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"Wyoming Coroner Dr. Brent Blue has determined that the cause of Gabby Petito's death was strangulation 3-4 weeks before her body was found."

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#Psychic vision confirmed from Sept 20, 2021:

— Psychic Carla Baron (@Carla_Baron) October 12, 2021

September 3, 2017

More on my personal experience with the Natalee Holloway investigation

When we were in Aruba filming for Haunting Evidence (Court TV)... there is SO MUCH that was left out of that episode on my part of the process.

I had always maintained thru my psychic read on this case that Natalee's body was cremated (burned at a very high heat... such as that of a "crematorium") and stated as much while filming that episode. I also saw that Joran's father, Paulus, had a hand in assisting to dispose of her body so as to protect his son in any way that he could.

The associate producer (Andrew, who also was my shooter/cameraman on this episode) secured a local woman to guide us to a location that would match what I had seen in my psychic vision on where they took Natalee's body to "cremate" her.

We drove around the island to an area that we were told by the local guide was "restricted," so we had to be careful - going "stealth" mode.

I described a place where they might have a very hot oven (like a crematorium) or a glass factory, etc., where they could take her body to burn it.

She drove us to a glass factory there, but I wasn't sure that was the place. All I knew was Natalee's body was burned as a very high heat to cover this murder up.

We also stopped at a landfill where there were at least 30 German Shepherd-type dogs all dead laying crisscrossed in this deep landfill. Vultures were circling overhead, and doggie "paws" were strewn haphazard everywhere. It took our breath away. Andrew got sick to his stomach and wasn't sure if he could get some footage of this, so I offered to do it myself to document the horrors we had seen on this island. He pulled himself together and we shot all around this area.

You must understand - we had to drive with the camera HIDDEN underneath the seat in case we got searched. 2 crew members were already sitting in their local jail for shooting B-roll the night before. We were on edge, to say the least.

That portion with my version of what happened to Natalee's body was edited out of the episode for time constraints. Much of what I had said was cut due to the graphic nature of what I was seeing - producer said that Beth Holloway would not be happy with that side of the story. [Truth]

I hope this helps clarify some of my psychic work on this senseless murder.

(I will expound more on my details in Aruba with the Natalee Holloway case as it becomes necessary.)

- Psychic Profiler, Carla Baron

"Haunting Evidence" S2
(Court TV/ truTV)

August 19, 2017

[REPRINT from original Facebook publishing dated March 18, 2016]

#NataleeHolloway #JoranVanDerSloot #Aruba #PsychicProfiler #CarlaBaron

Ok .. some more from me on this case file ~

After we were finished filming the episode on Natalee's disappearance in Aruba, I had continued working the case for several months with the director from Diario Aruba (a primary news outlet there) - Jossy M. Mansur - we would talk frequently and I did many readings on what I sensed happened to Natalee throughout that summer.

(A few details we definitely disagreed on, such as how Joran disposed of the body... but for the most part - we were on the same page.)

For the record - -

I never saw Natalee's body in deep sea waters. I saw her body had been cremated by a friend of Joran's family (actually his father's friend.)

- Psychic Profiler, Carla Baron

"Haunting Evidence" S2

_______________________________ *Official Twitter reprint

March 1, 2017

This coming September will mark the 4th year since Caitlyn - our beloved Daughter, Sister and Friend - vanished from our lives. My 'kryptonite' has been handed to me through this reading with Carla Baron. At that moment, I knew I would not give up on Caitlyn.

It feels like eternity. After consulting with people who claim to be psychic (but aren't) over the past 3 1/2 years, we've heard the gamut - mostly gory, gruesome stories that haunt us. I previously consulted a while ago with another prominent psychic detective (initials N.M.) to read on Caitlyn's case. I felt instinctively that she somehow missed something. We have no answers. The police handled this case very poorly and the support isn't there. The pain is so great - to this very day.

I decided to take a chance and contact Carla for a reading of my Daughter's case. I just happened to be watching TV and she was there, and my Husband suggested I contact her. I did, and received polite & quick responses for an appt. Carla didn't hesitate to begin "tapping" in and giving me information I desperately need. I was shocked when Carla picked up (not knowing) on some specific injuries my Daughter may have sustained, and the fact that her body was "hidden" for a day or so, and subsequently treated with a biodegradeable chemical that is common for people's lagoons and septic tanks in this area. The fatal injuries that Carla had seen psychically were eerily similar to the same details that I got from the prominent psychic detective, N.M.

Carla hit the nail on the head every time. Carla has given me a detailed area to search, the what, and the why. Carla was also compassionate, and so in tune - she literally spoke my mind! We ended the reading on a positive note as she made sure I was peaceful. The reading has given me peace, and a part of acceptance I grapple with.

Carla has been the ONLY one to tap into Caitlyn like she did today. There was so much validation. There's no way Carla could have known things that she brought up - i.e., certain "biodegradable material" used for septic tanks common in these parts. I will continue my search for my Daughter. Peace comes one day at a time.

Thank you, Carla.

Carmen Carr
Quesnel, British Columbia


P.S. Caitlyn has a Facebook public group page - "Please Help Find Caitlyn Avril Murray"

You are welcome to join. I plan to consult with Carla again to see if we can one day locate her, and how we might face that reality. I would definitely recommend Carla to anyone in need of spiritual guidance.

"Haunting Evidence" Psychic Profiler Carla Baron Accurately Predicts Discovery Of Body Inside Car Pulled From Pond

#TonyLuzio #HauntingEvidence #MissingInOhio #PsychicProfiler #CarlaBaron

October 21 at 6:14pm

This matches my psychic read on what happened to Tony Luzio while filming an episode for
"Haunting Evidence." (Season 2, Ep 13)

Thanks to Lori Johnson for alerting me on this discovery. ♡


October 21 at 6:16pm

"Oh my gosh, Carla!! You are so AMAZING!!! Do you remember the Luzio case?

You said that he would be found in his car in a body of water. Breaking news on 10tv here in Columbus just said that the county sheriff's office just located his car in a body of water. They said they are waiting to find out if he is in the car.


Will let you know anything else I hear. Just wanted you to know this as soon as I just heard it.

Hugs to you, Carla!!!!" - Lori Johnson


October 21 at 6:53pm

"I actually remember that episode...well done Carla. My heart goes out to his family and hope this discovery will bring them some closure and peace." - Nichole Harder-Green

October 22 at 4:35pm

"I remember the episode of Haunting Evidence about the Luzio case, and Carla specifically said that he would be found in his car, still in his seat, in a body of water. Does anyone else remember anything else she predicted about this? Not that that isn't enough! LOL" - Lori Lilly Johnson

October 23 at 4:42pm

"Yes I remember that episode. The family can at least have closure. Carla - you were awesome to watch on those episodes. Truly gifted... I remember you saying he was in his car and will be found with water surrounding him. How right you were." - Wendy Anne Hook


Luzio 1

Luzio 2

#MadeleineMcCann #HauntingEvidence #PsychicProfiler #CarlaBaron

My psychic impressions clarified ~

Posted by Carla Baron on Thursday, June 19, 2014

#MadeleineMcCann #HauntingEvidence #PsychicProfiler #CarlaBaron

⇨ "Haunting Evidence" fans recall Psychic Profiler Carla Baron's reading eerily matching up with new search for Madeleine McCann

Madeleine McCann mystery: Police to dig in Portugal wasteland

#RemoteViewing #MH370 #PSYCHIC Missing #MalaysianAirlinesFlight370 .. ✈...

Eerie compilation of my earlier posts psychic profiling this event ~

Famed TV Psychic Carla Baron On The Death of Natalie Wood & The Art Of Psychic Crime Profiling

The sweet, tortured spirit of Oscar-nominated actress, Natalie Wood, is still at "unrest," according to famed tv psychic, Carla Baron. Last week, the release of a new review into Wood's death by the Los Angeles Coroner's Office raised red flags on almost every aspect of the original coroner's report.

Robyn Gardner Foundation in Poor Standing; Psychic Reveals More Details

August 05, 2012 03:00 AM EDT (Updated: August 05, 2012 10:00 AM EDT)

The Robyn Gardner Foundation was created by Richard Forester, the estranged boyfriend of the missing Maryland woman. The character of this man has been questionable from the start, and while he's never been suspected in the disappearance of Robyn, it's been made universally known that he was abusive toward her and she was breaking up with him. So naturally it was a bit unsettling to see him create a donation fund for the woman, and even more unsettling to know that he was "struggling financially" during the time of doing so. Well, here it is a year later and the status of his donation foundation is "not in good standing," and that's really no surprise.

Psychic profiler Carla Baron shared the details on her Facebook wall on Saturday regarding the status of the Robyn Gardner Foundation. Having been on this case from the very beginning, Carla has long suspected Richard Forester of being fraudulent in his activities regarding Robyn. The status of this donation fund is another piece of proof that compliments her claims. When you click here, you will see that the donation fund is "not in good standing," which could mean that it's been noted as being fraudulent.

It should be known that the public scrutiny over the donation fund set up by Forester has always been apparent. Even as recently as July 11th someone posted on the "Help Find Robyn Colson Gardner" page asking about the usage of the donations. That should be addressed by Richard and anyone else who has taken part in controlling the fund received in the name of the missing Maryland woman. Where did the donation money go? Was it used for traveling to Aruba to search for her? Was any of that money used to support Richard Forester or anyone else other than for what it was allocated? Why is it in poor standing? (See above screenshot provided by Carla Baron)

Carla also has a lot of insight on what may have happened to the missing woman.

"When I look at the scenes in Aruba, they flash by quickly. I try to suspend them in time -
viewing from all angles the events taking place surrounding the last moments
I believe Robyn Gardner was alive."

The famous psychic profiler has firsthand experience with this case, having worked with Richard Forester and several people who knew the missing woman. She also has experience working a similar case originating from the very same region in Aruba. The Natalee Holloway disappearance was featured on "Haunting Evidence," the paranormal crime show that starred Carla Baron. Her insight and experience with the area and these types of cases only further showcase her talent of sniffing out the truth in these tragic mysteries. So what does she think happened to Robyn?

"I see Robyn arguing .. a lot of arguing. It escalates to physical - on both sides.
I don't think [the suspect] premeditated any of this.
Things just got heated, and rough, and turned horribly violent very fast.
This is what I see in my psychic mind's eye, so it is in pieces, snippets..
not in strict chronological order do these 'screenshots' play.

Robyn can't breathe... she is choking. Then nothing. No sound, no movement. She is gone.

I see small rocks being placed on top of her with both hands. There is someone also there helping him I feel .. a 'lookout' perhaps, a day worker?

Robyn is placed on some sort of incline littered with stones, merging with the ocean below.
There are fishermen scattered where I see - a couple dogs, too.

In fact - that is how I feel she may be discovered. A dog is scratching away at the area where her hand may have peeked through the stony grave.

I also see pine needles on the ground nearby."
(Caribbean pine example image)

This grim outlook may be shocking to some, but with Carla's psychic tip the investigators should be inspired to continue the search for her. In the meantime, it would be nice to see what Richard Forester has gotten himself into with this poor standing he has with the donation fund he started.

Crime analyst and profiler Chelsea Hoffman can be found on The Huffington Post, Chelsea Hoffman: Case to Case and many other outlets.

Robyn Gardner Foundation in Poor Standing; Psychic Reveals More Details | Gather

Missing and Unsolved Cases: Intriguing Stories of 2011

Dec 30, 2011

Stories of missing women and children are among some of the most intriguing stories of the year 2011, so does that give you any hope for the upcoming year of 2012? Among the missing women featured in some of the many headlines this weekend some memorable names have been mentioned. Unfortunately, all of these cases are unsolved and growing cold.

Among the list of intriguing missing persons stories of 2011 is the strange disappearance of Lauren Spierer. The 20-year old IU fashion student vanished mysteriously in the early morning hours of June 3, 2011. Her parents are ferociously helping in the investigation of what happened to their daughter, but little has happened since the summertime. Will Lauren Spierer ever be found? What makes this story intriguing is the fact that the circumstances around the night she vanished seem suspicious. Testimonies from friends that night contradict surveillance footage and witness accounts. There are even speculations that the disappearance of Lauren could be connected to similar unsolved "abductions" and missing women. In particular, the disappearance of 21-year old Tennessee nursing student Holly Bobo comes to mind.

Coincidentally enough, Holly Bobo is also featured among 2011's top intriguing stories. That's because she was allegedly led from her property by a man in camouflage and her brother is reported to have watched the whole thing go down without stopping it. The investigation has been mum for months, and as we enter 2012, it looks like this case along with the disappearance of Lauren Spierer, is going cold.

Robyn Gardner and the Aruban vacation from Hell

NBC Dateline covered this story because of just how mysterious the entire situation has proven to be. The 35-year old blonde from Maryland went on a secret vacation to Aruba with her older lover, Gary Giordano. However, she vanished and hasn't been found since. Gary Giordano lawyered up immediately with notorious defense attorney Jose Baez, who is known for representing Casey Anthony during her murder trial. This case has been covered on Gather News for several months with exclusive interviews from world famous psychic Carla Baron as well as insider releases from NBC Dateline. It will be covered in this fashion until Robyn Gardner is found and justice is achieved.

Michelle Parker and The People's Court

The 33-year old Orlando mom vanished after a taped airing of The People's Court on which she appeared. She was sued by her former fiance', Dale Smith. She's been missing since November and it's been speculated that there could be a serial predator involved with her disappearance. However, police on the case have named Dale Smith the only suspect. It's disappointing that nothing has been found in weeks aside from the woman's iPhone 4. However, it's become one of 2011's most intriguing stories due to the strange connection with the long-running reality court television show. Could Dale Smith have harmed his former fiance' after it aired, or was she harmed by a total stranger and this is all one big coincidence?

Entering 2012 with hope for the missing and their loved ones...

As the year 2011 comes to an end and you reread the timelines of these "intriguing stories of the year," keep in mind that these are all real people. Not only are there women missing from all corners of the country, but children are missing as well. Baby Lisa Irwin, baby Sky Metalwala and five-year old Jhessye Shockley have yet to be found and are among many of the unsolved and mysterious cases of 2011. Will any of these missing people be found, or will they remain interesting mysteries read by followers of crime news?

Chelsea Hoffman is a prolific crime writer and fiction author with several works published. Her writing has been recognized by such entities as NBC Dateline and several others. Contact her directly by visiting ChelseaHoffman.Com.

Michelle Parker Breaking Exclusive Update: Psychic Carla Baron Shares Compelling Predictions

December 28, 2011 11:40 PM EST

Michelle Parker remains missing and detectives have released very few details regarding this missing persons investigation. What's known is that they publicly acknowledge that her former fiancé, Dale Smith, is their only suspect. Not all people believe Dale Smith is guilty of any wrongdoing, however, and Carla Baron is one of those people.

Read here: Michelle Parker Breaking Exclusive Update: Psychic Carla Baron Shares Compelling Predictions

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Michelle Parker Update: Family Pleas for Help

December 15, 2011

The mother of Michelle Parker made a heartfelt plea on Facebook to anyone who may know what happened to the missing woman, or where she may be found. This is the latest update in the search for the missing "People's Court Mom."

... Not only does psychic Carla Baron feel that a serial predator is responsible, the family members of the missing woman were reported in the beginning to believe she was the victim of a random abduction.

Read here: Michelle Parker Update: Family Pleas for Help

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Michelle Parker Exclusive: Carla Baron Makes Accurate Prediction

December 09, 2011

The disappearance of Michelle Parker was discussed by Carla Baron with a senior associate producer of the Dr. Phil show. The reading, which took place on Saturday at around 10:30 a.m. PST, involved the missing People's Court mom, as well as the disappearance of baby Lisa Irwin and the death of Natalie Wood. Gather News was lucky enough to get the exclusive inside scoop on the reading that took place. To put it lightly, the things Carla Baron shared about this particular missing persons case were downright spooky-accurate.

Michelle Parker Exclusive: Carla Baron Makes Accurate Prediction

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Lisa Irwin Exclusive: Famed Psychic Reveals Shocking Prediction

December 08, 2011

Regarding the Lisa Irwin disappearance, famed psychic profiler Carla Baron has made a shocking revelation. She mentions that during a recent taping for a Dr. Phil special, she was asked about the high-profile case. Her revelation seems to differ from ones of recent characters emerging in this ongoing missing persons investigation.

"I sense this child is alive. Those victims abducted, especially so young and precious, to still be alive after this length of time - it's very rare. But Baby Lisa is being loved, and cherished, nurtured, cared for ... this I do see. The couple loves her so. Yes, a serious crime has been committed here. Not saying this is right or fair for the family from which she was taken, but karmic ... perhaps. I psychically sensed that Elizabeth Smart was also alive one month after her disappearance - recounted in detail about it on a morning radio program here in Los Angeles. Like I said, it is rare. But blissful when proven to be true." - Psychic Carla Baron

Lisa Irwin Exclusive: Famed Psychic Reveals Shocking Prediction

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Lisa Irwin Psychic Drama

December 5, 2011

"As many of you may know, I've been covering the Lisa Irwin disappearance since the day the Kansas City infant was reported missing. You may also be aware of my work covering the Holly Bobo disappearance, as well as the mysterious case of missing woman Robyn Gardner.

The latter of the two missing persons cases involved (and still do to an extent) a high profile psychic who I have a lot of respect for -- obviously I am not a staunch nonbeliever in ESP.

I've also garnered the attention of other "psychics," but none of them really measure up to Carla Baron as far as actual talent goes. It's unfortunate to say this, but that's just how it is. There are truly psychics or gifted individuals with ESP, but there are also hacks and people who believe, but really don't have the abilities. Some people are also just criminals, and set out to make a living being charlatans.

Unfortunately, all psychics get lumped into the negative categories when their are people who have been truly helpful using their 'clearer seeing' abilities."

- Chelsea Hoffman

Lisa Irwin Psychic Drama

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Robyn Gardner: The Essential Collection

November 19, 2011

Up-to-date essential reading on everything Robyn Gardner from the perspective
of famed psychic profiler, Carla Baron.

Read here: Robyn Gardner: The Essential Collection

Robyn Gardner: The Boyfriend (& Others) Left Behind –
"Part Deux"

November 11, 2011

New surprising developments in the Robyn Gardner mystery in Aruba.

Read here: Robyn Gardner: The Boyfriend (& Others) Left Behind - "Part Deux" )

Robyn Gardner Mystery Thickens with Rumors of Prostitution and Human Trafficking

November 11, 2011 07:35 PM EST

Robyn Gardner vanished three months ago from Aruba in the same tourist town from which Natalee Holloway disappeared a few years ago. In the course of this missing persons investigation, a wide selection of details have surfaced—some are shocking.

It appears that Richard Forester gave an exclusive interview to the National Enquirer, who has covered the Robyn Gardner disappearance since the beginning. Richard Forester, the missing Maryland woman's boyfriend, expresses the fear that the woman he loves has been sold into prostitution against her will. Forester has also recently set up a donation website for allegedly saving up funds to aid in the search and investigation of what happened to this missing woman.

However, things seem to be twisting and turning in this case, and it seems that the woman's chosen lifestyle was far more than what it was earlier believed to be. When the Maryland woman first vanished, it was uncovered that she was an aspiring model who had posted on the popular networking site Model Mayhem. There seems to be more to the story than this.

The Robyn Gardner story becomes stranger

Psychic profiler Carla Baron published a blog piece today on this missing persons case, which she has been covering extensively. The world-renowned psychic and star of TruTv's Haunting Evidence has been in contact with a slew of individuals who are both close to the missing woman, but the investigation and her former boyfriend as well. It appears that nobody is on board with Forester's attempt at raising donations, save for the people who have donated. A source who contacted Carla shared some information that could indicate that this Robyn Gardner Foundation isn't tax-deductable, as Richard States otherwise on the website.

It's also heavily rumored around those close to the missing woman and her former boyfriend, that Robyn Gardner was a paid escort who had been picked up a few times for "solicitation." Richard Forester is reported to have known about this. It's also been shared that Robyn Gardner was spotted on surveillance at the airport, before heading to the Caribbean, handing an envelope full of money to Richard Forester.

Could any of these new details lend a hand to the investigation into this woman's whereabouts? It's highly unlikely that the missing Maryland woman is alive, but the possibility of prostitution playing a role in her disappearance could be a lead.


*Chelsea Hoffman is the Author of "Chloe and Louis," and the "Fear Chronicles," series of books. She also covers a myriad of true crime stories online.

Robyn Gardner Mystery Thickens with Rumors of Prostitution and Human Trafficking | Gather

Sunday, November 13, 2011 1:13 PM

Hi Carla,

I've been following the Gricar case for many years now. I am from Pennsylvania and the case is of
particular interest to me.

The details you provided in your psychic reading on this case (Haunting Evidence, Court TV) -
I have to say that I was absolutely stunned by the eerie possible parallels to the current scandal
involving Jerry Sandusky, Penn State and the Second Mile charity.

You mentioned in your reading that Gricar had possibly 'stumbled onto info that would have made
certain people with possible criminal implications that would threaten the income on
several people, approx. 6 weeks before he disappeared.'

You also thought that 'he was planning to bring this info to the attention of someone
higher up in government.'

This has also been a theory of mine for quite a while and I now am wondering if it is indeed the case
that he may have found out info on Sandusky's alleged pedophilia and the possibility of
a wider network of pedophiles operating out of central Pa. There have been rumors to this effect
throughout central Pa for many years.

Several of my uncles are retired Detectives and we have been discussing this case all weekend.
They were completely thunderstruck by your accuracy in light of this week's recent developments
coming out of Penn State. My uncles usually don't take Psychic profiles seriously, but I want to
assure you that they are now believers!

I quite understand if you are not able to discuss the case, but I felt compelled to contact you
and at least thank you for you excellent work.

Truly stunning!

Thanks again,

Robyn Gardner: The Boyfriend Left Behind
(For Perhaps Good Reason)

October 30, 2011

It has now been nearly 3 months since Robyn Gardner vanished on the Caribbean isle of Aruba. The prime suspect in the investigation, Gary Giordano, has just been extended his stay another 30 days as Aruban authorities continue their investigation into the disappearance and presumed death of the Maryland woman.

Read here: Robyn Gardner: The Boyfriend Left Behind (For Perhaps Good Reason)

The Mystifying Twists & Turns In The Search For Robyn Gardner

October 2, 2011

As a famed psychic profiler, I receive numerous emails daily from fans around the world, clients wishing to book a psychic reading, those wishing to understand their own intuitive gifts a little more clearly. When one of my television programs happens to be airing, there are literally 400-500 emails on any given day. It's simply the nature of what I do as a psychic/ medium well within the public eye.

Recently, there have been many who have contacted me regarding missing Maryland resident, Robyn Gardner. Robyn was last seen Aug. 2nd during a short getaway to the isle of Aruba with traveling companion, Gary Giordano.

Today will be 2 months exactly marking her disappearance.

Read here: The Mystifying Twists & Turns In The Search For Robyn Gardner


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