Psychic Profiling On Crime Vs. The “Regular” Read

When peering in psychically on a homicide, abduction, or missing person’s case, the method of intuit is virtually the same as with any other type of psychic read or use of my mediumistic abilities – albeit the intensity within the psychic moment or event is dialed up to extraordinary levels, even for me. As IContinue reading “Psychic Profiling On Crime Vs. The “Regular” Read”

~ The Real Presence of Ghosts Among Us ~

Original unretouched image taken by Carla Baron w/ cell phone Date: March 6, 2009 @ 5:30am PT Location: Cellblock D – Alcatraz This photo was taken by me during my MysteryQuest location shoot for History Channel. It was snapped in the very early morning hours in Cellblock D at the infamous Alcatraz prison compound. (InContinue reading “~ The Real Presence of Ghosts Among Us ~”

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~ Skeptics & the Psychic Girl ~

  Today’s a strange day all around. (I know, cryptic.. but true.) The one thing that continues to prevail STILL is this constant need for “feeding” on the blood of tv psychics like me who have remained at the top of their game, and clearly not going anywhere (much to the dismay of Skeptoids, Inc.)Continue reading “~ Skeptics & the Psychic Girl ~”

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