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January 19, 2016

I've had readings with Carla and it had been a while since I had one done. There were some issues that were heavy on my heart and mind, so I decided to contact Carla to find out what Spirit had to say for me.

My most pressing issue is that I had been 'attacked' by what many would call an "Energy Vampire" for over 13 months now. My question I directed to Carla was "Is this person ever going to stop?" Carla picked up right away on this person being extremely unhappy, that they were lashing out at the world and people around them, that the person was also 'unwell.' She sensed that it would last around another nine to ten months - then it would end. She also stated "...the person was dying" - this statement in her own words. (Carla said she doesn't use those words normally.) This is absolutely true - the person has a terminal illness - something I did not reveal to Carla until AFTER she said this. Carla stated that the person thought I owed them - which is totally spot on! (This person believes that I owe them a great deal, as we had worked together on some projects.)

Then Carla went on to explain that we must have 'agreed' on this, that I would be her 'whipping post' for a time. It was a lesson for myself, to learn to say when is enough and stop it - not to let it go any further. At some point, forgiveness is no longer the answer - taking back ones own power and letting go. Extremely good advice in this day and age.

Then my second pressing issue was about my 10-year-old male black cat who decided to go wandering since June 16th of 2015! Carla then laughed when she went to look into this issue and said, "He thinks he's a cougar, he wants to go exploring".. that he had been unhappy and felt 'restricted' in what he was able to do. This makes since, since he loved to go outside and patrol the backyard and the yard next door. Carla said that he wanted to explore the great outdoors, and that he was on an adventure to the Great Unknown. Then I asked if he'd be coming back. Carla said, "No, he's having too much fun. You should let him go and love the memories you had." Carla described him to the letter - his personality and everything else about him!

Then my final pressing issue that I asked about was my husband's job. Carla said she saw him at his present place of employment until around April, that she sees him going to work at home then - doing work for customers 'fixing/ repairing' things. This is so spot on! My husband and two of his friends were talking about working with the customers from this present job on the instruments that they already have sent out to them. So this new job would be like a consultation job for present customers. Carla saw that it would be a wonderful thing for him, and it would work out.

As always - Carla was spot on with her reading and had wonderful advice in many areas. Thank you again, Carla.

Houston, TX

December 27, 2015

I am planning to move to New York City; I asked Carla about the two prospective people I had in mind to stay with until I get a job and can get on my feet. One is my uncle James, and the other is my photographer friend who I have just established contact with, Willis.

Carla informed me that Willis has a tendency to "flip-flop," and also has issues in his personal life that are going on. That being said, she told me he would not be the right one to stay with, even though he has been nothing but nice to me, and seemed like the ideal person. Carla was DEAD ON!!! I had chills when she told me this. I had just spoken to him minutes BEFORE calling Carla for the reading, because his disposition to me on the phone was cold and almost annoyed with me. (I told Carla NOTHING of the phone call with him.) His demeanor makes me almost want to sever ties with him completely, and I am grateful Carla informed me of what is happening with him before I got in too deep.

James my uncle and his wife were a "better bet," Carla informed me. They do not want to have me there as some annoying house guest but Carla told me that once I settle down and get a job, they will be OK. She told me she saw them having conversations and that my uncle is worried about me. I have been afraid to just show up because I assumed no one would answer the door, because I thought they were sick of me. Carla told me not to worry and just go. It will all be fine. I'm glad she gave me the much needed clarity I craved, because that is what has kept me from leaving all along.


Upper Saddle River, NJ

December 6, 2015

Hi Carla,

I'm going to start from the beginning.

In April of 2012, I asked about a specific therapist that I was planning to see, and how long I would see her. You informed me that I would be seeing a different person - a male therapist who "might be gay, or at least have attributes that would make you think he might be gay, and very proper."

Fast forward to March of 2015. I found online after searching a male therapist that was based in NYC. As I read the information on his website, my reading came flooding back to me. I called him, and we set up an appointment. You said he would be male - 100% CORRECT! You also said at the time he would be with me more than a psychiatrist I was planning to see (that ended up falling through.) So you were CORRECT in your prediction I would only be seeing him.

From the first session, everything about him was different. He was guiding me unlike any other therapist had ever done. I would not understand what he was saying in session, and by the time I reached the elevator afterwards, it would hit me like a ton of bricks what he was trying to tell me. In terms of the 'gay' thing you spoke about, I see what you meant - you did say "proper" to describe him (he is British and that is typically how they act). Funny thing on the whole 'proper' bit, he said "Cheerio" as were we hanging up after I made the first appointment with him (like Cruella De Vil in 101 Dalmatians.) You also mentioned the time we would see each other for a certain period of time. You were CORRECT on that b/c I got the vibe from him from the first session that this won't be a forever thing.

During our reading today, I wanted to know how long we would be together. Carla informed me that she saw us working together until the beginning of 2017. It is at this point our relationship will end; not because we will have a falling out, but because I will be ready to move on. This thought is very unnerving because I have lifelong relationships with all my professionals. Carla said he is attempting to "take the training wheels off," and I am resisting this change. Carla let me know that I will be ready to make this very positive step forward in my life.

I am very hopeful for the future, and am so grateful to Carla for pointing me in the right direction!! I CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS POSITIVE CHANGE TO HAPPEN!

Upper Saddle River, NJ

December 4, 2015

I'd never had a professional psychic reading in my life before today. I always thought if I did it'd be with Carla because I felt her television work was impressive, and I had a strong sense she is the real deal. Well she is and I am so grateful for today's excellent session!

I'm more or less (okay, definitely) in the throes of being recently broken up with and she patiently answered every question I had. And I had so many! Often her answers would reveal a new avenue to go down, so we ended up having a thorough discussion. I was so pleased with her patience with me and the rich environment of information that I didn't think twice about adding way more time to the session. There was a lot to get through!

My particular areas of concern revolved around the usual 'ok so why did this happen, what was/is really going on behind the scenes with my now ex/I'm reeling from heartbreak right now and what are some areas of clarity I can cling to to not feel so awful and get me through this time'. Carla confirmed the person I was with was quite the flirter, especially with the people I suspected. And it was ongoing, she didn't shut things off like she said she did. Carla could see my ex 'certainly entertains them and gives them the illusion she might be single someday'. She could see the weird twisted karma my ex has with guy "R" - AND how 'He can manipulate minds like no other!' That's spot on. She validated and elaborated on similar suspicions I've had - which have brought me peace on an awful day.

Guy "K" my ex still keeps around is apparently going to be in the wrong place at the wrong time with the law, soon. He's found himself befriending the wrong crowd and there'll be a situation involving the police and it won't be good for anyone there. So if that happens standby for a testimonial update for validation!

My ex's house is haunted! Things definitely got thrown off the fridge and night stand and woke us up in the middle of the night. I didn't mention this to Carla but when my ex was all alone saging and trying to cleanse her house she heard two very loud knocks on the wall behind her! Carla was able to identify the source was a spirit I'll call "T" and continued on to explain the reasons behind his activity. Carla revealed a lot about him. He never liked "R" still doesn't: "NOT AT ALL...NOT. AT. ALL!!" "T" is a young soul sadly passed on who is related to my ex. It was nice validation to hear that he 'considers himself to be my friend, he could see that I loved my ex.' I had several conversations with him letting him know my feelings and intentions. So thanks, buddy. I like you, too.

Finances weren't a large topic of discussion but Carla reminded me it's important to live by mantras like 'I always have more than I need'.

As far as my career in music she says in 2016 I'll see a 'stellar rise' with specific words like 'launchpad' and 'they're gonna see you love what you do'. Sounds like I'm going to be at the right place at the right time and next year will be a fulfilling year of accomplishments, musically.

I'm looking forward to returning to a peaceful place in my heart regarding all the break-up stuff soon. The session with Carla has taken away more nausea/anxiety than I thought it could, and those have been replaced with a growing peace by the hour.

Thanks for exceeding my expectations, Carla. And they were already pretty high up there!!

Geoffrey Louis Koch
Nashville, TN

October 21, 2015

We are grandparents to two young granddaughters. We have been trying to help these little girls since they have been able to communicate with us. The older granddaughter was able to ask us for help since we are the only two she trusts to confide in. Their father has been molesting her and her sister for a long time. Our pursuit for justice through DCS was met with less than stellar results. We filed a civil action case so this is ongoing at this time. Carla was contacted by us to confirm details in our granddaughter's testimony. Carla assured us that the events portrayed actually occurred, that our granddaughters future is at stake while still living with their father and she opened our eyes to the fact that their mother is aware of molestation but unable to help her daughters out of fear of physical violence or worse. Carla conveyed that the father has threatened our granddaughter with physical violence against her mother if she ever talks to anyone about his abuse.

Carla's insight into the character and demeanor of the father was uncanny. She nailed his talent for lying and his ability to convince others of his innocence. She was "right on" in her description of how he manipulates his wife and children with threats and intimidation. We see first-hand the results of his manipulation and suspect the threats are behind the manipulation. Carla saw that the mother has a mental disorder which was not disclosed to Carla during the reading. She said that her husband takes advantage of her condition to weaken her self-esteem, therefore no support for the girls. This answers why our daughter hasn't left her husband. Carla saw that our daughter is attracted to "weirdos" and our daughter told us one time "she's bored with normal men." We dropped our jaws when we heard this from Carla. Carla also saw that this man has an ego; he is "the smartest man in the room." He has to be the best! How correct she was! Carla Baron exposed this man, husband and father for the louse and pedophile that he is. She "read" more details on our case but we are not at liberty to discuss at this time, but be assured when this case is over - we will update this testimonial to the fullest.

Our greatest appreciation is to Psychic Carla Baron, and the professional manner in which she conducted our one-hour session.

Grandparents from Nashville, TN

October 1, 2015

My wife and I had our initial reading with Carla about 2 years ago as our lives were filled with worries and uncertainties because of the pending lawsuit and new baby on the way. We chose the 1-hour reading and we were glad we did because most of our questions/doubts/etc were answered, and even though our 1-hour was up, Carla spent the extra time ensuring us of the possibilities and the choices we had. We had 2 main concerns and Carla's reading on them was spot on!

The first thing came true was about the complication during the birth of our daughter. Because of some health concerns, my wife had to be admitted to the hospital a few weeks before her due date, and needed an induced labor to deliver the baby right away. Even after almost two days of being induced with max dosage, her contraction did not progress and our daughter did not want to come out! My wife had to go through an emergency c-section and our daughter finally saw the world for the first time!

The other thing that came true was about the result of the lawsuit even though it was more than 2 years after the Carla's reading. During the reading, Carla informed us that the lawsuit would settle before going to trial and the result would be in favor for us. The lawsuit lasted for 2 years, so we thought we were going all the way to the trial. However, it did settle unexpectedly during one of the several settlement conferences, and the result was definitely in favor for us. We couldn't believe it because we were almost losing faith in Carla's reading when the lawsuit lasted for 2 years.

We cannot thank her enough, and her ability is truly a gift to those lost souls looking for guidance or answers.

David and Emily from San Francisco

September 11, 2015

I had my first reading with Carla today and I am feeling a great sense of relief. I have spent decades wondering if I was a victim of sexual molestation or not. Carla confirmed for me that I was not molested, even though I saw inappropriate behavior around me, as a child.

I lost my older sister 40 years ago and often think of her and miss her and think about what might have been. Carla hit me out of the blue by telling me that my older sister who has passed on, visits me, and plays with my hair! (I revealed NONE of this story to Carla beforehand.) I, from time to time, felt like someone (or something) was in my hair. I have wondered many times if this was her or another relative. I have felt many times like a spider or insect was crawling in my hair, and would quickly brush my hair to knock anything out. (Nothing has ever been in my hair.) Carla confirmed for me that it was her. I will always know now when this happens that she is by my side.

Carla was also right on about my work situation - I was shocked by her accuracy.

My father is 83 years of age and declining. Carla talked about his health not being good - seeing lung issues (breathing) and liver darkness... seeing that he was constantly fatigued and wanting to take a nap. That just happened at my nephew's "going away" party where I noticed my dad nodding off at the table. I have never witnessed this before.

I am so grateful to Carla for this gift and her time.

Vancouver, WA

August 19, 2015


I had a reading with Carla and I am totally on cloud 9! She had amazing predictions for my near future. The past 15 to 20 years have been an emotional rollercoaster it made it hard to smile. Towards the end of my reading my cheeks were hurting from smiling. Just talking to Carla made me feel relaxed and content. It was a very spiritual experience. I have had readings with Carla before. She has been spot on with her predictions with me. I felt in my heart it was time to contact her again. My soul needed a boost and BOY did I need it.

My heart is bursting with happiness. I have been thinking in the back of my mind and did NOT mention anything to Carla about my thoughts regarding selling my home due to too many projects I will have to repair and fix. I had no confidence in moving at this time in my life and Carla confirmed it is the time and also someone who flips homes will purchase it. I will be moving in the same area but closer to the lake. I am so excited! During this process of finding a new home a new man will enter my life. This information about my new guy brings joy to my heart. I have been feeling empty after my last relationship.

Carla really connects to you. My reading happened at the right time and on the right day. I cannot express how much the universe was working in my favor. She was able to explain how wonderful the universe can be.

I am looking forward to the change that will be happening in 2 to 3 months. I am looking forward to being who I need to be. I am so grateful for Carla and the confirmation I received from her.

My soul feels full of excitement.

Ann-Marie Ruiz
Big Bear City, CA

P.S. I am so grateful you were chosen to help others.

August 19, 2015

I had a reading with Carla on Friday, August 14. I found her on a Google search I was doing on my own at night as I was all in my thoughts... I was looking for people's experiences with psychics, and if any predictions came true.

There was a blogger who spoke about their experience with Carla and I was impressed, and so that's how I found her. I'm young 26 yrs old, got married when I was 20 to the first love of my life. Maybe it was stupid of me for getting married so young, but it seemed right at the moment. My marriage went bad pretty fast - he was 25 at the time, was abusive and a cheater. I wasn't getting along with his father, and we live with them. It was just all bad. Sounds like a typical story.

We broke up before for 2 months, then got back together, and then broke up for 8 and a half months (a roller coaster.) During this time, I met a man who I am now in love with. Things happened between us where he got a girlfriend. Then I got back together with my husband because he found out about him.

Seems like I'm telling my whole life story here, but honestly - I've always felt so lost because of my marriage and this new guy and not knowing what to do. I'm back and forth about both of them and feel lost. This is what led me to talk to Carla. I asked her what would happen with my husband and I, and the first thing she said was that he had cheated and that was spot on... I didn't have to tell her - she knew!

Carla then said there's not enough time for you two right now he cares more about money and where he wants to be in life and to make something of himself. She said I would end up leaving him because I was in love with someone else, and it's true I am. And lately I've been a step closer to leaving him.

I asked her what the other man was in my life and pretty much what's up with that. She said, "Let me see if you are meant to be with him." She said that the other man loves me, and wants to be with me, but he wants to do things right. He feels I will never get a divorce.

I asked Carla if I will ever be with him in a solid relationship, and she said you shouldn't get a divorce because of a "guarantee" of another relationship - which is true! Then she said - "But I do see him there at the end of the game." She also said he will help me deal with my divorce.

I do want to be with this man. Only time will tell. Carla says he tries to make me jealous with his ex - I asked about her. He still hangs out with her kinda frequent, so that has to be more then just trying to make me jealous. I'm not sure - I guess I'm feeling insecure.

Carla said my husband will try to make the divorce difficult for me, which I thought was weird because he always said he would let me go. She said I needed to get actual proof that he has cheated because that would help me. This is crazy - because yesterday when I brought up divorce to my husband - he threatened to take my 401K! I was shocked. So that's one thing that Carla predicted - he's already threatened to make it difficult for me to leave him. (Crazy. Carla nailed it!)

I asked about my career. Carla said I would be in "telecommunications" and saw me attending seminars, and by the end of next year, or even as early as April of 2016 - I would be in a better job. She saw me at a "booth and people coming to me." Today I read an email about a seminar for the company I work for - that I will be attending in two months! Crazy that she said the word "seminar" exactly, and that's what was in my email. Also I do work for a telecommunications company and never told her!!

Carla's very accurate. I can see my job predictions happening now. My love stuff - maybe she's right about that, too - even though I am so insecure about it.

Carla told me amazing stuff about one of my past lives - how I died giving my life for my teenage son. Because I did that, my "soul level" jumped up a bunch that lifetime. Because I gave my life for another soul, because of unconditional love. It's crazy she said that - because my whole life I've always been so about "unconditional love." It makes sense. I was even already planning on getting a tattoo that says, "Unconditional love prevails." So I'm shocked that in a past life, this is what helped me save my child.

I recommend Carla. I believe she's the real deal. Invest the money, guys, she's well worth it! I will come back and update you guys on my relationship mess and see what happens. Thank you, Carla, for your honesty.

Tracy, CA

August 19, 2015


Hello. You were correct on all accounts about this Gathering I attended at Sycuan Casino's this past Sunday in your reading! I am pleased that I was able to get my guides to convey messages thru you about this event.

Yesterday, I attended Sycuan Casinos in El Cajon, Ca. for their "5th Annual All Tribes in Recovery Gathering." I was invited there by tribal leaders as a vendor outside of the casinos. Although being so f'n hot (101), I was not sure about being there for one day and because what the event was about (subject matter)...

I went in good faith, it was somewhat profitable (free booth) but the message that was delivered to me thru all the speakers, especially about self-forgiveness, anger issues, etc. really hit home with me, i.e., profound awakening. I walked away with a better understanding about me, a different way of thinking, and a better way to plan for future events. Messages are delivered in mysterious ways - trust your intuition, gut instincts, answer and reap all the benefits of a better life as we know it...

Thank you, ;)

Wendell Sakiestewa
Los Angeles, CA

WenSaks Designs

August 14, 2015

Last night I had my first reading with Carla. This is something I've been wanting to do for sometime. The session was wonderful and eye opening. My initial intention was to get insight and guidance about my children's well being and my career. Carla's reading provided me with a clear understanding of several things that I've been questioning. My children are fine and will both do very well in life. Her statements about my current and former jobs were right! She saw things that only I was aware and was spot on. She pointed out the vipers and the jealousy I was/am surrounded by. This reading has re-energized and empowered me to take a chance on myself, follow my dreams and pursue the path I was shown. Carla pointed out that my dreams are very attainable and as a matter of fact I'm very close to achieving them. . .I'm pushing on!

My session was 45 minutes long and most of it was focused on my children and career however I had a pressing question in my head and decided to mention it. I asked Carla if she could look into my past life. I was ready and "open" to receive the message. My head started spinning from the details. I hadn't shared with her that at times I feel as if I'm being choked from behind, that I fear being in small dark places and on occasion wake up to find unexplained bruises on my wrists and ankles. I have felt while awake and dreamt that I was choked from behind with a pink/red scarf/tie/rope. There have been times that I was awaken with the feeling that my husband was going to kill me. ( I know right) Let me remind you, I said nothing about any of this.

Imagine the feelings and sensation I felt when Carla told me. . .oh. . . you were murdered in your most recent past life. Murdered by your husband (My jaw dropped and my eyes were WIDE open!) She said I was not murdered by his hands but by 2 men he hired to get rid of me on his behalf. You see the marriage was an arrangement made by 2 prominent, politically connected wealthy families in the Middle East (perhaps Turkey---not India). I was too outspoken, didn't know "my place." I was always speaking out against the injustices I witnessed and always championing for justice and equality. I didn't know how to keep my mouth shut. (Shocker---still don't keep my mouth shut) My murder was driven by greed/money and politics. My husband wanted out of the arrangement and he made it look like I was kidnapped by terrorists.

The thugs took me, hogtied me, hung me on a long stick like an animal and transported me to a location where they threw me in a dark dirt pit. They were brutal. They made sure they hurt me. They left me there, denied me food and water and I slowly died. It took a long time for me to pass.

The revelation of this particular past life of mine is sad, shocking and disturbing yet at the same time it helped me make some connections to my present life and things that I feel: 1. I've never trusted my in-laws in my present life (they are from a country very close to Turkey---Oy vey!) In my past life my in-laws condoned my harsh treatment. 2. I've never been able to trust my husband 100%. Well yeah, the last one was brutal and had me killed in a very cruel fashion. (no worries I'm in no present danger) 3. Waking up or suddenly not being able to breathe, no-brainer here. 4. My mysterious bruising on wrists and ankles have no medical or logical explanation. (hogtied)

I'm relieved to have this information so next time (if there are any after this) I will understand and know how to soothe my spirit. THIS information about my murder was the biggest take away. For the first time in a VERY LONG time I slept well. I'll need another session to ask the questions that I forgot about! :-)

THANK YOU, Carla. . .Namaste. . . the light in me salutes the light in you.

Fairfax, VA

August 10, 2015

This is a testimonial I write with mixed feelings. In a reading with Carla in July 2014, I became very emotional when Carla indicated that there would be another man entering the picture - and I would have to choose. I remember crying and saying to Carla that I didn't WANT anyone else, I wanted HIM (Jamie). I couldn't imagine who or how this was going to occur. I lead a pretty private life. It didn't come to pass and I more or less forgot about it, as Jamie and I continued to bond - especially over the latter part of last year and continuing throughout this year.

Then Saturday morning, Aug. 8th occurred. My ex-boyfriend from 10 years ago popped up. He sent me an email. We have always maintained a cordial casual relationship over the years. We broke up because I relocated several states away. We never discussed getting back together. I would occasionally invite him down to see me, when I wasn't in a relationship. He ran a successful company and traveled a lot so it never came to pass and I didn't get the impression he had an interest in resurrecting our relationship. Due to his circumstances, and my proximity.

He informed me on Saturday evening that he had had a significant health scare. I think that, and the fact that he is in a different place in his career now - more established, has employees taking some of the workload off him, that his priorities have changed.

Immediately I remembered Carla and the other man. I have no doubt this is what she was referring to. She did not indicate to me WHO I would chose. But that fact that she would frequently see "marriage" in the readings regarding Jamie and I, I assumed I would choose Jamie. And I did. I did. It was somewhat difficult because I care about Tim and we have history and it was fun to re-connect and walk down memory lane but at the same time I have this incredible man that I am just head over heels for and no amount of history can compete with that. My heart is with someone else now. That was very difficult for Tim to hear. He understood it was 10 years later, etc., but I can understand the disappointment. I am struggling with all of that. The emotional connection. But when all is said and done, this is the right thing to do. It just came out of no where and completely threw me. It might be easier too if Tim wasn't a "great catch" but for almost two years I have been working on developing this new relationship. I have a lot invested, time-wise and emotionally and as I recently provided a testimonial for, we are in the process of entering a new phase that has been a very long time in coming!

Carla mentioned Jamie would be hurt by this situation with Tim. I do not think I will tell him. He is away traveling and there was no harm done. If the relationship was more established I might be more inclined but I don't want to jeopardize things at this delicate stage, and have doubt placed in his mind and have that burden for us to carry. In time this incident will fade away. I have mixed feelings if I would want to know if he had been contacting by an ex pressuring him to get back together. Sometimes ignorance is bliss. Especially if it can potentially do more harm than good.

My feelings for Jamie have always been strong and clear but having this experience with Tim and in a position to "choose," further crystallized both my feelings for him and the direction I wish to follow. The love story continues.

Myrtle Beach, SC

August 2, 2015

I have been having readings with Carla since June 2014. I have been involved in a wonderful but complicated relationship. It is hard to know what goes on in a man's mind at times, and I desperately needed Carla to unravel various mysteries. Carla has maintained since June 2014 we would get married. We are nowhere near that point yet, but we seem to be on a very committed path. We are separated geographically - we met online but NOT through a dating site. It was completely by chance. However, Carla says our meeting, connection, and love story, were predestined. Was already in place before we were even born. SOMETHING has brought us together and KEPT us together.

Right now we are separated a lot because of his job. Those separations have actually HELPED our relationship. We recently had a very scary and intense incident happen to us. Both our computers were hacked by a malicious online stalker. I was afraid the incident (stress) could tear us apart but it didn't. It seems to have brought us even closer. Also "Jack" mentioned coming to see me. The first time that has been mentioned in over a year. There were/are circumstances that prevented that from happening prior to this.

It is still a bit off but my fingers are crossed (and everything else). Carla predicted this and predicted the longevity of the relationship. So far she has been right on all the major points!

I credit Carla will guiding me in the right direction and for not losing faith. For also keeping me grounded and in the present. There is no way I could be at this point without her. Some things are worth the wait and worth approaching slowly and methodically. Knowing what to do, when to do it and how to do it can make or break a relationship. Carla was there to provide all of this information and guidance to me. I look forward to turning to Carla in the future as things continue to play out in this amazing and beautiful love story.

Myrtle Beach, SC

August 1, 2015

Thank you, Carla, for your guidance & support with selling my home. I should never have allowed the anxiety because you said it would sell and I'd get the amount I needed to get into my new place. And... I did! Yay! (So thank you so so much.)

Thank you for what specifically? For listening to my fears and offering me calm guidance, metaphoric stories that parallel my situation and for your clear and true sights.

You were right, of course, about the delay due to a mechanical problem that needed repaired. My A/C broke and caused water damage. About the realtor you said I should drop because she was lazy and would try to pressure me because she didn't want to deal with it. She did. She tried to convince me to list it low (so she'd get a quick sale). I disagreed with her strategy and she offered to terminate. Okay, I'd like to terminate, I said. Lol.

And about the new realtor. You said 'he'd really listen...' I didn't know what that meant, but when I started working with him, I noticed how he listens more intently than anyone I've ever met which I really value.

And most importantly, thank you for guiding me to stand up for myself. You said, why do you think these situations keep popping up? Yes, of course, I keep finding myself in situations where I need to stand up and speak up for myself. It's been a lifelong struggle for me, but with your nudging - I finally am.

So, thank you again. Your sights are always on point, and I truly appreciate that you help me to see in several ways and speak to me as a friend... even when I'm freaking out a little. ***


Eastlake, Colorado

July 29, 2015

I just finished a reading with Carla. She was wonderful and funny. I specifically called about someone I felt like I lost, but love deeply. He needs time to fix things in his life. I was struggling with doubt and insecurity. She quickly said that our signs Capricorn (me) and Cancer (him) generally get along well which is the truth.

I fessed up about how our relationship started. I was married. She assured me that there is a marriage contract in our future which made me happy because I had always known I wanted to marry him. She stated that he would be getting a new job that would him further away from me. Carla assured me that the distance was not going to negatively affect our future, but help it along the way. She said this job is an improvement for him and will allow him to build something on his own. She wants me to BELIEVE (which was a message driven home by Carla) and bridge the gap between he and I after his job starts. She said to offer the olive branch and apologize because of my marriage I abused him and made him feel less about himself. That was a painful realization I made a few days ago.

Carla stated he is afraid that I will find someone to replace him which could be further from the truth. I don't want to replace him. The timing of his leaving will be in September. She instructed me not to wait. If I wait I will create an infraction in our relationship.

She told me that he is not lying to me about what he says to me. He does want to get everything together. He wants to be whole, but he is bitter and angry at me for what I did to him. I made him feel used even though that is not what I ever intended. She told me to apologize and to assure him that I value him and won't let it ever happen again. How we started doesn't define who the relationship.

Ironically, this is what I have been doing. I have apologized. She instructed me to continue until he says "okay - I get it". After my call with Carla, I left him a voicemail message leaving the olive branch as instructed. I told him I was sorry. I told him that I never wanted to hurt him and realized how much I did by my actions. I told him he didn't have to call me back and that I just wanted him to know.


Carla is amazing. As I am typing this testimonial, he calls me back. The first thing he says is that it's nice to hear my voice. I apologized again and telling him that I never wanted to hurt him and realized how badly I treated him. I said that you aren't supposed to treat someone you love this much that way. I told him that I love him and that I will always be there for him. I just said that I hope he can forgive me eventually. He literally said, "okay, I get it and I have. I wouldn't want what I want with you if I didn't forgive you."

So if that isn't affirmation, I don't know what is. Carla's reading made me feel better and lighter. I will keep myself in check reassuring myself that distance won't be a barrier to he and I. I will BELIEVE in our love and universe will take care of the rest. I already have 'Believe' written on a card in front of me and looking for a necklace after work.

She's awesome! Love her and how grounded she is. She reads you like she knows you. Carla tells it how it is. It was a totally amazing reading. Funnily, she told me that I had a guardian angel that prevents me from getting hurt. I am accident prone and a little bit of a dare devil. So that guardian angel is definitely needed!

Thanks Carla for the awesome read.

Machesney Park, IL

July 26, 2015

I had a reading with Carla a few months ago with a question about the land parcels in Europe I wanted to buy from my cousin. I wasn't sure if I should proceed with the purchase as the legal issues were very complicated. Additionally, I wasn't on very friendly terms with the family, so I was afraid they actually would go against me, rather than sell me the land I wanted.

Carla was very patient and so informative. She gave me lots of details on the whole situation and pointed out that it would be in my best interest if I realized my cousin would be difficult on this matter. She was so right! She warned me about potential complications and she put a whole new light on the matter that I could never have predicted! Thanks only to Carla's caring reading, I was able to build my relationship with my cousin and find that "bridge" so we could make a deal. Today, I'm so happy because I never would have dreamed it was possible to acquire the land. But with Carla's excellent reading, I got it, and it was virtually painless!

Thank You, Carla, from me and my family!

Brooklyn, NY

July 24, 2015

Carla answered many questions I have had for years. I won't give details, but 2+2 always = 4.

Love never ends. I now know the truth. She hit everything right out of the park!!

If anyone wants the truth, not just what they want to hear, get with Carla. She saw what happened and I had thought most of this for years - but I got details, what a blessing!

Thank you, Carla, for truth... and the gentle way you helped me!

Canal Fulton, OH


(Polly sent this detailed testimonial the very next day on 7.25.15)

Nearly 40 yrs ago the great love of my life was taken from this life. I have had many questions about what REALLY happened and with good reason . I have hidden my grief and stayed away from his associates(I use that word because they certainly weren't friends) because I had a very bad feeling and knew I had to keep our child safe. In the last year, I finally began to face this. I know 40 yrs is a long time to bury my feelings, but I guess when you love someone that much the pain is just more than you can deal with. I finally put enough money together to call Carla. I had seen her on t.v. on Haunting Evidence and thought... If I would give anyone the chance to show me that being a psychic could be real - it was her.

Long story short, money well spent! She validated my worst fears! She knows , she saw, she told. She knew things without me giving her information , things no one would have known. He still has a great deal of trouble handling what happened, as do his sisters and I. Hopefully the next time I call her, he is able to talk to me at length. OH YES, I will call her again!! Anyone that needs guidance should call her she truly has the gift. You died defending me, I love you Jim, that will never change, not in this life or the next.

Thank You so much, Carla!


July 13, 2015

I was anxious and excited to have my first session with Carla on my birthday. She immediately put me at ease, and with just a birth date she was able to tap into so much information about me, my relationship, and my future. Many of the details I'm not fully comfortable putting out into the public at this time though she validated so many things that I already knew. I felt like she was on my side as an outside party seeing events as an impartial party.

She told me details regarding my marriage - in some instances even stating exact phrases that were spoken and recounting the events that transpired with spot-on detail. I have been pretty lost and torn about past instances that left me feeling broken and confused - Carla could see that.

She also mentioned my tendency so have OCD compulsions like counting and repetitive actions as a form of comfort which is true and they tend to be worse in times of stress. There were aspects that I will have to wait and see how they pan out, but thanks to her words - I know I will be okay.

To wrap up our conversation, Carla asked if I was going to have cake for my birthday, and I said that it wasn't in the plans. She said I should go out on my own and have dessert. Well after the call my Grandmother wanted to see me and when I got to her house - she took me out for ice cream sundaes and it was totally unexpected! Just another small validation of what was discussed. I'd like to update this once a few things transpire so that I can relay further details of my reading - but overall, I know I heard much of what I needed to hear and I am happy to have received the gift of Carla sharing her gift for my birthday.

Wareham, MA

July 9, 2015

This was my first psychic reading as it was important to me that it be with someone I trust and that is Carla. I have followed her work ever since Haunting Evidence and knew being read by her would be an amazing experience.

I was quite nervous before the read, but that wasn't the case once I heard her voice. Being read by Carla was like visiting with a lifelong friend. Relaxed and informal, yet very informative. She immediately picked up on things from my childhood, spoke of relatives passed, and was very in tune with the events of my father's death. Carla was also able to see into my future and gave me some welcome advice on how to handle things.

I look forward to what the future brings, and most of all - I look forward to the opportunity to be read by Carla again. We have so much more to talk about!

Karla Alderson
Loveland, CO

July 4, 2015

Carla was so down to earth! She made me feel like I was talking to my sister!

I have followed her work on "Haunting Evidence" but never thought any psychic medium would reply to some of my Facebook posts, but she has, so it was an easy decision for me to use her services. After paying for my services she promptly set up a time to call, which happened very fast.

First thing, she spoke of was my health issues and how to correlate my "green thumb" with herbal therapy. She also sent me some info about how to heal myself, very thoughtful, I might add. Carla, is truly gifted. She spoke to me about my husband and his new job and also the fact that he chose me in this lifetime. Our birth dates are similar, the number "11" for each of us means that we were meant to be together, and that this was not by chance -(Numerology).

I wanted to find out why I had so many jobs in my lifetime and she said my focus was my marriage (married 35 years now), and the jobs were there to provide income, but marriage was my main priority and stability, so true! She brought up the fact that I had many, many past lives. One in particular, an east coast (possibly Boston) dock worker who was so skilled that he resented anyone telling him how to do his job. This resonates with me. She said he used to get into fist fights and suffer broken bones and carry on his job as if nothing happened. She said that there is probably residual evidence with me now, i.e., scars on my bones.

I asked her about a few relatives that had recently passed on, if they had anything to tell me and she asked their names and then spoke about my aunt and nephew with greater detail and accuracy on how they were in this lifetime. She said my Aunt loved me dearly and was proud that I have stayed married to the same man.

My sister was here with me at the time of the reading so Carla asked to give her a message about her health and her son (my nephew above) that she really wanted to hear about - again confirming and validating accuracy. Carla gave details about his life and untimely death that my sister didn't know about. Carla suggested that my Sister allow time for him to heal in the afterlife, as it was time to go for him. Also, my sister's home has been haunted, we have felt, by residual energy, and Carla picked up on it right before we concluded the conversation! She told her how to take care of the person that resided there before her.

Overall, Carla Baron had my best interest in mind! I give her 10 stars for accuracy, honesty, openness, and advice. I feel that I received the messages that I was supposed to hear on this particular day. Thanks Carla!! I will use you again!!

Birmingham, Alabama

July 3, 2015

I had a great reading from Carla a few hours ago. One of my questions concerned my 23 year old son and a blow up we had the night before. Tuning into him, she connected him with music but didn't know he's a musician in two bands and a graphic artist for a music and recording co. and that music is his life. The insights she gave me about our huge argument eased my mind.

Carla also picked up on the fact that I've been too isolated for the past few years. My question for her was about a new path/career I'm embarking on and what that might look like... she "got" that I might be in for a move, perhaps finding a place where I can combine home and business together. She added that this possible new place would be a place where people would come and make new connections with others. What Carla didn't know was I've dreamed of opening an art studio where kids and adults could come to and hang out, talk art, take classes an, explore their inner artist and have fun. She also didn't know how I've been looking for a place to move to someday where I fit in. I do not fit in where I'm currently living. This confirmed my unspoken hopes and plans of making a major change and move.

After the reading I'm feeling happy and much "lighter." AND - an hour after our phone call ended my son came and apologized for the nasty argument we had the night before! Thank you Carla!! This reading helped lift some heavy energy that was dragging me down.

Vacaville, CA

June 13, 2015

GDay from Sydney Australia!

Having the opportunity to be able to gain insight to my current situation, I was lucky to get a few questions answered when Carla gave Facebook readings for her fans back in Easter. When she said I would be moving (which I hadn't thought would happen) - it's now a reality!

I couldn't believe how accurate she was with the timing and the changes happening. I then requested a reading a few months later to which she has described numerous things - very accurate thus far, and quite compelling. I look forward to seeing them come to fruition so I can let everyone know and add to her testimonial blog.

Mrs. N Benson
Sydney, Australia

June 13, 2015

I called Carla for a 15-min session like I do from time to time. This time, I wanted to check in with her on a real estate offer I had on my home. It didn't feel right to me, but wanted her insight. She said not to take it and if I did, there would be litigation involved and they'd require that I put in a whole new "something." I didn't take it and was wondering what on Earth there'd be litigation on.

Well yesterday, I discovered a leak in my ceiling and realized this was what Carla was talking about and that if I had taken that offer, it would have turned into an ordeal. So thank God & Carla I made the right decision!

Denver, CO

May 23, 2015

First, I had a reading on Easter Sunday with Carla. I was so glad I did. I asked Carla about the relationship I have with my mother. Carla asked me if my mother had crossed over. I replied with a no - she is still with us. I wondered why Carla asked me this. Carla said to me that my mother was sitting around waiting for her time to die. This concerned me quite a lot as I knew Carla was right about this. Carla also told me this is what she would be doing on the other side, too, just waiting around for her next life.

Carla said that I need to stop waiting for my mother's approval. Well - Carla was right there! I have always wanted my mother's approval. I have never felt she was proud of me and I could never do anything right in her eyes. Then I told Carla my mother had been in hospital 2 years ago as her stomach had split, and after this, I thought my relationship had changed for the good after this had happened, but it didn't last long. She went back to the same way she was before leaving me feeling like she didn't care anymore.

Carla then looked into my mother's health - she told me there are problems with her colon and that the previous problem is still not fixed. This will cause serious problems in the future and could lead to cancer, Carla said. But I can tell you all now - Carla is not wrong - for sure, the problems have already started! Carla was dead on with this one. I have been telling my mother to go to the doctor to get these problems sorted - she won't. So Carla was right about this, too.

I also had another reading last night regarding closure on a relationship I had 2 years ago with a girlfriend. I asked Carla why it ended the way it did. Carla told me that my girlfriend never stayed in a relationship for long and that she always had a way of getting out of relationships by putting obstacles in place to stop a relationship with anyone she was with. (Carla didn't know this until afterwards.) She read that I came into this relationship with my girlfriend so she could get rid of her husband. (Carla was so right on this too - I couldn't believe it!) She also stated that my girlfriend still wasn't sure if she was into men or women, and that she was still confused - also that my girlfriend used me as a "punching bag" because of her relationship problems that she had with her partner.

Carla also mentioned about my girlfriend having bipolar disorder. I was so pleased Carla mentioned this as I has a feelings about this throughout our relationship. But Carla didn't know this. Carla told me that my girlfriend's purpose in my life was to help me break free from the "prison and chains" I had been shackled to in my life. (She was not wrong there - my girlfriend did make my life better at times and helped my confidence and self-esteem.) Carla described this situation as "Pandora's box opening." Once opened can't be closed. (I was wowed at this that Carla knew.)

The reading then moved on with future relationship - which was good to end on a positive. I'm so glad Carla does this. Carla told me I am to meet a woman about this time next year, and the one thing I will notice will be her eyes and that's what will attract me to her. (Carla did not know this, but I like people with bright eyes, and this is the first thing I look for.) Carla also mentioned that I come with tons of emotional baggage and childhood issues, and this new love could help me with this. (I was in awe as Carla didn't know anything about my childhood and what I have gone through.)

Cambridgeshire, UK

P.S. Thank you so much. I always feel so much better after having readings with you Carla you are truly amazing. Looking forward to seeking you in September (if not before) - I'm saving up for a long birthday reading!

April 27, 2015

I had my first reading done by Carla in December.

The main reason I contacted her was to talk about a relationship that unexpectedly fell apart. Even though we were together only a couple months I felt that I needed to understand what happened. She said that he was power hungry and simple-minded; which I found amazing because he is a cop and would say to me from the day we met, "I'm just simple." She explained that I did nothing wrong in the relationship and she did not see him in my future. I have not spoken to him since then and feel like Carla helped me come to clarity with it.

She then talked about my career. I have been struggling with career decisions for years now. I work 2 jobs and recently was thinking about quitting my part-time job in March. She said in March there would be a tricky situation at work which would make me rethink teaching (my full-time job). I never thought that would be the job I would be contemplating leaving so soon but what do you know, she was right! In the middle of February a situation accorded at work which affected me emotionally. Several of my co-workers and I watched a movie on off hours of work in the building. One of the janitor staff reported us for this and from then on I was interviewed several times by different people on an "investigation" regarding the issue. Finally in March the "investigation" was over and ever since this situation I am actively looking for a new job, even a possible career switch.

Chicago, IL

April 26, 2015

Dear Carla,

Thank-you for yesterday's reading. I was ready to give up on someone I truly Love. But you helped me understand what was the reason for his behavior lately. Like I said to you - I was ready to give up, but my heart was not ready. You said no and explained why he was acting this way.

Basically, I reconnected with the guy in question last month. When we saw each other, after 3 months apart, the sparks and energy were still very strong. We both missed each other and planned to keep in touch and get together again. We did keep in touch for a good 2 weeks and planned to go out.

After the 2 weeks, he stopped calling and messaging. I would reach out to him, but he was sometimes ignoring my calls and messages. Yesterday after the last message I sent him and got no response, I thought maybe I should give up. But I didn't feel it was the right thing to do yet, nor was I ready for that.

Had a Skype session with Carla and she told me it was not me he's avoiding, he just gets lost in some personal issues. She explained what was going on and said for me to call him and that it will be good. I thought well ok, but that's all I've been doing was reaching out to him.

What the strange thing during our Skype session was we lost the Skype connection twice. After the second time I lost connection with Carla, I decided to call him without any thought or hesitation. Well let me tell you - it went very well our talk, just as Carla predicted! If I hadn't lost Skype contact with Carla, I would have given too much thought into calling him and may have delayed or chickened out. Good thing I took her word for it!!

Talk about fast outcome which Carla predicted - I am cooking a romantic dinner for 2 this Friday night!

Right after I finished talking to him, Carla contacted me back to finish our session. Thank-you Carla for keeping me on my true life course.

P.S. I love the humor you use in our session, gave me a good laugh and visual! lol

Toronto, Canada

April 6, 2015

I spoke to Carla again recently. I have had quite a few readings with her now and I am never disappointed. In this reading, I asked her about my work situation. I asked if I would stay in the same teaching job that I am now and she said she saw a change in October. Carla told me I would be starting a new job but she said it wasn't teaching because she couldn't see "books."

I was a little worried about this because I love teaching and couldn't think of anything else I would rather be doing. But before I expressed my doubts to her, she said "it could be a job working in a Kindergarten." Well, that made complete sense because that's what I do now! (I have never told Carla this.)

She also saw a move for me in October. I have wanted to get my own flat for a long while but it's not been possible due to finances. Well, this past week I was given some money by a relative making my move possible so I am very excited for October!

Finally, we talked about my relationship and Carla told me that my man was very stressed with work at the moment and I might feel sad about this because he won't have so much time for me over the next few weeks. I saw him tonight (for the first time since our reading) and he told me he is very stressed with work and he won't be able to see me much until he has finished the project he is working on.

Carla was really lovely to talk to yet again and I always think my sessions with her are well worth the money. Thank you, Carla! We will speak again soon.

Barcelona, Spain

April 2, 2015


My reading was amazing. Carla talked about my relationship that I'm in now. She hit the nail on the head as for the differences between the two of us and where the relationship was headed. The relationship was not good for either of us and we would not be happy with each other in the future. We both had different expectations as to what we wanted in our partners.

Carla then could see that someone else was in the picture - specifically, "a woman at my place of work." I do not know how Carla knew this, but it now makes a lot of sense with all the emotions in the last couple of months. She stated that it was going to take time for this relationship to grow and the other person needed to work through some issues of her own. She thought helping this person through her issues was the best for her and me.

I never thought I would ever have a psychic reading in my life and thought I needed to try this and see if it helped me see a clearer picture of where my relationship was headed. I will definitely say this helped me with a lot of my emotions and my values. I will be having another reading in the future. Thank You, Carla.

New London, Ohio


(Email from Steve the following morning)

Thank You Carla,

Still amazed by the reading and how accurate it was.

March 5, 2015

Today was my second reading with Carla, it was a short reading but was the smack I needed! It was the "duh" "hello" moment that I needed! I wanted to know about a certain someone but that wasn't the real reason I made the call although I had asked this question because of all the other things that were and are happening as confusing as it sounds or seems. Carla, of course, hit that nail on the head! I expect to be making a full recovery of my life!

As always Carla thank you for the words I needed to hear!!

Manteca, California

February 22, 2015

I've been a client of Carla for quite a few years now. I will say I am a very happy and satisfied client. She has by far helped me in so many aspects of my life for my greater good.

Carla is very accurate on details and description of people or situations. And surprisingly very good on the time frames for things to happen. Till this day I'm still in awe with her talent and gift.

Before I get to my reading I just had, I want to mention about my last 2 readings with Carla. It was regarding my ex boyfriend, his past ex girlfriend. This ex of his still continues to call and bother him. Carla said she changed her hair color, or is going to change it soon. I said to her in both readings "No, I don't think so", or "I can't see her doing that, I doubt it". Well to my surprise - I just found out that she did indeed change her hair color! I was shocked!! She nailed that, and I must say I shouldn't be surprised. Carla has read me numerous times and her accuracy has been proven countless times.

I've learned my lesson, lol... when Carla predicts something, I will not doubt it. Her predictions have always happened for me as she mentioned!

Now on to my current reading I just had yesterday. I called because I was feeling sad and confused. Haven't seen or heard from my ex for over a few months. I can't seem to forget about him and quite honestly, I don't want to move on and start dating someone else. Carla helped me understand the current situation and see how things will unravel in time. She really helps me think clearly and gives me a sense of strength and hope.

I thank you, Carla, for your continued help, because I know in my heart that I'm getting information from you that helps me for my greater good.

P.S. I will do the Jar of Hearts like you mentioned!! ;)

Love you, Carla ❤

Toronto, Canada

February 21, 2015

Expectations are funny. I had several expectations when I asked for a reading. I look at my experience objectively now as it is in my history. I always expected wonderful things from everyone. My mother never looked at anything with a possible bad solution. I never experienced anyone mean or upsetting towards me until I had my first job at about age 16. That is when I discovered that my mother's world of experience and my experience of the world were going to be different.

Today, I experienced one of those moments. I anticipated good news and didn't get the good news I expected. It is certainly not Carla's fault. She spoke truth. I understood truth. She touched me with exquisite knowledge of my son's passing that covered everything that my heart asked for since his passing last year. Carla was really revealing in the truth of the person my son was. I personally experienced many tragedies in my life and my desire was to persevere and carry on. He chose not to. It was devastating for Carla to reveal to me something no one has known, which is my extreme anger that my son chose not to continue to persevere.

Yes it frightened me to know that someone could see my anger. I thought I had hidden it, but Carla saw "red" surrounding me. I also know that my anger has kept me sane and able to deal with the idea that he didn't have the wherewithal to fight his situation and come out of it. Carla's words of comfort helped in that we, as parents are not ultimately responsible for the choices of our children. I know this intellectually, but my heart hurts for the people - all of us - he left behind, especially his children. Was he that callous to not even consider them? Carla told me exactly what I was afraid to know... yes. Now, as his mother, I have to live with the knowledge that his spirit is still troubled and that makes me wonder if this experience was good for me. I craved comfort and better expectations. I received truth. I wonder if there was some religious or spiritual training I could have introduced him to early in his life that might have changed his decisions or directions.

I look forward to some of the positive prognostications because my job situation has been frustrating since the beginning. The path I took out of desperation to pay for all the funeral expense has been energy-draining. I miss the freedom of being out and about and spreading my happy spirit. I feel like my soul is in jail under a cloud with this job now. Carla infused me with a ray of hope and sunshine. I think hope is a good thing. I appreciate the reading and just have to continue to pray that God in His mercy will comfort my son and all of us that had to deal with his unfortunate passing on this earth.

White Oak, TX

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