Carla thought it would be a different type of work and maybe a smaller office with some sort of accounting work. I didn’t tell her my profession – even after she read me. I’m an accounting assistant. She has a gift.


It’s been a while since I had a reading. Carla read me a couple times prior to today but it’s been almost two years since the last reading. I’ve been hitting a few walls in my life lately and was looking for some insight. If not insight, validation.

I asked her about my current relationship and she asked me if there had been talk about marriage. We just got engaged a couple months ago. First thing she said was she saw money issues. That was the biggest reason I scheduled a reading. My boyfriend and I have been together over two years and it seemed like since I got my divorce settlement, I’m paying for almost everything and then some. It’s really been bugging me lately because the money is almost gone. She said she felt that he loved me and everything but that he was kind of lazy. He helps around the house which is something my ex-husband didn’t do, and it really means a lot to me that he doesn’t have to be told to pick up after himself. To me, it’s more of his attitude about going to work. I’m the type of person that would bend over backwards and overexert myself to dig out of a tough spot.

She said he had a history of being taken care of, like I’m his proverbial “sugar momma.” It’s so funny she used that exact wording because that’s what I’ve been thinking to myself in my head. He has a history of his mom taking care of his monetary needs if he runs into trouble. He’s been divorced for quite a few years. He just has a very cavalier attitude towards paying bills unless it’s his car or his cell phones. He throws his other bills away. I told her he owned his own property in another state and she suggested I do some research on the title. She said she saw the property possibly being seized. This could be entirely possible because he does have some large debts from his past kind of looming out there that haven’t been addressed. This is kind of why we haven’t set a wedding date. I don’t want to get married and drag our personal financial past into a marriage. I don’t want to have to pay for debts from his ex-wife.

I had a very bitter divorce and I’ve been trying to co-parent with my ex-husband and it hasn’t been going well. I asked Carla if she saw my relationship with him improving any. I would love if we could just get along. He stresses me out. I gave Carla his first name and his birthday – month and day. The first thing she said is “he’s an angry guy.” YES, HE IS. He seems to be getting angrier as time has passed instead of getting over things. She said he feels like the world is against him and that any chance of success in his life has been taken away, that he’s disappointed in life and his choices are limited. She described him perfectly. I couldn’t have described him any better.

Carla kind of diverted the reading at this point, asking me why I would want to get along and have someone in my life who was so angry and to have that kind of negativity directed at me constantly. She then asked me about my health. She said she thought my relationships were influencing my health. I confirmed I have been struggling with health issues for some time now. She took a minute and said, “let me look at it.” Then she said, “It’s something with your lungs.” I have been struggling with sinus issues that keep turning into bronchitis. I am on round five of antibiotics this time. I had become ill last November and though I got better, I never seem to have kicked it. She saw it being more serious than the doctors have determined and that I’m at a point where it may not be able to be reversed. Then she asked me if I’d been having issues with my skin. I’ve been struggling with eczema patches and small breakouts of what they think is a type of psoriasis. She has a gift.

Lastly, I asked her about my job. I’m on the fence about whether to stay or move on. She said she saw some sort of supervisor making a decision that would lead to less pay. The HR at my work has just switched health insurance companies without warning which has caused my premiums to increase $70 per month. She said if I do leave, it won’t be on good terms. She said she saw a possible new job near the end of the year and that I would be working for a woman. I work for a woman now, but she said that I would still be working for a woman. She said she thought it would be a different type of work and maybe a smaller office with some sort of accounting work. I didn’t tell Carla my profession – even after she read me. I’m an accounting assistant.

Thanks for the insights, suggestions, and validation, Carla. You gave me much to think about and some different angles to investigate further.

Elyria, OH

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