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July 21, 2014

I had my first reading with Carla a few months ago. At the time I wasn't over an ex and had been told by another psychic that he would come back to me and that we were meant to be together. When I spoke to Carla, she told me that he wasn't the one for me and that he couldn't give me what I wanted.

She then told me I would meet the man I am meant to be with in 'Leo time' this year. Carla then went on to describe the man to me. She told me he was older than me. I have NEVER been with someone older than me, so I thought this was highly unlikely. She said we would meet through my work and that we would meet in a really random way - like bumping into each other in an alleyway. She also told me this man was very involved in his work and he had a 'regional' job.

Well... it's now upon 'Leo' time, and I have recently met a man who fits Carla's description perfectly! He is older than me. We met through work... not my work, but his work. We met in a completely random way... passing one another in a stairwell. The man is very involved in his work as he has his own business and works long hours. He works in the architectural industry, so his job is 'regional.'

Carla also told me that we had an opportunity to meet before, and we did! We actually met a few years before in the same way. We spoke briefly, but at the time I wasn't ready for a relationship, so I didn't pursue anything. Carla also predicted that this man and I wouldn't move in together until 2016... she said that "..he would want to build a home for us." Carla had no idea that he works as an architect, so this would make perfect sense!

I have actually contacted quite a few psychics before, and although they have been very accurate on current situations - their future predictions were not accurate. Carla's predictions were spot on, and her ability to predict timing is incredible! I was so convinced when I met this man that he was the one Carla had spoken of. I called her to make sure I was right, and she confirmed what I am feeling. Thank you so much, Carla!

Barcelona, Spain

July 3, 2014

The first time I spoke to Carla was about ten years ago. My reading was incredibly accurate. She knew things that I hadn't even told my family or friends, including the fact that I was planning to move across the country.

Right now I'm ready to take my life in a new direction so I felt compelled to reach out to Carla once again. I had my second reading this afternoon.

Currently, my main concern is location. Where should I live? Where am I supposed to be? She pinpointed exactly where I was going to live. It's one of my favorite cities in the world, a place I used live, and a place I always knew I'd go back to. She knew that I had strong reservations because of my financial situation but was encouraging and adamant that this was the next step in my life.

But the most surprising aspect of my reading was about my profession. Without any prompting, she told me that I would pursue a career in the publishing industry. I have been thinking about a writing career for a long time and have often considered working in publishing. I've never shared these aspirations with anyone!

I agree with many of the clients that talking to Carla feels like talking to a friend. She is caring, genuine and very honest. Thank you Carla!

State College, PA

June 10, 2014

Thank you, dear Carla. You are precious.

Thank you so much for your compassion, wisdom and insight.

It is very important when we are lost at sea to have a rudder and someone to help us get back on course when we have been in a storm that has pushed us out of our so-called course that we knew.

Though it seemed extravagant to have a session with you as you said, I have needed guidance in some moments. I have been alone in this: caregiving for my mom and this war thing with the family. Both these things have tested me beyond any kind of limits I think most people could handle. My mom is very brilliant and most amazing person I know on this earth and, still, there are many hardships being a 24/7 caregiver for her - especially for the suffering she is experiencing caused by other family members, and the legal nightmare of 5 years they perpetrated. Very scary.

So, to have that bit of guidance can be essential. I don't have grandmothers anymore... so, we have guidance where we can find it.

Financial wisdom is important and I certainly need to be aware of that and at the same time know where to spend some bit for the benefit to keep going. I wish I had a guide on that so often. We all need all kinds of guidance.

I know how much the work I do helps people, too, like you, in my own small way. I see the work that I do more as 'healing coaching' than giving information.

Like your heart imploring me to just keep loving my mom and focus on positive memories while we are still on this earth together. That is all from your heart and from your divine guidance to share with me today. Thank you so much for taking the time today. I am so grateful for your presence.

I'm inspired, too, to hear the little bit of sacred story you shared about your finding your own way and you MADE IT! I will hold you in my heart for inspiration! I hope I make it, too!

Good wishes to you in all the things that you do and for all that is coming for you!!

Please enjoy a peaceful video on my website when you want:

Thank you so much and a giant hug to you!!

Sarah West
Richmond, VA

June 10, 2014

Carla, I have to tell you a bit of amazing news that you predicted that came true.

You told me a few months ago that a medical professional that I had met at work would contact me in June. We had dated previously, but were still in love with other people. You said at the time that he was with another woman but it wasn't working out the best. You said that they would break up in June, and he would contact me.

Well last night at work, I got a message from him that he broke up with his girlfriend and would like to give it another shot with me. I about fell out of my chair when I read the message, because it happened exactly like you said it would! I am still currently in love with another man.

Maybe I'm still going down a different path than God intended, but I wanted to let you know that this came true! I want people to know that Carla's accuracy will leave you speechless! :)

Morgantown, WV

June 6, 2014

I had my first reading with Carla yesterday. Carla pinpointed the issues I was concerned about with precision. She gave me insight and confirmation. It was astounding and expected, all at the same time. It was truly one of the most amazing experiences of my life.

Not only is Carla very professional and very accurate, she is also extremely personable and I was immediately put at ease. I would highly recommend a reading by Carla to anyone that has the desire to obtain answers not likely to be found through "normal" channels. I look forward to a long relationship with Carla regarding any big decisions in my life, especially this particular situation.

Thank you again, Carla. More than words can say - for helping me with a situation that means more to me than I can say. :) I will be in touch.

Myrtle Beach, SC

June 5, 2014

I had the privilege of having another session with Carla today. Talking to Carla is like talking to a lifelong best friend. However, Carla knew details that not even my best friend would know.

In my last session with Carla, we discussed my abnormal pap results with mild dysplasia. At the time, she said that I would be going to a physician and that "she" would take care of it. The doctor I had scheduled an appointment with was a man. However, it turned out that I was dissatisfied with the way he treated me, and ended up going to a female physician that I am very pleased with. Carla knew all along that I was going to a female physician! Amazing!

Another amazing fact was that when I was leaving the office of the male doctor that I had originally went to, the receptionist wrote my name down as the name that I had picked out for my unborn daughter that I lost several years ago. Nobody knew about my unborn daughter as I never mention her at doctor's appointments. I took that as I sign that I my daughter was watching over me in heaven and that I was making the right decision.

I had testing done, and the results came back that the mild dysplasia was caused by a low risk strain of the HPV virus that doesn't cause any real harm and can be easily fought off by the immune system. However, Carla picked up on the fact that my immune system took longer to fight off infections and that I should have any abnormal cells removed from my cervix just to be safe. She was right! I have autoimmune skin conditions.

Carla also told me that my fiancé wants to marry me but at the same time wants to get his career situation settled first. He told me those exact words! How could Carla have ever known that? Also, I forgot to tell Carla that I was even engaged in the first place. She also told me that sometimes he just feels like dropping everything in his life and moving with me to another location. He has also told me almost those exact words.

Carla and I also talked about my past lives. I was a man in many of my past lives. Ironically, people tell me in this life that I have a guy's personality. She told me that in a past life, I was a gay man and the son of a wealthy man of the law. My father couldn't accept the fact that I was gay and made his slaves beat me. The slaves didn't want to beat me as they liked me as a person, but were forced to do so.

That is ironic, because in this lifetime, I absolutely cannot stand to watch any movie or see any sign of abuse without crying like there's no tomorrow. I also have many gay friends and have always felt badly for those people that are not accepted for who they are. She told me that in a previous past life, that I was a man held prisoner on a ship near Australia. I was chained on the bottom level of a boat and bitten by rats. I caught scurvy and died. I am terrified of rats in this lifetime and of anything puncturing my skin, for example, I have a horrible needle phobia.

Carla said that after those horrific lives as a man, I decided to be a woman in all of the rest of my lives. In a previous past life, I was a wealthy woman in South Carolina and wore a hoop skirt. I did some research and found that the first hoop skirt was patented in 1846 but had lost its popularity by 1860. That was the lifetime where I found my passion for education. I became a teacher in that lifetime, and enjoyed introducing the less privileged to literature.

In my next life as a woman, I was stillborn about 10 years before I was born into this lifetime. In this lifetime, I'm a Medical Laboratory Scientist. I care for people in the hospital from drawing their blood to testing it and am happy to see each person's recovery day by day until they get to return home! I am truly blessed and even more blessed since Carla has shared this amazing information with me!! Thank you, Carla!!

Morgantown, WV


More insight:

Carla went in 'psychically' for a couple minutes just after she received my testimonial to obtain more clarification on a few details that were 'bugging her' after our session on the past lives she had picked up for me. (She indicated that she doesn't do this often, but when she feels compelled to dig deeper on a peering.)

Here's what Carla wrote back - -


"I wanted to see why I saw 1200's, Middle Ages, for you as a virtual prisoner on a ship below decks.

I think you lived BOTH of these lives - one as a captured slave during the Middle Ages on a ship for slaves.. and the other* going to Australia in the early shipments of prisoners to the island. You died before you got there to Australia.

The lifetime immediately after was that of the teacher with the hoop skirt where you never wished to be born a man again. That would still fit the timeline if you died as I had seen on that ship circa late 1700's - you having reincarnated as a woman shortly after that death."

* Convict ships generally engaged in carrying convicts from Great Britain to the Australian Colonies. The First Fleet saw the first convict ships arrive in Australia in January 1788, and the last convict ship, Hougoumont, arrived in Western Australia in 1868. Over the 80 years of transportation, between 1788 and 1868, 608 convict ships transported more than 162,000 convicts to Australia.


June 3, 2014

I had my 3rd reading with Carla today. I always get a little anxious before readings but she has a way of eliminating that feeling and within minutes I was calm. During my first reading with her last year she stated that my dad will not be around much longer. She saw his health declining quickly. She felt he would ultimately succumb to something to do with the respiratory system like pneumonia.

Within the last few months my father's health has significantly declined. He is losing movement and strength in his hands and has become weak and lethargic. He even gave up his golf tournament which is one of the things he loves to do most in life. He went to the doctor and they are ruling him out for ALS. This disorder causes muscle weakness and atrophy throughout the body. With this disease you ultimately die from suffocation due to weakening of the muscles that support breathing. It is a sad reality and unfortunately in this case she was spot on.

I recently reconnected with a man I had a relationship with 5 years ago. We are not intimate because he is still in his relationship and having difficulty leaving his children solely in her care. Recently he was deployed and Carla stated that he is worried she is going to mess things up at home. That is indeed true. He told me before he left his biggest fear is that she is going to charge up the credit card bills and wreak havoc at home. I did not tell Carla about this and during our conversation and she picked right up on it. Carla sees him making a change in his situation around September of this year and the 3rd week in August to be the launch pad for my new adventure and new life I create for myself.

Charlotte, NC

June 3, 2014

I had a reading with Carla just 2 weeks ago, which was quite remarkable, only wish I booked a longer session. I was feeling uneasy about some issues and needed clarity so I decided to have another reading with Carla. This was my third reading with Carla, as my first was about 2 years ago and she never disappoints. She helped me feel reassured that things were good (regarding my relationship) and just to keep doing what I'm doing. I tend to worry a lot, that's my problem.

She also touched up on my work business and said things were good financially this year. I mentioned to Carla that I recall my first reading she said I was going to go through financial problems in the following year to come. Boy did I ever experience a difficult year financially, didn't see that one coming. She nailed the situation and timing on that one! Carla said some good positive things will happen in my relationship within a few months time. Can't wait for these things to come to fruition!! And when they do - I will be sure to keep you posted.

Toronto, Canada

June 1, 2014

I want to say, I worked with Carla professionally on her website for about a year back in the early 2000's, and had the pleasure of meeting her and I received a reading from her as well. Everything she predicted came to light.

I also want to add that after we spoke once our professional career was over, she was always there for me spiritually and immensely through her God-given gift.

To all the nay-sayers, who wish to prove that all psychics are charlatans and thieves, Carla Baron is most decidedly NOT anywhere close to that, and a genuine person all-around.

My father passed recently... it was heart problems (brought about by cancer and chemo treatment) - just like Carla said!

My mother has voiced her wishes to contact a medium in the future for her own spiritual well-being. She's mentioned a few that are on TV now, and I told her with all the conviction if she wants a TRUE psychic/medium, I will get her in touch with one who knows her stuff.

Just wanted to let you and your fans know that even though time has passed, you have made an indelible impression on me that still lasts some ten years later. Love ya girl! We'll be in touch soon!

Shannon Sannuti Cetrone
Richmond, VA

May 18, 2014

I had my first reading with Carla close to a year ago. I needed some help and insight about a relationship I was in at the time. Carla described the relationship dynamics right on point. I was shocked. She said it was basically a dead-end relationship which was hard for me to accept, but I needed to hear it, and Carla confirmed this. Eventually the relationship ended.

She also mentioned I was going to meet this man that is for me, and he's the one. She NAILED his profession (real estate) and said he "wears suits." Didn't make much of this because I needed to heal from the other relationship and accept it was going nowhere. So I went on with my life and didn't look back.

Months later I met this man (I will call David) and it was that instant feeling of he's the one for me. This is when I remembered the reading I had with Carla, in which she describes him exactly.

I can honestly say I fell in love with David from day one. Everything went perfect until his ex-girlfriend came back in the picture last month wanting him back. I thought - I have to contact Carla and get help on this matter because I didn't want to lose David.

Carla said that his ex is manipulative and will try everything to get him back and away from me - even going so far as to say that's she's pregnant! This has ALREADY started to happen as the ex emailed me recently a few times trying to get under my skin saying that very same thing - she wrote that "...she & David were still seeing each other and we're trying to get pregnant." (Wow.)

Carla also mentioned that I remind David of his mother.. in a good way. Having met his mother, she is a strong, smart independent woman. If I handle this situation about him and his ex - not tolerating her "b.s."- he will not want to lose me.

Again - I was blown away how Carla nailed everything - from what David's ex is all about... to about David himself. She told me to stand my ground and not accept the ex being in his life - even as a "friend." If I'm strong and not put up with this, then everything will work out for me as it's meant to be, and the ex will be forced to back off.

I will let you know what happens in the months to come...

Thanks Carla !!

Toronto, Canada

May 3, 2014

Yesterday I had an urgent skype call with Carla, I found out my "idol" friend suddenly passed away.

"Idol" friend - as in I wanted to be like him, wanted to see everything the same direction as him. To make it short, I wanted to be his twin. He was my first friend when I moved to his town, and at that time, I was hiding within myself. He inspired me about everything, he was everything to me that I needed. I didn't want anyone, or to be like anyone but him. His outlook on life, advice he gave, how much he lived it up - I never had anyone in my life that interesting.

I feel so bad for the cruel life he had. It was a struggle for me when he was sad, because I wanted to take whatever it was inside and fill it up with encouraging love. I'm left alone to be strong. I have to grow into the person I am meant to be when the most inspiring person I want to be beside myself is gone.

There's never enough time to spend with the right people while they are here with us, it seems. I sent him a message that I loved him, and I bought a ticket for this summer to see him before he left. I feel alone. I've never had to be this strong for myself. I wasn't prepared.

Leaving me with a heavy heart and a broken self, I went to Carla with questions, peace, hope, closed off from my world. I almost thought it was too soon to have answers and feel peace, but the timing was perfect - she was able to connect with my "idol" and bring me peace... help my grief with his passing. (I'm sure Carla helped him more than anyone did in his time. He was able to let it out, and not hold back.) I hurt for him, but I can't live in his hurt. I was going to actually do that for a long time. He was taken too soon from me. But I learned new things about heaven, angels, the power of love and God.

I light two candles now, and watch the light dance. It's not goodbye, it's not forever.. it's one day at a time and they are near...

Ontario, CANADA

May 2, 2014

Carla, before I sing your praises, I just want to thank you for the peace that you brought me.

I had a reading with you over the phone about a month and a half ago, and told you how my heart is breaking because my boyfriend's job is moving him out of state. You said you saw big changes on the never said what month....

He just told me the movers are coming on the 22nd and he is on the road on the 23rd!

You said I'd be moving there...which would be the answer to my prayers, as I feel I have found the love of my life. And last week he told me he feels the same. He has frustrated me and upset me by backing off and not communicating, but since you told me not to worry, I will just have to let everything unfold and see. I'll update as soon as more of what you said comes true.

Thanks so much!

Santa Clarita, CA

April 28, 2014

What an awesome lady with a true gift. No fluff, she just gets to the heart of the matter. It doesn't take long before you realize that she is more of an interpreter or a translator, bringing messages directly from your loved ones. She seems to have known me and my family for years and even detects health issues. She brings peace and hope because part of her message must play out... It will be nice to look back and realize that what she said will happen, DOES!

When she told me that my father said he would help me with a certain situation, I cried. I cried because I had just asked him to help me and show me what to do. He said, "I'll help least I can be of some use." I can't wait for the result!! What a healing message. I will schedule some follow up time and refer her to friends. Even if you schedule an hour, she leaves you wanting more. Thanks Carla!

Jacksonville, FL

April 17, 2014

It was another wonderful self gift to have another reading from you, Carla.

I went to the doctor's a couple weeks ago about pains, and they haven't called me back yet. That left me worried because I am still feeling pains. You, Carla, are my favorite 'super hero' for looking in and giving me an answer.

"I'm not perfect, but I'm perfect for him.. I'm not perfect, but I'm perfect for him."

I already have this new mantra you gave me today memorized! It'll be weird at first talking to strangers.. I may feel like a fool, but it'll help me rise up, and it fits with the last reading I had with you when we talked about 'healing others.' You kinda have to talk to them before you can make their day brighter and brighter for yourself. Thank you again - biggest heartfelt hug ever!!

It always amazes me when you connect with my Grandmother - what new things she has to talk about and where she hangs out in the house. (I didn't know spirit likes all kinds of light!) It's motivated me today to bring natural sunlight into my room. May the ray of burning morning sunlight make my day better and healthier.

I failed that darn 'N' word - 'NO.' It got me into a lot of career trouble, but it turned out to be a permanent 'NO' on my forehead as it won't be as easy for scammers and cons to turn my head again! Your's and my grandma's warm friendship has changed my life. I feel a light since you've come across my path in life. I don't feel alone. I don't feel unheard.

When one door closes another one opens... and THAT's what you've done for me! I'm off to do my 45-min day walk. You will hear from me next this summer!


Ontario, CANADA

April 13, 2014

I had the opportunity to have two separate readings with Ms. Carla Baron, the first in February 2014 and then, this afternoon. My first reading in February was spot on. She knew little things about myself that I had never told anyone, one being my chemical sensitivity to certain medications and substances.

Carla described my marriage issues without me prompting any information beforehand, she even accurately predicted my marriage ending by May 2014. Now in April, I just received that less-then-stellar break-up phone call yesterday evening.

She also predicted a possible life-threatening medical issue with my father. I found out after my February psychic reading that my father has been diagnosed with fatty liver disease.

During my reading today, we discussed the past lives of my son and myself. My son is autistic, and it was revealed that his autism is a reflection of his past life spent in solitary confinement while imprisoned during the 1700's. While in prison, he died from an illness contracted from the bite of a rodent. (In his current life, he hates anything small and furry, and had reacted negatively in the past when he first saw a chinchilla - a member of the rodent family, similar-looking to a large mouse.)

In a recent past life, Carla saw me working as a nun tending to the Black Plague-infected occupants of 1500's Italy, and that I had died as a result to this exposure.

Carla called me after the reading to discuss a testimonial I had submitted to her. Earlier during the reading, she told me she kept hearing the words "cloistered nun." Neither of us had any idea what a 'cloistered nun' was, so we quickly researched online articles - they matched exactly what she had described in her reading. The time period and duties expected of my profession were historically accurate. This past life of mine makes sense as to why I have a passion to take care of others, and not fear self-sacrifice in THIS lifetime.

I could tell that this information coming forth from Carla - that she had no prior knowledge of any of these things. She was just as shocked by the accuracy of her vision as I was.

Lastly, during the April reading, she saw me working in a medical office in about a year. I had been debating on obtaining a degree in the medical office field. (I'll update on this at a later date.) Today's reading has confirmed a lot of what I was feeling surrounding my marriage.

I feel like I will be okay, and I feel at peace because of that. Furthermore, Carla is extremely accurate, and it's freaky, but in a good way.

Fayetteville, NC

April 9, 2014

Today I had the pleasure of a reading with Carla. I was a little anxious at first; however, Carla put me at ease. She was able to confirm a past life connection between my daughter and a gentleman. She offered specific guidance on how to approach the situation.

Carla was able to see a reunion between them, but gave a time frame of 2 years in which time they would develop their individuality and come together whole. Carla also told me to read a certain page in a book that I had mentioned in the reading called, "My name is Memory." I was led to that book 6 months ago to understand their past life connection. Please understand - Carla was not familiar at all with this particular book title prior to my reading. It was the very first she had even heard of it!

Carla then said she psychically heard, "Go to pg. 42 - 2nd paragraph." I did that and it read, "You should go find him because he loves you." It continues on to say, "Since when did a psychic scold you?"

(It really said that... freaky or what?!)

I am blown away. I just re-read pg.42 in full - wow Wow WOW!!!! All I can say.

Ontario, CANADA

April 3, 2014

Hello, my name is Barbara Pinto, and I would love to share with anyone who is willing to listen to me.

So 6 years ago I had lost my brother, Raymond, in a tragic accident, and for many years I wanted to know if he was scared, or if he was ok. I, like many other people who have lost a loved one, wish that I could tell my brother he is loved and always will be.

Well - the day I contacted Carla, she helped put my mind at ease. She told me my brother knew that I loved him. She even knew about the many phone calls I get a day that are just static on the other end when I answer. Carla confirmed that the "static" is Raymond connecting with me. Needless to say - that made my hurt turn into happy.

Carla also told me about his son (my nephew) - that he was having a hard time trusting. That next weekend, I had my nephew over for March break and gave him a few things of his father's. Now I see a beautiful relationship between me and my nephew blooming. Without Carla's help, this probably would not have happened.

I am so very thankful for Carla Baron's abilities. She truly is gifted.

Nova Scotia, Canada

March 22, 2014

I spoke this day to find what or where I stood with this guy. Carla immediately said to me, "You reacted out of anger when he didn't show up on Valentine's Day." (Which I did, but rightfully so, as a woman.) Carla stated that he was angry and not sure he bought how I reacted.

Carla did state that he loves me, and STILL saw marriage - which she has seen since Aug 2013. So nothing changed with her insight, but she did advise that I give him a 'taste of his own medicine' and make him feel as if there was someone else. She said, "Don't answer his text, phone calls or even when he is at your front door." I asked her, "When is he going to be at my front door?" She said, "I am not going to tell you, because you will not adhere to my advice. You will only delay what is going to happen for you both."

Carla dropped a hint that "March" was a good month for me. Well March came, so I was not sitting there waiting, but curious.

Well... low and behold - he was at my door last Saturday 3/15 @ 1am!

Carla advised - "Don't answer if he comes to your door, because he will wonder if can still 'mark his territory.'" (Of course, I didn't answer, but watched through the window - him just sitting there.)

Now I know why Carla said she wouldn't tell me - because she knew I would get dolled up that day, and she knew he was my weakness!

Will keep you posted.


March 10, 2014

My mind is blown away (in a good way) a 2nd time with a reading from Carla!

My first reading in October focused on health issues, so I wanted to concentrate on work issues this time.

I encourage potential clients to write down their questions & schedule time accordingly. After my sessions with Carla, I always think of more questions I could have asked!

Carla tuned in to see what "career" path I should head down. I have been feeling burnt out as a pet sitting owner/operator. I never tire of the animals, but the driving and the hours of operation can be tiring. I am super drawn to all things metaphysical, but have been hesitant to pursue just one & invest myself into something that might not be totally supportive financially.

Well, the first thing Carla saw was "books." I became excited, because I am a bookaholic. Then she elaborated that she saw "a metaphysical bookstore with new age products." Even better!

The funny thing is a few months ago, I had been exploring several different job ideas and one of them was owning a "witchy" bookstore ... or just working in one, at least. (Carla didn't know this.)

Carla further explained that I could work with healing/intuitive skills with animals and offer this through the metaphysical store. Super cool! She said to take action and pursue this idea by the end of April or the opportunity may pass me by.

She also took time to explain that I could continue to enjoy my other interests - it's just that they weren't likely to be financially sound job ideas for me.

I asked one more quick question about struggles with anxiety symptoms and she said they were related to my relationship which totally resonated with me.

Upon retrospect, the signs were all there for me. I just surely need to develop and trust my intuition. BUT in the meantime, Carla is a trusted guide and I will never be able to tell her how thankful I am to her and her peerings! Like she says, she sees what is favorable, we just have to make the effort.

And unbeknownst to Carla, she ended our conversation saying "dear heart" which is a phrase my recently passed Mom used to say to me at the end of our phone conversations. For all I know, Carla may say that all the time. But it still meant something to me. It felt like Mom was near and had been listening to the reading! :)

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Carla, for sharing your gift! And I wish you light & love always and happiness & success in all your pursuits.

Saint Clairsville, OH

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