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Alone in the Dark: An Oral History of MTV's Fear

by Jake Rossen for Mental Floss The horror reality show gave contestants their own cameras and set them loose in purportedly haunted locations. The crew still can't explain what happened next. (Some article highlights below) Phillips: We had [psychic] Carla Baron come in advance and decide where the paranormal readings were.

Souls + Reincarnation Following 9/11

NeverForget #September11th Tuning in psychically to the mass exodus of souls from this earth dimension on that fateful day .. My strong impressions are that most of these souls have reincarnated at this time. The souls were meant to leave quickly, and return quickly, as this was a group soul agreement to rectify a few...

Justice Network

Psychic profiler Carla Baron is excited to announce her hit paranormal psychic-crime series, "Haunting Evidence," is now airing on the newly-launched Justice Network, featuring John Walsh.

More about Justice Network:

justice network

"Well-Known TV Executives in the Business, Set to Launch in January"

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The Doorway to 2012:   Mayans Point Us In Right Direction

December 31, 2011
by Psychic Carla Baron

We all know the date:

      December 21, 2012 – the advent of the Winter Solstice –
      also the Maya calendar date foretelling the “End of the World”
      (or at least the world as we know it.)

Read here:     The Doorway to 2012:  Mayans Point Us In Right Direction


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Psychics Becoming Popular in News Reports

June 09, 2011 10:35 PM EDT
by Chelsea Hoffman

Psychics have always had a sort of stigma attached to their gifts when it comes to skeptics and rabid opponents of "the occult." It doesn't help when out of the many who claim to be psychic, only a very select few people actually harness ESP abilities. This has been made embarrassingly clear since Monday when a woman falsely claimed to be a psychic and reported a mass grave in Texas. Naturally, the woman turned out to be a whack-job and police found nothing.

That's not the first time in the past few months that psychic phenomena has been discussed in the news. Take this genius, for instance: his growing obsession with trying to convince people that psychics are all frauds has become more of an entertaining point for some. It's almost as if he's trying to convince himself that ESP isn't real. What's more, he obviously looks for reasons to insert celebrity psychics into his parade of skeptical buzz words when they have nothing to do with the story at hand. Surely he's trying to push his own agenda on those who are seeking substance behind the catchy headlines.

And then there are all the Nancy Drew Psychics, who blog their so-called visions publicly -- even when the topic is surrounding sensitive issues like the disappearance of Holly Bobo. What kind of self-respecting and credible psychic would publicly blog and announce that they've envisioned the young girl dead in a pond without even so much as trying to contact the family formally first? The answer is simple. They're fakes.

Does that mean that all psychics are fake? Absolutely not. In fact contrary to what some misinformed individuals might have you believe, ESP has been tested extensively with a lot of positive and neutral results. The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology is publishing a study this year that will show strong evidence that supports the credibility of ESP.

People like this Benjamin Radford character for Discovery News like to claim that psychics have never contributed to solving crimes, and he drags notable psychics' names in the mud, like Carla Baron. Carla Baron starred in Haunting Evidence on TruTv and has worked for years as a trusted psychic profiler. Recently she's gotten some attention for her correspondence with the family of Holly Bobo, who went missing from Darden, Tennessee in April. The family cut off communication with Baron on the advice of the TBI, but she could've lent an experienced mind to the case, at the least.

Not only do people like Radford and other skeptics scoff at famous psychics' names they also blatantly lie to try to gain supporters for their ideals. Claiming that no psychic has ever helped in a missing persons case or other crime is downright false.

It's a lie, plain and simple.

Col. Irvin Smith of Wilmington Police Dept. stated on camera that psychic detective Nancy Myer "made an outstanding contribution to law enforcement," after she was able to directly help apprehend a serial rapist in Delaware. With her gift she was able to lead police direct to the man's residence and even got a confession out of the jackass. She was not paid for her services.

A publicity shy psychic led police directly to a suspected child killer back in the 1970s.
Dr. Luren Thibodeau helped Cumru Township Police solve a cold-case murder, including bringing the suspect to justice.

These are just a small fraction of the large number of actual cases that have been solved either directly or indirectly due to a psychic's visions or tips. It's best to research and find for yourselves that although there are charlatans and frauds out there, there are actually individuals who have the clarity to see things others can't. The use of psychics in criminal investigations isn't rare, and usually it's helpful. At least more helpful than sitting there doing nothing while cases go cold.


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