I can say I was completely blown away! Carla was on point about how I felt about an upcoming intensive training, my anxieties.


I just had a reading from Carla because I had a big need to get reassurance on an upcoming intensive training for a job I just got about two weeks ago. I have been following Carla on Twitter, Facebook – and have watched her on TV, too.

I got the 15-minute reading because I really needed an answer to my main question – “Will I be successful with this upcoming training course that I must have to keep this job?”

I can say I was completely blown away! Carla was on point about how I felt about this, my anxieties. Carla told me to let go of trying to be a “perfectionist,” and try not to focus on getting every single thing correct! (Carla was spot on about this because this is actually my second attempt to get through this intensive training.)

My first attempt didn’t go so well, unfortunately. My anxiety, feelings, and need to be perfect at everything derailed me the first time. It was an out-of-control experience for me, which is not who I am at all. Carla figured out my personality and the way I am real quick… (Maybe I am a little OCD at trying to get everything right.) I will definitely work on that issue this time around! Carla says I will be successful this 2nd time! (I will send Carla an update when I complete this training to update her.)

And since she was able to answer that question so quickly, I also had a chance to ask another. Of course, I wanted to know what she saw in store for my love life! I have a long-term boyfriend, and I do question if he is the one or not. Our relationship is not bad, but it also isn’t the best that it could be. I just want/need a little more from him.

Carla pinpointed my boyfriend’s personality and his ways exactly! She also saw that he requires constant reassurance and nudging, and I am always having to do that. She also mentioned he may be upset that while I am pursuing my dreams and goals, he is stuck where he is now and he may feel insecure. (I try to tell him what I need from him and make him feel better about himself.) WOW! I think deep down, I knew all of that! But Carla certainly hit a bull’s eye with him! I do always have to push him to ‘get the picture’ about our relationship and ask him to continue to work on many things for us to be better together.

Carla also mentioned I will meet someone else at my new job and we will mesh well since we will have a lot in common and with my current boyfriend we don’t. We will have to wait and see…

I HIGHLY recommend Carla and I will call her again when I need some guidance. This was actually one of the best readings I have had, as Carla was able to pinpoint many details about my situation – and did not go around my question, or give general answers. Thank you, Carla!

Oxnard, California

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