Carla was picking up things about my health before I even said a word!!!


Before my reading with Carla I was incredibly anxious, as well as unsure of what to expect. I knew going into the reading what my primary concern was, and that was my Health. Carla immediately began picking up on the symptoms I have been experiencing for the better part of 2 years. Carla noted about the debilitating fatigue I have been experiencing. She said that the health issue at hand (which I have forever been trying to get answers to) was in my blood stream, or was blood-related. She stated that in February of this year the onset of my symptoms had began to intensify. This couldn’t be any more accurate, as my fatigue became more debilitating and my hair loss more excessive at around this time. Carla was quick to note that this wasn’t a result of the typical “male pattern baldness” (as I’m only 20) but more to do with my diet and how my disease was depleting the nutrients needed for hair growth.

She went on to say it would cause some problems with my Nervous system. (Which I’m sure has already happened.) Carla then said it felt like what the actor Michael J. Fox had. I asked if it was Huntington’s – Carla said, “I don’t think so..ummm, no.”

(Actually Carla, upon my Google search, it was Parkinson’s, which – incidentally -my grandfather had!) She then encouraged me to get this seen to right away, and I promise I will.

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