Carla was picking up things about my health before I even said a word!!!


Before my reading with Carla, I was incredibly anxious, as well as unsure of what to expect. I knew going into the reading what my primary concern was, and that was my Health. Carla immediately began picking up on the symptoms I have been experiencing for the better part of 2 years. Carla noted about the debilitating fatigue I have been experiencing. She said that the health issue at hand (which I have forever been trying to get answers to) was in my blood stream or was blood related. She stated that in February of this year the onset of my symptoms had begun to intensify. This couldn’t be any more accurate, as my fatigue became more debilitating and my hair loss more excessive at around this time. Carla was quick to note that this wasn’t a result of the typical “male pattern baldness” (as I’m only 20) but more to do with my diet and how my disease was depleting the nutrients needed for hair growth.

Carla then asked why I was only going to G.P.’s and not specified doctors. She quickly noted the G.P.’s dismissive attitude, and how they would be unable to properly diagnose me. She advised me to seek help from a Health Centre to get a full “blood panel” as she feels my White blood cell count is off. She then in great detail described the muscle swelling and twitching I get in my legs (which come on as involuntary muscle movements when I am lying down or sleeping.) Carla said my Neck would be “next” – but interestingly enough it has already started! I have trouble with swallowing when I eat, and just in general. Carla then asked me if there was anything else I wanted to know. And I asked if she could give a name to the sinister beast that has been plaguing my body. Carla said it has a characteristic of “pre-leukemia” or something HIV-related.

She went on to say it would cause some problems with my Nervous system. (Which I’m sure has already happened.) Carla then said it felt like what the actor Michael J. Fox had. I asked if it was Huntington’s – Carla said, “I don’t think so..ummm, no.” (Actually Carla, upon my Google search, it was Parkinson’s, which – incidentally -my grandfather had!) She then encouraged me to get this seen to right away, and I promise I will.

Carla asked me for my second question, and it was regarding my career. I am 20 years old and a freshman in university, and at cross-roads with what I want from my career. (I told Carla my areas of interest in health care, and also how I was dabbling with the idea of business. But this was only AFTER she saw these next incredible details I’m about to tell you!)

Carla said she was getting some intense kind of obscure visions. She was saying how she sees “water” all around me , as well as some sort of “isolation tanks” & me being submerged in the water. [Could be some kind of Hydrotherapy or Flotation Tank Therapy.] She said she could see me in a white top and white pants, which looked to be rather clinical in nature. She said I looked a lot healthier, and I was working with people in the water & tanks as a sort of physical therapy, using electricity to stimulate nerve endings in the body. Carla said how cool she thought this technology was as it is very “new” and cutting edge. I asked Carla if this job required a lot of schooling, to which she replied, “No, I don’t see you finishing school for what you are about to do.”

Then Carla asked how far into my studies I was. I said one year. She again said “No, you won’t finish school, but you won’t need to… you will receive on-the-job training for this type of work. Something surrounding my OWN health situation, recovery, and rehabilitation, she said.” Carla revealed in the summer of 2012 I will be working for these people, as I may end up meeting them at a clinical trial for my own Health problems. (I love the connection here!)

It was also a relief for me because earlier on in the reading I asked if I was going to die from these health problems (being the natural hypochondriac I am)- but Carla stated that because she saw me working & looking healthier, it doesn’t seem to be the case. Carla then apologized for the sort of “bad news” regarding my health, but I was thankful for the tools she gave me, so I know what to look for.

My last question was regarding a move or relocation. Carla said she saw me on the “East Coast” near a large body of water. I asked East Coast of the US? Carla said No, she saw a lake, not an ocean. Carla then asked me where I lived, I said, “Outside Toronto” and then she said, “Your Pacific time right?” I laughed and said, “No I am Eastern”. Carla then laughed stating how she mixed up Vancouver with Toronto thinking it was above Washington state. We both laughed and I stated I already lived on the east coast near a large body of water, near the great lakes. This amazed me with how accurate she really was (with where I live, not her geography :P). The reading came to a close.

I just want to thank you Carla for your time and valuable insight. I’m very anxious to see how all this plays out, and what comes to pass so I can let you know exactly what happens!

Conor M
11/1/2011, Ontario, Canada.


*Conor wrote me the next night that one of his “health” predictions already came true:


UPDATE: (Wednesday, November 2, 2011 10:16 PM PDT)


Also one of your predictions has already come true.. As I was walking home tonight out of NO WHERE my right knee totally BUCKLED. It was shocking and my friends were concerned so they called me a Taxi so I didn’t have to walk the rest of the way home :\

►(I had actually got a quick ‘flash’ in the psychic reading that Conor’s knees would “buckle” under him as he was walking fast, & that he should take care when walking.)◄

Yea I am fine.. It just spooked me that you said that and it happened a day later.. And the testimonial looks great I love the picture!

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