~ One psychic may NOT fit all ~

One thing I wanted to mention (ever so delicately) .. one psychic is not always the right “fit” for every individual requesting a read. I have had a number of readings w/ those who have lost loved ones due to horrific murder, or other crimes of violent nature. Some of these individuals I am readingContinue reading “~ One psychic may NOT fit all ~”

More “Haunting Evidence” February Fridays!

More intrigue on “Haunting Evidence” as February Friday’s pull us in! ~ 12am-3am e/p (truTV) ~ *Be sure to check your local listings (2/18 + 2/25) ► Episode lineup here ► http://www.facebook.com/topic.php?topic=15287&post=60844&uid=130633511328#!/topic.php?uid=130633511328&topic=15287 (photo: “Haunted in Villisca”)