Carla predicted this love and the longevity of the relationship. So far she has been right on all the major points!

I have been having readings with Carla since June 2014. I have been involved in a wonderful but complicated relationship. It is hard to know what goes on in a man’s mind at times, and I desperately needed Carla to unravel various mysteries. Carla has maintained since June 2014 we would get married. We are nowhere near that point yet, but we seem to be on a very committed path. We are separated geographically – we met online but NOT through a dating site. It was completely by chance. However, Carla says our meeting, connection, and love story, were predestined. Was already in place before we were even born. SOMETHING has brought us together and KEPT us together.

Right now we are separated a lot because of his job. Those separations have actually HELPED our relationship. We recently had a very scary and intense incident happen to us. Both our computers were hacked by a malicious online stalker. I was afraid the incident (stress) could tear us apart but it didn’t. It seems to have brought us even closer. Also “Jack” mentioned coming to see me. The first time that has been mentioned in over a year. There were/are circumstances that prevented that from happening prior to this.

It is still a bit off but my fingers are crossed (and everything else). Carla predicted this and predicted the longevity of the relationship. So far she has been right on all the major points!

I credit Carla will guiding me in the right direction and for not losing faith. For also keeping me grounded and in the present. There is no way I could be at this point without her. Some things are worth the wait and worth approaching slowly and methodically. Knowing what to do, when to do it and how to do it can make or break a relationship. Carla was there to provide all of this information and guidance to me. I look forward to turning to Carla in the future as things continue to play out in this amazing and beautiful love story.

Myrtle Beach, SC

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