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April 17, 2014

It was another wonderful self gift to have another reading from you, Carla.

I went to the doctor's a couple weeks ago about pains, and they haven't called me back yet. That left me worried because I am still feeling pains. You, Carla, are my favorite 'super hero' for looking in and giving me an answer.

"I'm not perfect, but I'm perfect for him.. I'm not perfect, but I'm perfect for him."

I already have this new mantra you gave me today memorized! It'll be weird at first talking to strangers.. I may feel like a fool, but it'll help me rise up, and it fits with the last reading I had with you when we talked about 'healing others.' You kinda have to talk to them before you can make their day brighter and brighter for yourself. Thank you again - biggest heartfelt hug ever!!

It always amazes me when you connect with my Grandmother - what new things she has to talk about and where she hangs out in the house. (I didn't know spirit likes all kinds of light!) It's motivated me today to bring natural sunlight into my room. May the ray of burning morning sunlight make my day better and healthier.

I failed that darn 'N' word - 'NO.' It got me into a lot of career trouble, but it turned out to be a permanent 'NO' on my forehead as it won't be as easy for scammers and cons to turn my head again! Your's and my grandma's warm friendship has changed my life. I feel a light since you've come across my path in life. I don't feel alone. I don't feel unheard.

When one door closes another one opens... and THAT's what you've done for me! I'm off to do my 45-min day walk. You will hear from me next this summer!


Ontario, CANADA

April 13, 2014

I had the opportunity to have two separate readings with Ms. Carla Baron, the first in February 2014 and then, this afternoon. My first reading in February was spot on. She knew little things about myself that I had never told anyone, one being my chemical sensitivity to certain medications and substances.

Carla described my marriage issues without me prompting any information beforehand, she even accurately predicted my marriage ending by May 2014. Now in April, I just received that less-then-stellar break-up phone call yesterday evening.

She also predicted a possible life-threatening medical issue with my father. I found out after my February psychic reading that my father has been diagnosed with fatty liver disease.

During my reading today, we discussed the past lives of my son and myself. My son is autistic, and it was revealed that his autism is a reflection of his past life spent in solitary confinement while imprisoned during the 1700's. While in prison, he died from an illness contracted from the bite of a rodent. (In his current life, he hates anything small and furry, and had reacted negatively in the past when he first saw a chinchilla - a member of the rodent family, similar-looking to a large mouse.)

In a recent past life, Carla saw me working as a nun tending to the Black Plague-infected occupants of 1500's Italy, and that I had died as a result to this exposure.

Carla called me after the reading to discuss a testimonial I had submitted to her. Earlier during the reading, she told me she kept hearing the words "cloistered nun." Neither of us had any idea what a 'cloistered nun' was, so we quickly researched online articles - they matched exactly what she had described in her reading. The time period and duties expected of my profession were historically accurate. This past life of mine makes sense as to why I have a passion to take care of others, and not fear self-sacrifice in THIS lifetime.

I could tell that this information coming forth from Carla - that she had no prior knowledge of any of these things. She was just as shocked by the accuracy of her vision as I was.

Lastly, during the April reading, she saw me working in a medical office in about a year. I had been debating on obtaining a degree in the medical office field. (I'll update on this at a later date.) Today's reading has confirmed a lot of what I was feeling surrounding my marriage.

I feel like I will be okay, and I feel at peace because of that. Furthermore, Carla is extremely accurate, and it's freaky, but in a good way.

Fayetteville, NC

April 9, 2014

Today I had the pleasure of a reading with Carla. I was a little anxious at first; however, Carla put me at ease. She was able to confirm a past life connection between my daughter and a gentleman. She offered specific guidance on how to approach the situation.

Carla was able to see a reunion between them, but gave a time frame of 2 years in which time they would develop their individuality and come together whole. Carla also told me to read a certain page in a book that I had mentioned in the reading called, "My name is Memory." I was led to that book 6 months ago to understand their past life connection. Please understand - Carla was not familiar at all with this particular book title prior to my reading. It was the very first she had even heard of it!

Carla then said she psychically heard, "Go to pg. 42 - 2nd paragraph." I did that and it read, "You should go find him because he loves you." It continues on to say, "Since when did a psychic scold you?"

(It really said that... freaky or what?!)

I am blown away. I just re-read pg.42 in full - wow Wow WOW!!!! All I can say.

Ontario, CANADA

April 3, 2014

Hello, my name is Barbara Pinto, and I would love to share with anyone who is willing to listen to me.

So 6 years ago I had lost my brother, Raymond, in a tragic accident, and for many years I wanted to know if he was scared, or if he was ok. I, like many other people who have lost a loved one, wish that I could tell my brother he is loved and always will be.

Well - the day I contacted Carla, she helped put my mind at ease. She told me my brother knew that I loved him. She even knew about the many phone calls I get a day that are just static on the other end when I answer. Carla confirmed that the "static" is Raymond connecting with me. Needless to say - that made my hurt turn into happy.

Carla also told me about his son (my nephew) - that he was having a hard time trusting. That next weekend, I had my nephew over for March break and gave him a few things of his father's. Now I see a beautiful relationship between me and my nephew blooming. Without Carla's help, this probably would not have happened.

I am so very thankful for Carla Baron's abilities. She truly is gifted.

Nova Scotia, Canada

March 22, 2014

I spoke this day to find what or where I stood with this guy. Carla immediately said to me, "You reacted out of anger when he didn't show up on Valentine's Day." (Which I did, but rightfully so, as a woman.) Carla stated that he was angry and not sure he bought how I reacted.

Carla did state that he loves me, and STILL saw marriage - which she has seen since Aug 2013. So nothing changed with her insight, but she did advise that I give him a 'taste of his own medicine' and make him feel as if there was someone else. She said, "Don't answer his text, phone calls or even when he is at your front door." I asked her, "When is he going to be at my front door?" She said, "I am not going to tell you, because you will not adhere to my advice. You will only delay what is going to happen for you both."

Carla dropped a hint that "March" was a good month for me. Well March came, so I was not sitting there waiting, but curious.

Well... low and behold - he was at my door last Saturday 3/15 @ 1am!

Carla advised - "Don't answer if he comes to your door, because he will wonder if can still 'mark his territory.'" (Of course, I didn't answer, but watched through the window - him just sitting there.)

Now I know why Carla said she wouldn't tell me - because she knew I would get dolled up that day, and she knew he was my weakness!

Will keep you posted.


March 10, 2014

My mind is blown away (in a good way) a 2nd time with a reading from Carla!

My first reading in October focused on health issues, so I wanted to concentrate on work issues this time.

I encourage potential clients to write down their questions & schedule time accordingly. After my sessions with Carla, I always think of more questions I could have asked!

Carla tuned in to see what "career" path I should head down. I have been feeling burnt out as a pet sitting owner/operator. I never tire of the animals, but the driving and the hours of operation can be tiring. I am super drawn to all things metaphysical, but have been hesitant to pursue just one & invest myself into something that might not be totally supportive financially.

Well, the first thing Carla saw was "books." I became excited, because I am a bookaholic. Then she elaborated that she saw "a metaphysical bookstore with new age products." Even better!

The funny thing is a few months ago, I had been exploring several different job ideas and one of them was owning a "witchy" bookstore ... or just working in one, at least. (Carla didn't know this.)

Carla further explained that I could work with healing/intuitive skills with animals and offer this through the metaphysical store. Super cool! She said to take action and pursue this idea by the end of April or the opportunity may pass me by.

She also took time to explain that I could continue to enjoy my other interests - it's just that they weren't likely to be financially sound job ideas for me.

I asked one more quick question about struggles with anxiety symptoms and she said they were related to my relationship which totally resonated with me.

Upon retrospect, the signs were all there for me. I just surely need to develop and trust my intuition. BUT in the meantime, Carla is a trusted guide and I will never be able to tell her how thankful I am to her and her peerings! Like she says, she sees what is favorable, we just have to make the effort.

And unbeknownst to Carla, she ended our conversation saying "dear heart" which is a phrase my recently passed Mom used to say to me at the end of our phone conversations. For all I know, Carla may say that all the time. But it still meant something to me. It felt like Mom was near and had been listening to the reading! :)

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Carla, for sharing your gift! And I wish you light & love always and happiness & success in all your pursuits.

Saint Clairsville, OH

February 27, 2014

I want to start off by saying that Carla has permanently changed my life for the better! During my last reading with Carla, we discussed a negative spirit that lived in my deceased cousin's home. I remembered about a month after I visited my cousin's home, that I was asleep in bed one night at college and woke up to something growling at me and slapping me hardly across the chest. I was absolutely terrified! I couldn't sleep for the rest of the night and just laid in bed with the lights on praying. I knew that I needed to talk to Carla again to make sure that I was safe.

I know that I can sense spirits and they are attracted to people that can sense them. As soon as I started my reading with Carla, this spirit that slapped me across the chest made itself present in her living room where she does her psychic readings by phone, and knocked over 2 empty boxes that were not nearby anything else. It startled her, and we both shared a few nervous laughs talking about it. What she shared in her facebook post is the exact story she shared with me about this spirit. I reminded this spirit of his wife in that Great Depression Era lifetime, and Carla had sensed that he wanted to abuse me as he always did in that life.

I was terrified. He certainly did make his point clear to me, by slapping me awake and to Carla - by knocking over her boxes. My cousin Joe apologized to me and Carla recommended that I buy some smudge sticks made of sage to protect myself and my home from this spirit being attracted to me! I will definitely be doing that!

Also before my reading, I repeatedly asked my cousin Joe to mention his dragon tattoo that he had across his chest to validate that he could really hear me when I talked to him. This was not intended in any way to test Carla's ability. I've known that her abilities are real even before I first spoke with her.

I wanted to test my own skills and see if Joe and I were actually communicating. He didn't disappoint me! He even stepped it up a notch and showed Carla something on his right arm. After the session, I asked my parents if he had a tattoo on his right arm. They said that he did, in fact, have a tattoo on his right and left arm along with the tattoo across his chest. What better way to confirm it was him to mention a tattoo that I didn't even know about! That's way better than mentioning the one I already knew about. My parents couldn't remember what the tattoo was, however. Once I figure that out, I will share! I'm sure it will have significant meaning!

Carla said he was also associated in some way with an "anchor" symbol. My family couldn't remember this, but when I finally figure that out, I will happily share that too! He had also communicated to me that he was stressed out about $4,000. He actually wrote it for me on a piece of paper in a dream and something about his address and property. I asked my grandmother about this after the session and she said that sounds like the exact amount he would've paid per year for his property tax. Those were Carla's EXACT WORDS said to me in my reading moments ago!!! (I am getting chills as I am writing this.)

He had also showed me a 'phone ringing' and 'blood running across and down the hood of the red car.' I didn't mention to Carla that I knew about the phone call, and I'm really glad she confirmed that she did see him on the phone with the woman he loved right before his deadly accident - not in person with her. She told me that the red sports car with blood on it symbolized how much he really still loved her. She was the reason he wanted to end his life. She broke up with him and his heart was bleeding! That is how he passed. I had also heard that he had bled from his heart onto his own car, but he wanted me to see HER car instead.

Carla is also helping me develop my own psychic abilities. I keep getting images, sounds, and sometimes - smells. She told me to not immediately try and figure everything out - to collect my images in my "basket" and figure it all out later when I was done collecting the data.

Carla is the real deal. She has not mentioned anything to me in our 3 readings that has been wrong! She has been right about every detail. She has been a blessing in my life! I finally feel at peace and feel that I can move on with my life! I have had these wounds for 19 years since I walked up upon my cousin's dead body, and they can finally be healed now thanks to Carla's generosity of sharing her gift! I feel that I can't even begin to express my gratitude to Carla for lifting this amount of pain from my life!


Morgantown, WV

February 26, 2014

I had the pleasure of having a reading with the gifted psychic, Carla Baron, today.

I wasn't quite sure what to expect, except that I wanted to connect with my Dad, who had passed three years ago.

Carla told me that he had ongoing health issues that he a was keeping to himself. It confirmed to me what I had suspected, and brought reason to why he passed the way he did. I won't go into details, but her insight was amazing. A weight was lifted off my heart to know he was doing well...what a relief!

Both my dad and Carla seem to believe that my future holds some wonderful business prospects...something completely fulfilling to my soul's purpose..which won't hurt my bank account either. That remains to be seen, but I am looking forward to updating you on that.

Suffice it to say, the groundwork has already begun...

Carla has touched my heart, my soul, and my life. This was my first reading, but will certainly not be my last!

Thank you so much, Carla. xoxo

Live, Love, Laugh!

Ontario, CANADA

February 19, 2014

I had the pleasure of having another reading with Carla today. I have psychic abilities myself. I didn't realize how strong they were until my reading with Carla. Since I was 5 years old, I have been praying for the answer to my cousin's death. He was my father's best friend and first cousin. They looked alike and acted alike. I communicate with him often, usually in dreams. About a year ago, he gave me the image of a red sports car. He wanted me to know that had something to do with his death. Since I was only 5 years old when he passed, I knew nothing about a red sports car. I asked my grandparents if he owned a red car of if anyone he knew did. They told me that his girlfriend at the time drove a red sports car. What an amazing discovery!

I wanted to see if my psychic image was correct, so I asked Carla what the red car that I was seeing meant. (I had not shared with Carla any information at all about what I knew.) She said " was a symbol of the passion that he had in this relationship, this relationship meant everything to him. When it ended, he lost the will to live." Carla was so right!

In my previous testimonial, I wrote about a message he gave me in my dreams - " forgive a person for their misadventures." Misadventure is not a word that I frequently use. I looked it up in the legal dictionary and got this definition - "a death due to unintentional accident without any violation of law or criminal negligence." During my first reading with Carla, she stated that his death was the result of him playing Russian- Roulette. He had given me the answer to his death. I just didn't trust my psychic abilities enough until talking with Carla.

During my second reading with Carla, he was determined for me to end my karmic relationship with my current boyfriend. Carla heard him say that "I needed to do it quickly in one swift motion, or else I wouldn't leave. And that my life would improve immediately, a difference between night and day." His persistence with this reminds me of my father. Almost every time I see my father, he reminds me that I'm in a dead-end relationship, and what my future will be like.

In my last reading, Carla said he also wanted me to know that another man was coming along, a medical professional that I would meet at work. I was thinking about that and realized that I had already met this person. I am a Medical Laboratory Scientist, and one day in the lab, the phlebotomist (who usually does ekgs) was at dinner. I was the only one working in the lab, so I got called to the ER to do a STAT ekg. When I got into the patient's room, the ER doctor was also there. We looked at each other and there was an instant 'spark.' I couldn't look him in the eyes, I had to focus on the job that I was there to do. As I was leaving, he told the patient, "I hope we see more of this sweetheart that just did your ekg."

I felt butterflies in my stomach. I waited a few days, then sent him a friend request on Facebook. He sent me a message saying that it was a pleasure to meet me and that I was skilled enough to do my job and hold a conversation with the patient simultaneously and I was also smart enough to follow his lead in doing so. We had both lived in the same city for 2 years, but met as we were both working at the same hospital in a completely different town. We had worked at this same small hospital for 8 months and met on his very last day there. We ended up having an affair lasting for a couple of months. We still talk often and have a great relationship.

Carla told me that he was, in fact, the one that I am destined to be with - the timing was just off because I was still in my current karmic relationship and wasn't ready to move on. She said that he was also in a karmic relationship that wasn't working out. She sees the summer time as a possible "first window" for our relationship to pick up again - AFTER I have left my current karmic relationship behind for good!

Carla said that my cousin who died also wanted to tell my father to "stick up for himself and to stop dealing with all of the everyday drama." What Carla didn't know was that my father does deal with drama everyday. He's a really passive person, and let's his employers treat him with an awful amount of disrespect. When my cousin said for him to just leave it, and not to deal with it anymore, that he is wanting my dad to be at peace - I was amazed how Carla could know this!

One of the last topics discussed in my last reading with Carla was that I had been drawn to my deceased cousin's house because I felt the presence of a spirit there. I felt a strong presence, so I took a photograph. In the photograph I saw a face, not human, but paranormal. I showed my relatives that told me that it was, in fact, a face. They couldn't explain it. The moment I snapped the photograph, I heard a big popping sound. I looked behind me across the fence, and there was an old soda bottle that had somehow popped exactly when I hit the flash on the camera. When my brother looked at the photograph, he said, "Look at those red glowing eyes. That's really creepy!"

After that, I had a dream that my cousin's house was possessed by a demonic entity. There was also a smiling face in the photograph along with the set of red glowing eyes. I thought this was perhaps my cousin's spirit. I asked Carla if it was and she replied, "No, that is an evil entity. I don't come across that very often... his house needs a complete spiritual cleansing."

I started to panic. I saw on a psychic show once that evil entities can hold other spirits hostage. I believe that's probably why there were more than one set of eyes in the picture. I'm just glad that Carla had sensed my cousin has crossed over and isn't being held there!

Once again - both mine and Carla's psychic readings matched each other! Carla was just able to fill in a little more detail that I couldn't see clearly. I will never set foot on that property again! When I want to visit my cousin, I will visit him at his gravesite!

Thanks again, Carla, for a wonderful reading!

Carla has an amazing gift! I look forward to strengthening my psychic abilities and keeping in contact with Carla in the future!


Morgantown, WV



(Friday, 2/21/14)

Carla!!!! I have to tell you that I just figured out everything you told me was right about the guy cheating, although at the time we were talking about two different men. It hit me last night like a ton of bricks. I prayed to Joe and asked him to help me out, b/c this didn't sound like the guy that I thought it was, the guy that I was together six years with. Just like that, boom, Joe answered me with the guy's name! I got to some deep thinking, and I said I bet she's talking about this guy. Everything you were describing to me sounded just like him. It all started to make sense. I fell hard for him. He was my coworker. He moved for an assignment as he is a traveler. He has never gotten over his ex girlfriend. She lives about 3 hrs from him. He drives to see her on his days off work. She is currently dating a guy and using him for his money. She and the guy I liked still loved each other! I talk to him everyday and just can't seem to break it off. This is a karmic relationship that can go no further. I agree with you and am cutting it off with this guy today! Wow, thank you Carla!!!!!!! You are amazing!!!! Absolutely amazing!!

- Jennifer from Morgantown, WV

February 17, 2014

I have dealt with a couple hard losses in my life in which I have never had closure. I have always believed in psychic abilities, and am so thankful that they use that amazing gift to help others in need. Today, I had the privilege to talk to Ms. Carla Baron.

I started out talking about the loss of my cousin. I lost him when I was a young child. I have always felt a close connection to him, as he was my father's best friend. I feel that he is my guardian angel. He died from a gunshot wound to the chest. The family never knew for certain if it was a suicide or a homicide.

Carla mentioned to me to investigate his "Rh factor," that perhaps it has something chemically to do with a tendency for depression or suicide within my family as there have been multiple suicides we have witnessed over the years. Most people wouldn't immediately know what Rh factor meant, but I am a Medical Technologist. (I never revealed what I do to Carla until AFTER she mentioned about the Rh factor!) Rh factor is something that is a huge part of my life and I do blood types and cross-matches for people daily. Carla said she felt the need to say that to me, and I'm so glad that she did.

Everything that she mentioned about my cousin was true. He was depressed and anxious all of his life. He had money issues and was devastated over the loss of his girlfriend, the person that kept him strong. These two things were the biggest stressors in his life, and Carla picked up on them immediately without me saying a word.

He played "Russian-Roulette," and that's how his life ended. I had always thought that his death was either a homicide, or by Russian-Roulette. Carla confirmed my thoughts by saying that he left his death up to chance by playing Russian-Roulette when I asked her for more about this.

I am so glad that I talked to Carla. I finally have some closure and my heart can begin to heal. I just remembered an important piece of information - when I was a child, my family tried to shelter me from Joe's death by saying that he was cleaning his gun and forgot to take one of the bullets out! That would make perfect sense for the Russian Roulette.

My cousin contacts me in my dreams. I believe that when a loved one that has passed contacts you in your dreams, it is really them. Especially when they leave a message like this one my cousin left for me. "Is it power that keeps me from living? Forgive a person for their misadventures. I did it, and in the end, it is!" He also contacted me to tell me not to make a rushed decision on major things in my life.

I have been dating a guy for 6 years now, and have been thinking about marrying him. He doesn't work and I have to support him both emotionally and financially. He is also a lot older than me and emotionally abusive. My cousin said to Carla for me "not to give everything to this guy - this 'loser' - that another guy was coming along." That sounds like something my dad would say. Carla's statement confirms that the message I received from my cousin in my dreams was really from him. (By the way - I did not tell Carla anything about the guy I am currently seeing ahead of her revelations - NOTHING.)

The second loss that I talked to Carla about was that of my unborn child. Carla did not know that the baby was lost before it was born, but she did know that I had already named her, which is amazing! A lot of people don't name a baby that is lost at 3 weeks gestation. I somehow knew that the baby was a girl, which Carla confirmed. Carla told me that the baby's spirit is close to me (which I can feel) and that the baby's spirit will likely come back to me in a few years as my child again when the circumstances are right for that soul.

I have been in intense pain over this loss for 5 years. I felt extremely guilty and at fault for the circumstances that caused the loss of my baby. Carla explained to me that the baby would've been born with the cord around its neck and that the baby's spirit is content now. I could sense that there was a complication with this pregnancy and I'm so glad Carla confirmed that. Carla also knew that if the baby was born at that time, it would've been born into bad circumstances and would've had a hard life. I would've tried as hard as I possibly could, but there is only so much I can do. "The baby's father wasn't willing to do anything to help himself - let alone another human being," Carla stated. (This is true and impossible for anyone to have known!)

Thank you so much, Carla, for helping me spiritually to find some closure for all of the painful losses in my life! I really appreciate it and highly recommend her sessions! She is a really kind, understanding, and non-judgmental woman that truly wants to use her amazing psychic abilities to help others! Thanks again, Carla, and I look forward to talking to you again!


Morgantown, WV

January 16, 2014

I had the great fortune and blessing to have my first reading with the gifted Carla Baron today. While her future predictions have yet to come to fruition (the reading happened just this afternoon) - her vision, her accuracy with describing the people most important in my life was astounding!

It is such a relief to know and have confirmation that my own observations and interpretations are accurate. Her description of me, and where I am at this point in my life, was supportive, uplifting and brutally honest. Her insight was spot on. I feel truly energized and comforted by her words.

Youngstown, OH

January 12, 2014

I would like to take this time to update on a previous reading I had by Carla! She foresaw at the end of March, 2013 that my husband and I would be moving at the end of the year. And that it would be close by, and "west" of where we were living.

Around Thanksgiving, my husband and I decided to start looking for a new place to live. As we looked at the listings, my husband looked at a condo close to where we lived, but we both decided it wasn't the place. Then around Christmas I saw this house - small and cozy - called the realtor. He was so insightful and wonderful to work with us.

We did a lot of paper work, applications the week of Christmas, and then discovered the house - the moment we turned the corner to come down the street, I knew it was home! We pulled into the driveway, and even before seeing the inside of the house, I told my husband this was it - this was our home! We put the application fee down for it, filled out the other paper work... And on Jan. 1, 2014 we got the keys for the new house!

Ok, what Carla foresaw came true - the house is 15 minutes from the place where we lived. And it is "west" of where we used to live. She was so dead on in what she told me! And we did get it before the end of the year!!!

This house is so peaceful... everyone from my husband, to me, the pets are so happy here!

Thanks so much, Carla!

Houston, TX

January 4, 2014

It was my first time having a reading done. I couldn't have picked anybody better!! (I think that's where Grandma came in, she picked you for me.)

You felt like you could have been my sister from out of provence.. you felt like a guide I wanted to keep, and I will continue to follow you. It brought me so much comfort - I know I'm struggling, and to have someone I just met point out EVERY detail. I feel comfort, a peace ahead.

There's light in front of me if I just embrace it, and with your guidance today - 2014 will be the best year of my new life being Me.

Thank you for connecting with my Grandma. I had a lot of guilt that I couldn't be part of her last days, that maybe she didn't know just how much I love and miss her. I am in tears from what you said - that she's always with ME. And I'm in tears you gave me a window into her life. I only saw her shadow once in my life, a couple times I've felt her. I guess I was so lost in my 'toxic,' I thought I lost her.. lost everything. But I was only losing myself.

It made me laugh when you spoke about too much "yeast" in my system (pastas, breads, sugars.. without me even saying a word to you!) I guess my days of '4 large subs a day' is over for sometime. I thought that feeling was happiness, but it's illness. Since it's the beginning of a new year - I will try to drink a bottle of water a day, I will go for a power walk, and look into exercises I can do in a large room.

As for "healing others," I knew quickly you were right! I never saw my own gift because I was sinking underneath it - but I'm going to look into nursing homes or community homes, and sit there with them and hear their stories, comfort them - give them a warm friendship. I will feel a great weight lifted for myself.

I cant wait to get fit, heal others, cut off my yeast habits, try Agrisept and feel alive and not so sloggy. Last, but not least - that darn "N" word - "No." I will learn that word this year, and it may just be a better friend than I thought!

Time to save up again for a 3-hour session. (Half an hour wasn't long enough!) When I came across Carla, I wasn't sure half an hour was for me, then I thought maybe half an hour WAS for me. I was scared of what she was going to tell me.. how she was going to tell me. I thought I'd try a 15-minute session, but what if she had more for me?

I wrote down a list of questions, nearly close to an 'interview.' (Nothing like.. if I was going to win big or anything.) I downsized the questions that I knew my spirit was screaming for help with, and I'm so glad for myself that I picked a half hour! I learned next time it has to be longer.

With Carla today, my spirit feels refreshed, I feel comfort, guided, a road to healing, positive.

I love you Carla!!!

In life we have many guides, each have a job. Carla, YOU are a guide.. YOU are their voice.

P.S. I went for that walk, I extended it a bit longer. If it wasn't for you following me on twitter, I don't know where I'd be! Still got teary eyes, you are magic. Thank you ♥


Regina, Saskatchewan

January 3, 2014

My session with Carla went fantastic. Over the past year I have been dealing with emotional issues in my relationship and I have been having deep thoughts about what to do. While Carla was going over my reading, I blurted out to her, "Are you in my head?"

I couldn't believe how accurate she was. It was comforting to hear from her that everything was getting better, and that I was in more control than I thought.

Thank you, Carla! Great start to the new year. Onward and upward!

San Francisco Bay

December 30, 2013

I recently had another session with Carla a few days ago and have yet to feel disappointed, bamboozled, or cheated. Carla confirmed once again so many intimate details of my life that absolutely no one would ever know because I've never spoken of it until our session.

What an amazing gift she has and I often find myself talking to her like she's my sister from another mother. I love the fact that she's very direct with human compassion and is so on point that you know you're talking to the real deal. Thanks again Carla for making my experiences with you such an empowering one and well worth my time :-)

Washington, D.C.

December 11, 2013


I didn't know how I was going to start this, so I'll just go. I had my very first reading and it won't be the last with Carla today. I have been on unemployment for the past nine months and counting and I was wondering when I would return back to the workforce. She told me that I would find a part time job working in the medical field in February/March of next year. Something to do with typing or billing. I wish the universe would find me something sooner, but I'll take what I can get. I had spoken to another psychic before and she told me the exact same thing - well, the medical part. To be honest, I had my heart set on a government job because I always equated 'government' with a secure job. But now that I think about it, I have worked at a few gov't agencies as a contractor, and maybe I should look somewhere else.

She told me that I would be owning my own business as soon as May of next year. My own business... my very OWN business. (*And the crowd goes wild*) I did not tell Carla that I wanted to own my own business, so I was excited when she mentioned it. For the past eight years I've thought about and really wanted to own my own business. She saw me having a small business, something like a "coffee shop." Well didn't really think of my business geared towards something like that, but she said I would be successful at it. And she also saw something about having artists hanging their paintings up in my lovely store. I didn't mention this to Carla, but I used to paint and sketch when I was younger, so I might just throw some of my own stuff in the mix. (Maybe... yeah, probably not.)

I've always told myself that I wanted to be more successful than my parents because since I am such an awesome daughter. I want to show my appreciation to them. Like a vacation to Hawaii or something like that. I mean they can afford it now, but to have true success is just so awesome! I know that they would be proud. I'm just excited saying it! I asked if I would win the lottery and she said I would but like $500 (and that's after I've bought like a lot of guess I won't be getting that $500.)

I enrolled in school this month and Carla picked up on that. She told me that she didn't see me getting a certificate/degree - which kind of made sense. Yeah, this will be the fifth college that I will be attending. I don't know - maybe I'm not really college material because I just can't finish school. I know it's sad, but just being honest.

I also asked about when my sister (twin) and I would find love. I'm the first born (a fact Carla picked up without me saying a word!) - but I am always wondering about my sister. Just want to see her happy. For my sister - she said in the summertime of next year, June/July. I wish I would have asked what he looked like, but I guess I will have to ask at another time. This guy will be her true love. She might have some reservation or trust issue going on, but I'll try to help her get over that. I can tell her to suck it up and just go for it! I think she's been hurt in past relationships but this new guy will be her match.

For me - the person I will meet will be at my business. Carla told me that he dresses really well and she felt he maybe works in the legal/lawyer type field. Maybe it's me who has the trust issues, because Carla told me that he's going to be coming into my store - a lot - just to see me. She also told me that I will keep thinking something negative about myself and really questioning why someone like him would possibly be interested in me.

It's true, I've had issues with certain aspects of my physical self. In the past, I did open up to a guy (ex-coworker) who I went out with and told him something, wish I didn't, and I think he told someone else and after that I just felt the need to shelter myself. Eventually I'm going to have to drop down my guard, just go slow, and let someone in. I am really looking forward to meeting this guy though!

What she told me next was that I had something with my mom - like when I was 4,5, or 6 years old something happened to "make me doubt myself," but I wasn't quite sure what she meant by that. It involved my self-image... it's a really deep-seated issue, buried issue. To be honest, I don't really have any bad memories about my mom, and I'm not quite sure if I would want to find out. When I get to that point to figure it out - I will definitely try.

Wow this is long. I asked when my sister and I would be moving. She said in the month of July is when we would be moving. Which is freaking awesome because our lease will be up by the end of July. What's really awesome is that the location where we're going to move to will be within "walking distance" to my new business. I asked if we would be able to move to another apartment, because I didn't tell Carla this - but the people who live above us are freaking pissing me off! If we do move, then Carla said it would most likely push back my chance of starting a business sooner.. possibly by a whole other year. (My guides told her that.) So I will suck it up, and pray like really really hard to GOD that things will change faster.

Before I forget, Carla told me that I may have some type of "parasite" in my intestines. I was a little shocked by that. I told her that I had MS, but she told me she sees that I might not really have full-blown MS - that what I may have might resemble something involving aluminum toxicity. Reading the article Carla found for me following the reading on this very topic just blew my mind! (Especially since I was ALSO prescribed RRMS by my doctors.) Wow, and I see that the comments there were left 7 years ago! Thank you, Carla, for sending that to me. I will have to find myself an alternative doctor. Funny thing is - I was interested in finding a natural way to deal with my diagnosis.

I am so happy that I spoke with you today because I got so much information and then some. I'm going to share this with my family. Thank you so much again. Well, I'm going to do a lot of research about this. If there is something else I can do - naturally and without a lot of needles - I am more than willing to go for it!

But all in all...simply amazing reading. I cannot say thank you enough!

Camp Springs, Maryland

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