☠ Agent Orange takes it toll once again ☠

“Dear Carla:

I have been a big fan of yours for quite a while! As I have been struggling with major life decisions and issues for the past year, I thought – book a reading with Carla! This was my first reading with you and I must say that I will definitely contact you again in the future!

You immediately put me at ease and asked what it was that I wanted to know more about. The main focus of my questions was about my husband who is very sick with Parkinson’s disease.

[We know now this is due to his exposure to “Agent Orange.”]

You immediately zoned in on his mental and physical status. The details you provided were right on target. Your explanation of the “why” of his actions was most helpful and insightful to me as his wife and caregiver. The information you provided regarding his Veteran’s Administration claim associated with his illness was extremely helpful and points me in a direction I had not fully considered before.

Your answers to my work issues were confirmation of what I had felt but tried to dismiss. It only made me feel sure of the decision I will make with regards to my job and what my next step will be. The future you painted for me seems bright, exciting and full of promise. I know with clarity what I must do now. I feel at peace and confident that I will make the right decisions for myself and my husband. Although there may be some rough days ahead, I am sure that I will get through it all and come out OK.

Thank you so much, Carla! You truly have a gift. You have provided me with the clarity, strength, courage and resolve to go forward with what lies ahead. I am eternally grateful!”

Love and light,

Sun City, AZ


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