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May 26, 2016

I have never called a psychic before....if it wasn't for a friend of mine talking to Carla, I never would have sought one out. I figured the real psychics were too expensive for regular people like me to afford.

At 45 years old, I was at a crossroads in my life... I needed answers. I knew Carla had been right on with everything she had talked to my friend about. I had a lot of questions- so I bought 30 minutes of her time.

I was nervous, kinda shaking... I had a notepad ready with my list of questions.

My husband and I recently closed our business of 15 years... so my first question was if my husband would be getting a good job soon. Carla says "June, and with a better income"... she described my husband's personality to a T.

Then I asked her if our house would sell soon... her answer was "if you save the house - you save the marriage" ...(I hadn't even mentioned any marriage problems yet) ....she said we still had a choice, and that we wouldn't have to sell the house.... she even mentioned removing the listing- but said we might as well wait til June, when he got his job.

I asked about my health.... she knew I had been eating too much sugar...and too much at a meal time.

I asked her about having any kind of a relationship with my estranged parents... she described my parents' personalities to a T... and as it turns out, I'm better off without both of them in my life...a choice I had already made, and she knew that.

I cried throughout the entire reading, but Carla was very easy to talk to. I was so thankful to talk to her...and I am so excited at what this next month will bring. Thank you, Carla- you made me feel so much better.

I will definitely be calling her again.

Cedar, MI

May 18, 2016

Over the last two and a half years, I have had a total of three readings with Carla. Each time I spoke with Carla it seemed like she knew me better than I knew myself. In my first reading my biggest concern was about my current and future employment. She knew right away that I didn't feel appreciated at my current job and that it wasn't going to be permanent and that put me at ease. She stated that I would meet someone at the end of 2015 or beginning of 2016 that would offer me a new job and to not worry about the pay because I would move into management right away. Well, I met my new boss at the end of 2015 when he came in to my former job. By the beginning of 2016 he offered to hire me full-time with his company, just as Carla predicted. He has also informed me that he wants to move me into management right away!

The purpose of my second reading was because I had gotten a serious speeding ticket and was worried about the outcome and I also wanted to know why I continually get speeding tickets. After she told me everything was going to turn out fine, she went on to tell me about my most recent past life to help me understand why I get speeding tickets. Carla told me in my past life that I was a fighter pilot. Not just any fighter pilot, but an Ace. She stated I that I liked making it known that I was the best at what I did, which is funny because I'm told that's how I am today. She also hit the nail on the head with my rush for adrenaline and "need for speed." She said that I have always had an infatuation with anything mechanical and aviation related. I do remember when I was a kid that I always loved playing with toy planes and cars. As an adult I have owned a couple of Mustangs which are based off the WWII Mustang Fighter Plane and I love how they make me feel like I am in a fighter jet. I didn't tell her about my childhood infatuation with planes or my love of Mustangs until after she told me of my past life. She said that I was shot down while over the Indian Ocean in 1979-1980 while on a secret mission and all I would have seen was a bright flash and a loud bang. Which totally explains why I startle easily and hate loud noises to this day! She picked up on that fact that my coworkers love to startle me because it was so easy. She was shocked that I was reincarnated so soon (within 10 years) because she feels that I had unfinished business to take care of.

In my third and most recent reading I asked her about my living situation and when I would be moving to a new location. Carla told me to continue to keep building my credit because she sees me owning my own home in 2020. But before then, she sees me renting a home this December in an area that is surrounded by woods. She said more than once how beautiful it's going to be and that I'll love it there. I am excited to see her predictions come true again!!

Stafford, Virginia

April 25, 2016

Carla's reading was spot on and she managed to identify and touch on some current health issues that I am dealing with all over a skype audio call, which was very impressive. From a different continent, there is no way she would have any idea of some of these physical symptoms and also pointed out a few things I hadn't connected with vitamin deficiencies.

She described the exact words I had used earlier in the day in the phone to my mum as well as making a suggestion of ways I could help improve things.

She also touched on work and described my current boss down to a 'T' .. as well as, clearly explaining the relationship I have with both my dad and partner and previous trust issues.

Her reading was enjoyable and I managed to get a lot of info out of the just 15 minutes - and wish it had gone on for hours!

London, UK

April 18, 2016

I am deeply interested in psychic readings and have about two or three every year. While every psychic is a little different, Carla's approach/abilities permit precise detail (like accurate timing, personality insights, locations, etc.) that led to specific advice.

A great example is my current work situation in which I crave meaningful change; Carla sensed that the company where I work is experiencing turmoil that will eventually lead to reductions in staff and increased workload. When she mentioned that I can immediately benefit from simple networking (which would lead to my next position), she actually knew the exact industry that I was considering, which has zero connection to my current job! Carla, I am impressed with your talent and look forward to meeting with you again!

Jenifer C.
Newport Beach, CA

April 18, 2016

I had been waiting to do a reading with Carla. There were some things in my life that I needed closure for and was hoping she could help me. However, I kept putting it off and making excuses..."What if she can't help..." I was scared I would be worse off than before and have even fewer answers.

I am so glad I finally chose to have the reading. I was (of course) nervous but Carla immediately put me at ease. She is super sweet and instantly calmed me down. I only chose a 15 minute reading because I wasn't sure what to expect. Next time I will definitely choose a longer session. It was like talking to a friend... but one that had excellent insight into my problem.

Carla was able to explain to me how souls work which is what I needed to hear. It was fascinating (did I mention I wish I chose a longer reading?). She was also able to give me insight on my past lives which parallel my current life in relation to the anxiety I fight on a daily basis. Once I heard her talk about my past lives it was like a light switch went off.

I want to thank Carla for the closure and answers she gave me during my reading. If you are on the fence about having a reading I say DO IT!!!

Thank you, Carla!

Cincinnati, OH

April 15, 2016

I first contacted Carla on January 17th, 2016 shortly after my husband was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer that had spread to his bones, brain and adrenal gland. I was scared and curious as to what she would see for us.

I had been reading her testimonies from others and knew it was the right time to call. She asked our birthdays, then asked me where I'd like to start...I said my husband..that's all I gave her..she immediately picked up he was sick..stated he waited too long..someone had told him to get checked (My Uncle). She also saw him in a toxic job..he was a heating and cooling (Hvac) guy and also a seabee in the Navy. (CB for construction battalion that specializes in asbestos clean up among other things). I did not confirm or deny anything. Just said maybe. She told me his first exit date was June but he didn't have to take it.. that threw me as I knew (being a nurse) he would not survive this aggressive cancer until June,...but after looking up "exit dates", it made more sense..she also told me I would first see the decline in his eyes...again right on with that. I then asked her about myself..she immediately saw that I have an autoimmune disease. All I said was maybe. Yes I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis the year I met my husband but I never confirmed. She then said she saw it reversing..which it has. Almost completely. But that is another story.

So I then waited..I took care of him day after day, and he lost his battle April 5th. I knew I would call her again. Especially after I have had a bird pecking on my windows since this past Wednesday the 13th. I'm very emotionally destroyed. Obviously.

So today April 15th we had another session. She again picked up on him. Said she saw trouble in the brain. (I never confirmed the cancer had spread anywhere on our first session, let alone the brain.) She said there was a bright light right before he died, that sort of startled him. I felt like she was describing his last moments as if she was there. Because he did startle. It was scary..then he was gone.

We talked about his ring. He had lost so much weight I had to get it resized. He was very passionate about that ring, and I am wearing it now. He told her to tell me not to ever take it off..that he would know. Definitely something he would say!!

The bird, she said, is sensing a loss and is trying to see what is going on. That it wasn't necessarily him, but the bird was distracting me from crying all the time.

I'm sure there are more small things, but I'm exhausted from today. I also forgot to tell her that when he became bed bound, I began feeling all his pain. I knew when he was hurting, when he needed pain medication or to be repositioned. I believe that was a gift to be so connected and intuitive to my loving husband. Thank you so much Carla. You will hear from me again!

From a forever fan. ♥

Christine W.
Waterford, MI

April 8, 2016

Carla did a reading for me back in February. My main focus of interest was on my love life. Carla said I would end up WITHOUT either of the two men in my life.

Last week, within days of each other, they both ended our relationships. I'm grateful that my marriage is ending. The other guy broke my heart but it doesn't seem we were meant to be.

She also saw me leaving my home. She said I would be staying with someone else - a woman - but in another town not far away. I now stay with my mom in the next town.

I am ecstatic over my newfound freedom which she also said would happen. Now I'm just waiting for my job opportunity and new love she predicted.

Once I get working again, Carla, you'll definitely be hearing from me. Thank you so much.

Lagrange, Ohio

March 21, 2016

I had my God knows what number reading with Carla - once again she did not disappoint! We only did a 15-minute reading, so it was one or two topics we focused on - family and future job.

My mom has been ill - she is not incapacitated, but she has been sick. She was in the hospital last year for emergency abdominal surgery. She has a very stressful job and does not take care of herself. Carla informed me when I inquired about her health that she saw her having issues with her abdominal area. (I mentioned NOTHING to Carla about the previous hospitalization.) SHE WAS DEAD ON!!! This problem with my mother will occur in April, and she will be in tremendous pain and have to go to the hospital. I asked if this will kill her. Carla said, "No, but this is what it will take to get her to pay closer attention to her health and well-being."

Carla sees that I will be working at a restaurant in NYC. I asked for a few more details because there are A LOT of eateries in NYC. Carla saw a place that is "new" and has "outdoor seating," so I will concentrate my search for places like that.


Upper Saddle River, NJ

March 19, 2016

Sometimes in our lives we reach a point of desperation. Maybe it's depression, maybe it's because you grow tired of waiting for a change, or maybe you're just looking for the answers necessary to help guide you back to the right place. Whatever it may be - that's where Carla comes in. Over the past year I worked almost 14-15 hours a day and the end result was depression, fatigue, and low energy. I felt like my life was sucked out of me and that I couldn't remember the girl I used to be. Happy, Positive, Cheerful, and funny. I worked so hard but the end result led to nothing and innocent people were hurt. I found Carla's profile on twitter and I've been immediately drawn to her soft heart and kind spirit. Of course you can get all the free readings you want on twitter - but there's a reason as to why they are free.

[Example: If a reader states "You have two bad spirits around you... tell them Scarlett says go away"- - YOU'd better block that person and run!!!]

I debated on having a reading with Carla but I'm glad I did. My first area of interest was my health. I've had 4 surgeries all around my abdomen. Carla immediately picked up that I was having issues around my lower abdomen under my rib cage. She offered a few different approaches for me to try like changing my diet, and suggested that I start using a citrus extract called Agrisept-l 3x a day. The most fascinating part of my reading was when Carla mentioned that the organization I was previously working for is under an investigation/legal issue involving a money scam (one that I'm going to be testifying for.) She also mentioned that I will start a new career as early as May 1st and this position would be with a clinic around older people. Her prediction of me working with the older population was surreal. Roughly 5 years ago, I worked as a PCA and took care of an elderly woman who was under hospice care. I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed that this happens!!

Overall, this reading made me feel good about life again. I've been worried, stressed, tired, sick, etc. Carla is very genuine and kind. Aside from just being a reader, she makes you feel more like a friend. If you are debating on whether or not to have a reading with Carla, or the cost is an issue, or maybe you're a skeptic, give her a chance to help put you back on the right track. This was my first reading, I hope to have her read me again in the future. Thanks again for all you do, Carla.

I'll be praying for a "Victory" soon and will celebrate with "Victory Pig Pizza." ♡

Thank you, Carla, for helping me find my true self again.

Drums, PA

March 14, 2016

Had a reading with Carla on Saturday 3/12/16. We have had some experience with a spirit in the house. We contacted Carla and she told us it was a male spirit from the early 1700's. It is attached to the property and not the house. I have a sixth sense about this myself and had felt him in the house and I had picked up that it's a male who is angry. Carla told us that there was a family dispute and one brother killed the other. He died in a bad way and wants to be vindicated.

He was shot and then burned to cover up the murder. We had smelled smoke in the house as if something was burning. We are in the process of getting the history of the land about a fire in the early 1700's. Carla also saw ashes that appeared out of nowhere and when we had the fire pit going over the weekend when we started talking about the spirit the flames when higher.

(Just as Carla had said that they would.)

Carla confirmed everything! She is amazing and right on with everything going on.

Oak Ridge, TN

February 21, 2016

Wow, just had an amazing reading with Carla. I can't believe how much she knew. I am so glad I decided to do this today. It was a true blessing. The first thing I asked Carla was about my love life. I currently have a husband and a boyfriend. I have been so torn as what to do about this situation. I gave her my boyfriend's name and birthday first. The first thing she said was "I bet the sex is awesome with him" - true fact. I gave her my husband's name and birthday. She said she saw me breaking up with both. This floored me because I've had a nagging feeling that I was going to end up without either relationship.

Carla told me I needed the relationship with my boyfriend in order for me to end my marriage that had been failing for some time. She said that I would have never left otherwise. She said once I am free of these relationships, she saw me happy, working and enjoying my new freedom. She said there would no longer be any stigma attached to me because of the situation I have been in recently. She said I shouldn't wonder if I will be able to make it financially and not to worry because my husband is not the type of guy to be a total jerk. My husband actually is a wonderful man. I have never met a more forgiving person in my life. She told me my life would take a complete turn for the better and she saw things ending in my current relationship in May. She said if I wait longer than that I may run into problems. She saw me meeting another man later in the year, possibly in October.

I told her the reason that I have been so worried about making it financially is that I have had trouble working due to having Fibromyalgia. She said not to worry about being poor that I will find a job and I will be working for a really nice man. She said I should have already been working for this man two months ago. So I won't give up on the search for work.

She saw that the medications I have been given for my condition are causing me problems and that possibly I have been misdiagnosed. She said she saw that I have aluminum toxicity and asked me about the deodorant I use. She saw that it is entering my body primarily via my deodorant and has been causing me problems with my lymph nodes and I am wiped out by mid-afternoon. My lymph nodes have been swollen a lot and I have started developing rashes under my arms where I apply my deodorant. She said I should switch to a crystal deodorant and to consider weaning off of the medications. She said the medications are just knocking me out. Again she was right. Every time I take my medicines, I have to take a nap and my nap is always around 2 or 3 pm in the afternoon. At this point I had to extend the reading because she was so correct, I was literally amazed.

I then asked her if my grandma has been present. She has passed but I have felt her presence a lot lately. I gave her my grandma's name and birthday. She said my grandma was "Queen of her Universe." I couldn't describe her better than that. She was the strongest woman I ever knew. She said my grandma has been watching my current situation and says I need to get off of my (*ss) and get working! Grandma wants me to quit making excuses and get going because she knows I'm capable of so much more. That sounded so much like my grandma. She was so proud of me and all of my accomplishments, even though she passed when I was only 19 years old.

I asked her if my other grandma that recently passed last year led me to my boyfriend because I have always felt that she did. Right after I watched her take her last breath, I came home and looked for some letters she had written me as a child. We were kind of like pen pals because I didn't get to see her as much. Carla said that she saw something "falling to the floor." I almost stopped breathing at this point because a picture fell out of those letters. The picture was of me in line in my fifth grade classroom. Standing in line right beside me was the man that is now my boyfriend. Carla also said that she saw this grandma to be less "bold" as my other grandma, yet very forgiving and wise. This woman was a very forgiving person and she was wise. After all, she had raised ten children and had lived to be 90 years old and left behind great-great grandchildren when she passed.

As far as my future, Carla said she saw me leaving this town that I currently live in and I would eventually get my own place; but, at first, I will be staying with someone for a while. She said the town I currently living in was bad for me, but I wasn't going to move very far. Carla had no clue that I have been talking to my mother about moving in with her until I could get off my feet. My mother lives in the next town about ten minutes from my house. Then Carla told me to make sure I write my testimonial right away because she saw me having "short term memory issues." I DO have terrible short term memory and tend to procrastinate.

She said she saw me switching gears, even as soon as tomorrow. She said I have a tendency to be able to switch things fast. Correct. Carla did an amazing job. As for the future, I guess we will see but it has encouraged me to keep going.

Thank you, Carla.

LaGrange, Ohio

February 21, 2016

Oh my goodness - where to start. I guess I will just start at the beginning. I have been teetering with the idea of having a reading with Carla for a year now. I am a firm believer in when the time is right. Not only that but also when you need the message. I had tons I wanted to know so I had to narrow it down. Seriously could have done a 3 hour read. I want to make it clear this was the first 45 minute session I have ever done with Carla. I told her nothing! I asked a question and the answers just started coming with no prompting.

My first experience with Carla and questions was when I did the ask 1 question on Easter weekend - when she did a free read on Facebook for her "doves." (This was the one & only time she has or will ever offer this. Thousands of psychic questions were answered by Carla from people all over the world that weekend. I don't know how she did it. Amazing!) My husband and I both felt his career was stagnant. Let's just say the Army promotion system needs a real revamping. I will get to more of that in a minute. I asked will his career progress or something along those lines. She responded with sometime in June the tides will turn and start to look up. Awesome. Tucked that little tidbit in my cap and carried on with stalking her page. Well here rolls around the month of May. We celebrate my son's birthday. We are nearing the end of the month. My husband's name is added to the promotion roster. He sat promotable for over 3 years. The points were constantly at 798 and that is pretty impossible to have obtained being in basically the infancy of his army career. He was pinned Sargent on June 1st 2015. How crazy right?!

(Fast forward to December/January)

Carla is talking about Mercury in Retrograde on Facebook. Read her post and chuckle that sums up my feelings of the last few days. January 7th we go and look at a truck. We own a horse and need to haul here (answer given later). We sit on the idea a few days. Set up the 10th to go and sign for the truck. I wake up and am "No - we are not signing anything. This feels way off." It was my husband's dream truck. I felt bad for putting the kibosh on it. He is pretty selfless. He has also learned to listen to my intuition. Generally, I am spot on (or near close) on my bad feelings. Proof being - I knew our daughter had passed before the doctor told us. I knew his mom was dying before I got the phone call. I woke that morning and told him that something was off with his mom and not right. We lived in Germany at the time. He laughed it off until I had to call him home from work. So over the years if I say no and am really pushy on it, he has learned to listen. Fast forward to President's Day. We go to the dealership in Missouri. He is looking at trucks and nothing is striking his fancy. I keep saying I feel the truck is here. Finally, a truck pulls out of the bay. The sales guy says that one is for sale, as well. Needless to say, we got an amazing deal and signed for it. While it wasn't his first choice, it was the right choice. It has way better options. (Yay for that.)

So last night I had some strange dreams and they are recurring dreams. I woke this morning and decided today is the day we get the answers to our questions. A day I can move forward and prepare for the next chapter. You just know when your life is in transition. Sometimes you just need the guidance. We have plans to leave the Army and leave the area we are in. We feel like we are drowning and just can't breathe. The army does not reward those who work hard. (I should say this unit doesn't.) They just take advantage. That is a story for another day. Carla picked up on this right away. She just picked up that we aren't happy. That we feel like we can never catch our breath. So very true. Anytime we drive outside of Kansas we can breathe again. Unfortunately, we cannot move until the army allows us to leave. Carla sensed a "June/July time frame." Asked my husband the earliest we could leave today. "June/July time frame" as he has separation leave time then.

She also stated that he would be doing stuff with woodworking on the side. I opened the web browser this afternoon on the computer he uses. He was on Harbor Freight's website. There are too many little details Carla picked up on for it not to be correct. He has talked about wishing he had his dad's carpentry skills. I am sure he does have them. He just needs to let them out. She also talked about him needing to start "drawing designs." I am going out to get him a sketch pad and pencils tonight. He used to draw all the time as a kid. She said she didn't see us going anywhere here in Kansas, and that we would love where he chose for us to live. She stated outside of Nashville. Carla is dead on! There was a house he fell in love with 20 miles outside of Nashville. We are working on purchasing it. He found it. We had made a list of what we wanted and what we didn't, compared, and compromised. She had said she saw this "wood project" as finished. The one project he knows how to do is porches. The porch on this house needs revamping. She also saw me gardening. One thing I miss terribly. She said "the soil needed to be fortified." Interested to see.

The next thing we talked about was past lives. I have a lot of moments in life where I am like - this has happened before, or I felt like it has happened before. Really can't explain it. I told her I had strong connections to my husband Paul, and my best friend Jean Rose. Paul and I have had past lives, Carla sensed, as brother and sister. Also I was his prostitute. Crazy!?!?!?! As she is not the first one to say I was an escort before. She also touched upon that if I feel like sex is expected - then it doesn't happen. Holy Shit... is she sitting in my bedroom??? So spot on. I will not be told what to do. Life lesson from the past playing out in this life. So interesting.

Jean Rose was my mother in another life, Carla said, and I lost her as a child. We talked of how she coughs to this day. It is a side effect of her passing in that life. I am also very worried about losing her in this life, Carla saw. That is true. She is a survivor of abuse. There was a time the only way I could assume she was alive was by reading the daily obituaries. This was 18 months straight. She is safe and happy now. We helped pull her out of the situation she was in. This is also lingering from that life together. So interesting. I tell her all the time she is my soul sister.

We had time for one more topic. There are many times when I feel like I am being watched. We hear running in our home and giggling. It is that of a little girl. The neighbors are hardly there. The walls are thick enough we don't hear them. This happens all hours of the day and night. A lot of time at night. There have been times that the hall light is on for no reason. I will wake up because it is shining on my face. We have a yellow hue in our pitch black room for no known reason. Though we have the moments of during the day. This also has been a theme throughout my life. She shed light on this little girl whose name is "Sarah" or similar. (She does giggle when my name is called.) Carla said that the girl died due to an accident. Carla had a vision of a "leg brace" on the little girl's leg, and something with a "near death experience around water." I will be doing research this weekend. Stay tuned... My read with Carla was amazing. I will be saving my pennies to do a read with her again. It was just what I needed today. Thank you so much Carla.



A mom of one the kids I watch came to pick up her daughter after work. We got to talking about my read. She said she knew the guy who runs the historical society here on Fort Riley. Awesome!!! She calls and he knew what we were talking about. The little girl's name is "Sarafina." She had a "brace on her leg" due to a horse accident. Where my house now stands used to be horse stable and arenas. Many horse ponds that have been filled in. Her family called her "Sarah." We are wondering if she thinks we are calling for her when my husband calls for me from downstairs as you hear the giggles clearly. I am liking to think she is happy. She has never been malicious. Just silly things kids would do. As soon as the manager of our archives comes back and sends me the information, I will be emailing the info to Carla. He is trying to see if he can get a hold of the fill in. The last few days there has been more activity from laughing to the sound of running up and down the hallways. We simply say, "Good night, Sarah" and it goes quiet again.


Again I have to say I asked Carla a question and the answers came. She is the real deal. I had chills when I was done with my read. I will be doing another for sure. Carla is so easy to talk to and she makes you feel comfortable. Like I told Carla, I did sage the area I would be seated in for my reading. I wanted a cleansed area. Thank you so much, Carla.

Fort Riley, Kansas

February 10, 2016

I will start by saying I usually hate talking on the phone for more than a couple minutes, but my conversation with Carla was so informative and enjoyable that I even extended my 30 minute reading into a one hour reading while we were on the phone! Her reading was amazingly accurate and I can't wait for what is in store for my future!

Talking with Carla was like having a conversation with a friend I have never met but knew me better than I knew myself. She knew I had abilities and gave me advice that I really needed to hear. She said that my abilities are more open when I am in a heightened emotional state, which is dead on. I become very receptive, especially when I feel angry, but it's not a bad thing. The best advice she gave me that no other psychic has given me was that I need to stop trying to process information when I receive it and that I need to wait until later to analyze this. Her advice made perfect sense to me, I just had not thought of that before. I have had experiences with spirits, and she was able to clarify some of my experiences that I could not clarify on my own.

She told me that I need to make my own choices and stop letting others influence my decisions so much. This is very true, and I am aware with this and have struggled with letting others make decisions for me for most of my life, but her kind words have given me more confidence so that I may overcome this obstacle one day.

Carla brought up a car accident, which was a very pivotal point in my life for me. It happened 14 years ago. It knocked me out, and I was a very different person afterwards. There was no way she could have known about this.

She asked me if I had just applied for a part-time job. I did apply for a part-time job very recently! She said I have to let them know I really want it to make it happen, and I will be taking her advice and will be calling them to let them know I want it.

I asked about a medical settlement I am supposed to be receiving. She indicated there are issues with paperwork, but money would be coming my way! She also indicated that the medical device I had to have removed was not fully removed in my system and was causing other health issues. Again, there was no way for her to know that and part of it is still embedded in tissue and causing health problems. I didn't know for sure if it was still causing issues, but I certainly felt like it was! Carla confirmed it for me, so now I can take the necessary steps to fix my health thanks to her advice. She insisted that I need to listen to my own body and stop listening to others, which I feel is the right thing to do. When I listen to my own body, I feel so much better as opposed to when I feel medication is forced upon me.

I had worries about family members, and Carla eased my worries with her advice and visions for future events.

I had questions about my purpose in life because I often feel confused. She indicated that early next year I would meet a male with whom I will do business involving some type of innovation and research, and that it would bring me great excitement and help a group of people! She said my husband would find a job he loves, as well.

The reading left me feeling very happy and brought me a feeling of peace and contentment that I have not felt for a very long time. It was truly a joy and a blessing to be able to get a reading from Carla, and I will definitely be contacting her when I need a reading again.



10:58AM PST 2.11.16

HA! You were right again (not like I doubted you lol just here's exact proof). You said there was a paperwork issue with my medical settlement and I just got this email from my attorney a few mins ago.

"I had to argue with them a bit on the notary pages for the bankruptcy certification. As of 8/2012 the notary's ID number must be printed on the stamp and your claim was marked deficient because hers was not. After doing some research, it only needs to be there after the notary renews and in her case her stamp was issued prior to the rule going into effect. I had to jump through some hoops, but the deficiency was cleared and it should go into a payment group soon."


Castle Rock, CO

January 19, 2016

I've had readings with Carla and it had been a while since I had one done. There were some issues that were heavy on my heart and mind, so I decided to contact Carla to find out what Spirit had to say for me.

My most pressing issue is that I had been 'attacked' by what many would call an "Energy Vampire" for over 13 months now. My question I directed to Carla was "Is this person ever going to stop?" Carla picked up right away on this person being extremely unhappy, that they were lashing out at the world and people around them, that the person was also 'unwell.' She sensed that it would last around another nine to ten months - then it would end. She also stated "...the person was dying" - this statement in her own words. (Carla said she doesn't use those words normally.) This is absolutely true - the person has a terminal illness - something I did not reveal to Carla until AFTER she said this. Carla stated that the person thought I owed them - which is totally spot on! (This person believes that I owe them a great deal, as we had worked together on some projects.)

Then Carla went on to explain that we must have 'agreed' on this, that I would be her 'whipping post' for a time. It was a lesson for myself, to learn to say when is enough and stop it - not to let it go any further. At some point, forgiveness is no longer the answer - taking back ones own power and letting go. Extremely good advice in this day and age.

Then my second pressing issue was about my 10-year-old male black cat who decided to go wandering since June 16th of 2015! Carla then laughed when she went to look into this issue and said, "He thinks he's a cougar, he wants to go exploring".. that he had been unhappy and felt 'restricted' in what he was able to do. This makes since, since he loved to go outside and patrol the backyard and the yard next door. Carla said that he wanted to explore the great outdoors, and that he was on an adventure to the Great Unknown. Then I asked if he'd be coming back. Carla said, "No, he's having too much fun. You should let him go and love the memories you had." Carla described him to the letter - his personality and everything else about him!

Then my final pressing issue that I asked about was my husband's job. Carla said she saw him at his present place of employment until around April, that she sees him going to work at home then - doing work for customers 'fixing/ repairing' things. This is so spot on! My husband and two of his friends were talking about working with the customers from this present job on the instruments that they already have sent out to them. So this new job would be like a consultation job for present customers. Carla saw that it would be a wonderful thing for him, and it would work out.

As always - Carla was spot on with her reading and had wonderful advice in many areas. Thank you again, Carla.

Houston, TX

December 27, 2015

I am planning to move to New York City; I asked Carla about the two prospective people I had in mind to stay with until I get a job and can get on my feet. One is my uncle James, and the other is my photographer friend who I have just established contact with, Willis.

Carla informed me that Willis has a tendency to "flip-flop," and also has issues in his personal life that are going on. That being said, she told me he would not be the right one to stay with, even though he has been nothing but nice to me, and seemed like the ideal person. Carla was DEAD ON!!! I had chills when she told me this. I had just spoken to him minutes BEFORE calling Carla for the reading, because his disposition to me on the phone was cold and almost annoyed with me. (I told Carla NOTHING of the phone call with him.) His demeanor makes me almost want to sever ties with him completely, and I am grateful Carla informed me of what is happening with him before I got in too deep.

James my uncle and his wife were a "better bet," Carla informed me. They do not want to have me there as some annoying house guest but Carla told me that once I settle down and get a job, they will be OK. She told me she saw them having conversations and that my uncle is worried about me. I have been afraid to just show up because I assumed no one would answer the door, because I thought they were sick of me. Carla told me not to worry and just go. It will all be fine. I'm glad she gave me the much needed clarity I craved, because that is what has kept me from leaving all along.


Upper Saddle River, NJ

December 6, 2015

Hi Carla,

I'm going to start from the beginning.

In April of 2012, I asked about a specific therapist that I was planning to see, and how long I would see her. You informed me that I would be seeing a different person - a male therapist who "might be gay, or at least have attributes that would make you think he might be gay, and very proper."

Fast forward to March of 2015. I found online after searching a male therapist that was based in NYC. As I read the information on his website, my reading came flooding back to me. I called him, and we set up an appointment. You said he would be male - 100% CORRECT! You also said at the time he would be with me more than a psychiatrist I was planning to see (that ended up falling through.) So you were CORRECT in your prediction I would only be seeing him.

From the first session, everything about him was different. He was guiding me unlike any other therapist had ever done. I would not understand what he was saying in session, and by the time I reached the elevator afterwards, it would hit me like a ton of bricks what he was trying to tell me. In terms of the 'gay' thing you spoke about, I see what you meant - you did say "proper" to describe him (he is British and that is typically how they act). Funny thing on the whole 'proper' bit, he said "Cheerio" as were we hanging up after I made the first appointment with him (like Cruella De Vil in 101 Dalmatians.) You also mentioned the time we would see each other for a certain period of time. You were CORRECT on that b/c I got the vibe from him from the first session that this won't be a forever thing.

During our reading today, I wanted to know how long we would be together. Carla informed me that she saw us working together until the beginning of 2017. It is at this point our relationship will end; not because we will have a falling out, but because I will be ready to move on. This thought is very unnerving because I have lifelong relationships with all my professionals. Carla said he is attempting to "take the training wheels off," and I am resisting this change. Carla let me know that I will be ready to make this very positive step forward in my life.

I am very hopeful for the future, and am so grateful to Carla for pointing me in the right direction!! I CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS POSITIVE CHANGE TO HAPPEN!

Upper Saddle River, NJ

December 4, 2015

I'd never had a professional psychic reading in my life before today. I always thought if I did it'd be with Carla because I felt her television work was impressive, and I had a strong sense she is the real deal. Well she is and I am so grateful for today's excellent session!

I'm more or less (okay, definitely) in the throes of being recently broken up with and she patiently answered every question I had. And I had so many! Often her answers would reveal a new avenue to go down, so we ended up having a thorough discussion. I was so pleased with her patience with me and the rich environment of information that I didn't think twice about adding way more time to the session. There was a lot to get through!

My particular areas of concern revolved around the usual 'ok so why did this happen, what was/is really going on behind the scenes with my now ex/I'm reeling from heartbreak right now and what are some areas of clarity I can cling to to not feel so awful and get me through this time'. Carla confirmed the person I was with was quite the flirter, especially with the people I suspected. And it was ongoing, she didn't shut things off like she said she did. Carla could see my ex 'certainly entertains them and gives them the illusion she might be single someday'. She could see the weird twisted karma my ex has with guy "R" - AND how 'He can manipulate minds like no other!' That's spot on. She validated and elaborated on similar suspicions I've had - which have brought me peace on an awful day.

Guy "K" my ex still keeps around is apparently going to be in the wrong place at the wrong time with the law, soon. He's found himself befriending the wrong crowd and there'll be a situation involving the police and it won't be good for anyone there. So if that happens standby for a testimonial update for validation!

My ex's house is haunted! Things definitely got thrown off the fridge and night stand and woke us up in the middle of the night. I didn't mention this to Carla but when my ex was all alone saging and trying to cleanse her house she heard two very loud knocks on the wall behind her! Carla was able to identify the source was a spirit I'll call "T" and continued on to explain the reasons behind his activity. Carla revealed a lot about him. He never liked "R" still doesn't: "NOT AT ALL...NOT. AT. ALL!!" "T" is a young soul sadly passed on who is related to my ex. It was nice validation to hear that he 'considers himself to be my friend, he could see that I loved my ex.' I had several conversations with him letting him know my feelings and intentions. So thanks, buddy. I like you, too.

Finances weren't a large topic of discussion but Carla reminded me it's important to live by mantras like 'I always have more than I need'.

As far as my career in music she says in 2016 I'll see a 'stellar rise' with specific words like 'launchpad' and 'they're gonna see you love what you do'. Sounds like I'm going to be at the right place at the right time and next year will be a fulfilling year of accomplishments, musically.

I'm looking forward to returning to a peaceful place in my heart regarding all the break-up stuff soon. The session with Carla has taken away more nausea/anxiety than I thought it could, and those have been replaced with a growing peace by the hour.

Thanks for exceeding my expectations, Carla. And they were already pretty high up there!!

Geoffrey Louis Koch
Nashville, TN

October 21, 2015

We are grandparents to two young granddaughters. We have been trying to help these little girls since they have been able to communicate with us. The older granddaughter was able to ask us for help since we are the only two she trusts to confide in. Their father has been molesting her and her sister for a long time. Our pursuit for justice through DCS was met with less than stellar results. We filed a civil action case so this is ongoing at this time. Carla was contacted by us to confirm details in our granddaughter's testimony. Carla assured us that the events portrayed actually occurred, that our granddaughters future is at stake while still living with their father and she opened our eyes to the fact that their mother is aware of molestation but unable to help her daughters out of fear of physical violence or worse. Carla conveyed that the father has threatened our granddaughter with physical violence against her mother if she ever talks to anyone about his abuse.

Carla's insight into the character and demeanor of the father was uncanny. She nailed his talent for lying and his ability to convince others of his innocence. She was "right on" in her description of how he manipulates his wife and children with threats and intimidation. We see first-hand the results of his manipulation and suspect the threats are behind the manipulation. Carla saw that the mother has a mental disorder which was not disclosed to Carla during the reading. She said that her husband takes advantage of her condition to weaken her self-esteem, therefore no support for the girls. This answers why our daughter hasn't left her husband. Carla saw that our daughter is attracted to "weirdos" and our daughter told us one time "she's bored with normal men." We dropped our jaws when we heard this from Carla. Carla also saw that this man has an ego; he is "the smartest man in the room." He has to be the best! How correct she was! Carla Baron exposed this man, husband and father for the louse and pedophile that he is. She "read" more details on our case but we are not at liberty to discuss at this time, but be assured when this case is over - we will update this testimonial to the fullest.

Our greatest appreciation is to Psychic Carla Baron, and the professional manner in which she conducted our one-hour session.

Grandparents from Nashville, TN

October 1, 2015

My wife and I had our initial reading with Carla about 2 years ago as our lives were filled with worries and uncertainties because of the pending lawsuit and new baby on the way. We chose the 1-hour reading and we were glad we did because most of our questions/doubts/etc were answered, and even though our 1-hour was up, Carla spent the extra time ensuring us of the possibilities and the choices we had. We had 2 main concerns and Carla's reading on them was spot on!

The first thing came true was about the complication during the birth of our daughter. Because of some health concerns, my wife had to be admitted to the hospital a few weeks before her due date, and needed an induced labor to deliver the baby right away. Even after almost two days of being induced with max dosage, her contraction did not progress and our daughter did not want to come out! My wife had to go through an emergency c-section and our daughter finally saw the world for the first time!

The other thing that came true was about the result of the lawsuit even though it was more than 2 years after the Carla's reading. During the reading, Carla informed us that the lawsuit would settle before going to trial and the result would be in favor for us. The lawsuit lasted for 2 years, so we thought we were going all the way to the trial. However, it did settle unexpectedly during one of the several settlement conferences, and the result was definitely in favor for us. We couldn't believe it because we were almost losing faith in Carla's reading when the lawsuit lasted for 2 years.

We cannot thank her enough, and her ability is truly a gift to those lost souls looking for guidance or answers.

David and Emily from San Francisco

September 11, 2015

I had my first reading with Carla today and I am feeling a great sense of relief. I have spent decades wondering if I was a victim of sexual molestation or not. Carla confirmed for me that I was not molested, even though I saw inappropriate behavior around me, as a child.

I lost my older sister 40 years ago and often think of her and miss her and think about what might have been. Carla hit me out of the blue by telling me that my older sister who has passed on, visits me, and plays with my hair! (I revealed NONE of this story to Carla beforehand.) I, from time to time, felt like someone (or something) was in my hair. I have wondered many times if this was her or another relative. I have felt many times like a spider or insect was crawling in my hair, and would quickly brush my hair to knock anything out. (Nothing has ever been in my hair.) Carla confirmed for me that it was her. I will always know now when this happens that she is by my side.

Carla was also right on about my work situation - I was shocked by her accuracy.

My father is 83 years of age and declining. Carla talked about his health not being good - seeing lung issues (breathing) and liver darkness... seeing that he was constantly fatigued and wanting to take a nap. That just happened at my nephew's "going away" party where I noticed my dad nodding off at the table. I have never witnessed this before.

I am so grateful to Carla for this gift and her time.

Vancouver, WA

August 19, 2015


I had a reading with Carla and I am totally on cloud 9! She had amazing predictions for my near future. The past 15 to 20 years have been an emotional rollercoaster it made it hard to smile. Towards the end of my reading my cheeks were hurting from smiling. Just talking to Carla made me feel relaxed and content. It was a very spiritual experience. I have had readings with Carla before. She has been spot on with her predictions with me. I felt in my heart it was time to contact her again. My soul needed a boost and BOY did I need it.

My heart is bursting with happiness. I have been thinking in the back of my mind and did NOT mention anything to Carla about my thoughts regarding selling my home due to too many projects I will have to repair and fix. I had no confidence in moving at this time in my life and Carla confirmed it is the time and also someone who flips homes will purchase it. I will be moving in the same area but closer to the lake. I am so excited! During this process of finding a new home a new man will enter my life. This information about my new guy brings joy to my heart. I have been feeling empty after my last relationship.

Carla really connects to you. My reading happened at the right time and on the right day. I cannot express how much the universe was working in my favor. She was able to explain how wonderful the universe can be.

I am looking forward to the change that will be happening in 2 to 3 months. I am looking forward to being who I need to be. I am so grateful for Carla and the confirmation I received from her.

My soul feels full of excitement.

Ann-Marie Ruiz
Big Bear City, CA

P.S. I am so grateful you were chosen to help others.

August 19, 2015

I had a reading with Carla on Friday, August 14. I found her on a Google search I was doing on my own at night as I was all in my thoughts... I was looking for people's experiences with psychics, and if any predictions came true.

There was a blogger who spoke about their experience with Carla and I was impressed, and so that's how I found her. I'm young 26 yrs old, got married when I was 20 to the first love of my life. Maybe it was stupid of me for getting married so young, but it seemed right at the moment. My marriage went bad pretty fast - he was 25 at the time, was abusive and a cheater. I wasn't getting along with his father, and we live with them. It was just all bad. Sounds like a typical story.

We broke up before for 2 months, then got back together, and then broke up for 8 and a half months (a roller coaster.) During this time, I met a man who I am now in love with. Things happened between us where he got a girlfriend. Then I got back together with my husband because he found out about him.

Seems like I'm telling my whole life story here, but honestly - I've always felt so lost because of my marriage and this new guy and not knowing what to do. I'm back and forth about both of them and feel lost. This is what led me to talk to Carla. I asked her what would happen with my husband and I, and the first thing she said was that he had cheated and that was spot on... I didn't have to tell her - she knew!

Carla then said there's not enough time for you two right now he cares more about money and where he wants to be in life and to make something of himself. She said I would end up leaving him because I was in love with someone else, and it's true I am. And lately I've been a step closer to leaving him.

I asked her what the other man was in my life and pretty much what's up with that. She said, "Let me see if you are meant to be with him." She said that the other man loves me, and wants to be with me, but he wants to do things right. He feels I will never get a divorce.

I asked Carla if I will ever be with him in a solid relationship, and she said you shouldn't get a divorce because of a "guarantee" of another relationship - which is true! Then she said - "But I do see him there at the end of the game." She also said he will help me deal with my divorce.

I do want to be with this man. Only time will tell. Carla says he tries to make me jealous with his ex - I asked about her. He still hangs out with her kinda frequent, so that has to be more then just trying to make me jealous. I'm not sure - I guess I'm feeling insecure.

Carla said my husband will try to make the divorce difficult for me, which I thought was weird because he always said he would let me go. She said I needed to get actual proof that he has cheated because that would help me. This is crazy - because yesterday when I brought up divorce to my husband - he threatened to take my 401K! I was shocked. So that's one thing that Carla predicted - he's already threatened to make it difficult for me to leave him. (Crazy. Carla nailed it!)

I asked about my career. Carla said I would be in "telecommunications" and saw me attending seminars, and by the end of next year, or even as early as April of 2016 - I would be in a better job. She saw me at a "booth and people coming to me." Today I read an email about a seminar for the company I work for - that I will be attending in two months! Crazy that she said the word "seminar" exactly, and that's what was in my email. Also I do work for a telecommunications company and never told her!!

Carla's very accurate. I can see my job predictions happening now. My love stuff - maybe she's right about that, too - even though I am so insecure about it.

Carla told me amazing stuff about one of my past lives - how I died giving my life for my teenage son. Because I did that, my "soul level" jumped up a bunch that lifetime. Because I gave my life for another soul, because of unconditional love. It's crazy she said that - because my whole life I've always been so about "unconditional love." It makes sense. I was even already planning on getting a tattoo that says, "Unconditional love prevails." So I'm shocked that in a past life, this is what helped me save my child.

I recommend Carla. I believe she's the real deal. Invest the money, guys, she's well worth it! I will come back and update you guys on my relationship mess and see what happens. Thank you, Carla, for your honesty.

Tracy, CA

August 19, 2015


Hello. You were correct on all accounts about this Gathering I attended at Sycuan Casino's this past Sunday in your reading! I am pleased that I was able to get my guides to convey messages thru you about this event.

Yesterday, I attended Sycuan Casinos in El Cajon, Ca. for their "5th Annual All Tribes in Recovery Gathering." I was invited there by tribal leaders as a vendor outside of the casinos. Although being so f'n hot (101), I was not sure about being there for one day and because what the event was about (subject matter)...

I went in good faith, it was somewhat profitable (free booth) but the message that was delivered to me thru all the speakers, especially about self-forgiveness, anger issues, etc. really hit home with me, i.e., profound awakening. I walked away with a better understanding about me, a different way of thinking, and a better way to plan for future events. Messages are delivered in mysterious ways - trust your intuition, gut instincts, answer and reap all the benefits of a better life as we know it...

Thank you, ;)

Wendell Sakiestewa
Los Angeles, CA

WenSaks Designs

August 14, 2015

Last night I had my first reading with Carla. This is something I've been wanting to do for sometime. The session was wonderful and eye opening. My initial intention was to get insight and guidance about my children's well being and my career. Carla's reading provided me with a clear understanding of several things that I've been questioning. My children are fine and will both do very well in life. Her statements about my current and former jobs were right! She saw things that only I was aware and was spot on. She pointed out the vipers and the jealousy I was/am surrounded by. This reading has re-energized and empowered me to take a chance on myself, follow my dreams and pursue the path I was shown. Carla pointed out that my dreams are very attainable and as a matter of fact I'm very close to achieving them. . .I'm pushing on!

My session was 45 minutes long and most of it was focused on my children and career however I had a pressing question in my head and decided to mention it. I asked Carla if she could look into my past life. I was ready and "open" to receive the message. My head started spinning from the details. I hadn't shared with her that at times I feel as if I'm being choked from behind, that I fear being in small dark places and on occasion wake up to find unexplained bruises on my wrists and ankles. I have felt while awake and dreamt that I was choked from behind with a pink/red scarf/tie/rope. There have been times that I was awaken with the feeling that my husband was going to kill me. ( I know right) Let me remind you, I said nothing about any of this.

Imagine the feelings and sensation I felt when Carla told me. . .oh. . . you were murdered in your most recent past life. Murdered by your husband (My jaw dropped and my eyes were WIDE open!) She said I was not murdered by his hands but by 2 men he hired to get rid of me on his behalf. You see the marriage was an arrangement made by 2 prominent, politically connected wealthy families in the Middle East (perhaps Turkey---not India). I was too outspoken, didn't know "my place." I was always speaking out against the injustices I witnessed and always championing for justice and equality. I didn't know how to keep my mouth shut. (Shocker---still don't keep my mouth shut) My murder was driven by greed/money and politics. My husband wanted out of the arrangement and he made it look like I was kidnapped by terrorists.

The thugs took me, hogtied me, hung me on a long stick like an animal and transported me to a location where they threw me in a dark dirt pit. They were brutal. They made sure they hurt me. They left me there, denied me food and water and I slowly died. It took a long time for me to pass.

The revelation of this particular past life of mine is sad, shocking and disturbing yet at the same time it helped me make some connections to my present life and things that I feel: 1. I've never trusted my in-laws in my present life (they are from a country very close to Turkey---Oy vey!) In my past life my in-laws condoned my harsh treatment. 2. I've never been able to trust my husband 100%. Well yeah, the last one was brutal and had me killed in a very cruel fashion. (no worries I'm in no present danger) 3. Waking up or suddenly not being able to breathe, no-brainer here. 4. My mysterious bruising on wrists and ankles have no medical or logical explanation. (hogtied)

I'm relieved to have this information so next time (if there are any after this) I will understand and know how to soothe my spirit. THIS information about my murder was the biggest take away. For the first time in a VERY LONG time I slept well. I'll need another session to ask the questions that I forgot about! :-)

THANK YOU, Carla. . .Namaste. . . the light in me salutes the light in you.

Fairfax, VA

August 10, 2015

This is a testimonial I write with mixed feelings. In a reading with Carla in July 2014, I became very emotional when Carla indicated that there would be another man entering the picture - and I would have to choose. I remember crying and saying to Carla that I didn't WANT anyone else, I wanted HIM (Jamie). I couldn't imagine who or how this was going to occur. I lead a pretty private life. It didn't come to pass and I more or less forgot about it, as Jamie and I continued to bond - especially over the latter part of last year and continuing throughout this year.

Then Saturday morning, Aug. 8th occurred. My ex-boyfriend from 10 years ago popped up. He sent me an email. We have always maintained a cordial casual relationship over the years. We broke up because I relocated several states away. We never discussed getting back together. I would occasionally invite him down to see me, when I wasn't in a relationship. He ran a successful company and traveled a lot so it never came to pass and I didn't get the impression he had an interest in resurrecting our relationship. Due to his circumstances, and my proximity.

He informed me on Saturday evening that he had had a significant health scare. I think that, and the fact that he is in a different place in his career now - more established, has employees taking some of the workload off him, that his priorities have changed.

Immediately I remembered Carla and the other man. I have no doubt this is what she was referring to. She did not indicate to me WHO I would chose. But that fact that she would frequently see "marriage" in the readings regarding Jamie and I, I assumed I would choose Jamie. And I did. I did. It was somewhat difficult because I care about Tim and we have history and it was fun to re-connect and walk down memory lane but at the same time I have this incredible man that I am just head over heels for and no amount of history can compete with that. My heart is with someone else now. That was very difficult for Tim to hear. He understood it was 10 years later, etc., but I can understand the disappointment. I am struggling with all of that. The emotional connection. But when all is said and done, this is the right thing to do. It just came out of no where and completely threw me. It might be easier too if Tim wasn't a "great catch" but for almost two years I have been working on developing this new relationship. I have a lot invested, time-wise and emotionally and as I recently provided a testimonial for, we are in the process of entering a new phase that has been a very long time in coming!

Carla mentioned Jamie would be hurt by this situation with Tim. I do not think I will tell him. He is away traveling and there was no harm done. If the relationship was more established I might be more inclined but I don't want to jeopardize things at this delicate stage, and have doubt placed in his mind and have that burden for us to carry. In time this incident will fade away. I have mixed feelings if I would want to know if he had been contacting by an ex pressuring him to get back together. Sometimes ignorance is bliss. Especially if it can potentially do more harm than good.

My feelings for Jamie have always been strong and clear but having this experience with Tim and in a position to "choose," further crystallized both my feelings for him and the direction I wish to follow. The love story continues.

Myrtle Beach, SC

August 2, 2015

I have been having readings with Carla since June 2014. I have been involved in a wonderful but complicated relationship. It is hard to know what goes on in a man's mind at times, and I desperately needed Carla to unravel various mysteries. Carla has maintained since June 2014 we would get married. We are nowhere near that point yet, but we seem to be on a very committed path. We are separated geographically - we met online but NOT through a dating site. It was completely by chance. However, Carla says our meeting, connection, and love story, were predestined. Was already in place before we were even born. SOMETHING has brought us together and KEPT us together.

Right now we are separated a lot because of his job. Those separations have actually HELPED our relationship. We recently had a very scary and intense incident happen to us. Both our computers were hacked by a malicious online stalker. I was afraid the incident (stress) could tear us apart but it didn't. It seems to have brought us even closer. Also "Jack" mentioned coming to see me. The first time that has been mentioned in over a year. There were/are circumstances that prevented that from happening prior to this.

It is still a bit off but my fingers are crossed (and everything else). Carla predicted this and predicted the longevity of the relationship. So far she has been right on all the major points!

I credit Carla will guiding me in the right direction and for not losing faith. For also keeping me grounded and in the present. There is no way I could be at this point without her. Some things are worth the wait and worth approaching slowly and methodically. Knowing what to do, when to do it and how to do it can make or break a relationship. Carla was there to provide all of this information and guidance to me. I look forward to turning to Carla in the future as things continue to play out in this amazing and beautiful love story.

Myrtle Beach, SC

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