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July 5, 2019

I was recently reconnected with Carla after about a decade. I have moved, divorced and changed careers, started a new business and started dating. Carla is always amazing to work with... has a strong work ethic, is very trustworthy and kind. Also has a great sense of humor. I needed help right away with dating... not something I've done for over 25 years. It's a scary feeling.

And as always. her readings are SO accurate. I asked her about 2 new men in my life. She mentioned the name "Tom Cruise" which is the name I told one man that he looked like as an 18-year old. That was from a text conversation between only him and me. Carla also very accurately described how he is "...going Mach 2 with his hair on fire!" That exactly describes him to a tee. Then she mentioned that he will be "opening me up" and he said those EXACT words to me as something that he was going to do (which I loved!) Another part of that reading was when she said that "he does not understand women." He told me in the car one night after that, that he went to the library and took out a 7000-page book "How to Understand Women, Vol 1" (obviously a joke but I freaked out inside!) Carla had JUST said that he doesn't understand women.

Then for the second man - she mentioned he was angry at himself over something that happened in his life, and the next night he said those EXACT words on our date! I realized that this second guy wasn't for me. I texted him and said, "Let's be just friends." And that is EXACTLY what Carla said would happen! So in the end, Carla gave me great encouragement and a path to stay on with the first guy - how to stay cool, and it will work out.

I am so happy to be reconnected with Carla and will continue to use her again and again as I navigate this dating world as she is dead-on accurate!

Lisi Crane
"Let Lisi Cook"
Sarasota, Florida

June 26, 2019

I had my very first reading earlier today with Carla and I can't explain how nervous I was getting before the call. I had asked her about my relationship life. I was going through it, and I just wanted answers. I was lost. We started talking, and I started asking her questions. I wanted to know about my relationship that I just ended. She told me everything, and everything was SO ACCURATE! I was shocked.

I went into asking her about my future career and education. Carla told me that she sees me working with kids in the health industry and loving it! Mind you - I'm going to med school and I'm studying to go into pediatrics. Everything was again - so very accurate.

Carla was very sweet & I loved her vibes. This was my first reading, but won't be my last. I enjoyed it very much.
Thank you so much, Carla.. you're very much appreciated!

Newark, CA

May 30, 2019

I had my first ever reading tonight. On a whim, I just decided to go for it and see what kind of clarity I could gain. Luck was with me, or the universe was really just tired of my constant questioning of what I should do... either way, 15 minutes later Carla was ready to do her thing. Me - well, I was nervous and didn't know what to expect. She calmed me down and helped me focus. I had a great experience and I'll do it again.

For the past couple of years, I've been in a ball of confusion within my career. Somehow I found myself on an entirely different path and was really confused for most of my 30's. This year has really been tougher than most and I found myself wishing I had a crystal ball. I'm pretty skeptical, but desperation for clarity won out tonight. Carla helped me a lot. My love life and career sort of seemed to intersect over the past few years and I was kind of beginning to think I was crazy or imaging things. I was questioning whether or not I was where I was supposed to be. It really made my life chaotic. After my reading, I feel lighter and more open. I'm not questioning everything, and I'm a little bit more hopeful about where life is taking me.

Full disclosure - I tried my best not to give Carla any help in our conversation. My skepticism made me try to withhold. She hit it all and I could do nothing but nervous laugh. I don't even know her, yet she knew specifics about my situation that nobody knows. She just knew things - things about someone close to me. She picked up on things like marital status, work projects, travel, and I'm just amazed. I'm definitely a believer - I literally should've bought the 30 minutes because it was spot on.

Overall my experience was great and very much needed. It allowed me to stop thinking about what if's, feeling guilty, and really just helped me to relax. I think life is going to improve. I think this is going to be so good for me as I move forward.

Thanks so much, Carla. I feel so much better about life and work.

Jefferson SC

May 27, 2019

Dear Carla,

I'm sending this note of appreciation to you and for you after my Dad's passing.

I'm very grateful to you for your insight, advice and guidance in the last few months before he died. It was a difficult and intensely stressful time when I called you. I never dreamed my siblings would go crazy like that. I never dreamed my sister was so incredibly unhealed in her life that she'd create massive problems and be cold-heartedly focused on money, costs and inheritance. So much so that it denied him the care he needed, until I could turn that around, and so much so that she obliterated me to others including the care center staff. I was in the Twilight Zone from Hell, for sure.

If YOU had not encouraged me to focus on my Dad, to capture his stories, to actively listen to him, I would have ended up focusing on the wrong things. If YOU had not gently insisted that I hurry up, because time was short, I would have missed out and I would not have recorded the wonderful stories he wanted to share. He was a masterful storyteller and I feel so full of love and thankfulness that I now have multiple stories from him, from his life, in his voice and with his expressions. I was able to get several and can't wait to re-listen when I'm ready.

I'm so glad I was able to walk with him to the end & hold his hand on this side while assuring him my Mom's hand was reaching for him on the other. Words seem too small to express the gratitude I feel that I have those memories and focused on the important things.

Thank You & God Bless ***

With Love,

Denver, CO

May 22, 2019

I had a 30-minute reading with Carla this week, and was astounded at how much she knew about my personal relationships. I'm at peace knowing that the man I've been seeing is truthful, deliberate, and mature. However, like many people in a relationship, I have been going through doubt that I wasn't "enough" for him (financially, emotionally, etc.), but Carla shared otherwise and it completely surprised me. She gave me a different insight to our situation and it was so uplifting to hear. She also asked if I was in a relationship just right before this one, which was true - it was unhealthy and weighed me down.

Carla said I would be married by 2021-2022, so I guess we'll see how the universe plays things out in my life! I hope to call Carla again in the near future about other areas in my life that I have questions about.

Wahiawa, Hawaii

May 12, 2019

I had another great reading with Carla yesterday, and today instead of sadness and despair - I'm filled with understanding and peace.
The situation between me and another person is difficult to say the least, so I wanted to have some clarity about the true intentions behind the actions of all involved. Carla was wonderful and so detailed in her vision. I was amazed by her accuracy without me telling her much at all! She saw the situation very clearly without 'sugar-coating' and made me understand what this is all about.

She advised me so wisely how to proceed with my very best interest in mind. Carla is always extremely devoted, patient, and she will go out of her way to help. I am absolutely positive that she is right again. Time will surely tell. It has been numerous times that I have gained real peace of mind and comfort because of her accurate advice and predictions.

Thank you, Carla, from the bottom of my heart!

NYC, New York

May 4, 2019

This was my very first time contacting Carla and I'm so happy I did. First off, Carla is the coolest! She's a lot of fun to talk to and the conversations flowed easily. I asked her about my career and she was so spot-on specific, it was crazy!

The info she got was definitely not something I would have thought of, but easily something I could see myself doing. She nailed my current boss's personality to a "T" and understood why it would be difficult for me to stay where I am in my career. She gave me some awesome ideas to explore!

I also asked her about my grandfather, who has passed, and she explained his personality exactly how he was when he was alive. I'm glad he seems to be enjoying himself on the other side!

I will definitely be calling her again for more advice very soon!

Agoura Hills, CA

April 30, 2019

I was very happy with my first reading with Carla. She connected with two of my family members I was hoping to hear from. She was spot on in regards to a necklace that I received from my uncle - even down to the fact that it was silver and had a "criss-cross" type chain!

Carla confirmed my suspicions about a family member's significant other and saw (as I suspected) that he is manipulating every aspect of her interactions with others. She also was spot on with some health issues I have been having - even so accurate as pointing out foods that I cannot tolerate. She was super-friendly and just had an inviting, warm personality. I would highly recommend a reading with Carla and look forward to many more myself!

Canton, OH

April 22, 2019

SO HAPPY!!!! Just got off the phone with Carla and she has made me feel like a ton weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I was able to speak with her in regards to a mental health diagnosis for my husband. Originally I didn't doubt the doctors diagnosis, but after speaking with her, I am confident that he is not being treated for the correct condition. She told me what she thought he had, and listed off specific symptoms that would indicate his illness. He had every single symptom that she stated! In addition, she was gracious and emailed the specific information to me so that I can help him through this. I can't wait for my husband to be the same person I married. It's been a long time. The feeling of relief is uplifting.

Additionally, I spoke with her in regards to my teenage daughter and her sports team. She confirmed my thought that favoritism and possible under the table payments were made, that has significantly reduced her play time. I am better equipped to handle this situation and focus on another that she gave me insight to. She also gave insight to my daughter’s feelings. This is truly all that matters. Her wants and needs always come first.

I feel wonderful. A huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I feel that I can focus on what matters now. Carla is a beautiful person inside and out. You can tell that she is genuine and kind.

Thank you Carla!

Kalamazoo, MI

March 6, 2019

I've been a client of Carla now for well over 6 years, which should tell you something.

This is not my first testimonial and definitely not my last, as she always gets her timing and predictions right!!

So this testimonial is about a reading I had last year in the summer of 2018. I called to get some answers about this guy I started dating. Carla said she didn't see it getting serious as this guy just got out of a serious relationship. She was right cuz things didn't move along with this guy. I was hoping to hear different, but she says it like it is (doesn’t sugar coat it.) During this reading, she says that there is someone for me who is my soulmate. I answered saying I don't really want anyone else as I'm only interested in the guy that I'm calling about.

She went on to say this guy that is my soulmate - he is ending a relationship. He has 2 kids and travels to my city for work. I will meet him at end of the year in December. I just said ok, not really giving it much thought or excitement as I had hopes with this other guy.

As the months went on - like I said - nothing was happening or moving with the guy I was seeing. We stopped seeing each other and there was very little communication.

In the first week of January 2019, a close friend invited me out for drinks but I wasn't feeling up for it. They kept insisting and insisting, so I finally gave in and went. Just after an hour at this bar talking to a few friends I haven't seen in a while, I spotted HIM and knew there was something about this guy I really liked. Long story short, we hit it off instantly. We even kissed that night and we both said we've never kissed anyone like that - which felt incredible. Indescribable feeling!!

Days after ... that's when I remembered Carla's prediction, and knew this is my soulmate. She nailed all the details and pretty much the timing!! So the reading I did a few days ago, we shall she about the predictions Carla gave me and keep you posted.


Toronto, Canada

Febuary 25, 2019

Ok, so I had a 45-min long read with Carla this eve, mainly because I am having a horrific time at work and desperate to leave. I have been applying for jobs left right and centre but not much has been happening. Carla calmed me down and said she saw the role I am going to will arise in the next two weeks. She said it will be a career-maker of a move, and will carve a great career path for me. I am so excited for that to occur!! (Will report back once it has.)

After that topic, I decided to ask Carla about past lives, and how they relate to some fears I have had in this life. Those fears being two things: fear of men, and also fear of heights.

Re the fear of men, this has been something that has been with me since day dot, hence why I wondered if there was something from a past life thing relating to this. My first memory of this relates to when I was in the playground as a very young child, and a boy teasing that they wanted to kiss me, and me literally FREAKING out. I went home and was hysterical to my mother that I couldn't go to school the next day because it terrified me so much. Totally disproportionate and extreme reaction. Through life I did go on to have boyfriends, etc., but things always have to move suuuper slow and if they go too quick in the initial stages then game over completely - takes a lot for me to trust intentions, etc.

Anyway so Carla looks into this, and she reported that she could see me as a dark-haired teenager living in a city by the ocean and working as a ... prostitute. Carla was like "I don't mean to offend." Lol. She said that a group of sailors/ pirates came to town, and kidnapped me. She said they had no intention of paying for the "services" they wanted from me, so they took me and kept me as their sex slave on their boat. There they repeatedly took turns with me. She said that I begged them to kill me, and that I would have killed myself - except that I was permanently tied up and so wasn't able to do so. Carla said that after a couple of years of this, I died of scurvy, and that she could see my skin covered in pus-covered sores. She commented that she had never seen anyone die from scurvy before. So I was like WOW. I wasn't sure what I was going to hear, but that completely blew my mind! And what Carla didn't know, is that I actually am a sailor in this life! As a hobby that is, I have done it for several years. And being female, I quite often am the only female or one of only a few females, on boats full of men. Carla said that my sailing in this life is a way of healing from this past life, and it's to get over those latent fears. Wowzer! Incidentally, all the men I have ever sailed with have been proper old-school gentlemen.

My second fear was my fear of heights, which is a really crippling fear that I have. Just watching someone skydive on tv brings me out in sweaty palms. But again, no real rationale explanation for it.

So Carla looks, and reports that she sees me this time in a past life as a young man. She said that I was in a group of men who travelled to climb mountain ranges all over the world - we were known for our ascending of heights, Carla said - it was almost like Olympic level, and that we were extremely fit. I travelled with 2 other men and we were extremely close friends. Carla said that the three of us were on a trip climbing in Antarctica. We were ascending a height and I was attached by equipment where there was a strap attached around my waist. Anyway, due to the intense cold the strap snapped, and I fell and died. Carla said that my two friends made a structure and carried me all the way down, where they cried over my dead body. This made me feel very emotional. She said that of my two friends, one of them gave up climbing altogether after that, and whilst the other went on to climb - it was never the same for him. Jeeeez.

What Carla didn't know, is that I have a thing for mountains, and that I love hiking. Unfortunately though, over the years, health problems have prevented me hiking as much as I would like. I also have an aversion to the cold, and I really really feel the cold, I am very sensitive that way, I literally cannot bear being cold. I also love reading books on expeditions by mountaineers, and in my bookcase I have a book about 3 men that travelled across Antarctica to the South pole, and books on Everest, as well as other places. It's always held a fascination for me. I read about them because that level of hiking is not something that I would be able to do myself. Now I understand why I am drawn to it though!

Oh and Carla also said that the Antarctica life was in the 1800s, can you imagine being in that region with what they had available clothing-wise in that era! Brrrrr!! The level of cold is just not even imaginable.

So all I can say is, mind completely blown!!! My read was today, and I don't feel I have properly digested everything yet that I heard. Explains a lot of things for def. Carla has blown me away once again!

Thank you so much Carla!

Kent, UK

January 25, 2019

I contacted Carla after having been away for a couple years. I've been worried about my Dad as he's older and frail now.

She said she sees him falling down, hitting his head severely and going to the hospital. After hearing this, I prayed to Jesus, my guides and angels to help me prevent this.

Well, the other day, I got to his house later than normal and went upstairs to check on him. He needed help to get from the restroom to his bed and while I was helping him, his legs gave out. Fortunately, his fall was cushioned by the bed and I was able to guide him to the floor. He still went to the hospital, but only for observation and not the severity of what it could have been had I not been right there. I felt so relieved and grateful for Carla's vision as I feel it helped me to ask my guides for protection and they did.

In fact, several things Carla said a couple years ago have come to pass, as well. She had said the relationship I had back then would fall away, but it wouldn't be painful. And that's what happened. It was still a bit painful, but not like a big breakup. Plus she said he'd come back and I wouldn't be interested. This happened too.

She said my workplace would squeeze me out and I should get a different job. Well, this happened too. But because I am close to retirement, I was able to arrange a work-from-home situation and this is working well for me for now.

I really value Carla's insight and like to call to help me navigate my life better - as a tool to see potential roadblocks and minimize them and to see new directions that may be better for me.

Will be calling again soon!

Denver, Colorado

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