Holly Bobo, A Prominent Psychic, & a Mother’s Primal Fear

(PARSONS, Tennessee) – Nursing student
Holly Bobo, 20, was last seen being led by a camouflage-clad man into the woods near their home on Wednesday morning, April 13, 2011.

Holly Bobo is cousin to famous country music artist, Whitney Duncan.

As of today, May 11, 2011 ..

Holly Bobo remains missing.

A couple weeks ago, I formally offered any intuitive gleanings that I could in regards to the mysterious disappearance & apparent abduction of Holly Bobo nearly one month ago outside her Parsons, Tennessee home. Since then, I have been contacted by a dozen or so individuals who are either close to the immediate family, or working the search effort daily.

Karen Bobo, Holly’s mother, has been so confused and quite literally beside herself with all the horrifying chaos – her precious daughter snatched away without warning just a few feet away, in the stark morning light.

How could this have happened?  Was Holly being stalked? How did she become an unknowing lure to the twisted attractions of a dangerous mind?

Karen is quite understandably frightened of what I may – or may not – see in my
psychic landscape for her beloved Holly. It is this way with every parent, sister, brother, friend I have psychically read with on missing person case files. Karen and her family are familiar with my work on the truTV (formally Court TV) reality series,
Haunting Evidence,” I had starred in for 3 seasons.

One thing I must stress here – my ‘delivery’ of the information that comes forth is different for each situation. I will ONLY impart that which the individual close to the victim is able to withstand and assimilate at the time as we progress through the events I psychically see. (This caveat was already shared with Karen Bobo this past week through back & forth email dialogue.) There is an intuitive “handling” on my part as psychic profiler of any catastrophic details, so as not to contribute to any anxiety, sorrow, or helplessness they may feel during the sessions.

Many have come forward – via internet, emails, discussion boards, etc. – with various “psychic” impressions, dreams, thoughts, projections on Holly’s case and whereabouts.
In a previous blog post, I shared my personal ponderings (not so favorable) on these psychic “firestorms” breaking out everywhere, anywhere on Holly’s demise – without any rhyme, reason, or particular credibility.

In an effort to clarify, Karen Bobo, as well as, Clint Bobo (her son, Holly’s brother) were recently made aware of my official protocol & procedures for taking on any investigation in a formal capacity. She was concerned about whether there would be “cameras” present while I did the readings – like when I was filming Haunting Evidence, and whether the information would be kept “confidential.”

My reply to her was, “All my readings are confidential.

“If I give an interview — I keep pertinent details out of the press, just giving enough to keep Holly’s name out there. But nothing that will compromise anyone close or the investigation.”

“What cameras?  That would only happen if I was filming something for television. None of that would occur here with Karen.”


Yesterday (5/10) – the family was further apprised on my standard policy in order to accept case file investigations.

First – I would have to be the only psychic on this case in any official capacity – Karen and family must work with me alone on this.

Second – If I give interviews (as is necessary in these things) – I would protect the family at all costs. The information would only be enough to keep Holly’s name in the press. (This is critical in these situations as the media tends to have a short-lived memory, moving on to, well..  the next big story.)

As they were the ones who originally approached me with the request, I must make room in my otherwise hectic schedule. My regular psychic sessions, online work, articles, interviews, etc. would have to be juggled in order to accommodate, a task I am more than happy to undertake – for this personal “psychic connect” I feel about Holly. And – as previously stated – I offered to do any & all work for Holly’s case “pro bono.”

Now .. it is ultimately up to Karen Bobo and her family.



I just this minute received a statement from the Bobo family friend ..

“I just spoke with them again, and they are not going to do it at this time … Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity for your service.. TBI has advised them not to. I’m sorry for your inconvenience.”


But THEY were the ones who contacted ME.

I did not solicit them, nor was that my intent.

This, my friends, is yet another “control” tactic deployed by the infinite ‘powers-that-be’ within gov’t jurisdiction to let all of us (a.k.a., the ‘public’) know —

“Who’s really running the show.”

Let’s not let anyone steal their proverbial thunder, shall we?

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