Carla gives much needed clarity into a health issue regarding my eyes, and sees a new business venture around November!

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I have talked to a psychic before – but not like Carla. She was very easy to talk to – just like a best friend. I was at my wits’ end with my recurring eye issues. I needed answers.

In Carla’s reading, she managed to identify the root cause and suggestions on how to improve the eye issues that I am dealing with during the call, and reassured me the eye is fine. Very impressive since I was worried I’d never be okay unless I caved into the surgery they wanted. I’d managed to wiggle out of it since last June as they wanted to rush & reroute both tear ducts in which one has no issues at all.

I had been considering doing a business venture with a friend which I was uneasy about to begin with since it has been a lot of squabbling on details etc. Carla was spot on… she described my friend’s personality to a T. She actually hit on the items that concerned me about the venture indicating it would be a lot of “fighting & stress” involved. She said a new opportunity would be opening up with a younger different person around November. Which is great! Younger people are more like me & think out of the box. Looking forward to what November brings me.

I was so thankful to talk to her, and I am so excited at what the future will bring. Also that my eye will recover so I can wear my contacts again. Thank you, Carla- you made me feel so much better.

I will be calling again!

Columbus, OH

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