Carla was “dead on” about the fireman I’m dating! ♠


I wanted you to know that you were “dead on” with my reading about the fireman I’m dating. We had broken up because he was going on an out-of-state special assignment for a few months and then he was supposed to move to Idaho. He was determined to move to Idaho for work. You told me that something would get in his way and he would not move to Idaho. In addition, you said we would get back together. Well, you were right!!

You are by far the absolute best!

Thanks again!


Published by Psychic Carla Baron

Internationally renowned psychic/medium ~ star of "Haunting Evidence"(truTV), "MysteryQuest" (History Channel), “Psychic Hollywood: The Search for Truth” (E! Entertainment), "Dead Famous" (Biography), MTV's FEAR, "Psychic Detectives", ABC's Primetime, WE tv, 20/20 on WE

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