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My dear friend, ruth weiss, had made the decision at 92 to gracefully exit this world on her own terms. I was in constant contact with Anna Marie, her closest friend, and due to the pandemic travel issues, couldn’t be there. We knew ruth was suffering from Terminal Agitation, and was clearly reliving traumatic experiences she suffered in life. Anna Marie was very concerned that a “cleanse” was in order, and hoped to find a way for ruth to exit more peacefully, clearing the karma of the trauma so she wouldn’t bring it with her.

I suggested she speak with Carla. Carla had helped my grandmother “cross over” when she was fearful and having difficulty letting go. I recalled Carla’s ability to connect with her spirit, even while living, and it meant a lot to my grandmother and me that she could have this very important help. I booked a session for Anna Marie and ruth, so they could help her transition without the awful trauma, and experience the peaceful passing we all knew she wanted and deserved. The insight Carla provided was spot on, as always, and her help was profound. It was moving for me to know this care and love was available to her. Anna Marie was able to experience Carla’s amazing abilities at work, and I will let her tell you of the results.

Love, Rain

ruth weiss, the beat goddess documentary

ruth had spent three days and nights severely agitated, didn’t sleep, drink or eat, she was yelling and crying.  When I spoke with Rain and she told me about how much Carla had helped in her Grandmother’s passing, I agreed to participate in a session. ruth wasn’t able to talk but I brought the phone to her bed and put it on speaker.

Carla had been told nothing about ruth’s life; only that she was in the process of dying and needed help. I explained that ruth was very upset and doing a lot of yelling and could not have a conversation. ruth was not much for this world. Carla explained to ruth that she was going to be ok. That when she left this life she was going to be with her soul mate and would always have his unconditional love. I asked Carla for his name and she said “Eratoh.” Hearing his name ruth calmed down. I could tell she was listening.

Carla proceeded to tell us that ruth had been with him in another lifetime, that they were Native Americans and he had been protecting her and waiting for her return to his arms. I asked when she would be returning to him and Carla said “Friday” – (2 days from our session.)

Carla had many insights into ruth’s life and her pain and spoke of them to us. ruth stayed calm while Carla was in direct communication with ruth’s inner being. She told me the things ruth wanted to have with her during her transition. Each time I brought the right thing – ruth’s eyes lit up. I was to play Indian drum music and repeat Eratoh’s name often to her. I did as Carla instructed and ruth became very serene, had no need for drugs, and passed peacefully on Friday July 31, 2020 – (just as Carla had predicted.)

I will be forever grateful for the Session. It made such a difference in ruth’s transition. From emotional pain to peace.

“ruth weiss, the beat goddess”

Documentary – Official Trailer

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