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Robyn Gardner: Can A Psychic See Her Way Through The Mysterious Mists Of The "Aruba Triangle" ?

Anyone familiar with the paranormal knows well of the mysteries surrounding the Bermuda Triangle.

The 'Aruba Triangle' could mirror the veiled 'black hole' that seems to be vanishing beautiful blondes from America right into thin air.

It could also depict the twisted love 'triangle' surrounding the latest disappearance in Aruba: Robyn Gardner, Gary Giordano, Richard Forester.

And here is where our story begins…

Read here: Robyn Gardner: Can A Psychic See Her Way Through The Mysterious Mists Of The "Aruba Triangle" ?




Monday, Sept. 5th @ 7pm PDT..

Psychic profiler, Carla Baron, officially read in session w/ CHRISTINA JONES
(via Skype to Aruba) regarding the ROBYN GARDNER disappearance on the island.

Robyn Gardner, of Frederick County, MD, was last seen Aug. 2 in an area known as “Baby Beach” for its shallow waters. Her "traveling companion," Gary Giordano, has since been detained/ arrested at the airport as he attempted to leave the Caribbean isle for the U.S.

The Aruban authorities consider him a prime suspect in this investigation.

He was denied his appeal (Sept. 7th) to be released from detention in Aruba, where authorities can now keep him in custody for 60 days.

Later in the week, psychic profiler Carla Baron was contacted by individuals either intimate
w/ Robyn Gardner, and/ or had direct contact w/ Gary Giordano.

This scenario is eerily reminiscent of the disappearance of another beautiful young blonde girl by the name of Natalee Holloway.

This was one of my well-known cases which was filmed for an hour-long special of my psychic crime series, "Haunting Evidence," on the TruTV network.

Robyn Gardner Shocking Updates

August 31, 2011 04:50 PM EDT (Updated: August 31, 2011 08:20 PM EDT)

Robyn Gardner vanished on the island of Aruba while vacationing with Gary Giordano. With her disappearance going on a month now, new shocking details have arisen, making Gary Giordano look directly responsible for her demise. This isn't the only new development in the case, as this missing persons case is full of twists and turns.

Sources reveal that shocking CCTV footage was obtained by Aruban authorities. It's being analyzed by Dutch officials who are seeking the help of talented lip readers to figure out what is being said in the short, but disturbing, video. Sources report that Gary Giordano and Robyn Gardner were having a heated argument that became violent when Giordano was seen slamming the missing woman into an elevator by her throat.

Lip readers believe that Robyn was shouting, "I'm out of here. I'm leaving. I'm not spending another minute with you."

Giordano is believed to have shouted his murderous intent in response to her threats of leaving him. Witnesses at the Marriott say that the two of them were fighting prior to disappearing toward the elevators. They say she was waving her arms about, shouting at him about something. He was seen grabbing her arms and jerking her around.

It was also revealed that the two vacationing lovers had met on a famous erotic dating website. Adult Friend Finder is the premier online dating site for swingers and those who prefer alternative sexual lifestyles with their chosen partners. This is a far different type of dating site than through which it was previously reported that she'd met the man. However, she may have allegedly met Richard Forester off of the tamer dating site.

Although Richard Forester has been asked by the FBI to stop speaking to the media, he hasn't relented; it doesn't appear, though, that he is in anyway involved in this case. From the looks of what happened, Robyn Gardner was no longer interested in being with him. Why else would she have flown off to Aruba with Gary Giordano? What's more, why would she have sent a text to Gary prior to their trip saying "Get me the hell out of here?"

Perhaps it was Richard's wishy-washy attitude that drove Robyn into the arms of the man accused of murdering her. Psychic profiler Carla Baron briefly revealed her thoughts on today's shocking update in the case.

"Richard should really stop being in denial about Robyn's behavior. She was looking for attention that she somehow didn't get from him - of THAT I am convinced. Especially after hours of psychic sessions with Richard trying to discern what really happened in Aruba."

This of course comes after the revelation that Robyn Gardner in fact posed as "Elle" Gardner on the popular social modeling website, Model Mayhem. It seems that while some people are interested in withholding the true nature of the missing woman, the truth is being revealed with each shocking update that is released. Although Richard Forester was one of the ones who disputed the finding of XXX photos of Robyn on Gary's camera, it has been revealed that he is actually knowledgeable on the woman's seedy character. A portion of an email sent by Forester to psychic Carla Baron reveals this fact:

"I was present while they [the Model Mayhem provocative shots] were taken."

Today an Aruban judge will decide whether or not they can continue to hold Gary Giordano. Chances are, he will remain behind bars as he is the prime suspect in this disappearance. Authorities have good reason to believe Robyn Gardner is dead and the discovery of the CCTV footage definitely doesn't help Gary look any better, regardless of what his 80-year-old father might say of the man.


*Chelsea Hoffman is the Author of "Chloe and Louis," and the "Fear Chronicles," series of books. She also covers a myriad of true crime stories online.

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The Psychic Search For Robyn Gardner

— TV Psychic Carla Baron gives a personal update on the sensational Robyn Gardner disappearance in Aruba.

Read here: The Psychic Search For Robyn Gardner

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Robyn Gardner Breaking Story: Provocative Photos Surface of Missing Woman

Robyn Gardner has been missing for several weeks now from the same Aruban tourist city that was known for the Natalee Holloway disappearance. It's been a rough few weeks, and more and more details are surfacing. It's sad that Robyn Gardner has yet to be found, even though suspect Gary Giordano is still behind bars while authorities in Aruba search for clues.

One of the more disturbing details surrounding this woman's disappearance, is the way her friends, family members and even longtime boyfriend appear to be in the dark of this woman's true life and character. With each detail that surfaces, they say the missing Maryland woman would never do the things she is reported to have been doing while in Aruba. The most recent example is the revelation of "beyond pornographic" images of the woman found on Gary's camera. The fact of the matter is simple, Robyn Gardner was a free-spirited, liberated woman who appeared sexually-charged.

Read here: Robyn Gardner Breaking Story: Provocative Photos Surface of Missing Woman

Robyn Gardner Search attracts Psychic Carla Baron

August 19, 2011 08:55 PM EDT
by Chelsea Hoffman

Psychic Carla Baron was contacted by the boyfriend of missing Maryland woman, Robyn Gardner. This detail comes as a breaking update in this ever-developing case. It seems that while the Aruban authorities are playing this one as quietly as possible, Richard Forester just wants answers. This man is distraught about the disappearance of Robyn Gardner and publicly reached out to the world-renowned psychic profiler for help.

Carla's public fan-page on Facebook shows multiple posts between her and Richard Forester regarding the disappearance of the 35-year-old woman from Maryland. Apparently the two have been in contact with each other since the 12th of August. There is even a public testimonial by Forester where he says:

"Carla... thank u [so] much. U have connected me with my love, best friend and I am truly grateful."

Carla Baron starred on TruTv's Haunting Evidence, which lasted three seasons and is now in worldwide syndication. It's probably a good idea to point out the interesting connections in this alliance. You see, when Carla was on Haunting Evidence, she directly worked on the Natalee Holloway case and visited the town of Oranjestad, Aruba, the same tourist community from which Robyn Gardner also vanished. She has the experience to help Richard Forester with finding out what happened to Robyn. No doubt, he made a good decision when he contacted the woman who literally coined the term "psychic profiler."

Although news sources haven't mentioned yet that he's been working with Carla Baron, he hasn't hidden his decision to use her pro bono services, either. With this being a missing persons case, she isn't charging for her expert talents. If you want to know more about Carla Baron's work with missing persons cases, check out her official website. She has to feel a special connection between herself and the missing person before agreeing to work one of these special cases, and she did feel that connection with missing Robyn Gardner.

As for the search for the missing Maryland woman, it appears that the more Aruban investigators release, the bleaker it looks for the outcome of this investigation. They've already found such items as pornographic photos and a bloody rock—although they do not know whose blood it is yet. An eyewitness who claimed to have last seen Gardner and the suspect, Gary Giordano, says that he saw Giordano's car parked in an area not suitable for snorkeling shortly before the woman vanished.

Hopefully this alliance Richard Forester has made with Carla Baron will help shed some light on this investigation, so either Giordano is pressured into revealing what happened, or Robyn Gardner is found.


*Chelsea Hoffman is the Author of "Chloe and Louis," and the "Fear Chronicles," series of books. She also covers a myriad of true crime stories online.

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Holly Bobo Walk Coincides with Carl Perkins Center Fundraiser

May 15, 2011 08:20 AM EDT
by Chelsea Hoffman

In honor of Holly Bobo, a fundraiser walk was hosted at the Natchez Trace Park yesterday, drawing in hundreds of advocates for child abuse prevention as well as those who have helped search for the missing nursing student. This comes a little over a month after Holly Bobo was allegedly led from her Darden, TN home into the woods.

The walk was organized by Gina White, who gathered everyone involved in the event at the Carl Perkins Trail Ride.

"Many of the people helping in the fundraiser were searchers when Holly first disappeared," said Gina White, referring to the combined group of fundraiser guests and those who were there to support finding Holly Bobo.

A news source covering the walk/fundraiser also reveals that the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is revisiting related cases in the area. This, allegedly, is in hopes of gathering clues and finding out what happened to Holly Bobo. This is a curious end to the news source's coverage of the Carl Perkins Fundraiser and Holly Bobo walk, because it reveals that investigators truly must not know what happened to Holly. This could explain why so little has been said about the evidence related to the case.

If they're at a loss for clues, why won't they speak, or allow the Bobo family to speak, with experienced media individuals and those who have experience in cases like these? Everyone has been silent during the past five weeks, and meanwhile Holly Bobo remains missing. The family refuses to speak to the media and even after asking for help from psychic profiler, Carla Baron, the TBI stepped in and put a stop to it. Baron, star of TruTv's Haunting Evidence, is one of the very few people in the public view that has had any kind of contact with the Bobo family. This has instantly thrust her into the view of those who are following this case, including news sources who have represented her in a less than honest and respectful manner. Could this be because the TBI and family of the missing coed are refusing to say anything to these very media outlets?

With all due respect, it does seem like the shoddy reporting of those who are trying to help is the result of jealousy -- but it is still unwarranted. What matters here is that there is still a young girl missing and there are people in pain over her disappearance. The people of Darden and Parsons, Tennessee volunteered in the hundreds immediately, and the rest of there are people around the rest of the nation that also want to help.

The TBI needs to realize this, and open up more.

Holly Bobo Walk Coincides with Carl Perkins Center Fundraiser | Gather

Holly Bobo Remains a Mystery Disappearance

Saturday, May 14, 2011
by Chelsea Hoffman

Read the Disappearance of Holly Bobo by clicking here

Holly Bobo seemed to vanish into thin air, and according to her brother she was led into the woods by a man in camouflage clothing on the morning of April 13, 2011. Since that morning, very little evidence has been found and the girl is still missing. Holly Bobo, an attractive, bright and friendly girl, was leaving for school like any other morning, according to her brother, Clint Bobo, 25. Clint alleged the man led her away, but he thought it was her boyfriend as he only saw the man from behind. It wasn't until later, approximately 40 minutes later, that Clint claims to have noticed something wrong. Holly's car was still there, and there was a small amount of blood.

Different sources report the occurrences in various ways, but essentially Clint Bobo is alleged to have first called his mother, Karen Bobo, and then the police. It's also been reported that a neighbor heard a scream and also called the police. By the end of the day on April 13th, Holly Bobo became a sort of celebrity. People across the world instantly knew who Holly Bobo was and about her hometown of Darden, Tennessee. Why did the disappearance of this 20-year old nursing student instantly shake the nation to its core? And why have the investigators in charge of this case refused to release details? Best yet, why hasn't Holly Bobo been found?

One report claims there are more than 1,000 leads as of 5/14/2011 -- but with this many leads wouldn't one think the case would be solved? The town of Parsons is only roughly 2,500 people! It almost feels like some people are simply shuffling their feet while the citizens and volunteer searchers in the area stress about the safety and whereabouts of Holly.

The latest article about the disappearance features a telling quote from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. In case it's been forgotten, back around Easter weekend a "significant" item was discovered linked to Holly. The TBI wouldn't release the identity of the item, but they immediately called off volunteer searches. In this latest piece the TBI blatantly states that there is no reason for volunteers to continue searching. Why?

Perhaps they are onto something, but haven't given anyone information about what they know. Perhaps whatever was found on Easter weekend has something to do with why the TBI has refused to allow volunteer searchers to continue the hunt for Holly Bobo. And perhaps this is why the TBI advised the Bobo family against seeking the help of a trusted and credible psychic profiler. Carla Baron, of TruTv's Haunting Evidence, not only had communication with the family, but she documented explicitly that she intended on being confidential. She even stated that she was willing to help the family for pro bono, i.e., for free.

On her blog, Baron doesn't reveal any details whatsoever of her visions regarding the disappearance of Holly Bobo, nor does she embellish any hints or wordplay surrounding the topic. However, in two recent news stories about the famous psychic, the journalism has been quite sub par. Poor reporting on Baron has recently come from WSMV, another NBC news outlet. They reported today that Carla had previously given the Bobo family readings. Not true, and she addresses this here. It's amazing that a big news outlet can't get its sources or facts straight; especially during such a sad case.

BMF | Holly Bobo Remains a Mystery Disappearance

Psychic Interviewed about Holly Bobo Involvement

May 13, 2011 02:45 AM EDT
by Chelsea Hoffman

Since Holly Bobo disappeared in mid-April, investigators and volunteer searchers have exhausted plenty of avenues in turning up clues. This includes the Bobo family's alleged request for help to psychic profiler, Carla Baron. Sure, it seems like hocus-pocus to some locals and non-locals alike, but consider this:

Would you turn down help from someone who has more than a decade of experience in criminology and missing persons cases, after a month of no clues?

It doesn't seem like a very hard scenario in which to make a decision, does it? Apparently, some people think it's a preposterous idea. It doesn't help when a lot of people don't have an understanding of criminal parapsychology and individuals like Carla Baron. You might find yourself asking, "Has there ever been a case in which a psychic has helped solve a crime?"

In short: Kind of.

The United States has a sort of nonchalant relationship with parapsychologists, but still acknowledge the effectiveness of ESP for character profiling and finding dead bodies. With this said, in an investigative sense, law enforcement officials often exhaust any and all leads before consulting a psychic. In fact, let's get this out of the way and quickly: In extensive investigations, psychics are usually consulted unofficially. This is something that isn't common knowledge, but reading various reports by crime experts reveals just how common ESP help is in criminology.

In an earlier article, it was mentioned that the family of Holly Bobo sought the help from a psychic profiler by the name of Carla Baron. This is completely true—so true that the media jumped all over the story immediately. Unfortunately, people in the media can be biased; this is something that is just universal and it's unavoidable. During the interview with Baron, some important factors were completely disregarded. To be honest, it painted a sort of misconstrued picture of what Carla Baron and people like her are trying to achieve for those in need of clues and closure.

Jason Miles, an anchor for Action News 5 in Memphis, interviewed Carla Baron after the story broke earlier that the Bobo family had contacted her. His interview was revealing enough as they discussed that Baron had an immediate connection upon seeing Holly's face. She explained that a close family friend reached out to her via email asking for her assistance, to which she obliged. This information is shared publicly on Baron's blog.

However, one thing that stands out with Jason Miles's interview with Carla, is that his commentary had a sort of twisted take on her services. He stresses that Carla Baron charges a fee for her psychic services before he mentions that she has done jobs "pro bono" in the past, but then immediately finishes his segment by stating that the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation wouldn't comment on the story. He failed to mention that Carla was going to assist the Bobo family completely free of charge. Not only has she done pro bono work in the past, she was more than willing to assist the family in finding Holly Bobo free-of-charge. This, again, can be clearly read on her blog—from which Jason Miles found out about Baron in the first place!

To take an opinionated stance for a moment, it seems that a small amount of bias was used whilst interviewing this well-known profiler. Nobody is asking anybody to believe in ESP or psychic phenomena, but alluding to the opposite of fact is one thing that doesn't jive well for many people, especially those who wish for Holly Bobo to come home or for her abductor to be brought to justice. So think about the opening question of this piece a second time. Would you turn down the help of Carla Baron, if all else seemed to be failing in the search for one of your loved ones? It's easy to be skeptical when you're not in the face of extreme, dire desperation. It's easy to say "I don't believe" when you're safe at home with those you love close to you. But, put yourselves into the shoes of Karen and Dana Bobo for just a second and ask yourself that question. Carla Baron feels that there may be fear of what she has to say, but closure is more important, in some humble opinions.

Psychic Interviewed about Holly Bobo Involvement | Gather

Parents of Holly Bobo Sought Help from a Psychic

(Updated: May 12, 2011 12:15 PM EDT)
by Chelsea Hoffman

With Holly Bobo missing for over a month now, not only are people around the nation nervous about the girl's condition, but her parents are apparently desperate as well. It's been shared by a world-renowned psychic that the family of Holly Bobo has contacted her for her assistance.

However, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation apparently doesn't want the help of this renowned clairvoyant. Why is that? Pretty strange, isn't it? The TBI has been so tight-lipped about the young college student's disappearance that the rumor mill is absolutely out of control--and so-called locals of Parsons are partially to blame for this from the looks of many discussion boards and blogs.

According to the blog of psychic Carla Baron, the family of Holly Bobo contacted her in particular over this case. In her post titled, "Holly Bobo, A Prominent Psychic, & a Mother's Primal Fear," Carla describes a chain of events that are both confusing and aggravating to say the least. For those of you who may be a bit hesitant to believe this to be an actual source from someone who is trusted, be aware that Carla Baron is a world-famous psychic profiler who has been featured on a number of investigative shows on TruTv and others. She's been involved in a myriad of missing persons cases, helping find out details and solving crimes.

Anyway, after a series of discussions with the Bobo family, Carla Baron documents bits and pieces of the discussions with family members and friends of the family members. This one came in today, from a supposed family friend, putting an end to Baron's potential aide in the Bobo case:

"I just spoke with them again, and they are not going to do it at this time ... Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity for your service.. TBI has advised them not to. I'm sorry for your inconvenience."

Why would the TBI advise the Bobo family to turn down help from a world-renowned psychic profiler? This doesn't make sense because the family has released to the news that they want any help that people can offer them to lead to finding their missing daughter. Hopefully this means they are actually onto what is going on and will be solving this case, since they don't want the help of national, renowned experts!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Intuitive Substantiation

A commercial airliner breaks through the clouds and begins to drop altitude as it approaches a strip of land born of volcanic rock and jutting upward from the azure waters of the Caribbean. The landscape more closely resembles the desert southwest than what one might envision as a tropical paradise. Jagged rocks, scrub brush and shifting sands dominate the canvas, but the painting is framed by sugar white beaches and wind-sculpted Divi Divi trees. What mysteries does this island hold so close to its center?

Aboard the flight a passenger peers from the window as the jet begins to circle the island and prepares for landing. She closes her eyes for a moment and carefully thinks through her itinerary. Suddenly, the landing gear lowers and the rubber of the tires sing as it touches the runway. The passenger disembarks and stops momentarily. She turns her face toward the prevailing wind and lets her eyes drift across the horizon as her long blonde hair dances against a stark blue sky. Even in February the temperatures on the island are moderate, but she feels a chill run over her skin then her hands tremble so very slightly.

Like many before her Carla Baron is drawn to Aruba by a feeling, a vision, an unexplainable sense that keeps telling her what happened to Natalee Holloway. Carla is a psychic profiler featured on Court TV's Haunting Evidence and she wants to stand on the island, breath in the air and fine tune the feelings that consume her. Does she succeed where others have failed?

You will have to turn the channel to Court TV on June 20th to learn the answers to those questions. However, reliable sources have told me that she did indeed have a psychic experience while standing in the sands of Aruba near the hotel area and she will name names on her television broadcast. She also thinks she knows where Natalee Holloway is now.

This was not the first time a psychic has come forth with a vision, a story, a location or a hundred other things. Most did nothing to move the investigation forward and over two years later there are still no certain answers. Just speculation piled upon more speculation. Maybe Carla Baron's efforts will stir a memory, or encourage some frightened person to come forward with the truth.

As desperation grows so does the ability to be accepting of things considered unconventional by most. Do I believe in psychic profiling? I'm not sure.

From the dawn of time there have been those that walk amongst us with a super sensitivity to their surroundings. Those sensitivities can manifest themselves in many ways. A select group of those people have been able to harness those energies and use them in a positive way. Personally, I have always been somewhat skeptical of psychic phenomenon, but I am not so closed minded that I do not recognize the fact that many unexplained things have happened during my life time.

The island of Aruba has seen many sunsets since Natalee Holloway walked away from a local nightclub never to be seen again. Her disappearance gripped the imaginations, desperations and frustrations of people around the world. The case has caused such scrutiny that the whole tourist based economy of Aruba swirled like Palm fronds caught in a hurricane. Yet, not a trace of Natalee has been found and the answers seem to be lost in a pile of redacted declarations.

So, I am willing to take a look at alternative approaches to the investigation and will tune into
Haunting Evidence on June 20, 2007.

Posted by EasyWriter

Noted psychic to assist with Grinstead investigation

By Christy Pruitt

March 1, 2006 (Ocilla, GA) -- After four months of investigations with still no answers, the family of Tara Grinstead is now taking a different route while continuing to question what happened to the local missing teacher.

Renowned psychic profiler, Carla Baron, has agreed to take on the case.

"Anita, Tara's sister, invited me to help the family in the investigation, and I have had a preliminary evaluation with the family," said Baron. "I identify with Tara herself on many different levels and this case just spoke to me. It is something I feel I need to do." Anita herself has had a reading from Baron, confirming her extensive, unexplainable knowledge. "She knew of things that no one should have known about, and I am confident that she will provide us with some direction," she said. Baron is in the midst of filming a new series entitled "Haunting Evidence" on the Court TV television station. The Grinstead case will be filmed March 21-22 and is the sixth episode to be filed in the series, which is scheduled to air the first week of June.

"Tara has been involved in many pageants and I represented the state of Pennsylvania in the Miss America pageant at one time. Her talent is singing, as is mine too," Baron recalled. "She is a Scorpio like myself, and I just feel that I have to help in seeing what has happened here."

According to Baron, who is not accepting any money for her work on the Grinstead case, she is not interested in the fame and fortune that comes form possessing such unusual talents. She has taken a number of cases that no one would have ever heard about simply because the family did not have the resources to help them.

"Most of these people do not have the money for this, and I have been very fortunate in the fact that I do not need the money. I receive many emails and telephone calls a day asking for my help with a prolific number of missing persons and homicide cases, but I do not take them all. Some may have too many time constraints," Baron explained. "Not all cases hold something personal for me; however, there has to be a certain indicator to make the case stand out for me to take it on."

Baron uses cards and visualizes pertinent information that can be utilized in these cases.

"I work like a laser and go straight to what matters. I am not concerned with rumors, gossip and extraneous information. I am only interested in solving the answer to this puzzle," she said.

Baron indicated that she is just a small part of the overall picture in the Grinstead investigation. "I am just a small part of this investigation. It takes all of us working together - the volunteers, community, family, and law enforcement - to find the answers we need to uncover what has happened to Tara," she said.

Baron has been involved in cases with numerous law enforcement and federal agencies. She is also known for her work on MTV's "Fear," the Biography Channel's "Dead Famous," and another Court TV series, "Psychic Detectives."

Court TV's "Haunting Evidence" is produced by Departure Films.

There is a $100,000 reward for the safe return of Grinstead and another $100,000 for the arrest and conviction of the person responsible for her disappearance.

Editor's Note: Reporter Christy Pruitt will shadow Baron as Baron tapes the Grinstead episode for "Haunting Evidence," and will provide exclusive coverage for the local newspaper.

Psychic Leads Prove Valuable in Search for Missing D.A.

Police investigating the disappearance of Centre County District Attorney Ray Gricar are scouting nearby Milton for possible locations that could match recent descriptions given by psychic detective Carla Baron. Bellefonte police officer Darrel Zaccagni said Baron's description of a tan or brown vehicle following a Mini Cooper like the one Gricar drove along Route 192 on April 15 - the day he vanished - meshes with earlier, unreleased witness reports to state police in Milton.

Bellefonte, (PRWEB) June 6, 2005 -- Police investigating the disappearance of Centre County District Attorney Ray Gricar are scouting nearby Milton for possible locations that could match recent descriptions given by psychic detective Carla Baron.

Bellefonte police officer Darrel Zaccagni said Baron's description of a tan or brown vehicle following a Mini Cooper like the one Gricar drove along Route 192 on April 15 - the day he vanished - meshes with earlier, unreleased witness reports to state police in Milton.

Baron also has told investigators that at some point during Gricar's drive, the opportunity presented itself and a move was made to get Gricar into the tailing tan car. Baron believes someone leaned into the passenger side window of the Mini Cooper while smoking a cigarette to coerce Gricar from his car.

State police reports of witness accounts also note a similar scene, Zaccagni said. They describe someone leaning in to talk to the driver before the car pulls away abruptly.

"The little things have come back to be verified," he said.

Zaccagni said other details, such as the cigarette ash on the floor and the search dogs circling as if Gricar got into a vehicle, were pre-reported, but he gives Baron the benefit of the doubt considering the other unreported details she's provided.

In the scenario Baron has presented to investigators, a car followed Gricar, not just that Friday when he unexpectedly took the day off, but for days or weeks before.

Baron, official psychic spokeswoman for Court TV set to star in a new series called "Haunting Evidence," said Gricar, once coerced out of his car, climbed into the backseat of the tan car, where another man waited.

From there, the car traveled only five or 10 minutes, using a highway, before ending up at a location connected with freight - either a warehouse or other facility with large bay doors.

Route 15 runs between Lewisburg and Milton, and is less than 10 miles.

Baron also provided investigators with details of the neighborhood where she believes Gricar was taken because "he stumbled onto something." She didn't rule out drug trafficking, and said Gricar's work interfered with the kidnapper's business arrangements, one she suggested has gone on for years.

Zaccagni said for now Gricar still is being considered a missing person, but he did say a short list of suspects has been compiled in the event it becomes a homicide. Zaccagni did not name anyone police might scrutinize.

For now, the case grows colder with each day Gricar remains missing.

"There's absolutely no evidence," he said of Gricar's vanishing. Police essentially have ruled out two theories that touch on mental illness, he said. Either Gricar checked himself into a mental health facility to seek treatment, or the prosecutor experienced a psychotic episode and is wandering somewhere - both scenarios have fallen to the bottom of the list of possibilities.

Reports of Gricar sightings in Wilkes-Barre also have not panned out. Zaccagni said the most recent sighting of Gricar comes out of Michigan, and like other leads, officers are following up, even though there is a strong likelihood it will turn out to be yet another red herring.

"We'll check it out," Zaccagni said.

"Carla Baron may very well provide us with the missing pieces to this mysterious case."

# # #

Psychic offers impressions regarding missing DA
By Erin L. Nissley

Posted on Fri, May. 13, 2005

While talking to Bellefonte police officer Darrel Zaccagni and Barbara Gray, the former wife of missing District Attorney Ray Gricar, psychic Carla Baron said she has "seen" or sensed several things that might be clues as to what happened to the district attorney.

Baron said she "saw" someone smoking a cigarette and possibly leaning into a car. Zaccagni notes that cigarette ashes were found on the front passenger side floor of the red-and-white Mini Cooper Gricar was driving. Gricar did not smoke, and his girlfriend, Patty Fornicola, said he did not allow anyone to smoke in the vehicle.

Baron also gave police a description of a car that she said might have been following Gricar at some point. A few days later, Zaccagni was reading a report from another agency that described a similar car that was mentioned during the investigation into Gricar's disappearance.

Baron, who resides in Los Angeles, did similar work on Ferguson Township's investigation into the disappearance of Penn State student Cindy Song. Baron has made several television appearances to talk about the Cindy Song case, including on Court TV's 'Psychic Detectives."

In terms of what may have happened to Gricar, Baron said she thinks he was murdered. She said she believes he had ample warning but ignored it.

"He stumbled upon information that, unknowingly, was much bigger than other investigations he'd been involved in," she said. She added that she thinks there was more than one person involved, and they may have been upset about an investigation Gricar was mounting.

Zaccagni said much of the information Baron has provided about her impressions of Gricar's personality has been accurate, and that he's gotten approval from the chief to check into a few things that Baron has mentioned.

"The police department is on board with Carla," he said.

Psychic lifts parents' hope on absent son

Bennett J. Loudon
Staff writer


August 16, 2004- A Hollywood psychic recently told a Wayne County couple that their missing son is alive and thriving amid a transient population in Southern California. The information has created hope for the parents and new angles for police, who say they are willing to look into what they've heard to try to solve the 6-year-old case.

William Henry, who would now be 36, disappeared in July 1998, just as he was expected to move from San Diego back to the Rochester area.

In a two-hour reading conducted by telephone on Aug. 9, Carla Baron told Henry's parents, Judy and Keith Henry of Walworth, that their son is "not living in a home."

"He's living on the streets, but not dirty. He's very clean, does day work," Keith Henry said Baron told them.

Baron, whose work has been featured on ABC Primetime, told the Henrys their son "had a couple of times picked up the phone (to call them) and dialed and then hung up."

"He's afraid of being judged and criticized," she told them.

William James Henry graduated from Wayne Central High School in Ontario, Wayne County, in 1986. He moved to the San Diego area in January 1998. On July 19, 1998, he told a roommate and relatives that he was moving back home.

The car was unlocked and Henry's wallet, containing identification and an automatic teller machine card, was on the seat.

The day before his car was found, police had asked Henry to leave Disneyland in Anaheim, Calif., because he was telling customers that the rides were going to crash, his father said.

"They did a test on him, and they said there was no drugs, no alcohol, no nothing, so they just let him go," he said.

Baron said Henry was suffering from trauma related to a breakup with a fiancee in 1991 and a girlfriend shortly before he moved to California.

"I said it was mainly because of the psychological trauma he was in a suicidal mode that day, and that was the psychological trigger that caused him to step into this other zone that he stepped into," Baron said.

The Henrys have faith in Baron's visions because she told them things she would not have known without some sort of extra-sensory perception, they believe. For example, Baron had a vision of Henry, an avid fisherman, fishing off a pier. And she discussed the two failed relationships before his parents mentioned them.

The Henrys say they just want to make sure their son is OK.

"I know you can't force somebody to do something they don't want to do. The point is, it would be more of a comfort feeling just to say, 'Yes, we've talked to him, and yes, we know that he's OK, at least in the world he's in,'" Keith Henry said.

Laguna Beach Police Detective Paul Litchenberg said there have been no developments in the case since the initial investigation.

"If he was living among the transient population, which here in Laguna is very small, we would have known about it years ago," Litchenberg said.

But he is willing to hear what Baron may have to offer.

"If I get something good, I'm going to go out of town and do it. I'm not restricted here to this jurisdiction only," Litchenberg said.
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Family calls psychic for closure

Updated: 4/27/2004 10:23 AM

By: James Lozada

As she left for work more than three months ago, Marisol Hernandez told her mother if she didn't return, she might be dead.

The only sign since then of the mother of three was her abandoned car.

"This is something we would have never imagined. That something like this could happen to us. We always see it on TV, but just never expected it to happen to us," said Gabby Reyes, Marisol's sister.

After the family saw nationally-known psychic Carla Baron on TV recently, they contacted Baron, who performed a psychic reading on Sunday.

Baron works on missing persons cases for law enforcement agencies.

Before the reading, the family was not convinced.

"Skeptical, but she gave me information that only I and my family knew," Reyes said.

During the two-hour telephone session, Reyes took five-pages of notes she later turned over to homicide investigators.

Police said they don't go out looking for psychics to help, but homicide detectives have talked to Baron in this case.

The police, the family or Baron have not given specifics about the reading.

Detectives, however, reportedly are looking into leads - including suspicious people and places.

"It doesn't matter if they got it in their sleep or whether or not it was a psychic that got it, it doesn't matter, as long as we can get that information and put some closure to a case," said Sgt. Gabe Trevino, SAPD Spokesman.

"I'm hoping she would still be found alive, but what we really need is just some closure to all of this," Reyes added.

Detectives say they're working daily on the case and the family plans more readings with Baron.

Missing woman's case eyed by psychic

Web Posted: 04/26/2004 02:04 PM CDT

Vincent T. Davis
San Antonio Express-News


On April 15, the case of Gaby Reyes' missing sister took an unusual twist.

Reyes has been full of doubt, hope and despair at various times since the disappearance of her sister Marisol "Mari" Hernandez on Jan. 16.

April 15, the sinking feeling in Reyes' stomach subsided for a bit as she watched an ABC "Prime Time" segment featuring nationally known psychic Carla Baron.

Reyes called the psychic Sunday afternoon and talked to her about her missing sister.

"I can say some things were pretty accurate," she said of Baron's revelations about the case. "She said some things that weren't public knowledge."

Baron, in Los Angeles, Calif., spoke with Reyes by phone for about two hours.

Reyes said she first contacted the psychic by e-mail after hearing of her track record in helping investigators solve cold cases. The young woman sought her mother's approval, sending the e-mail once she had her mother's blessing.

This is the second time the family has consulted a psychic about the case.

San Antonio Police spokesman Gabe Trevino said the department understands the family's feelings of loss and that police are checking leads to find their loved one.

"We never solicit psychics," Trevino said. "But any information valuable to the investigation, we'll follow. We'll continue to work with the family on anything pertaining to the case."

Hernandez, 32, was last seen in January when she dropped off her daughter at a child care center in the 2600 block of Castroville Road. She told her mother if she didn't return it was because she had been killed.

Her green Ford Mustang was found at West Commerce Street and Gen. McMullen Drive three days after she disappeared.

Reyes reported those facts and other information to the psychic, whom she doubted would respond to her message, and worried that Baron's assistants would hold up her e-mail.

Baron, who calls herself a "psychic profiler," said she agreed to work with Reyes because she had ease about her.

"I always see something," Baron told a reporter over the weekend. "It's like a mother talking to a daughter 3,000 miles away. I hear things beyond the norm."

Featured on Court TV's "Psychic Detectives," Baron is currently working on 13 missing person cases. To date, she has worked on 150 cases.

Baron said she doesn't charge family members for her readings on official cases.

Immediately after her conversation with Baron, Reyes forwarded her information to Police Department detectives investigating the case.

Baron said what she does isn't an exact science. She called her ability "remote viewing," because she doesn't have to physically be at the location of the case. She said she focuses on the cases while "reading" on the phone.

The psychic said she uses tarot cards to establish a certain rhythm with her hands.

But Baron said that without investigators her readings don't amount to much.

"They have to be able to take the pieces I derive and put them together," Baron said.

"It has to be a collaborative effort."


Thursday, April 15, 2004

ABC features supernatural aspects of Cindy Song's case tonight

By Kathleen Haughney
Collegian Staff Writer

While the case of missing student Cindy Song has been in Penn State news since her November 2001 disappearance, the case remains unsolved. The Song case, along with two other cases, will be highlighted at 10 tonight during ABC's Primetime Thursday. All three cases include supernatural elements.

Song disappeared after returning home from Players Nite Club, 112 W. College Ave., on Halloween night in 2001.

Friends and co-workers became worried after not hearing from her the following day and alerted police of the disappearance, which evolved into an investigation that continues today.

The disappearance also garnered extensive media coverage because of the Song family's efforts to find their daughter and the use of a psychic by the police.

The majority of the interviewing and filming for the ABC special was done last October.

ABC spokesman Adam Pockriss said producers began researching missing-person cases and learned that victims' parents often contacted psychics in hopes of finding additional clues.

"This is one of the few cases where police were openly talking," he said.

Carla Baron, the psychic profiler who has worked on notable cases, including the Elizabeth Smart case, became involved with the Song case in August 2002.

Though Baron has been working on several other cases recently, she remains highly involved with the Song case, keeping in close contact with Detective Brian Sprinkle of the Ferguson Township Police Department.

"He and I are on top of this the whole time," she said.

Baron has also kept in touch with Song's friend Youngjoo Kim and keeps a Polaroid picture of Song, although it is currently in the possession of ABC studios.

"Cindy was the first case where I got emotionally involved," Baron said.

Since Song's disappearance, the case has been featured on TV shows Without a Trace, Psychic Detectives and Unsolved Mysteries.

Additionally, the Pennsylvania State Police held a press conference on Oct. 29, 2002, asking for help in the case.

Despite the attention, there is still criticism that the case has not received the same amount of attention as other notable cases, such as Elizabeth Smart's, because of Song's Korean heritage.

"Some get in the press more than others," Baron said. "She's just as American as all of them to me."

Tysen Kendig, Penn State spokesman, said the university has been doing anything it can to keep Song's name in the news and in people's memories.

"Cindy Song is still missing, so I think any program or publicity aimed at solving the case and locating her should be viewed as a positive," he said. "Anything that keeps this case fresh in people's minds is a good thing."

Last October, new evidence pointed investigators to Hugo Selenski's Wilkes-Barre property, where five bodies were found buried.

One of the bodies was originally thought to be Song's, but that was not the case.

Baron said at this point in the investigation, authorities need to start eliminating suspects and explanations.

However, she said that there is a large amount of information to filter through.

"There's information sharing that has to go on," she said. "We hope that each faction will deliver their part of the puzzle, including me."

Murray's Family Enlists Help From Psychic Profiler


Saturday April 10, 2004

HAVERHILL, NH - Maura Murray's family has enlisted the help of a nationally known psychic profiler to help them find her.

Murray, a 21-year-old University of Massachusetts at Amherst nursing student from Hanson, Mass., has not been seen since she was involved in a one-car accident in Haverhill, N.H. Feb. 9.

Carla Baron of Los Angeles, Calif., has come up with a theory about what happened to Murray the night her car failed to negotiate a sharp left-hand curve after driving by The Weathered Barn.

Baron, along with Maura's father, Fred, want to reserve some of the information so New Hampshire State Police can have a chance to act on it.

She believes Maura was picked up by someone passing through the area where the accident occurred.

"I believe she is no longer with us," Baron said.

She has told Maura's father she believes Maura met with foul play.

Baron, a psychic profiler who helped lead police to finding the body of a man who had committed suicide in a cornfield in the Midwest, has provided Fred Murray with a description of the person who picked her up as well as the type of vehicle.

She has also told him in what kind of an area Maura can be found.

"I have been in touch with Maura," Baron said.

Maura met with foul play the same night as the accident, she said.

What really concerns Murray, is what else Baron has told her. She has told him there is another woman who can be found near Maura who has fallen victim to the same person. And, Baron also told him there have been others.

Murray does not want too many details released right away to the public until the state police have had time to analyze the information and search possible locations.

Baron has been able to obtain somewhat of a description about the man as well as where she can possibly be found by talking twice with Maura's father via the telephone for a total of about 2 ½ hours.

"It's called remote viewing," she said, referring to how she obtained the information about what happened to Maura by talking to her father.

Murray said he spoke with Lt. John Scarinza and others from New Hampshire State Police Troop F Friday.

"I gave them my theory that someone picked her up," he said.

He asked them, again, to bring in the FBI and make a direct appeal to the public for any information they may have in helping find his daughter.

"I asked him if he would accept help from a nationally known psychic," Murray said.

He said Scarinza mentioned they had been contacted by other psychics.

"They said they would accept help from a psychic," he said.

Murray is hoping state police and Baron talk soon.

Baron has appeared in episodes of "Psychic Detectives" on Court TV and will be seen in a segment of ABC's "Primetime" at 10 p.m. Thursday.

Anyone with information about Murray should contact New Hampshire State Police at 603-271-3636.

The Caledonian-Record Online News

Psychic Aids in Amanda Tusing Murder Investigation

Jonesboro, AR -- Melissa Simas reports

March 30, 2004 -- Posted 9:00 p.m. CST

Jonesboro, AR -- It took 4 days back in June of 2000 to find the body of 20 year-old Amanda Tusing in the St. Francis River. Now almost 4 years later investigators continue to search for a suspect.

Back in February, K-8 News reported that the Craighead County Sheriff's Department had enlisted the help of Psychic Carla Baron from California to help crack this case. Susan Tusing had suggested using Baron's abilities.

"My work is only as good as good police work," said Baron.

For the past few months, investigators have been looking into leads provided by Baron.

"Now we're honing in on various details to this skeletal solution that I had found psychically," said Baron.

Craighead County Sheriff Jack McCann says they've interviewed several people, and so far nothing has materialized. But their involvement with Carla Baron is not over. Investigators are still following one specific tip.

"One day this week we'll be interviewing at least two people over this," said Sheriff McCann.

A few months ago Baron told K-8 News she knew the first name of Mandy's killer. Today she tells us investigators may have found that person.

"I do believe that this is the person that I was seeing and I was discussing with them, because there have been a number of instances where this individual has eluded the questioning at hand," said Baron.

"We don't want to call him a suspect, but he is a person of interest," said McCann.

The longevity of this case doesn't just frustrate investigators. In a phone interview, Susan Tusing told us she thinks of this case on a daily basis. And so does Carla Baron.

"They want to make sure that they have an entire case built up so that there is no way this falls through the cracks," said Baron.

"She has provided a new direction, I'll say that. It may go somewhere, it may not," said McCann.


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