Yet another case of “shoddy” news reporting on the Psychic and Holly Bobo ..


If anyone in Nashville, TN was watching your NBC news ( @ 6pm CDT this evening.. they ‘reported’ a story on me saying I had “already given readings for the past month to the Bobo family.” And crews “supposedly” searched some ‘body of water‘ where I “said” to look for Holly…

Uhhhh..   NEVER happened, folks.

Have not had even one reading yet w/ Karen Bobo, or the family, for Holly’s case.
This will NOT occur until I am officially on the investigation.

So I don’t know who this “psychic” was that supposedly led searchers to some
body of water in Parsons, TN” where they ostensibly found nothing …


But it was NOT Psychic CARLA BARON

(I can assure you all of that!)

Where do these people get their facts? Do they not check first before they broadcast COMPLETELY FALSE information all over the place causing even MORE chaos than already exists in this case?



*Looks like they at least got the article off their Nashville NBC affiliate website while I was typing this. They said on the phone they had ‘acquired’ it from

(Yeah.. let’s blame the other guy.)

I never once said I had done ANY readings for the Bobo family as of yet to this
news anchor, or anyone else for that matter!!!  (The interview was even recorded.)

I have spent more time cleaning up these “reporting” errors than
MY actual work the past 2 days.

Like how Jason Miles issued a statement the other night on the tag end of their package video that I am “charging” my regular fee to work on Holly’s case.

I have stated from DAY 1 on my blog articles here, official Facebook, Twitter,
and main website that I offered my assistance to the immediate family in the search
for Holly Bobo for FREE.

As in “pro bono.”

No charge.

Whatever they needed.

Who knows what else is flying around out there about me?
This is ridiculous. I tell ya!

~ Carla Baron

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