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April 14, 2017

Hi Carla, hope you're doing well.

I got good news to share!

In our last session, one of the things I talked to you about was my firearms training. You immediately started telling me what I needed to know to correct my line of fire. You mentioned my body 'favoring' the right. We had new instructors come in and they reiterated what you saw. That, along with some of the specifics you mentioned I had to do, made me do a complete 180. I make holes the size of golf balls in the center now.

I also had a reading with you December 2016, we had a few minutes left and we were talking about my previous place of employment. Working there had both good and bad qualities. You mentioned that they (administration) were looking at getting rid of a department. I never thought they had the courage to do that but I learned today that it is definitely happening and it is happening very quickly. Glad I got out of there in time.

Talking to you is always great, I have absolutely no doubt in the things you see on my horizon (because they keep becoming true!) and look forward to writing you back to confirm other things you've seen for me.

San Diego

March 7, 2017

I had a reading with Carla in March 2016. I wanted some insight as to where I should travel for my birthday. Carla helped me choose the travel destination, and she told me about a man of a different culture that I would encounter, but the relationship wouldn't take off until the "2nd time."

She picked up on a guy I had met in London. We had stopped talking for some reason, and I had totally forgotten about him.

So months later - he contacted me, and I ended up going to London to spend the week with him! Thanks Carla!!

Los Angeles, CA

March 1, 2017

This coming September will mark the 4th year since Caitlyn - our beloved Daughter, Sister and Friend - vanished from our lives. My 'kryptonite' has been handed to me through this reading with Carla Baron. At that moment, I knew I would not give up on Caitlyn.

It feels like eternity. After consulting with people who claim to be psychic (but aren't) over the past 3 1/2 years, we've heard the gamut - mostly gory, gruesome stories that haunt us. I previously consulted a while ago with another prominent psychic detective (initials N.M.) to read on Caitlyn's case. I felt instinctively that she somehow missed something. We have no answers. The police handled this case very poorly and the support isn't there. The pain is so great - to this very day.

I decided to take a chance and contact Carla for a reading of my Daughter's case. I just happened to be watching TV and she was there, and my Husband suggested I contact her. I did, and received polite & quick responses for an appt. Carla didn't hesitate to begin "tapping" in and giving me information I desperately need. I was shocked when Carla picked up (not knowing) on some specific injuries my Daughter may have sustained, and the fact that her body was "hidden" for a day or so, and subsequently treated with a biodegradable chemical that is common for people's lagoons and septic tanks in this area. The fatal injuries that Carla had seen psychically were eerily similar to the same details that I got from the prominent psychic detective, N.M.

Carla hit the nail on the head every time. Carla has given me a detailed area to search, the what, and the why. Carla was also compassionate, and so in tune - she literally spoke my mind! We ended the reading on a positive note as she made sure I was peaceful. The reading has given me peace, and a part of acceptance I grapple with.

Carla has been the ONLY one to tap into Caitlyn like she did today. There was so much validation. There's no way Carla could have known things that she brought up - i.e., certain "biodegradable material" used for septic tanks common in these parts. I will continue my search for my Daughter. Peace comes one day at a time.

Thank you, Carla.

Carmen Carr
Quesnel, British Columbia


P.S. Caitlyn has a Facebook public group page - "Please Help Find Caitlyn Avril Murray"

You are welcome to join. I plan to consult with Carla again to see if we can one day locate her, and how we might face that reality. I would definitely recommend Carla to anyone in need of spiritual guidance.

February 28, 2017

Hi Carla,

I wanted to thank you for reading me and my "Mardi Gras" baby today. The conversation was not at all what I would have expected. From you confirming my pregnancy -to you telling me to "get angry" to keep the pregnancy and to continue having sex, as this was good for the baby & for me.

I have been having concerns over this pregnancy since I miscarried my last. You calmed those fears for me completely. You were so very helpful in explaining what caused the last pregnancy to miscarry. Thank you for explaining it was actually on my husband's part, and there were things "not in place" for him to have a child at that time. You're completely right - it was unplanned, and he was not in any way shape, or form, ready. He had actually asked me when I told him I was pregnant if I would consider ending the pregnancy.

You also helped me by saying he is now a completely different person - that he has had an epiphany of sorts, and is now in a very different place. I was very glad to hear that. You also told me a former stress that was causing problems has now passed, and my marriage is currently going through a "renewal." We have recently been through a great deal of stress in our marriage, so I was glad to hear about a renewal. Everything we talked about was just right on target for me. Each thing you confirmed for me.

I asked if this baby is a girl or boy, and you said this one is a girl. You also told me it seems to be the same soul of the last baby I miscarried - that sometimes they do indeed come back to you when the time is right. It's very hard to go through a miscarriage - but to have you explain how it really was the fear and things just not being ready or right for my husband that caused it was a huge comfort. Just knowing it wasn't something that I did is very helpful. It also helps to understand how connected our souls are.

You told me this baby will be very close to me, and that she will not trust my husband because of the previous experience with the miscarriage. It all makes perfect sense - my first daughter doesn't trust my husband either for similar reasons. You also told me to pay attention to the eighth month, possibly a little bit early birth for this baby. I'll have to let you know on that one. But the eighth month should be significant. You also said this one will have a strong will, and most likely have the sign of Leo - which would be exactly the right if I deliver early.

You did tell me a couple of "funny" things you said be careful not to let my fears get in the way of this one and to fight for it. You said to get angry and it helps me get things done. Indeed, getting angry does give me a certain determination that will not allow me to give up on something. You also said to make sure I keep having sex - that I need this energy to help the pregnancy. You said that I might have to push my husband on this a bit, as he seems afraid of hurting me or baby. I did ask how to tell him about the pregnancy since I have not yet. You said just wait a bit longer as it seems he has a new job offer coming which will provide more income, and he will be more receptive then. Especially since this one too was not planned!

Thank you so much for all of your insight. It is most helpful. You are a true gift and blessing. You are the only psychic I will ever turn to with my trust. You are most compassionate and understanding when reading. It's appreciated more than I can express. Thank you again, dear Carla.

Atlanta, GA

February 26, 2017

Carla Baron, she's 100% accurate, each & every time. I've been reading with her now for almost 3 years. On my first reading, Carla told me I would not be working at Ford Motor Co. where I had been for 17 years - that within the following 2 years, I would somehow not be working there anymore.

I'll be dad-gummed! That totally happened EXACTLY as she said & when she predicted it would!

Also Carla sensed in that first reading that my girlfriend and I would breakup about a year from that point. And SURE ENOUGH, Carla was 100% on the money again! Damn. She was so right again! Even the timing was uncanny how she knew.

Carla also talked about a friendship I had where he turned a cold shoulder all of a sudden. When I retired, this friend was nowhere around for me. He "defriended" me. Carla said that he was jealous that I got to retire, and he didn't. She said not to worry - that this friend would come back around and we would be great friends once again. She said it would take about 2 years to happen, and if she wasn't dead on again!

I asked about a lawyer I had hired for a workman's comp case. Carla felt that I should drop this lawyer - that he would be way too busy with all the cases he had piled up. Carla said that she saw the NEW lawyer would get me WAY MORE MONEY as a settlement than the first lawyer could ever secure. It would take about a week to find the new guy, she said. And I found the new lawyer within a week! He took my case, and is panning out to be just as Carla described!

For whatever it's worth, I highly recommend psychic Carla Baron. She hasn't been wrong yet. I'm still in awe of everything she predicted!

Crown Point, IN

February 13, 2017

The first major sign that your reading was accurate occurred on Jan. 19th. I asked you during the reading what kind of academy I'd be in - "jails or patrol." You said "jails," and shortly after, my background detective contacted me to let me know the hiring committee was considering me for detentions - which is "county jails."

When I had my final interview later in the month, I was job offered a detentions position on the spot!

You also got the timing of the process down to a millisecond. You said "within a month" and it literally wrapped up the last day of January - my reading was last week of December! Lie detector exam and final interview near the month's end and the psychological assessment (which washes a lot of people out so it intimidated me - something you picked up on) on the very last day of the month. You told me not to worry about it in the reading and I passed it. I got contacted today that I passed my medical evaluation so the last hurdle is done. You said everything looks good during the reading and it certainly does right now.

Anyways. Thanks again. Anytime I had doubts - I just replayed your voice in my head telling me everything looks good. Worked out the way I wanted!!

San Diego, CA

January 5, 2017

I had a reading with Carla at the end of 2016. I was mainly interested in talking about a job prospect - before I even began to talk much about it, Carla advised everything looks good, the process would be complete "within a month," and that she saw "no obstruction."

I also asked about some really important people in my life at this time, one involved in my job prospect and a love interest. Carla always impresses me with her ability to tap into the people around me and hit the nail on the head when talking about them without having to say anything about them besides their name. She describes them to a T.

I got great advice from Carla about how to conduct myself around each person I asked about. At the end of my reading I wanted to jump through my roof! I was so happy and excited. I always walk away from a reading by Carla with a renewed sense of self. Thanks for guiding me during these really important times of my life, Carla.

San Diego, CA

December 21, 2016

I reached out to Carla tonight to get some insight into my love life. I'm ending a marriage, but have found new love. She knew my husband struggled with depression. She said his struggling with his depression was sucking all of my energy. It's been like an anchor weighing me down for years. She asked me if I was thinking of staying with him and I said no; it's definitely ending. She thought it was a good idea to move on from the relationship because it would drain me for the rest of my life. She saw things wrapping up with him in March. My next hearing is in January. I would love to be done dealing with him.

I had concerns over time with my child. Carla said my husband was just using the threat of keeping my child away from me because he knew it bothered me. That's exactly how I have felt. He never wanted to be responsible, or involved with the hard part of raising a child.

My new boyfriend has been very supportive. Carla thought I should concentrate on putting everything into my new relationship. She knew he was struggling with my arguing with my husband all the time and that he felt like there was more I could do to end it faster. She said I can only expect him to deal with so much. She said I've been looking for a sign to let me know I'm in the right relationship. I have been. Carla said no one will ever be 100% the way I want them to be. She said I'm always second guessing over the little things. She didn't see any future love interest for me after him - and honestly, I'm hoping he's the one I can be with long-term.

She said I need to find happiness on my own and not depend on someone else to make me happy. She said the only thing standing in my way is me. I know she's right.

I'm hoping my marriage will finally end officially over these next few months so I can focus on my new life. Thank you, Carla. You've been consistently accurate in my past readings.

LaGrange, OH

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