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October 29, 2019

I have been working with Carla, most recently, since June of this year. I just started dating and wanted to know about this man that I was really interested in. This was a big step for me, the dating world, and I wanted to navigate it to my fullest potential. I cannot say enough about how Carla has walked me through this for the last five months. It has been an amazing journey, one where I have learned so much about myself, and where I have been guided by her and my guides to do exactly what I needed to do to bring this relationship into the amazing place it is today. And to start this new phase of my life with confidence, and letting go of what was in my way... she saw it all. It's like a psychic therapist! She is TRULY GIFTED!

I was having negative thoughts and patterns that finally shifted to positive. I was even doubting each step of my journey until Carla made me stop, and this made a complete difference in how it all manifested! I'm very grateful.

It wasn't always easy... and she "thumped me on the head" (figuratively) at times, so I'd "get it."
(She really cares that much.)

Carla even saw that by Halloween, this relationship would be cemented, and there would be true love between us. It would all be changed by Halloween and guess what...

This past weekend at a Halloween party it all came to pass! My new love and I have turned a corner and if it hadn't been for Carla, her guidance, her seeing, her directness, and specific details - I would not be the happy girl I am today.

Sarasota, FL

October 2, 2019

This is only a mini testimonial for Carla, the big one will come soon.. I've been receiving readings from Carla for about 4 months, a lot of the information she was delivering to me had to do with things in the future, so I wasn't going to be able to write up a testimonial for a bit.. but now I have confirmation on a couple of things, so I wanted to share a mini testimonial..

Progressively over the past couple of years at work, I've been more and more miserable, just feeling like I've been wasting my time and that I was supposed to be somewhere else, doing something else. I made passive attempts to leave where I work, but nothing serious, because I felt that my lack of education would close more doors than my experience and people skills opened.. I was listening to an old "Dead Famous" episode on YouTube at work one day (listening - not watching), and I loved the episodes Carla was in. I really liked that she said it how it was, no padding or fluff, just knowledge from the Universe as it was presented to her. After listening to the Jim Morrison episode for the 3rd or 4th time, I had this feeling that I just had to get in touch with her. I looked online, and figured she'd be $1000 for a reading, let alone a year long waitlist - and low and behold, she was affordable and could read me that night!! I felt like maybe my luck was finally changing..

Along with other things I'm keeping my eye on the horizon for, she said that I was almost ready to leave where I was working at, but that I had painted myself so firmly in the corner that I had to work on that and then visualize the future that I wanted. I had so much negativity in my life from so many directions and never realized that the speed bump to the end of my misery was me. Talk about an a-ha! Moment. She said that if I repeated a certain phrase and made it my Mantra, that the negativity would start to clear and allow good things to come in that I had closed myself off from. And she also said that if I was vigilant with the visualization that a new career opportunity would present earliest in February of 2020. I was very skeptical, but on board for the most part, so I began Mantra-ing..

I started with the Mantra.

Within a few days, a Re-Fi offer at an amazing interest rate dropped into my lap. Within a couple of weeks, my Husband passed the Exam for Sergeant that he had been trying to pass for 6 years!! I have no doubt that those things were due to the Mantra. I feel so much more positive and lighter than I have felt in years - I am overweight, so it's not a physical lightness, but a spiritual lightness. The best way to put it would be like I'm tanning on the beach, but the source of my sunlight is the light at the end of the tunnel.

Since the Mantra had worked so well, I started with the visualization exercises. I'm not great at visualization, so I also made up a supporting mantra for what I felt I was missing out on with the visualization exercises. I also made a list of the things that I wanted from my prospective employer, from benefits, to work/ life balance.

So now onto the visualization... A month or so after I first called Carla, I scheduled a short reading just for a check-in. I wanted to share what the Mantra had done for me, but also, I wanted to see if there was any new information from the Universe for me. Carla being Carla, she called me out for not believing her, and she was right. I could never have predicted how things would be changed in just that short of a period of time.

Much to my surprise, things had worked better than I thought, and my new opportunity had sped up from early 2020 to October of 2019, which was just 6 weeks away! Talk about putting a firebrand to my toosh! I had hope! For the first time in years, I had hope that I could finally escape what had become my prison of 15 years. With this news, I kept up with my Mantra and I kept up with the visualizations... Just making it one day to the next, closer and closer to October.

In September, I started applying for jobs that I knew I had the qualifications and skills to do, not hearing anything, but putting my resume out there. I know now I should have called and followed up, hind sight, right? I put 2 applications into the company a family member works at, hoping I would at least get an interview. It's been a few weeks, and since October 1 was finally here, I scheduled a reading with Carla for an update.

She told me that I had to be more pro-active, stop sitting back and hoping someone would notice my resume or act on my behalf. She broke the news that they were not going to consider me for the first application I put in in early September, but that I had a good chance with the 2nd application I put in in late September. She said that they had already hired for the position, they hired a male, but that it wasn't working out, and I would have a chance around October 10. I needed to go outside my comfort zone, go there in person, visit my family member, and introduce myself. Be my best self, so to speak, and make it known that I would really like to be part of their team. So last night (Tuesday) I texted my family member, and I'm going to be crashing the last part of her work day after I'm off work Friday...

Low and behold, I get a text today from her that she found out that the position (late September application) had been hired out already and they were considering other internal candidates for the other position I applied for (early Sept.)

Carla called it.

So now a huge thank you to Carla for calling it - they did hire out. I don't know if it's a male or female, so now starts the waiting game on my end for Friday and for the 10th. Wish me luck!

Vacaville, CA

September 6, 2019

I have had the most amazing readings with Carla from day one.
Recently she had a lot to tell me about myself.
Her message was strong and clear.

I had a wonderful life and everything in it was great, but I was putting myself and worry and doubt and getting in my own way. It was corroborated the next day by a mentor/coach I was working with. Carla had unearthed a very deep-seated limiting belief system that I was operating from and with her help, plus the work I was doing with the coach to let go of the limiting belief system, I started to let go of that way of thinking and acting and moving more successfully through life without the worry, moving with ease and flow.

She also had seen that I would be meeting my boyfriend's mother and friend during the month of August which also came true! I've never doubted Carla and never will. Her sessions are life-changing.

Lisi Crane
"Let Lisi Cook"
Sarasota, Florida

August 17, 2019

My name is Jessica from North Florida. My reason for calling wasn't clear in the beginning and Carla recognized that right away. She was able to quickly detect a better question that I was having inside my heart. Instead of the call being about a specific person, we started to discuss the issues I was having that was contributing to my inability to keep the attention of dating men in general. Carla recognized how I've been experiencing unusual levels of depression and sadness that's causing alienating people by sharing my depressed feelings most of the time. I admitted that I felt like my emotions have been on a rollercoaster.

Carla wanted to dig deeper to find the cause of my depression. First, we looked at my purpose in life, which she identified immediately to be something creative in art and design. She was right! I've been a graphic designer for most of my adult life. I had been getting into marketing, which wasn't creative and more business-related, and I believe this decision to leave a creative career and my passion for fine arts has been a root cause of my depression. Instinctively Carla seemed to know there was more to the story.

Something was coming up for her about my misdiagnoses and lack of the correct medical treatment, which she was correct again. I was given the wrong medication and still lost in which direction to look. I had been also not eating the right foods and Carla was able to give me details about how I was drinking large amounts of water with food while eating, this was causing digestion issues and how I need to intake less process sugar to help level out my hormones. I have a follow-up appointment with my gynecologist to see if I might have early onset menopause since hormone issues were coming up for Carla. How did she know any of this is a mystery to me!?

If it weren't for Carla's quick, yet mysterious, detective work...

I immediately started taking supplements for hormone balance and feel better already. I also have been getting back to being more creative and have plans to take up some art therapy classes soon, along with an improved eating and exercise plan. All of this was impressively accomplished in 15 minutes.

Thank you, Carla. You have an amazing gift.


Jacksonville, FL

August 12, 2019

I first contacted Carla 8 or 9 years ago, and since then - every person in my family has had the privilege to speak with her at various stages in our lives. She has helped us in so many ways, it's hard to express how much she means to us.

Recently my youngest son was murdered and the first person we knew to contact to help us was Carla. She knew our son personally as she read for him three times during his life. She has a spiritual connection with him! She has given us important information regarding the case and filled us in on a lot of the back story which has been very enlightening!! We can only speak with our son now through Carla and it's been a godsend to know how he is doing and how he feels.

During one of our sessions, she stated that he connects with the element of air on the other side. She states that he can manipulate air and for us to look for things like wind swirling on the ground and bursts of air along with air under pressure, etc. Within approximately two minutes of hanging up with her, one of the two open umbrellas on our back deck lifted up out of the base and flung into the sunroom window near where we were sitting. I had just finished telling her that I really needed a sign from him. Funny thing is, there was no wind at the time, and there continued to be no wind after. The umbrellas were tightly secured, and there was no way it could have come out of the base!! We knew right then that it was our son!

She also told us that he wanted red stained glass, or a red suncatcher, in the window. During another reading, I told her I hung one in the sunroom window like he asked, and Carla said he described it to her without us even telling her what it looked like! She was correct yet again. We speak with Carla almost weekly now, and she has become part of our family. We love her dearly.

Jeff & Carla
Stafford, VA

August 12, 2019

I have known Carla for about 8 years, and have had many readings with her.
Anytime I have a major life change, I reach out to her for advice and she has been right on the money every time!

In January of 2017, she told me I would be hired with a company out of state, specifically in North Carolina, working in the construction field. Also, that I would up in the ranks very quickly within the company. EVERYTHING she predicted came true at the exact time frame that we discussed. Since working with the company that she predicted, I have had three promotions from Feb 2017 until now.

Recently the company has been making some unsettling changes which has left me with some questions, so I reached out to her again today. I was thinking of leaving the company because they were discussing layoffs and my name came up. Carla told me to stay and take the lower position they were offering me (which I never told her about), and they would reward me later around October time frame for my loyalty. I took her advice and accepted the lower position to prove my loyalty. I feel better knowing that Carla's advice will come true like it has in the past. I will follow up with an update on this situation with her this Fall.

Chad B.
Stafford, Virginia

July 30, 2019

I am honestly still in shock of what Carla predicted. I just don’t understand how she predicted this. I am lost for words.

Feeling stuck in my job and bored out of my mind, I knew it was time to start looking for new jobs. However, I was petrified to do so - purely because of the security that I had. I decided to book a read with Carla and I asked her about my job. She told me that as soon as I quit my current job that within the month I would get a new job. It would be in artificial intelligence within the medical field.

To me, that sounded like my dream job, but I didn’t believe her, it sounded too good to be true. I also thought how on earth can she tell me to quit my job without securing another, but she told me to trust the universe and to put it out there. I trust her, I know she always has my best intentions, so I did what she said and quit.

The following week, after handing in my notice I got an interview with a software company specializing in AI for medicine advances. Three interviews later, I got the job within the exact month I gave notice to my old job. Like I said, I am still in shock.

Swati S.
London, UK

July 30, 2019

Today has been a good day to hear from you. Thank you for the reading today from Tyler.

You head the nail on the head about his health, as well as, how he was feeling in general. You even said what my son said about, "He was a walking time bomb," and who says that? My son and YOU!

You didn't even know the color of the tree that my son and I had for him for the tree ceremony. I am looking forward to Christmas to spot "the red bird" (will have camera ready) seems like "red" was the color of the reading.

Thank you again Carla... I feel better. You are amazing.

Delanea Harper
Chesapeake, VA

July 5, 2019

I was recently reconnected with Carla after about a decade. I have moved, divorced and changed careers, started a new business and started dating. Carla is always amazing to work with... has a strong work ethic, is very trustworthy and kind. Also has a great sense of humor. I needed help right away with dating... not something I've done for over 25 years. It's a scary feeling.

And as always. her readings are SO accurate. I asked her about 2 new men in my life. She mentioned the name "Tom Cruise" which is the name I told one man that he looked like as an 18-year old. That was from a text conversation between only him and me. Carla also very accurately described how he is "...going Mach 2 with his hair on fire!" That exactly describes him to a tee. Then she mentioned that he will be "opening me up" and he said those EXACT words to me as something that he was going to do (which I loved!) Another part of that reading was when she said that "he does not understand women." He told me in the car one night after that, that he went to the library and took out a 7000-page book "How to Understand Women, Vol 1" (obviously a joke but I freaked out inside!) Carla had JUST said that he doesn't understand women.

Then for the second man - she mentioned he was angry at himself over something that happened in his life, and the next night he said those EXACT words on our date! I realized that this second guy wasn't for me. I texted him and said, "Let's be just friends." And that is EXACTLY what Carla said would happen! So in the end, Carla gave me great encouragement and a path to stay on with the first guy - how to stay cool, and it will work out.

I am so happy to be reconnected with Carla and will continue to use her again and again as I navigate this dating world as she is dead-on accurate!

Lisi Crane
"Let Lisi Cook"
Sarasota, Florida

June 26, 2019

I had my very first reading earlier today with Carla and I can't explain how nervous I was getting before the call. I had asked her about my relationship life. I was going through it, and I just wanted answers. I was lost. We started talking, and I started asking her questions. I wanted to know about my relationship that I just ended. She told me everything, and everything was SO ACCURATE! I was shocked.

I went into asking her about my future career and education. Carla told me that she sees me working with kids in the health industry and loving it! Mind you - I'm going to med school and I'm studying to go into pediatrics. Everything was again - so very accurate.

Carla was very sweet & I loved her vibes. This was my first reading, but won't be my last. I enjoyed it very much.
Thank you so much, Carla.. you're very much appreciated!

Newark, CA

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