~ The Psychic Connect ~

As many of you know, I have felt a special connection with the Holly Bobo abduction case very shortly after first reading of this, and seeing Holly’s photo, via the national news wires.

Nursing student Holly Bobo, 20, was last seen being led by a camouflage-clad man into the woods near their home in the  morning hours of April 13, 2011. Holly Bobo is cousin to famous country music artist, Whitney Duncan.


Since I appeared internationally on numerous television programs where my work was featured as a psychic crime profiler, the emails & requests have been too numerous to count these past few years. I am so disheartened that I cannot accept every case file request which comes across my desk. The families of these karmic victims have written me the most tear-invoking letters — filled with anguish, desperation, undying love for their missing or dead, and the aching need to know …

“WHY?  What happened? Where is she? Where is my boy? My husband? My sister? My friend?
Why did they pick our family to destroy?
Who did this?”

“We are such a good family …
we didn’t do anything to deserve this horror!”

And so on. These are but a few of the questions which continue to haunt my emails daily. My replies to each who have requested my assistance on an official basis have been, for the most part, the same – I gently let each family know how very sorry I am for the nightmare that has happened, that I am unfortunately unable to take their particular investigation – going on to explain that I must feel a personal “connect” for my consideration on any case file to proceed.

But what does that mean… a “personal connect” ?

It’s my ‘Psychic Radar Guidance System’ (PRGS, if you will) which points me in the direction of individual souls I am sensing agreements with on a soul level this lifetime. But how do I know?  What exactly is it that leads me to THESE particular choices?  Well, it’s instantaneous. I can tell you that much. There is a moment when I first see the victim’s eyes in a photograph where I just ‘know’ them … there is a recognition, a powerful energy ‘cord’ connection. I usually cannot glance away from the photograph for what seems like an hour, but only 5 minutes in actuality. Time is literally suspended for me in that moment. I now have the ‘psychic connect.’

Sometimes, my eyes well up with tears of compassion. It’s an all-in-one reaction ranging from soul recognition – to seeing psychically brief snippets of what occurred (not really knowing what they mean, or how to assemble, as yet) – to becoming one with the victim.. seeing/ feeling/ sensing through their eyes in a strange “fast forward” replay of the events leading up to & including their demise – finally – reconfirming my soul’s ‘agreement’ I made prior with the victim to provide assistance, becoming their psychic ‘window’ to what happened, what’s next.

This is how it was when seeing the image of Holly Bobo above that morning of

April 15, 2011.

As fate would have it, this ‘anniversary’ date mirrored 2 others of marked significance in my destiny prior –

My premiere introduction to the world (quite literally) as a prominent psychic profiler just happened to fall on April 15th in 2004 when my work was featured that night on
ABC’s Primetime.

The 2nd was another where I felt the ‘personal psychic connect,’ where I knew I would be working on that investigation somehow – April 15th, the following year of 2005 – the mysterious disappearance of PA Centre County District Attorney, Ray Gricar.

(This case was subsequently filmed as an episode during Season 1 of my breakout paranormal reality series, Haunting Evidence, on Court TV – now truTV.)

After the premiere of Haunting Evidence, my life would never be the same. I am so very grateful and humbled by my work on these unsolved crimes. Never a day goes by I do not realize the impact this has had on my life, as well as, countless others’ lives across the globe, who have viewed the series in syndication.

There are so many I had to turn away .. that fact will never sit comfortably. But, alas, I am only one woman. And there are imposed limitations to my time, hours in any given day.

I must choose.

It’s not ideal – but this process of psychic selection I have learned to rely on has guided me well these past years. So I forge on, intuitively carving out my path on this treacherous road – rife with human stain, weakness, senseless horror.

May my psychic senses continue to cast light

             upon the human darkness…

Published by Psychic Carla Baron

Internationally renowned psychic/medium ~ star of "Haunting Evidence"(truTV), "MysteryQuest" (History Channel), “Psychic Hollywood: The Search for Truth” (E! Entertainment), "Dead Famous" (Biography), MTV's FEAR, "Psychic Detectives", ABC's Primetime, WE tv, 20/20 on WE