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April 26, 2015

Dear Carla,

Thank-you for yesterday's reading. I was ready to give up on someone I truly Love. But you helped me understand what was the reason for his behavior lately. Like I said to you - I was ready to give up, but my heart was not ready. You said no and explained why he was acting this way.

Basically, I reconnected with the guy in question last month. When we saw each other, after 3 months apart, the sparks and energy were still very strong. We both missed each other and planned to keep in touch and get together again. We did keep in touch for a good 2 weeks and planned to go out.

After the 2 weeks, he stopped calling and messaging. I would reach out to him, but he was sometimes ignoring my calls and messages. Yesterday after the last message I sent him and got no response, I thought maybe I should give up. But I didn't feel it was the right thing to do yet, nor was I ready for that.

Had a Skype session with Carla and she told me it was not me he's avoiding, he just gets lost in some personal issues. She explained what was going on and said for me to call him and that it will be good. I thought well ok, but that's all I've been doing was reaching out to him.

What the strange thing during our Skype session was we lost the Skype connection twice. After the second time I lost connection with Carla, I decided to call him without any thought or hesitation. Well let me tell you - it went very well our talk, just as Carla predicted! If I hadn't lost Skype contact with Carla, I would have given too much thought into calling him and may have delayed or chickened out. Good thing I took her word for it!!

Talk about fast outcome which Carla predicted - I am cooking a romantic dinner for 2 this Friday night!

Right after I finished talking to him, Carla contacted me back to finish our session. Thank-you Carla for keeping me on my true life course.

P.S. I love the humor you use in our session, gave me a good laugh and visual! lol

Toronto, Canada

April 12, 2015

Had the pleasure of having not one, but two, readings done today with Carla. It was bittersweet, but the truth sometimes is painful.

I had questions regarding the early passing of my 32 year old Daughter this past January, as well as, the events that led up to her death. I had our questions and concerns immediately after we got that horrible call she was gone.

Not sure how this phone call was going to reveal information from my daughter but jumped in with an open mind. First off let me say I didn't give any information out unless asked... "asking" was merely giving a name and birth month/day of the person. In my case, it was my daughter.

Carla proceeded to inform me that my daughter was in a state of anger when she crossed over. She was questioning, "How come the universe let her die. It was not her time!" Carla then told me that her anger is regarding leaving her three children so suddenly, as well as, her early departure. Carla revealed, "She wants her children in my care" ... telling me to make sure they never end up in foster care. Here my heart sank (as it had in December 2014) - my daughter sent me guardianship papers for all three children if anything ever happened to her!

Taking a deep breath - I wanted to know as much as possible about what led up to her death. Carla informed me of a "argument, the issue was over her husband cheating." She also saw my daughter getting a "blow to the head - either by a punch or slap. Her husband watched her die before calling 911." She died in a state of anger as her heart gave out from a severe asthma attack from the extreme stress. Carla stated that she wasn't ready to go, and that my daughter never wanted me to know the previous emotional abuse she had suffered from her husband - she was too embarrassed. She worked very hard on trying to have a great marriage and to be the best mom, Carla told me. I know how great she was, but also understood her hesitation. Hindsight is 20/20. "She will always be my baby girl... unconditional love forever."

I then asked about my 11 year old grandson. All that was given was his first name, birth month and day. Carla saw him witnessing the incident, and then rushed out of the room. He has been threatened to keep quiet by his stepfather. (Death looks and verbally.) Carla didn't sense any catastrophic events at the moment for him which gave me a great relief.

My son-in-law is responsible for her death and is going through an intense investigation. Carla stated what I had already known - that he had a history of infidelity, and felt stuck because he didn't want to give up his lifestyle when he wasn't at home. He has changed his story so many times on what exactly happened before her passing. The authorities are aware and working on this case. Carla did state he didn't wake up that morning with the intention of killing my daughter. (Obviously this didn't give me much relief.) The fact is - she was taken before her time. Carla sensed that he would be charged & convicted - but at a lesser charge. Events should start around June, she felt, with another event in August - possibly temporary custody, and then permanent custody of the children. Carla stated my son-in-law's karma will be catching up to him. All I can say to that is Amen!

I know now what I need to do to have her to rest in peace - making sure her 3 children are in our care and raised by us. The future needs to keep moving forward. I know she is looking down on us and watching on these events now per Carla. Last part of my reading was informing me that there will a "near miss" in my automobile, and my daughter will be the one to save the day. (This last part hasn't happened yet, but I will be thanking her when it occurs!)

The conversation was validated by exact words and happenings Carla could not have known. I was very pleased with the communication, and look forward to speaking and updating Carla in the next few months. Maybe next time I call I will get the news she is finally happy again and dancing amongst the clouds with family and friends. I feel great about the reading and the messages she relayed.

C. Marie Saccaro
Crestview, Florida USA

April 6, 2015

I spoke to Carla again recently. I have had quite a few readings with her now and I am never disappointed. In this reading, I asked her about my work situation. I asked if I would stay in the same teaching job that I am now and she said she saw a change in October. Carla told me I would be starting a new job but she said it wasn't teaching because she couldn't see "books."

I was a little worried about this because I love teaching and couldn't think of anything else I would rather be doing. But before I expressed my doubts to her, she said "it could be a job working in a Kindergarten." Well, that made complete sense because that's what I do now! (I have never told Carla this.)

She also saw a move for me in October. I have wanted to get my own flat for a long while but it's not been possible due to finances. Well, this past week I was given some money by a relative making my move possible so I am very excited for October!

Finally, we talked about my relationship and Carla told me that my man was very stressed with work at the moment and I might feel sad about this because he won't have so much time for me over the next few weeks. I saw him tonight (for the first time since our reading) and he told me he is very stressed with work and he won't be able to see me much until he has finished the project he is working on.

Carla was really lovely to talk to yet again and I always think my sessions with her are well worth the money. Thank you, Carla! We will speak again soon.

Barcelona, Spain

April 2, 2015


My reading was amazing. Carla talked about my relationship that I'm in now. She hit the nail on the head as for the differences between the two of us and where the relationship was headed. The relationship was not good for either of us and we would not be happy with each other in the future. We both had different expectations as to what we wanted in our partners.

Carla then could see that someone else was in the picture - specifically, "a woman at my place of work." I do not know how Carla knew this, but it now makes a lot of sense with all the emotions in the last couple of months. She stated that it was going to take time for this relationship to grow and the other person needed to work through some issues of her own. She thought helping this person through her issues was the best for her and me.

I never thought I would ever have a psychic reading in my life and thought I needed to try this and see if it helped me see a clearer picture of where my relationship was headed. I will definitely say this helped me with a lot of my emotions and my values. I will be having another reading in the future. Thank You, Carla.

New London, Ohio


(Email from Steve the following morning)

Thank You Carla,

Still amazed by the reading and how accurate it was.

March 5, 2015

Today was my second reading with Carla, it was a short reading but was the smack I needed! It was the "duh" "hello" moment that I needed! I wanted to know about a certain someone but that wasn't the real reason I made the call although I had asked this question because of all the other things that were and are happening as confusing as it sounds or seems. Carla, of course, hit that nail on the head! I expect to be making a full recovery of my life!

As always Carla thank you for the words I needed to hear!!

Manteca, California

February 22, 2015

I've been a client of Carla for quite a few years now. I will say I am a very happy and satisfied client. She has by far helped me in so many aspects of my life for my greater good.

Carla is very accurate on details and description of people or situations. And surprisingly very good on the time frames for things to happen. Till this day I'm still in awe with her talent and gift.

Before I get to my reading I just had, I want to mention about my last 2 readings with Carla. It was regarding my ex boyfriend, his past ex girlfriend. This ex of his still continues to call and bother him. Carla said she changed her hair color, or is going to change it soon. I said to her in both readings "No, I don't think so", or "I can't see her doing that, I doubt it". Well to my surprise - I just found out that she did indeed change her hair color! I was shocked!! She nailed that, and I must say I shouldn't be surprised. Carla has read me numerous times and her accuracy has been proven countless times.

I've learned my lesson, lol... when Carla predicts something, I will not doubt it. Her predictions have always happened for me as she mentioned!

Now on to my current reading I just had yesterday. I called because I was feeling sad and confused. Haven't seen or heard from my ex for over a few months. I can't seem to forget about him and quite honestly, I don't want to move on and start dating someone else. Carla helped me understand the current situation and see how things will unravel in time. She really helps me think clearly and gives me a sense of strength and hope.

I thank you, Carla, for your continued help, because I know in my heart that I'm getting information from you that helps me for my greater good.

P.S. I will do the Jar of Hearts like you mentioned!! ;)

Love you, Carla ❤

Toronto, Canada

February 21, 2015

Expectations are funny. I had several expectations when I asked for a reading. I look at my experience objectively now as it is in my history. I always expected wonderful things from everyone. My mother never looked at anything with a possible bad solution. I never experienced anyone mean or upsetting towards me until I had my first job at about age 16. That is when I discovered that my mother's world of experience and my experience of the world were going to be different.

Today, I experienced one of those moments. I anticipated good news and didn't get the good news I expected. It is certainly not Carla's fault. She spoke truth. I understood truth. She touched me with exquisite knowledge of my son's passing that covered everything that my heart asked for since his passing last year. Carla was really revealing in the truth of the person my son was. I personally experienced many tragedies in my life and my desire was to persevere and carry on. He chose not to. It was devastating for Carla to reveal to me something no one has known, which is my extreme anger that my son chose not to continue to persevere.

Yes it frightened me to know that someone could see my anger. I thought I had hidden it, but Carla saw "red" surrounding me. I also know that my anger has kept me sane and able to deal with the idea that he didn't have the wherewithal to fight his situation and come out of it. Carla's words of comfort helped in that we, as parents are not ultimately responsible for the choices of our children. I know this intellectually, but my heart hurts for the people - all of us - he left behind, especially his children. Was he that callous to not even consider them? Carla told me exactly what I was afraid to know... yes. Now, as his mother, I have to live with the knowledge that his spirit is still troubled and that makes me wonder if this experience was good for me. I craved comfort and better expectations. I received truth. I wonder if there was some religious or spiritual training I could have introduced him to early in his life that might have changed his decisions or directions.

I look forward to some of the positive prognostications because my job situation has been frustrating since the beginning. The path I took out of desperation to pay for all the funeral expense has been energy-draining. I miss the freedom of being out and about and spreading my happy spirit. I feel like my soul is in jail under a cloud with this job now. Carla infused me with a ray of hope and sunshine. I think hope is a good thing. I appreciate the reading and just have to continue to pray that God in His mercy will comfort my son and all of us that had to deal with his unfortunate passing on this earth.

White Oak, TX

February 21, 2015

I had another reading with Carla today. I wanted to know if my life was getting any better for me than what it is at this moment in time. Carla told me exactly how I was feeling and that I had been like this for a while. She had told me I had been feeling hopeless and isolated from the world. (Carla had got that all in one.)

Carla also said that "April" was my month, where a lot of things are going to change. Carla saw that I was going to be working with people in a "park-like" place doing some sort of information job... showing people where attractions were, and so on. The job would be "outside with the sun shining, birds singing and surrounded by people and feeling happy." Carla told me when she closed her eyes she could hear "the birds singing" and when I start this job, that the job would be a full time thing and that I wouldn't have time to be sad and isolated. Carla gave me this information in so much detail! After this, I told Carla that I had been looking for "work with animals - possibly a zoo." Carla told me that the date would have a "1" in it. She said it could be the 1st, or the 13th.

I also asked Carla about if I was to have a partner "male or female." Carla told me I'm to meet a well-traveled man and that I would meet him through this job that she had told me about. Carla told me that this man would tell me stories about his travels, and that I could listen for hours on end talking about his travels. Carla told me this man is open about his emotions and may come across as gay. I was surprised when Carla told me this as I like men with a slight "feminine" side. (Carla did not know this.)

After my reading I feel a lot more positive, so I can't wait for April to come along!

Carla is a great psychic. When she does my readings, I don't feel like I'm talking to a stranger - I feel like I'm talking to a friend.

Thanks again. :)

Cambridgeshire UK

February 16, 2015

After seeing Carla on tv and how gifted she is I decided to schedule a reading with her. All I have to say is that I'm glad that I did!

First thing she said to me before I even asked a question was that my current employer was trying to hit on me and was being inappropriate....which was true. I've had other people who have noticed that mention it to me as well in terms of his behavior towards me.

I also asked Carla about my career and if things will improve for me and she said YES!:) I'm excited about that because I will be working in the field that I love and it will be a new chapter in my life and I have the potential and ability to be successful in that. With that new job change will come Mr. Right whom I will meet through this job around September:) and be engaged within a year:)

Also asked about a family member and their partner whether they will be together and sure enough they will and Carla even saw marriage within 2 years!

Thanks Carla, you rock!


Burlington Ontario

February 11, 2015

UPDATE: Psychic reading dated April, 2012

Carla saw that I would also be seeing a male therapist. The details that stood out to her were the gender of this person, and the other was that he appeared to be gay. We then moved onto other things I wanted to cover during this reading. I have been struggling with emotional issues all my life and been through several different therapists since the age of eleven. Carla said I would be seeing this female psychiatrist I had mentioned, but not just her exclusively.

I found another therapist online recently, and suddenly this reading came rushing back to me, and the two details Carla saw were DEAD ON! I didn't even look at any of his credentials because I was so excited about remembering the reading! As it turns out - he has availability, and my insurance company will pay a large percentage even though he is out of network. When he and I spoke on the phone, he wanted to see me straight away!! The "male" therapist and I are having our first session in March. I want to say thank you, Carla, for your lovely insight. It really means a lot to me.

And just a word to everyone out there who does a reading; the things she predicts may take days, months or even years but they WILL happen. The key is to be patient with the process.

Thank you,

Upper Saddle River, NJ

January 31, 2015

I had my second reading from Carla today.

I had asked Carla about my cat Maggz, as I have always wanted to know what had really happened to her. Carla told me that Maggz was sent to me as I had lost someone in my life but had not died - they just left. Maggz was there to help me as I was not mentally stable at this time, and she was meant to help me. (How did Carla know that I was unstable from another event at that time?!)

Within 5 months, Maggz was taken from me as she had been hit by a car. Carla saw that the people in the car are my neighbours, and that they were arguing and they felt guilty for what had happened. Carla said Maggz was hit and flung in the air but passed out and hadn't felt anything from the trauma inflicted. Carla said this was quick. We always had a feeling that Maggz had died peacefully and wasn't in pain by the way she was when my other cat Leo had taken me out to find her. Carla told me about Maggz' new life when she had been reincarnated shortly after she crossed over - Maggz was "assigned" to a gay couple this time, and she is quite happy. I was so pleased when I had heard this.

I also asked Carla about my grandad's partner who had passed away last April. Carla mentioned she "felt something regarding her lungs - much fluid obstructing the airway..she could not breathe." After Carla revealed her vision, I told Carla that my grandad's partner had contracted lung cancer. Carla was talking like it was not the only area where the cancer had spread. This was very true as she has been battling cancer for 9 and a half years!

Carla was on the right track and on the dot with the things she was telling me. She said that my grandad's partner's father had come to greet her on the Other Side to assist in the transition. This made me feel at ease as I didn't want her to be on her own. Carla also mentioned my grandad had not stopped crying since she had passed away, and that he cries a lot on his own. He's worried about his pride and that we shouldn't mention we notice this. He's in "denial" about how much he really loved her. But how did Carla know that my grandad hasn't stopped crying since she has been gone?! I was very surprised how much Carla knew without me saying hardly a thing to her! I'm so glad I asked Carla about Maggz and my grandad's partner. Now I feel at ease to know that they are both happy and safe.

Thanks again, Carla. I will speak to you again soon.

Cambridgeshire UK

January 25, 2015

Carla, thank you so much for my reading this evening.

You were absolutely right on the button about my life in every detail! Frighteningly so, in terms of my path, my relationship and my health.

It was comforting to know about my future and your reading was both comforting and insightful. I will arrange another reading with you in 6 months.

Best wishes,

Wirral, Merseyside
United Kingdom

January 22, 2015

I had my first reading with Carla yesterday. My mind was blown away - Carla got everything down to a "T" !!!

Carla started telling me about a past relationship I had. She told me he was not a nice person and he had wanted revenge, but he was not dangerous. I was quite surprised how detailed Carla was with the way she had described my relationship with my ex partner and how he had been.

Carla then asked me what I wanted to know. I replied that I would like to know about my mental health, and if it would get any better. Carla then asked me why I was so worried about money, but she assured me I would be fine. (Carla was right about this as I had been worried about money for quite some time.) Carla also told me I was a Virgo, and that Virgos are prone to "skin conditions." I then told her I had eczema due to stress. (How did she know?!)

Carla also told me that I'm due to move near the end of April. She also said that I haven't felt safe in my home for a while and that things had been holding me back from moving. Carla had got this spot on as I have had problems with my neighbors. She had also said I must not let my step dad or dad distract me from the move. I then asked Carla if my cats would come with me as I was worried that they wouldn't, but they are to come with me! I also asked if I was going to move in with my friend - Carla said "No" as it would "ruin our friendship."

After the reading, she asked me if I felt better as I was quite anxious about the reading. I really did feel better. Before Carla read me, I felt things were getting worse, but Carla has given me hope and a look into the future. This has made my day!

Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
United Kingdom

January 18, 2015

I was nervous at first when I decided to call a psychic, especially when it is something I am very confused about. But contacting Carla was one of the best decisions I have made, and soon after speaking with her the nerves subsided.

She has a very calming energy about her and after ending our conversation, I felt at peace with my confusing situation. I called looking for insight into my love life, particularly about my ex-boyfriend. She took a moment to collect her thoughts and once she did, what she said next blew me away! She nailed my ex-boyfriend's personality, a main reason why we broke up, and how he felt towards me at the end of our relationship.

I went from confused to amazed and excited about my future. She also said that someone new was going to come into the picture, but Carla knew I was going to pick my ex over the new guy because I still have strong feelings for him. I was blown away again because I realized she knew all of these things about me, and I only gave her my name and birth date - and no other info at all!

I then asked about timelines as to when a possible reconnection would occur and she informed me to just wait patiently until spring - he will come around then. It is a couple of months away so I hope free will doesn't play too big of a factor. I will update my testimonial if and when the predictions come true; I hope they do.

Carla is the real deal, and anyone who doubts her abilities or is nervous to call, just give it a try and you won't be disappointed.

Alachua, Florida

December 26, 2014

This testimonial is in regard to a previous reading I had with Carla in October. Carla indicated my love interest would be traveling extensively for work and indicated he would be away for the holidays (Christmas and New Years.) That was confirmed yesterday.

Thank you again Carla for your targeted and accurate information. It has helped me be prepare for things that could have rocked me and could have had negative impacts on my relationship. Having advance notice has allowed me to maintain a calm and positive attitude, strengthening the relationship, instead of damaging it. Carla's insights and predictions are accurate. The information she has given me has been invaluable.

I did speak with Carla on Sunday, as well. She continued to state that my relationship would continue to grow stronger and to just not be too anxious or push things, and allow them to come to me, and all will be well. It was very reassuring to receive this information. Navigating deep emotions can be confusing. Carla takes the mystery away and has set me on a path toward love and happiness.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

December 20, 2014

I had another 30 minute reading with Carla today. We talked about a relationship I am currently in (a relationship Carla had predicted would happen over 6 months ago.) She completely nailed several things during our reading... I was very impressed!

Carla began by telling me my man was stressed with work at the moment and this is completely true. in fact it was something I was talking to him about only last night. Carla then said that he is concerned about a friend of mine, a male friend. Again, Carla was spot on. I have a male friend who I have been spending a lot of time with recently and every time I meet with my man, he mentions this friend of mine. Carla actually predicted that this would happen a few months ago... and that this would be the catalyst for the relationship with my man becoming more serious.

Carla then talked about his child... she said 'child' not 'children' and she had no idea that he has in fact only got one child. She then said it's a boy and again she was correct. Finally we talked about my plans to move out of my current flat and to live alone and Carla talked about the possibility of my man buying me a puppy!!!! This was the BEST part of my reading!!! I have been wanting to have a little dog for a long time now as my sister has got one and I am completely in love with it (I was even buying it a little Christmas present earlier today.) Carla had no idea I had been wanting a pet. A few years ago I wasn't even a fan of having pets - but ever since my sister got her dog, I have been longing for one, too.

Carla advised me to stop thinking about the future all the time and to enjoy the present... to enjoy what I have right at this moment in time and everything will unfold as and when it is meant to. I think this is great advice... so simple but sometimes we forget to do this, just to stop and enjoy what we have right now.

I look forward to speaking to Carla again in the new year.

Barcelona, Spain

November 29, 2014

This is my 2nd reading with Carla. My first one went great, but since it was my first time I was skeptical. I wrote down everything Carla had mentioned in my reading, but later tossed the paper.

By this month - the stuff I remember she told me all happened; i.e., I would be at a new job (this happened in August) and by November things will fall into place. She also mentioned that I'd have a new car in November. I seriously didn't believe this because I'm not a big spender - but she was right! The car wasn't worth the repair fees so had to invest in a new car. I was thankful for the insight beforehand (even though I didn't take it seriously at the time.)

Thank you, Carla, for your talent and sharing it with others. I will be in contact with you soon. Let's see what happens come January! That is my birth month and time to shine!

Huntington Beach, CA

November 24, 2014

My being technologically inept just meant that my reading was off to a rocky start. Carla made sure that I still got it. Before, I kept going over her 23+ pages of testimonials, trying to convince myself that someone I had never met before was worth my entire paycheck. 'Internationally renowned!" "23+ pages of raving testimonials!" "She's been on TV! She wouldn't have gotten so far if she was not talented!" "She tunes into your vocal vibration to read you so it does not matter if you never meet her in person!"

Now, about my reading. It has taken me a few months to convince myself to trust a total stranger, one that I would never see in person no less! Yet here we are.

The first question was about my work situation and how I should handle it. Carla was to be proven correct about many facets of that prism of a problem, and I certainly look forward to the future now that I have bought her very accurate insight.

Ontario, Canada

November 20, 2014

I had a reading with Carla earlier today, after having one about a month ago. I have been involved in a complicated romantic situation. I sought Carla's expert skills starting in June. She has guided me through this process and am happy to say, things are going very well. I have never been so happy. Girls. Whatever do you, do not CHASE a guy. DO NOT. Don't be helpful, none of that. Matter of fact - treat him as if you would a guy you do NOT like! If he is interested he WILL come around and you will KNOW (feel) the change. You can avoid so much heartbreak and potentially losing him by just following that simple advice. It is HARD. But keep your eye on the prize - the man of your dreams. Distract yourself by seeing other guys...even as friends, taking up a hobby (other than him), spend time with friends, create emotional distance. I can't stress this enough. Guys are the OPPOSITE of girls! They will see the contact as PRESSURE, NOT CARING. They will get TURNED OFF. Let them come to you. Don't make yourself too available. Guys like to feel YOU are the prize and if you are always available, well, there isn't much winning in THAT! Words to the wise and good luck!

Okay, so a month ago I had it sprung on me that this guy I have known now for close to a year (and to say things have been challenging would be an understatement) was not leaving for work for an undetermined period of time and doesn't have cell contact. I needed consultations with Carla to determine what was in his head and what action I should take - would we make it? Oh, scary... but luckily there were a LOT of positive aspects to this pairing. Carla helped me navigate the choppy waters. I had my "fight or flight" instincts working overtime. She had to tell me to hang back, that that would bring him around. He was very highly tuned to even my most SUBTLE attempts. He also said some particularly mean and uncalled-for things to me when he announced he was leaving. I think so it would make it easier for him to be away. If he is MAD and makes ME mad, well, that would solve that. It solved it alright! His being a way (ended up being a week) made him want me more - just as Carla predicted. My response prior to speaking with Carla was to wish him a safe trip and that he would be missed. (I did not say "I will miss you.") Carla also predicted he would be going away AGAIN for work (not just this one time), and be gone for the holidays.

True to what Carla said, almost two weeks ago he let me know that he was going away again (it was cancelled earlier) and then again in January! He was much more forthcoming with his plans than he had been prior. I guess he sensed it was "safe" to discuss these trips with me. Then two nights ago, I learned he is leaving the beginning of Dec. for a month - which will mean over Christmas and New Year's. It was EXACTLY as Carla said! There is no way to have known this otherwise. These are the only trips he has taken in the nearly year I have known him.

Even during this difficult time, during the reading in October, Carla indicated she was seeing "flashes" of love - from him toward me. It helped me that Carla had told me he would be away periodically for the next several months, so when he told me, I was totally chill with it. It's his job and I don't want him worrying about me and not being able to handle it. Absence did and will make the heart grow fonder. By being supportive, it has brought us a lot closer. He has been a lot more open and trusting toward me with his thoughts and overall contact has improved and increased. Carla indicated a deep change in him with his attitude toward me. A love that she hadn't seen before this reading. The bond is growing. I have felt that too. More openness and tenderness. Caution still - but definitely a big and positive change.

It is now a pleasure to take things slowly and watch them unfold. I know there is real love between us and it is developing slowly and deeply. There is no way this would have happened without Carla reading his intentions and feelings for me and what she saw for us for the future. I am so grateful to her and look forward to our continued relationship. Carla also gave not only the psychic "sight" but also gave me the tools I needed to make me a better and more desirable person to Jack. To be confident and secure. I am much more in a frame of mind to take it as it comes because I know he will be there and that there is a future on the horizon. That we are on the same wave length and even though we may be separated over the next couple of months, we are in each other's heart, so there is no distance. I definitely do think this as the love of my life and it could have been lost without Carla's psychic abilities guiding me.

More than once I asked Carla what "I" was getting out of this. Not because I was a selfish person, but because it seems I was doing all the "work" and all the bending and the hardest of all, all the WAITING. Carla said I am here to heal him. She would also say, "You get him. The person that makes you feel the way no one else does... that sets off the fireworks." I think he has grown in this process too. Carla also said he has never had a grown up relationship like this, so didn't always know how to respond to me. It was a lot to handle, not to mention also coming out of a MARRIAGE at the same time, but, things happen. And usually when least expected. There is no substitute for true love though. Carla also said we had a "severe karmic" thing going on. That isn't necessarily a good thing... it is only good if it can "mature" into a soulmate relationship (you can ask Carla about this or go to the internet.) But it does indicate a STRONG connection. Carla had also stated that our relationship was predestined - already decided before we ever met. I think she said before we were born. It is very strong and powerful, unexpected and emotional; therefore, a lot of issues cropping up along the way. This is why Carla's involvement was so necessary and so helpful. Now we are building a relationship that we BOTH want - and need.

Myrtle Beach, SC

November 3, 2014

I had a reading with Carla November 2nd. In the last two weeks I have been feeling all sorts of emotions from irritable to frustrated and things just didn't seem to go how I wanted them to. I couldn't think straight and felt like everything was working against me or backwards. Carla mentioned that a lot of people were feeling this way due to the Mercury Retrograde and still feeling the effects a few days after. Well that explains it.

My strained relationship with my mother seemed to have gotten worse during this Mercury Retrograde. But Carla reassured me and told me how to handle the situation. She told me my mother is having digestion issues and has stones in her gall bladder. I was amazed she knew this because my mother has had gall bladder stones for many years now.

I told Carla I was thinking to move in a few months, but I needed reassurance about making this big change/move in my life. I told her what's amazing is that I noticed from the past readings I had, she gave me 2 different moving dates. In one reading, Carla said I was looking to move in October near Halloween time. And in another reading this past summer she said she saw me move in February, 2015.

Well both dates now make total sense. An apartment I co-own, I gave my tenant his notice (October 24, a week before Halloween) that I will be taking over the apartment. That means I will have the apartment ready for me to move in February, 2015. She nailed both dates! Overall this move will be good for me.

Another interesting fact was Carla nailed the timing of hiring a "tapas chef" in my business. This was in a reading I had back in September. I was looking to hire someone within a month's time. Carla said she saw someone starting with us around Thanksgiving, or Sagittarius time. I thought it has to be our Thanksgiving (Canada) because I can't wait that long it being in November (US Thanksgiving). To my amazement - the person we decided to hire cannot start till mid to late November. He is waiting for his position to be filled at his current job, so he doesn't leave them stuck or on bad terms.

When Carla gives timing/dates on things to come, they don't always make sense at the time. But she always nails the timing right on or very close. That's a True Gift !! She gave me some future dates on other things. I will keep you posted on those when they do happen.

Thank you, Carla, for your help and guidance!!


Toronto, Canada

November 1, 2014

Had a session with Carla today. My pressing concerns and questions regarding my daughter were answered. Carla reassured me the 'storm' will pass within 2 months, and provided to me some very important information.

Another concern is career, and becoming a new nurse practitioner. Carla again assured me success had nothing to do with my skills, and more on location (where I am meant to be) and fitting in. Carla saw where I will finish NP school in March (true - I said nothing of this date to her beforehand.) I will take the exam in March. Carla said with conviction, "You will do this."

After so many years of persevering - this was good news. Carla is seeing a position for me in New England. I'm from upstate New York and have had some feelings to return home, although other parts of the globe call to me also. Time will tell...

Overall I was 100% satisfied with the phone reading and would highly recommend Carla!

Karen Bishop, RN
Lantana, FL

October 25, 2014

I've had some short readings from Carla before, so I know what she says is spot on. I've had several confirmations, for example, one time she said this guy I was seeing is more about quality than quantity... and a couple weeks later - he told me that exact phrase. This has happened on several things she has said.

This time, I had a 30-min. reading from Carla, which really put some pieces of my puzzle together. In a prior reading, Carla mentioned I have a strong fear of abandonment which made sense to me. So for the last half of my reading, I asked about my fear of abandonment and what it stemmed from. I have a tendency to 'people please' and have extreme fear of saying what I want to say. It's so extreme that I sometimes feel like I'm breaking in half, or that I'll be left and can't handle it if I say what I feel or don't do what others want. It's hard to explain. Carla said it's related to some past lives.

Carla went back and saw two past lives:

She first saw me as an Inuit Woman (Eskimo) who was cast out of the tribe because I didn't follow the tribal view. Carla mentioned 1890's several times. She saw that my child was sick with a crippling disease and I felt Western medicine may have the key. At first she wasn't sure what disease, but then mentioned polio (which is what popped into my mind, too.) I thought polio was more like in the 1930's-50's (I was thinking of FDR.) She saw that when I was 'cast out.' She said that I trekked 'south,' and she felt it was 'Canada - not Alaska.'

The second life was WWI era and I was orphaned because my parents were killed by occupation forces near the Ukraine. Carla remarked how I always seemed to pick 'extremely cold regions' to live out my various lifetimes. She saw that my home was taken over by the occupation and that when I spoke up or disagreed, I was 'severely beaten.' No wonder I over "people-please" and have an extremely hard time saying or doing what I want. This makes total sense to me because in earlier lives, if I challenged others or spoke up, I was outcast or beaten.

I feel a sense of relief that there's really a reason why - and reasons that make sense. Plus this helps me to move forward in this life as I'm more aware now, and realize my life doesn't depend on merely pleasing people anymore - that it's ok to say what I want, and to care less what others think. Honestly, this reading has done more for me on this topic than the counseling sessions I took a while ago.

Carla went way past our allotted time, and we looked up the information online as she was personally curious now about polio and the Inuits (and I was, too.) It was very fascinating that the internet search pulled up information that indicated early polio outbreaks were seen in North America in the 1890's! It ACTUALLY said 1890's, which is EXACTLY what Carla kept saying.

Also, there was a trading post in Chesterfield Inlet in Nunavut. It is the oldest permanent settlement in the Canadian arctic, founded in 1911. There was mention that some Inuits contracted polio and trekked south to Winnipeg for treatment there. That's exactly what Carla saw! It's so interesting and satisfying to get the factual confirmation on this. Truly amazing.

Funny thing is - about 20 yrs. ago, I visited my sister in Alaska, and found this beautiful doll of an Alaskan girl in her winter parka. I just HAD to have that doll! (Now I know why!)

Thanks, Carla!

Denver, Colorado

October 18, 2014

I spoke to Carla again a few days ago because I just wanted some reassurance regarding a relationship I am in and where things are headed. Since I started talking to Carla at the beginning of the summer, her predictions have continued to come true. I am still absolutely amazed how she predicted the new man coming into my life. She has told me many things about this man which are completely true.

In our latest reading for example, Carla told me he has a lot of work on at the moment and this is true as I have noticed that he is working very late and has started to work at the weekends too, which is something he never does. Carla also told me in our most recent reading that this man is in love with me. I am 31 years old and I have had enough experience with men by now to know when someone is in love with me or not and I think Carla is correct about this. Carla also told me that I am also in love with this man. Now, this is something I won't even admit to myself after being very hurt in the past but I know deep down she is correct.

Carla has also told me in our past few readings that another man will come into my life who she has described as being 'powerful' and 'younger' than me. She originally predicted this man will come into my life in September. Well, in September, a man who I dated in the past started to contact me again and now we are planning to meet up. This man is younger than me. Also, a couple of years ago I had a tarot card reading and this man came up as the 'King of Swords,' which represents a very powerful person. With this knowledge in mind, I gave Carla the name of the man I thought it could be and she confirmed that this was the man she was talking about.

Until I started having readings with Carla, I was convinced that I was meant to be with my ex boyfriend. I had had a few readings with other psychics over the years who all told me that my ex was the man for me. Carla is the only person who told me that this man was not for me because he doesn't want what I wanted. As much as this really hurt when Carla told me this, she was correct because since I have started readings with Carla, I have found out that this my ex has now met someone else and is very happy with her, despite the other psychics telling me that he wasn't even looking at other girls because he was still in love with me!. I love the fact that Carla doesn't sugar-coat things! I would much rather she was honest with me than just telling me things to make me feel good. However, a reading with Carla always leaves me feeling uplifted because she has such a lovely way of delivering the information she receives.

My readings with Carla always focus on relationships. However, for some reason we started to talk about my job in my first reading. Carla told me that I needed to change my job and that although I was scared to make this change, I really needed to do it. In September I finally changed my job and it has had such a positive impact on my life. I changed my job because in September I found out that my future in my previous job wasn't secure and I have recently found out that everyone who is employed by this company have since had to take a big pay cut. Thank goodness I changed my job when I did!

Barcelona, Spain

October 12, 2014

Just had a reading with Carla today and it went very well. I've called Carla before on numerous occasions where I've needed help on different aspects of my life. Carla you have helped me so much on every situation I call you for, stemming from personal relationship, family problems and work/business.

Today I needed to speak to Carla because I've been feeling very stressed and nervous on the relationship between my mother and me. Carla described my mother to a T which amazes me on her accuracy. Carla was saying that my mother has been having issues about being afraid of dying. Carla said she felt that "someone close to my mother died recently, and that this was a big reason she was feeling her mortality so strongly now."

Well - the following will explain exactly what Carla was feeling and saying precisely about my mother...

This summer my mother had 2 funerals to attend. Both funerals where 2 women that were related to her. I noticed after the second funeral my mother was different (as I can sense some fear) just like Carla mentioned. And just in the past 2 weeks, my mother brought up the idea that she needs to do a will. Just amazed how Carla knew all this. She told me how to deal with my mother and not to worry - that everything will be alright.

Carla also touched up on my personal relationship with my boyfriend on things to come in the next few months. Looking forward to all these things (with boyfriend) to come to fruition. Can't wait and will let you know when they do!!

They say there are Angels amongst us here on earth. I agree 'cuz Carla is the "angel" that is here helping us. I cannot thank her enough for giving me the help I need to know in moving forward in my life. I love you Carla, and talk to you soon.

Toronto, Canada

October 9, 2014

I had a session with Carla Baron on Monday, October 6th, 2014.

I first asked about a serious complaint someone made about me at work. I wanted to know if the situation was being blown out of proportion or was I getting ready to face termination or worse, legal trouble. Carla knew that my boss was on my side on this one, which was something I had not hinted or mentioned at all. Carla also explained to me that my job would be safe and that entire situation would blow over, which is what is happening. Carla told me that my manager was positive and supportive of me without having to mention anything their take on the situation. I was impressed with how Carla was able to tap into the people around me in this situation.

I also asked about career. Given that I just graduated college a few months ago, I wanted to know what was ahead of me. The information that came through was very good news and I couldn't stop smiling for the next hour. It's in line with what I do now for work and the type of relationships I'm able to develop. Carla was also spot on about things such as my personality type (I tend to distance myself from others) and that I tend to sell myself short, which is true, sometimes I don't always believe in myself. But after hearing what she told me, I honestly think I won't be that way anymore. Carla also picked up on how I felt about my performance in college and how I thought what I studied was irrelevant, she reassured me it wouldn't create any blocks and that no one really ends up doing what they study in school post-graduation anyway.

I asked about my father, who disappeared when I was young. I honestly am not very concerned about his disappearance but I was curious what happened to him. I knew about the event that led up to his disappearance and Carla basically told me the story accurately. She also knew that he was involved in some bad circles - again I didn't mention much about this, I hardly know anything about my father besides his name and the things he did that got him in trouble. It's a subject I don't care to talk about, but Carla was able to tap into both of my parents and the type of people they were at the time (as well as presently) easily.

I asked about one past life at the end of my session, in which Carla told me I was a male who melted metals and other materials to help build war ships as my occupation. I died in that life time from damage to my lungs from being exposed to that environment. In this lifetime, I randomly run out of breath sometimes when I'm speaking. Shortness of breath is something I also struggle with when I fall ill. I can't even speak a sentence without running out of breath. Lastly, I also love the color silver and I have since I was a child, not really sure why, but I feel that has got something to do with it.

At the end of my session I felt really great. It was my first reading ever and I thought it was a successful reading. Thank you, Carla!

San Diego, CA

October 6, 2014

Dear Carla,

I want to thank you for all the help and guidance you have provided me and my significant other (let's call him Tim) over the years! Tim and I worked together 1996-1998, became good friends and even though we lived on opposite ends of the country the last 13 years we stayed in touch. I always considered Tim a good friend but we never really saw each other as romantic partners and we each drifted through our own relationships over time. Tim told me about you in the early 2000's and during my first reading with you in 2003, you told me that Tim was a 'true blue' friend. Unbeknownst to me, you separately told Tim in 2005 that one day he would come and get me in DC. I was living in Florida at the time!

Well in April of this past year, we got together for a one day visit... that day the universe shifted, the fog I was living under was lifted, and I saw him for the wonderful caring perfect partner that he is! I left DC and moved out to join him out west, and we are so very happy!

Tim is currently struggling through a difficult divorce and last night you provided him with some very helpful insight into the situation and urgent advice to not let the process drag on. He shared with me what you covered in the reading, and it is truly amazing the details you knew about the situation! I am always blown away how you can not only perfectly describe the people in our lives as if you personally knew them, but reveal aspects of the person not always apparent to us.

Thank you, thank you, Carla!!

I used to sign my testimonials "Drifting in DC" ..but now will sign as follows:

"No longer drifting in DC"
Yakima, WA

September 18, 2014

Carla - I just had a reading with you September 13th. In that reading you told me during this month I will meet someone while signing some financial papers. Today I was invited by a friend at work to attend a fundraiser that was being held by one of her friends. I did attend, and during the party I donated to the charities represented which caused me to sign the receipts.

After a couple hours of being there, the host's friend came out of nowhere and introduced himself to me. During my reading, you told me we would joke and laugh at the ludicrousness of life....which we did. We talked and laughed for hours. This all played out how you predicted. This man lives hundreds of miles away but wants to keep in touch. There was definitely chemistry and I can't wait to see what the future holds.

Charlotte NC

September 13, 2014

I had another reading with Carla today. I recently made a big change in my life and was feeling very anxious and stuck emotionally. As always Carla was able to immediately connect and my anxiety quickly decreased. I first asked her to take a general look at my situation and future. She immediately saw that I was overcome with guilt. That was spot on!

I have been feeling paralyzed with guilt from leaving my husband. I have been struggling with how I could leave someone who is an overall good person and felt I don't deserve happiness. She quickly reminded me that I am not here to ensure he is okay and I need to let the guilt go immediately before I can move forward. She went on to say the guilt is beginning to harden me and she saw that I am not sleeping well. Once she said that my jaw dropped. I told her that I had made a list of things to ask her and my not sleeping well was on it. She then said that the guilt can also lead to hair loss. Well wouldn't you know that was also on my list. Ever since I decided to leave I have noticed more hair coming out after I wash it. Carla said now that I am aware of it I can overcome it and tonight I will sleep well - I cannot wait!

As far as my love life she saw that September will be the first opening when I will meet a new man. It will be a random meeting when I am somewhere where I need to sign papers. Once we meet we will hit it off and laugh about the ludicrous nature of our lives. Nothing will happen until the beginning of December at which time I will run into him again and at this point it will turn into something more. She said in late spring a man from my past will also enter the picture and there will be a lot of drama but because he snoozed he will lose and I will choose to stay with the new man I will soon meet. I then asked her about my safety at my new place and she didn't see any danger. She did say she saw me moving in June next year. Well wouldn't you know that is when my lease ends! She said I will be by moving water like a river or stream which makes sense because I love the water.

Today I had an overwhelming feeling that I needed to call Carla and I am glad I did. I was left feeling a weight has been lifted. The guilt has begun to diminish and it is being replaced with hope!

Charlotte, NC

August 21, 2014

You told me last time we talked that my cortisol levels were very high. You also told me during a reading about a year ago that we might have trouble conceiving. You said, "You may need some help."

Well, I had a physical and my liver enzymes were elevated so I was sent for more testing. I was given an ultrasound on my ovaries at the same time in regards to another issue. Turns out I have PCOS. Which makes it near impossible to get pregnant without "help." I was also sent to a specialist who has me doing some testing because.. Wait for it...she thinks my cortisol levels might be out of whack!

I just had to update you that you were right last year about needing help to conceive, as well as, being right that something is off with my hormones. Thank you again. It was our talk that prompted me to get a physical, and without that push from you - I would not have known about the liver problem at all, much less the PCOS and cortisol levels. So thank you!!!

Maple Valley, WA

August 20, 2014







August 18, 2014

"Carla told me that my television show, which at the time was with a new network would not happen and predicted another network would pick it up. She was 100 percent right about it, everything she said would happen, started happening immediately. Thanks to her, we were ready and prepared and moved forward quickly. She is definitely the real deal, holds no punches."

Here is the link to the Variety Article about my show. You said we would get picked up by another network. And we are playing in the big leagues now.

"Trapped on a Telenovela"


Stacy Asencio-Sutphen
Los Angeles, CA

August 13, 2014










August 2, 2014

I spoke to Carla again recently about the new man in my life. Carla told me more things about him which are all true. Carla knew his star sign (before I told her his date of birth!)

She told me things about his character - for example, he is not generous with money - which is very true. She told me he likes the wealthy lifestyle quite a bit...and this is also true. She told me our relationship would not be straightforward, we would have ups and downs. I know exactly why this is, it makes complete sense.

Carla is very accurate with her future predictions and believe me, I have tried to question her predictions! But Carla always sticks by what she believes and in the end, she is correct.

Carla is a really sweet lady who really does care and obviously doesn't just do this for money, she does it because she loves what she does and really cares about her clients. If you are thinking about having a reading with a psychic, I would save up and have a reading with Carla, because she is by far the most accurate reader I have met and is worth every penny.

Barcelona, Spain

August 1, 2014

We talked July 2011 and wanted to let you know, you were right on about my stomach. The following April, I had my appendix removed. The same month, my male cousin I'm close with, had his taken out and by the same doctor, except he almost died, had complications.

Thanks for the heads up!

Cottonwood, CA

July 31, 2014


Thank you for keeping me calm and somewhat curing my anxiety today.

I have been dealing with a lot of issues since we had last spoken and I knew I had to talk to you first before making any decisions that could possibly be wrong.

You confirmed and clarified that the guy was still scared, worried - that he wouldn't have enough money to provide for me. He does love me... "true love" is what you saw and been seeing since Aug 2013. You felt he had to pretty much get his priorities in order and had put "us" in a rear view mirror so-to-speak.

You did state he doesn't like the separation, but he is trying to stick to his guns- that he is sad as well... which made my heart smile, because I felt like the only one hurting. You said he will come back around during Virgo time...on his own. You said to take care of yourself and keep doing "you" - that I will only delay the process if I inquire with his friends. He knows you will be there when he comes back. You still saw "marriage."

Then we talked about work. Wow - you knew exactly who it was that I felt was doing whatever she could do to get me fired. Carla, you described her to a 'T' !!!

You went into great detail and you were right. You said "she will be the one fired, not you...they like you!" "Because I was committed and dedicated to my job...working long hours and completing my work each day." You said "..When you go back to work, smile at her, because you know she will be leaving soon."

With all this being said, I am excited about going back to work knowing that girl will be the one leaving.

I will keep you posted!


July 21, 2014

I had my first reading with Carla a few months ago. At the time I wasn't over an ex and had been told by another psychic that he would come back to me and that we were meant to be together. When I spoke to Carla, she told me that he wasn't the one for me and that he couldn't give me what I wanted.

She then told me I would meet the man I am meant to be with in 'Leo time' this year. Carla then went on to describe the man to me. She told me he was older than me. I have NEVER been with someone older than me, so I thought this was highly unlikely. She said we would meet through my work and that we would meet in a really random way - like bumping into each other in an alleyway. She also told me this man was very involved in his work and he had a 'regional' job.

Well... it's now upon 'Leo' time, and I have recently met a man who fits Carla's description perfectly! He is older than me. We met through work... not my work, but his work. We met in a completely random way... passing one another in a stairwell. The man is very involved in his work as he has his own business and works long hours. He works in the architectural industry, so his job is 'regional.'

Carla also told me that we had an opportunity to meet before, and we did! We actually met a few years before in the same way. We spoke briefly, but at the time I wasn't ready for a relationship, so I didn't pursue anything. Carla also predicted that this man and I wouldn't move in together until 2016... she said that "..he would want to build a home for us." Carla had no idea that he works as an architect, so this would make perfect sense!

I have actually contacted quite a few psychics before, and although they have been very accurate on current situations - their future predictions were not accurate. Carla's predictions were spot on, and her ability to predict timing is incredible! I was so convinced when I met this man that he was the one Carla had spoken of. I called her to make sure I was right, and she confirmed what I am feeling. Thank you so much, Carla!

Barcelona, Spain

July 3, 2014

The first time I spoke to Carla was about ten years ago. My reading was incredibly accurate. She knew things that I hadn't even told my family or friends, including the fact that I was planning to move across the country.

Right now I'm ready to take my life in a new direction so I felt compelled to reach out to Carla once again. I had my second reading this afternoon.

Currently, my main concern is location. Where should I live? Where am I supposed to be? She pinpointed exactly where I was going to live. It's one of my favorite cities in the world, a place I used live, and a place I always knew I'd go back to. She knew that I had strong reservations because of my financial situation but was encouraging and adamant that this was the next step in my life.

But the most surprising aspect of my reading was about my profession. Without any prompting, she told me that I would pursue a career in the publishing industry. I have been thinking about a writing career for a long time and have often considered working in publishing. I've never shared these aspirations with anyone!

I agree with many of the clients that talking to Carla feels like talking to a friend. She is caring, genuine and very honest. Thank you Carla!

State College, PA

June 10, 2014

Thank you, dear Carla. You are precious.

Thank you so much for your compassion, wisdom and insight.

It is very important when we are lost at sea to have a rudder and someone to help us get back on course when we have been in a storm that has pushed us out of our so-called course that we knew.

Though it seemed extravagant to have a session with you as you said, I have needed guidance in some moments. I have been alone in this: caregiving for my mom and this war thing with the family. Both these things have tested me beyond any kind of limits I think most people could handle. My mom is very brilliant and most amazing person I know on this earth and, still, there are many hardships being a 24/7 caregiver for her - especially for the suffering she is experiencing caused by other family members, and the legal nightmare of 5 years they perpetrated. Very scary.

So, to have that bit of guidance can be essential. I don't have grandmothers anymore... so, we have guidance where we can find it.

Financial wisdom is important and I certainly need to be aware of that and at the same time know where to spend some bit for the benefit to keep going. I wish I had a guide on that so often. We all need all kinds of guidance.

I know how much the work I do helps people, too, like you, in my own small way. I see the work that I do more as 'healing coaching' than giving information.

Like your heart imploring me to just keep loving my mom and focus on positive memories while we are still on this earth together. That is all from your heart and from your divine guidance to share with me today. Thank you so much for taking the time today. I am so grateful for your presence.

I'm inspired, too, to hear the little bit of sacred story you shared about your finding your own way and you MADE IT! I will hold you in my heart for inspiration! I hope I make it, too!

Good wishes to you in all the things that you do and for all that is coming for you!!

Please enjoy a peaceful video on my website when you want:

Thank you so much and a giant hug to you!!

Sarah West
Richmond, VA

June 10, 2014

Carla, I have to tell you a bit of amazing news that you predicted that came true.

You told me a few months ago that a medical professional that I had met at work would contact me in June. We had dated previously, but were still in love with other people. You said at the time that he was with another woman but it wasn't working out the best. You said that they would break up in June, and he would contact me.

Well last night at work, I got a message from him that he broke up with his girlfriend and would like to give it another shot with me. I about fell out of my chair when I read the message, because it happened exactly like you said it would! I am still currently in love with another man.

Maybe I'm still going down a different path than God intended, but I wanted to let you know that this came true! I want people to know that Carla's accuracy will leave you speechless! :)

Morgantown, WV

June 6, 2014

I had my first reading with Carla yesterday. Carla pinpointed the issues I was concerned about with precision. She gave me insight and confirmation. It was astounding and expected, all at the same time. It was truly one of the most amazing experiences of my life.

Not only is Carla very professional and very accurate, she is also extremely personable and I was immediately put at ease. I would highly recommend a reading by Carla to anyone that has the desire to obtain answers not likely to be found through "normal" channels. I look forward to a long relationship with Carla regarding any big decisions in my life, especially this particular situation.

Thank you again, Carla. More than words can say - for helping me with a situation that means more to me than I can say. :) I will be in touch.

Myrtle Beach, SC

June 5, 2014

I had the privilege of having another session with Carla today. Talking to Carla is like talking to a lifelong best friend. However, Carla knew details that not even my best friend would know.

In my last session with Carla, we discussed my abnormal pap results with mild dysplasia. At the time, she said that I would be going to a physician and that "she" would take care of it. The doctor I had scheduled an appointment with was a man. However, it turned out that I was dissatisfied with the way he treated me, and ended up going to a female physician that I am very pleased with. Carla knew all along that I was going to a female physician! Amazing!

Another amazing fact was that when I was leaving the office of the male doctor that I had originally went to, the receptionist wrote my name down as the name that I had picked out for my unborn daughter that I lost several years ago. Nobody knew about my unborn daughter as I never mention her at doctor's appointments. I took that as I sign that I my daughter was watching over me in heaven and that I was making the right decision.

I had testing done, and the results came back that the mild dysplasia was caused by a low risk strain of the HPV virus that doesn't cause any real harm and can be easily fought off by the immune system. However, Carla picked up on the fact that my immune system took longer to fight off infections and that I should have any abnormal cells removed from my cervix just to be safe. She was right! I have autoimmune skin conditions.

Carla also told me that my fiancé wants to marry me but at the same time wants to get his career situation settled first. He told me those exact words! How could Carla have ever known that? Also, I forgot to tell Carla that I was even engaged in the first place. She also told me that sometimes he just feels like dropping everything in his life and moving with me to another location. He has also told me almost those exact words.

Carla and I also talked about my past lives. I was a man in many of my past lives. Ironically, people tell me in this life that I have a guy's personality. She told me that in a past life, I was a gay man and the son of a wealthy man of the law. My father couldn't accept the fact that I was gay and made his slaves beat me. The slaves didn't want to beat me as they liked me as a person, but were forced to do so.

That is ironic, because in this lifetime, I absolutely cannot stand to watch any movie or see any sign of abuse without crying like there's no tomorrow. I also have many gay friends and have always felt badly for those people that are not accepted for who they are. She told me that in a previous past life, that I was a man held prisoner on a ship near Australia. I was chained on the bottom level of a boat and bitten by rats. I caught scurvy and died. I am terrified of rats in this lifetime and of anything puncturing my skin, for example, I have a horrible needle phobia.

Carla said that after those horrific lives as a man, I decided to be a woman in all of the rest of my lives. In a previous past life, I was a wealthy woman in South Carolina and wore a hoop skirt. I did some research and found that the first hoop skirt was patented in 1846 but had lost its popularity by 1860. That was the lifetime where I found my passion for education. I became a teacher in that lifetime, and enjoyed introducing the less privileged to literature.

In my next life as a woman, I was stillborn about 10 years before I was born into this lifetime. In this lifetime, I'm a Medical Laboratory Scientist. I care for people in the hospital from drawing their blood to testing it and am happy to see each person's recovery day by day until they get to return home! I am truly blessed and even more blessed since Carla has shared this amazing information with me!! Thank you, Carla!!

Morgantown, WV


More insight:

Carla went in 'psychically' for a couple minutes just after she received my testimonial to obtain more clarification on a few details that were 'bugging her' after our session on the past lives she had picked up for me. (She indicated that she doesn't do this often, but when she feels compelled to dig deeper on a peering.)

Here's what Carla wrote back - -


"I wanted to see why I saw 1200's, Middle Ages, for you as a virtual prisoner on a ship below decks.

I think you lived BOTH of these lives - one as a captured slave during the Middle Ages on a ship for slaves.. and the other* going to Australia in the early shipments of prisoners to the island. You died before you got there to Australia.

The lifetime immediately after was that of the teacher with the hoop skirt where you never wished to be born a man again. That would still fit the timeline if you died as I had seen on that ship circa late 1700's - you having reincarnated as a woman shortly after that death."

* Convict ships generally engaged in carrying convicts from Great Britain to the Australian Colonies. The First Fleet saw the first convict ships arrive in Australia in January 1788, and the last convict ship, Hougoumont, arrived in Western Australia in 1868. Over the 80 years of transportation, between 1788 and 1868, 608 convict ships transported more than 162,000 convicts to Australia.


June 3, 2014

I had my 3rd reading with Carla today. I always get a little anxious before readings but she has a way of eliminating that feeling and within minutes I was calm. During my first reading with her last year she stated that my dad will not be around much longer. She saw his health declining quickly. She felt he would ultimately succumb to something to do with the respiratory system like pneumonia.

Within the last few months my father's health has significantly declined. He is losing movement and strength in his hands and has become weak and lethargic. He even gave up his golf tournament which is one of the things he loves to do most in life. He went to the doctor and they are ruling him out for ALS. This disorder causes muscle weakness and atrophy throughout the body. With this disease you ultimately die from suffocation due to weakening of the muscles that support breathing. It is a sad reality and unfortunately in this case she was spot on.

I recently reconnected with a man I had a relationship with 5 years ago. We are not intimate because he is still in his relationship and having difficulty leaving his children solely in her care. Recently he was deployed and Carla stated that he is worried she is going to mess things up at home. That is indeed true. He told me before he left his biggest fear is that she is going to charge up the credit card bills and wreak havoc at home. I did not tell Carla about this and during our conversation and she picked right up on it. Carla sees him making a change in his situation around September of this year and the 3rd week in August to be the launch pad for my new adventure and new life I create for myself.

Charlotte, NC

June 3, 2014

I had a reading with Carla just 2 weeks ago, which was quite remarkable, only wish I booked a longer session. I was feeling uneasy about some issues and needed clarity so I decided to have another reading with Carla. This was my third reading with Carla, as my first was about 2 years ago and she never disappoints. She helped me feel reassured that things were good (regarding my relationship) and just to keep doing what I'm doing. I tend to worry a lot, that's my problem.

She also touched up on my work business and said things were good financially this year. I mentioned to Carla that I recall my first reading she said I was going to go through financial problems in the following year to come. Boy did I ever experience a difficult year financially, didn't see that one coming. She nailed the situation and timing on that one! Carla said some good positive things will happen in my relationship within a few months time. Can't wait for these things to come to fruition!! And when they do - I will be sure to keep you posted.

Toronto, Canada

June 1, 2014

I want to say, I worked with Carla professionally on her website for about a year back in the early 2000's, and had the pleasure of meeting her and I received a reading from her as well. Everything she predicted came to light.

I also want to add that after we spoke once our professional career was over, she was always there for me spiritually and immensely through her God-given gift.

To all the nay-sayers, who wish to prove that all psychics are charlatans and thieves, Carla Baron is most decidedly NOT anywhere close to that, and a genuine person all-around.

My father passed recently... it was heart problems (brought about by cancer and chemo treatment) - just like Carla said!

My mother has voiced her wishes to contact a medium in the future for her own spiritual well-being. She's mentioned a few that are on TV now, and I told her with all the conviction if she wants a TRUE psychic/medium, I will get her in touch with one who knows her stuff.

Just wanted to let you and your fans know that even though time has passed, you have made an indelible impression on me that still lasts some ten years later. Love ya girl! We'll be in touch soon!

Shannon Sannuti Cetrone
Richmond, VA

May 18, 2014

I had my first reading with Carla close to a year ago. I needed some help and insight about a relationship I was in at the time. Carla described the relationship dynamics right on point. I was shocked. She said it was basically a dead-end relationship which was hard for me to accept, but I needed to hear it, and Carla confirmed this. Eventually the relationship ended.

She also mentioned I was going to meet this man that is for me, and he's the one. She NAILED his profession (real estate) and said he "wears suits." Didn't make much of this because I needed to heal from the other relationship and accept it was going nowhere. So I went on with my life and didn't look back.

Months later I met this man (I will call David) and it was that instant feeling of he's the one for me. This is when I remembered the reading I had with Carla, in which she describes him exactly.

I can honestly say I fell in love with David from day one. Everything went perfect until his ex-girlfriend came back in the picture last month wanting him back. I thought - I have to contact Carla and get help on this matter because I didn't want to lose David.

Carla said that his ex is manipulative and will try everything to get him back and away from me - even going so far as to say that's she's pregnant! This has ALREADY started to happen as the ex emailed me recently a few times trying to get under my skin saying that very same thing - she wrote that "...she & David were still seeing each other and we're trying to get pregnant." (Wow.)

Carla also mentioned that I remind David of his mother.. in a good way. Having met his mother, she is a strong, smart independent woman. If I handle this situation about him and his ex - not tolerating her "b.s."- he will not want to lose me.

Again - I was blown away how Carla nailed everything - from what David's ex is all about... to about David himself. She told me to stand my ground and not accept the ex being in his life - even as a "friend." If I'm strong and not put up with this, then everything will work out for me as it's meant to be, and the ex will be forced to back off.

I will let you know what happens in the months to come...

Thanks Carla !!

Toronto, Canada

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