitter - but there's a reason as to why they are free.

[Example: If a reader states "You have two bad spirits around you... tell them Scarlett says go away"- - YOU'd better block that person and run!!!]

I debated on having a reading with Carla but I'm glad I did. My first area of interest was my health. I've had 4 surgeries all around my abdomen. Carla immediately picked up that I was having issues around my lower abdomen under my rib cage. She offered a few different approaches for me to try like changing my diet, and suggested that I start using a citrus extract called Agrisept-l 3x a day. The most fascinating part of my reading was when Carla mentioned that the organization I was previously working for is under an investigation/legal issue involving a money scam (one that I'm going to be testifying for.) She also mentioned that I will start a new career as early as May 1st and this position would be with a clinic around older people. Her prediction of me working with the older population was surreal. Roughly 5 years ago, I worked as a PCA and took care of an elderly woman who was under hospice care. I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed that this happens!!

Overall, this reading made me feel good about life again. I've been worried, stressed, tired, sick, etc. Carla is very genuine and kind. Aside from just being a reader, she makes you feel more like a friend. If you are debating on whether or not to have a reading with Carla, or the cost is an issue, or maybe you're a skeptic, give her a chance to help put you back on the right track. This was my first reading, I hope to have her read me again in the future. Thanks again for all you do, Carla.

I'll be praying for a "Victory" soon and will celebrate with "Victory Pig Pizza." ♡

Thank you, Carla, for helping me find my true self again.

Drums, PA

March 14, 2016

Had a reading with Carla on Saturday 3/12/16. We have had some experience with a spirit in the house. We contacted Carla and she told us it was a male spirit from the early 1700's. It is attached to the property and not the house. I have a sixth sense about this myself and had felt him in the house and I had picked up that it's a male who is angry. Carla told us that there was a family dispute and one brother killed the other. He died in a bad way and wants to be vindicated.

He was shot and then burned to cover up the murder. We had smelled smoke in the house as if something was burning. We are in the process of getting the history of the land about a fire in the early 1700's. Carla also saw ashes that appeared out of nowhere and when we had the fire pit going over the weekend when we started talking about the spirit the flames when higher.

(Just as Carla had said that they would.)

Carla confirmed everything! She is amazing and right on with everything going on.

Oak Ridge, TN

February 21, 2016

Wow, just had an amazing reading with Carla. I can't believe how much she knew. I am so glad I decided to do this today. It was a true blessing. The first thing I asked Carla was about my love life. I currently have a husband and a boyfriend. I have been so torn as what to do about this situation. I gave her my boyfriend's name and birthday first. The first thing she said was "I bet the sex is awesome with him" - true fact. I gave her my husband's name and birthday. She said she saw me breaking up with both. This floored me because I've had a nagging feeling that I was going to end up without either relationship.

Carla told me I needed the relationship with my boyfriend in order for me to end my marriage that had been failing for some time. She said that I would have never left otherwise. She said once I am free of these relationships, she saw me happy, working and enjoying my new freedom. She said there would no longer be any stigma attached to me because of the situation I have been in recently. She said I shouldn't wonder if I will be able to make it financially and not to worry because my husband is not the type of guy to be a total jerk. My husband actually is a wonderful man. I have never met a more forgiving person in my life. She told me my life would take a complete turn for the better and she saw things ending in my current relationship in May. She said if I wait longer than that I may run into problems. She saw me meeting another man later in the year, possibly in October.

I told her the reason that I have been so worried about making it financially is that I have had trouble working due to having Fibromyalgia. She said not to worry about being poor that I will find a job and I will be working for a really nice man. She said I should have already been working for this man two months ago. So I won't give up on the search for work.

She saw that the medications I have been given for my condition are causing me problems and that possibly I have been misdiagnosed. She said she saw that I have aluminum toxicity and asked me about the deodorant I use. She saw that it is entering my body primarily via my deodorant and has been causing me problems with my lymph nodes and I am wiped out by mid-afternoon. My lymph nodes have been swollen a lot and I have started developing rashes under my arms where I apply my deodorant. She said I should switch to a crystal deodorant and to consider weaning off of the medications. She said the medications are just knocking me out. Again she was right. Every time I take my medicines, I have to take a nap and my nap is always around 2 or 3 pm in the afternoon. At this point I had to extend the reading because she was so correct, I was literally amazed.

I then asked her if my grandma has been present. She has passed but I have felt her presence a lot lately. I gave her my grandma's name and birthday. She said my grandma was "Queen of her Universe." I couldn't describe her better than that. She was the strongest woman I ever knew. She said my grandma has been watching my current situation and says I need to get off of my (*ss) and get working! Grandma wants me to quit making excuses and get going because she knows I'm capable of so much more. That sounded so much like my grandma. She was so proud of me and all of my accomplishments, even though she passed when I was only 19 years old.

I asked her if my other grandma that recently passed last year led me to my boyfriend because I have always felt that she did. Right after I watched her take her last breath, I came home and looked for some letters she had written me as a child. We were kind of like pen pals because I didn't get to see her as much. Carla said that she saw something "falling to the floor." I almost stopped breathing at this point because a picture fell out of those letters. The picture was of me in line in my fifth grade classroom. Standing in line right beside me was the man that is now my boyfriend. Carla also said that she saw this grandma to be less "bold" as my other grandma, yet very forgiving and wise. This woman was a very forgiving person and she was wise. After all, she had raised ten children and had lived to be 90 years old and left behind great-great grandchildren when she passed.

As far as my future, Carla said she saw me leaving this town that I currently live in and I would eventually get my own place; but, at first, I will be staying with someone for a while. She said the town I currently living in was bad for me, but I wasn't going to move very far. Carla had no clue that I have been talking to my mother about moving in with her until I could get off my feet. My mother lives in the next town about ten minutes from my house. Then Carla told me to make sure I write my testimonial right away because she saw me having "short term memory issues." I DO have terrible short term memory and tend to procrastinate.

She said she saw me switching gears, even as soon as tomorrow. She said I have a tendency to be able to switch things fast. Correct. Carla did an amazing job. As for the future, I guess we will see but it has encouraged me to keep going.

Thank you, Carla.

LaGrange, Ohio

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