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January 4, 2022

Most of all, Carla taught me to trust the universe because it will never steer you wrong.

Where do I even begin? I have been reading with Carla for approximately 8 months now. She is truly the best and has a gift like no other. I will never read with anyone else again.


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December 30, 2021

Carla is simply amazing. I've had many psychic readings over the years and most were a waste of time. But Carla is the real deal.

Carla is simply amazing. I've had two sessions in the past 4 months. Both were in reference to a new "complicated" love interest. Each time she was able to describe in detail, the dynamics, the issues, and all aspects of the relationship. She provided perfect clarification, and was 100% accurate.


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November 28, 2021

Conceiving A Baby, Health, & Happiness

I was so impressed by my reading with Carla and shocked how she knew some of the issues going on in my life!


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November 9, 2021

Thank you, Carla.. Our lives will never be the same.

Hi Carla. You may not remember, but you predicted the outcome of my son's custody battle saying that it was going to be favorable.


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October 13, 2021

Carla is the truth!

Carla is the truth! I've spoken to her three times. The first time was in 2014 when she predicted a business I would create that I had no idea was coming. Over the next few years everything aligned perfectly for me to create this business.


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September 29, 2021

In talking with Carla, she correctly identified so many elements pertaining to family members on both occasions... it's kinda creepy.

This is the second reading that I have had from Carla over the period of a year. Both times she identified that my son was angry with me (true), but that he knows my grandson is better off being a part of our lives and OUR home is the best fit for my grandson


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August 21, 2021

"All I could do was laugh. Carla was right again."

I've had several readings from Carla, but one recent one stands out. I was selling my house and she told me it would sell in August. I put the house on the market at the beginning of July and had a buyer the 1st day.


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August 17, 2021

Love Lights Still For You

I am extremely thankful and grateful for my session with Psychic Carla Baron. I read about her experiences helping law enforcement finding people, but my friend asked if she could find my lost love of 50 years. I wrote her giving her very little information except to stress how deeply I loved this man and felt he couldn't be found.


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June 28, 2021

Carla Is The Only Psychic I Trust!

I have been using Carla's readings for over I believe almost 2 years now and will continue the rest of my Life!! The reason I say this is because she is so accurate, spot on, and it's amazing!! She has guided me through the living and the ones that have passed on. I had many questions addressed through her.


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June 26, 2021

Carla has predicted and been right about EVERYTHING!

I asked you all to stay tuned!! Carla, once again, was ON TARGET! In my first testimonial, I spoke about my relationship and how it had been a very challenging past year. Carla came to me by referral and I began speaking with her about how to handle it and whether or not he was " my path".


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June 7, 2021

There was something very personal that you picked up about my son Jamie that you could not possibly have known unless you were actually communicating with him.

Thank you for such a lovely amazing reading. My son who has passed away came through which is what I was praying for. You picked up on his energy and told me that he wants me to write in a journal what comes into my mind as he will be communicating with me whilst burning a yellow candle - unknown to you - I was looking at new journals yesterday..


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June 5, 2021

Carla nailed all of this! And the best part is that I have my power back.

I was recently referred to Carla by a friend and I am so grateful for her! Her guidance has been a blessing. I am no stranger to psychics & mediums - however, I must say that Carla by far is the best. I will never utilize anyone else as she has the real gift!


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May 21, 2021

I can say with confidence that Carla's ability to pinpoint timing and career-related matters has been very accurate for me on more than one occasion.

I got the chance to speak with you about a few things in October 2020 - romantic interests, job prospects.. You mentioned November being a very good month for career. You emphasized that it was very soon and right around the corner which I had a hard time believing. But you were right.


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May 16, 2021

My dreams revealed direct messages from my Higher Self

Thank you for my reading on my "haunting dream" I have had for many years. Who knew about my deep feelings but you picked up on that. You hit "a lot" on my past life and my situation on and my situation on an ex bf.


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May 5, 2021

I'm so grateful my friend had a reading with Carla all those years ago and called me to tell me that she had found "the one, the real deal."

Today I spoke with Carla because I made a big decision putting in my notice at my 9 to 5 job in order to focus on my small business full-time. Naturally, I had a major freak out moment. "OMG what have I done?! Did I make the right decision?" My first thought was I need to contact Carla and I'm so glad I did.


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May 1, 2021

Carla seemed to have a strong sense of my ambivalence toward new romantic relationships, which I validated and explained...

I follow Carla on Twitter and have felt drawn to doing a session with her for months. I have felt very stuck in my romantic life, feeling tethered to a man that I love as family but who I don't see myself moving forward with to a next step. I have allowed myself to stay..


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March 31, 2021

Before I even said a word, Carla began telling me what was going on with both of them and especially with him!!

Today, I decided it was time to talk to Carla since in the past she has always known the right answers. For years she has guided me and informed me in the right direction. There are problems with my sister and brother-in-law which have been occurring for a long time - and now recently have gotten worse.


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March 25, 2021

Everything Carla said was resonating with me!

Hi Carla, I had a first-time reading about my work, and all you said was resonating with me. It was nice to hear from you what I was thinking, and you said it out loud! You also mentioned true facts about the 'work permit' concerning our new business and my daughter. (I did not mention it to you.)


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March 19, 2021

Embarking On A New Journey.. Feeling Victorious!

I excitedly told my Girlfriend about him and she was like well, have you met him and I said he's traveling and we're going to meet each other after his business trip. She said be careful, don't trust him until you actually meet him. I thought she's probably wrong.


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January 24, 2021

Carla said I would have a job soon, but it would be temporary - that it would only last 4 weeks. She was correct to the day!

I had my first reading with Carla in December, she was awesome. Asked about my *poi* (Person of Interest) - she definitely picked up on his energy. I was a little foggy with everything. (And she picked up on that as well!) Towards the end of the reading, I asked her about a job...


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January 24, 2021

Carla is my go-to psychic for positive advice on health, wealth and love!

I am so blessed to know of Carla's beautiful intuition. On a medical level, I fell on my bike a few years back and Carla shared a suggestion about using a certain calcium supplement. Carla gave me a time after taking it I would feel better and I did. I continue to take to this day...


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December 31, 2020

Healing Me Is Where I Start

I have had readings from Carla almost a year now and every time she can foresee exactly what is going with me and around me. I recently had shoulder surgery and without a word from me she could see the details inside and outside of my shoulder. When she explained it to me, I was..


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December 12, 2020

I've spoken to a couple of other psychics over the past 9 years, but I have to say that, so far, most of Carla's predictions have come to pass.

Today was my 4th reading with Carla. I contacted her for a reading because I feel a bit "stuck" in my life and needed her expertise to guide me in taking my next steps. It's been 9 years since my last reading with Carla. I've spoken to a couple of other psychics over the past..


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November 29, 2020

"I have to say Carla nailed my past lives. She is good! Accurate both times - 3 years ago and then November 25th of this year!"

I am in no way a full-blown psychic, but I am fairly sensitive. Always have been, my gut feelings tend to be right and have saved my life on more than one occasion, as if someone is whispering what to do in that moment, or what is happening event-wise in what I am thinking..


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November 22, 2020

"All the things Carla predicted had come true."

Had another great reading today with Carla. I just had to tell her all the things she predicted had come true. She told me the sale of my house would be delayed a couple weeks and it was. She told me I'd meet a new person unexpectedly in October and that we'd totally click.


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November 13, 2020

The beat goes on, the beat goes on... La de da de de, la de da de da   ♫ ♪

Carla had many insights into ruth's life and her pain and spoke of them to us. ruth stayed calm while Carla was in direct communication with ruth's inner being. She told me the things ruth wanted to have with her during her transition. Each time I brought the right thing - ruth's eyes lit up. I was to play Indian drum music and repeat Eratoh's name often to her. I did as Carla instructed and ruth became very serene, had no need for drugs, and passed peacefully on Friday July 31, 2020 -

(just as Carla had predicted)


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November 7, 2020

The Psychic Predictions of Election 2020

Our entire nation - in fact, our entire planet Earth - has been transfixed for the better part of this iconic year - 2020. It has been nothing short of being in a never-ending vice grip. Between the frightening worldwide outbreak of Covid-19, the race riots that were unleashed, the souls that were so unnecessarily stolen far too soon...

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October 27, 2020

Hi Carla,

Thank you so much for my reading today! You hit the nail on the head about so many things! You described everyone in my family perfectly. I told my daughter all that you suggested and I could see some of the worry in her face melt away. The way you described my son was spot on, I couldn't believe it!

My mom was so happy to hear about my dad! When you said that he whispered to her how to do things around the house, and I remembered she told me yesterday how she was so shocked that "she" was able to fix her faucet yesterday, that just blew my mind! How could you know we were talking about that very thing the day before my reading? All in all it was a spot on wonderful reading and I can't wait to do it again!! Thanks again!

Laura Fata
Glendora, CA

October 12, 2020

I had the most amazing and accurate reading that I've ever had with Carla today.
The synchronicity's, as well as the comfort that she gave me this afternoon, was priceless.

Comforting, and she has helped me now move forward in my life.

She told me today that a person that I had in my life was going to help me "awaken" my heart to someone new in my future.
I am presently taking a course from a life coach, and it is called "The Awakening Series." There was no way of her ever knowing that. She is now my "go-to" psychic. Thank you so much, Carla, for my reading. It changed my life!

Southampton, PA

October 7, 2020

Can I just please tell you all what this meant to me today? I am a Christian and this is not a religion feeling but an "unknown" that was cleared up for me today. Carla was so helpful and inspiring today and knew I had been through a lot. Death of loved ones and knowing they are ok and how they felt about you and all was relieving to me.

She knows you all, she knows. The words and feelings of a loved one that no one else would know unless you knew them personally. I deeply suggest you talk to her to clear your heart and mind. I can't say enough about you. You're so spot on, Carla - it's real !! Thank you for your time and energy with helping me out. I am truly Blessed to call you a friend, counselor, spirit of truth and love !!!!

All my Love to you,

Nancy Guthrie
Aliso Viejo, CA

September 5, 2020

I know you probably don't remember me, but I had a telephone reading about my father who passed away aboard the
Ocean Ranger a few years back. However, you told me that you saw a "fire." I thought you might have meant the BP oil spill and the explosion that happened. I was told there wasn't a fire, but a wicked storm that caused the rig to sink.

I just watched a new segment to me, the rig DID start a fire that started when the wave crashed through the porthole and covered the giant ballast control board. I never heard about a fire until tonight.

I'm so sorry about that, and the first thing I thought about was you, Carla. I don't have the money right now, but hopefully we're supposed to receive another stimulus check and then you're the first person I'm calling.

I just wanted you to know that everything you said was TRUE. The electrical ballast control room 'caught on fire' from the salt water bursting through the glass and pouring over the electric control board.

Hopefully I will talk with you soon.


Michele (Donlon) Richburg
Myrtle Beach, SC

August 22, 2020

I had a reading with Carla today to get some insights on a few things. Been a client of her for many years and she's my only go to (psychic) girl. During this reading, I mentioned to Carla I had 2 things confirmed that she picked up in two separate readings. Early this year Carla saw a medical situation with my boyfriend and just a week ago our doctor confirmed the issues he's having exactly as Carla stated.

In another reading that was over a year ago Carla mentioned about my workplace that a manager/spouse of my boss will be difficult to work with. During the reading I told her my boss's wife doesn't work there and I've never met her. Didn't make much out of this.

After some changes in the workplace last year, she now works there and has taken over the company. Carla was right, she is a difficult person and everyone in the workplace gets stressed out from her.

Always amazed at her accuracy.

Thanks Carla!

Toronto, Canada

August 14, 2020

I've been under so much stress and pressure coming at me from all directions the last few weeks. The first moment I heard Carla's voice...I can tell she picked up on that instantly and made me feel at ease. It felt like I was speaking to an old friend I have always known.

She described my personal life, my ex-fiance and my mother perfectly. Also, the circumstances and karmic lessons those things have led me to what is currently my situation. She even described 2 events that have been in my gut for days. No one else would have known this as they were only thoughts that I've never spoken about.

I've been full of anxiety and self-doubt due to all the changes going on what lies ahead for my future. However, I now feel at ease as I'm sure Carla's future predictions will be on point. I'm really excited to move forward to my new home, to start new role/job and to meet my future person in the next coming months!

I'm so grateful Carla for making me feel at peace and hopeful!

Miami, FL

August 11, 2020 Out of the gate, Carla picked up on my dad's brain condition that he had. We had suspected he probably had it since he was born. When she mentioned there was nothing we could do about it because it was something that he was born with, it lifted a weight off my shoulders because we had always wondered if maybe we convinced him sooner to go to the doctor that things may have been different. She definitely picked up on the dominant parts of the personalities of both of my parents. This made it easy for me to understand that it was them coming through.

Also, through Carla, my dad gave me a cool tip to be able to communicate with him. It was also good to hear the work he's doing on the other side. And, it's always comforting to know that he's no longer in pain.

She also gave me some time frames to be aware and sound advice when those things occur. (So, I will probably have an update in a couple of years.)

I also inquired about a relative that is still alive, but have lost connection with. Explaining the situation my cousin was in, Carla confirmed my suspicions. But, it's also good to know there is hope with her situation.

Carla also picked up on one of the major karmic issues that I have noticed with my mother's line. It wasn't something I specifically asked her, so for her to speak it, was confirmation.

Also, she was able to pass a message on to me from my mom. "Stand up for yourself"- which is something I definitely needed to be reminded of.

Appreciate the time and energy Carla took for this reading. So much gratitude.

San Jose, CA

July 24, 2020

Today was a quiet day, so I thought I'd check my twitter account and as if by magic - Carla's name appeared. I was the first one to see it seconds after she posted so I saw it as a sign and immediately got in contact for a reading. As I am in the U.K. and the time change is 7 hours I wasn't sure how things would evolve. I wasn't disappointed as Carla kindly reached out to me and within the hour I had an amazing and insightful reading. Carla is very in tune and I felt connected as she did my reading.

I first asked about my work as that was in the forefront of my thoughts...Carla saw changes in my work place, there's a lot going on in that department and I have been worried about my job and future but Carla could see me keeping my place in my work and even going that bit further with my job all of which puts my mind at ease. I work for a leading airline, British Airways, and it's going through change and the whole business is being restructured due to Covid and I want to stay in my job. Carla could see a chance of promotion in the future, if I stay on - then that is an option.

My love life has been on the back burner, through my own choice but now I'm ready to meet someone .Carla even described the personality and relationship of my ex down to a T. A description of the man I may meet came through with lots of detail and times and a place all of which I didn't expect Carla to foresee - all good though, even down to where we will meet and a time scale. I'm looking forward to that part.

My son and his life direction was also a concern for me and she opened my eyes to a successful future for him with details that I knew my son had mentioned but Carla wouldn't have had an idea. My son has recently trained as a vegan chef and did naturopathic medicine, he wants to write a book on diet and food and Carla saw this in his future without prompt from me, also his working for himself which he wants to do -a hotel chef too! I recommend Carla as an open and genuine and down-to-earth psychic and many accurate points in my reading. I look forward to future readings.

Sheila Berkeley -White
Brighton, UK

July 11, 2020

I emailed Carla in a panic and she made time for me right away.

I was really concerned about my husband's heath and safety because he has to drive from WA to CA for a funeral. I asked Carla if he should be worried about Coronavirus due to being in a large group of people. Carla saw right away it was a male that had passed and that he had lung cancer, neither of which I had mentioned. She told me that there was no "getting out" of going to this funeral and she is 1000 percent correct, not going is NOT an option.

She knew that my husband was angry about the death in general and that it has really affected him. She told me that there was an issue with the people preparing the food and for my husband to be cautious. And that when he is eating in a group to not eat face to face but side by side. She mentioned that there was a younger male that would be attending and saw that he was sick. That he would claim he has allergies or asthma and for my husband to "avoid him like the plague," pun intended.

She said provided that he is very careful with these things that he will be ok. She mentioned that I may have had a short bout with covid myself and may have antibodies. (I did get sick in early April with sore throat, headache, fatigue and minor fever. )

As always Carla comes through for me. She calmed me down and by the time I hung up I was feeling 100 times better. If you have ever wanted a reading with Carla but haven't done so, I promise you, she is the real deal. Always has been.

Thanks again!

Ravensdale, WA

June 26, 2020

My sessions with Carla are always so insightful and interesting! My last session focused on a spirit or entity that I felt had been with me on and off for more than 8 years. I began feeling the presence when I moved in with my boyfriend who later became my husband. The entity made itself known to both of us. It would bump the bed or rub against my boyfriend's leg while he brushed his teeth in the bathroom. One time it even hit the shower curtain while he showered. I always just felt a presence when I was alone. The spirit would sometimes run up the stairs while I was in bed. I would think it was the dog but would find the dog sleeping right next to me. My husband and I split (infidelity on his part) and I was single for a while. I felt the entity every now and then- mostly at night. It would startle me awake.

I recently began seeing it again (dark shadows out the corner of my eye mostly). I had begun dating a new guy. Once we decided to move in together I started feeling and seeing it more often. My boyfriend recently told me he had started seeing black shadows fly across the room and was feeling as if he wasn't alone in the house while I was away at work. I called Carla immediately for a session once I realized my boyfriend was feeling uneasy about this spirit.

She told me the spirit was a past lover of mine from a long ago past life. This spirit was sick during our relationship and I took care of him. Carla said it appears I left him and he has yet to let go of the relationship. Once she told me that, it all made so much sense. Carla says this spirit does not want to see me with another man and will purposely try to hurt the relationship. This could be by influencing my current partner to cheat.

The next day after the reading the entity made itself known. I hear it scratching on the door to our guest bedroom. I did what Carla suggested and told it to leave. I haven't heard or seen anything since. I have felt some sense of not being alone while I was definitely alone but I am waiting to see if the spirit returns.

Seattle, WA

June 9, 2020

I contacted Carla after doing extensive research on Psychic Detectives for Missing Person Cases in the United States. She was very responsive and quick in reply.

Her session gave me the pieces to the puzzle and clues that I need to help search for my missing brother in South Carolina.

I will continue utilizing her services. She has been very accurate with whereabouts, clues, markers. I'm continuing the search for my brother with her help.

Thanks, Carla.

Sanders Family
Columbia, SC

April 29, 2020

Thank God for Carla getting me over another storm!!

She is so Accurate it is scary good!! Be careful all regarding your "social media" friends - Carla saved me from a situation that was going to be bad!!

I can't say enough about this lady and her abilities. No words can express my gratefulness for Carla.
She will certainly guide you and tell you what she knows to be true, and she is spot on point!!

Always my friend in life...

Nancy Guthrie
Aliso Viejo, CA

April 28, 2020

Carla has helped me with a relationship that is really important to me. I listened to her advice on my relationship as well as myself. I have to say things have really been going great. With her advice things went from him not sure he will ever be able to commit to us talking about looking at houses together and having a future.

She guided me on how to handle him when I misinterpreted his actions and the things I personally need to work on myself. Told me I need to basically "let things unfold in his time and stop trying to plan and manage things like I do often do."

Sometimes you need someone to point out what you are doing to sabotage your life like it or not!!

Carla's the best person to tell you how you need to hear it and help you when you need it.
She is the real deal.

Sarina E.
York, PA

April 27, 2020

So, I have been extremely worried about an upcoming spinal surgery my mom is scheduled to have this May. As soon as I started talking about it, Carla picked up on the fact that my brother is very concerned too. The surgeon acts like everything is routine and it should be fine. Carla immediately saw that my mom has had a history of brain tumors (which I didn't mention) and she feels that her spinal pain and problems could be related to that. Carla did not sugarcoat this for me and showed extreme concern for my mom's health. I'll be trying my hardest to get her in for more blood tests and a brain MRI as soon as possible.

I worry about my husband's health too, and Carla zeroed in on his past prostate issues, even when I was careful to say nothing about it. She gave lots of good advice about supplements, but most importantly reassured me that she sees no reoccurrence of cancer, and no complications or concerns for him contracting COVID-19. She also saw that we are soulmates through good times and bad, which I knew :) but it was wonderful to get real confirmation.

Carla (again with no other info than name and birth date) saw that my daughter is conflicted about her major and future career issues. She gave good advice that you can make a living with your day job, but find your joy and passion with side gigs and hobbies, possibly something online with natural products. Good news about her possibly getting engaged in 2024!

For me personally, Carla said that I would generally be in good health in the future, which surprised me but is good news. Again she gave lots of helpful advice about supplements and skin care. I lost my job due to the virus, but she said she sees a promising career change for me from education to customer support (and I do have customer service experience but again, said nothing about it.)

I'm so glad I extended my time, I got a lot of valuable information! I will definitely sleep better knowing my husband is going to be around for a while. Just a very accurate, surprising reading which all makes sense the more I think about it and really resonated with me. When you have your reading, get ready to take lots of notes!

Thanks again for everything!

Columbus, OH

April 24, 2020

So, this was our first time reaching out to Carla Baron and it did not disappoint.

My wife and I had a pretty deep discussion this morning after some disappointing news. After discussing, I brought up that I follow Carla on Twitter and that I am going to reach out for some guidance and advice.

Carla blew us away on saying something that we literally discussed this morning. She mentioned almost word for word an issue my wife said she was having with her self-esteem.

In addition, we never mentioned we owned a business. We asked if our home refi loan would finally come through and she said, "I see a Business Loan coming." I repeat we never mentioned we owned a business, we only had mentioned the Salaried Job ...Wow!

She touched on some future events, moves and job changes we need to be aware of so that is exciting to know and be on the lookout for. The hour went too fast. We will definitely set up another time to visit with Carla. In this turbulent time, it was comforting to get some guidance from our Guides through Carla.

Lucy and Nancy
Dallas, TX

April 16, 2020

Carla, I just don't hardly have the words how much I appreciate how much you have helped me ! Long overdue questions of friends and people that I was close to that have passed, or are ready to pass.

I have had so much light that has come into me and answers I needed. A big sigh of relief knowing events that have passed, but was holding on to. I am clear now with eyes wide open!!

It takes more than just one reading to get answers regarding loved ones. You just are a beam of light and a good friend for life!!! We will be talking soon again!!!

Nancy Guthrie
Aliso Viejo, CA

April 12, 2020

I scheduled a reading with Carla in hopes of gaining some clarity and guidance on a rekindled relationship I am currently going through with my high school flame. Conversations were lacking between us, and day by day our relationship seemed to be slowly drifting away . . . something I did not want to continue to happen.

From the moment Carla starting talking about everything, I knew she was the real deal. She provided so much insight on what was going on at the other side of our relationship, and reassured me that everything was fine and the love was still there. Recommended that it would continue to be there and grow so long as I settled down and took it slow slow slow.

Carla went in depth of answering questions I would have never thought to ask, which painted a beautiful love story that I hope continues to blossom and come true. Had I not spoke to her, the relationship I want so much in my life would have likely continued to fall apart. Recommendations on how to proceed moving forward instantly generated a response back from the person I love.

I highly recommend Carla's services, she was so on point and talking to her came naturally as she's so easy going.

Thank you so much Carla, and the Easter bunny says hi!

Pat N.
New Oxford, PA

April 7, 2020

I had Carla do 2 readings for me on 2 separate days. She was on point about my wife, and everything I suspected.

Carla knew things that my wife said to me to the EXACT words she said. Carla told me everything will be ok I long as I listen to what she said. So far it seems to be working... but still have some time to go.

I'm being patient. I love my wife and family very much. I will do what I have to.

Thank you, Carla, for the help. I will be sending updates. We will be talking again soon.
Thanks again, Carla.

Anthony C.
Presque Isle, ME

March 22, 2020

I want to thank Carla so much for her reading!!

Everything she mentioned and said was spot on!! I needed to know certain things about my future and also my past.
I learned a lot more than I expected which was amazing! She reached out to souls that have crossed over who I was having dreams about, and also past relationships.

I will definitely be talking with her again soon! I suggest if you feel you need to know something that has been on your mind - it is well worth it !

Thank you so much, Carla.. my new friend. ☼

Nancy Guthrie
Aliso Viejo, CA

March 21, 2020

I have had many readings over the last 15+ years with Carla. It always feels like talking to an old friend. I've been in the worst panic over the last several days as my area (Seattle) has been hit hard with the coronavirus. My son was super sick all last week so that added to my panic. I woke up and knew I needed to call Carla to help calm me down. And of course, she did. She assured me that, no, I was not going to die from COVID-19 lol (thank you, friend ♡) I could literally feel the knots in my stomach unravel as we talked.

She mentioned some job changes to come as a result of this period and that I would expand more on my home/custom art business as well. When we had talked about 7 years ago I had mentioned that I had gained weight and she told me a few tips and said, " but do NOT get the surgery!" I was taken aback since I was really only about 20 lbs overweight at that time. I thought "What?! Surgery?! Never! I'm not THAT fat lol" Fast forward several years, and I had gained 100 pounds! At one point I thought about surgery and then I remembered what Carla told me all those years ago. NO! DONT DO IT. She knew the thought would cross my mind, it just happened to be a looong time later.

She also told me years ago that I would need help having a child and that she saw a boy. She was right. I needed medication to help me get pregnant due to PCOS and it took us about 5 years of trying. But we did have a child and YES - it was a boy! ♡

Thank you again. As always, Carla, you brought my panic from a 10 to a 1 and I love you for that!

Seattle, WA

March 21, 2020

Carla is scary accurate.

We were able to pinpoint that the man I thought was the one was actually a "twin of mine from a past life" - he saved my life! She explained that we had been in a war together (WWII) and as the bombs fell, I cried, and he took my hand. (So now in this lifetime, I feel the overwhelming need to save him.) She told me my karma wasn't necessarily to be paid off in a life commitment way. She gave me insights on people's inner workings! Things I only had assumptions about, but are now confirmed.

With the information I've already gathered over the years, Carla managed to connect the dots. She was also predicting smooth sailing for my business, as well as, a man coming into my life - possibly as soon as September.

Carla is the real deal and it was a pleasure to have her read for me. ♡

Alameda, CA

March 7, 2020

Hi Carla,

Wanted to update you on our reading we had back in November 2019..

1. You said I was holding myself back in my career path... I quit my job and now with a new company still doing what I love just with better pay, better hours, more responsibility and with a Doctor that started this entire journey. He personally requested to take my company along me to his new practice . They said no so he went to another company told them what he wanted and who he wanted and he wouldn't except anyone but ME. So they made it happen and stole me away.

2. You said in March my nephew would be BUSTING out of Prison and a woman would be helping him. Well it's now March and he is being released early and my sister is bringing him home. Now we wait to see about the anger you spoke of hopefully that doesn't present itself.

3. The horrible wreck you kept speaking of didn't happen, thank goodness!

*(You were watching out right after we had your session.
Yes, thank the Universe we will! - Love, Carla)

Thank you,

Benton City, WA

March 6, 2020

I booked a reading with Carla because she is my "go-to lady."

I'm in love with a great guy who has had a bit of a rocky past with relationships. We started talking and I noticed he was hot and cold at times to me, but clearly still interested in me. Eventually out of my frustration I pushed him and he walked away. I called Carla for advice because I didn't feel like we were over. I feel like he still wants me.

Carla told me to send him messages reassuring him I'm still here and I love him.

Thank goodness I listened because we started talking again and he told me he loved me and that he wants me always. Without her advice, my ego would have ruined it. She told me he still loved me and to keep sending him messages of love and reassurance.

Thank goodness for Carla or I may have lost this man forever!

Sarina E.
York, Pennsylvania

March 6, 2020

Had another amazing reading by Carla. It is not the first reading I've had from her. They are always so on point. This time it was even more amazing. Nearly every turn in the conversation I would be thinking about my "next question" and Carla would answer the question before I even asked it. It really blew me away. There were answers within to some personal questions. I had a question about a possible future work endeavor, and before I could ask - she told me that there would be a work opportunity in 2022.

Literally the very next day after the reading, I received word regarding the work opportunity and the process has begun to look at the possibility!

Carla's readings are nothing short of amazing.

Huntington Beach, CA

February 5, 2020

I scheduled a session with Carla because I was in need of career advice. I have never had a psychic reading before this reading. I felt lost in life and was in great need of direction. I was not getting employed and felt frustrated. When I asked her why I was not finding job, she immediately said, "you are not in the sector that you should be."

She then immediately saw a farm, and asked if I knew what that was about. There is no way that she could have known about an empty farm that we own in another state. The farm is not anything that I ever considered useful. She told me that the farm doesn't survive, in other words, produce well... the way it is/was. She said that if the farm were retooled to grow crops and plants it would be successful.

She further added that the farm would become something people would come to for various events, and she gave specific examples of what she saw: hay rides, pumpkin patches, an apple orchard where people pick apples, horse riding for kids, bunnies at Easter, and sleigh rides in the winter.

Needless to say I was pretty much speechless because it took me totally off guard. This is nothing I ever considered doing. Carla further added that this would become very profitable and it would happen pretty easily. She said she saw me doing the work to make it successful, and that I am more creative than I realize. It was a lot information that I didn't see coming at all! I am planning on looking into this and believing the universe is guiding me for my path to be made clear to me.

I have areas of my life that I could use guidance in, and I will book another session because I was so amazed by what Carla saw.

Council, NC

October 29, 2019

I have been working with Carla, most recently, since June of this year. I just started dating and wanted to know about this man that I was really interested in. This was a big step for me, the dating world, and I wanted to navigate it to my fullest potential. I cannot say enough about how Carla has walked me through this for the last five months. It has been an amazing journey, one where I have learned so much about myself, and where I have been guided by her and my guides to do exactly what I needed to do to bring this relationship into the amazing place it is today. And to start this new phase of my life with confidence, and letting go of what was in my way... she saw it all. It's like a psychic therapist! She is TRULY GIFTED!

I was having negative thoughts and patterns that finally shifted to positive. I was even doubting each step of my journey until Carla made me stop, and this made a complete difference in how it all manifested! I'm very grateful.

It wasn't always easy... and she "thumped me on the head" (figuratively) at times, so I'd "get it."
(She really cares that much.)

Carla even saw that by Halloween, this relationship would be cemented, and there would be true love between us. It would all be changed by Halloween and guess what...

This past weekend at a Halloween party it all came to pass! My new love and I have turned a corner and if it hadn't been for Carla, her guidance, her seeing, her directness, and specific details - I would not be the happy girl I am today.

Sarasota, FL

October 2, 2019

This is only a mini testimonial for Carla, the big one will come soon.. I've been receiving readings from Carla for about 4 months, a lot of the information she was delivering to me had to do with things in the future, so I wasn't going to be able to write up a testimonial for a bit.. but now I have confirmation on a couple of things, so I wanted to share a mini testimonial..

Progressively over the past couple of years at work, I've been more and more miserable, just feeling like I've been wasting my time and that I was supposed to be somewhere else, doing something else. I made passive attempts to leave where I work, but nothing serious, because I felt that my lack of education would close more doors than my experience and people skills opened.. I was listening to an old "Dead Famous" episode on YouTube at work one day (listening - not watching), and I loved the episodes Carla was in. I really liked that she said it how it was, no padding or fluff, just knowledge from the Universe as it was presented to her. After listening to the Jim Morrison episode for the 3rd or 4th time, I had this feeling that I just had to get in touch with her. I looked online, and figured she'd be $1000 for a reading, let alone a year long waitlist - and low and behold, she was affordable and could read me that night!! I felt like maybe my luck was finally changing..

Along with other things I'm keeping my eye on the horizon for, she said that I was almost ready to leave where I was working at, but that I had painted myself so firmly in the corner that I had to work on that and then visualize the future that I wanted. I had so much negativity in my life from so many directions and never realized that the speed bump to the end of my misery was me. Talk about an a-ha! Moment. She said that if I repeated a certain phrase and made it my Mantra, that the negativity would start to clear and allow good things to come in that I had closed myself off from. And she also said that if I was vigilant with the visualization that a new career opportunity would present earliest in February of 2020. I was very skeptical, but on board for the most part, so I began Mantra-ing..

I started with the Mantra.

Within a few days, a Re-Fi offer at an amazing interest rate dropped into my lap. Within a couple of weeks, my Husband passed the Exam for Sergeant that he had been trying to pass for 6 years!! I have no doubt that those things were due to the Mantra. I feel so much more positive and lighter than I have felt in years - I am overweight, so it's not a physical lightness, but a spiritual lightness. The best way to put it would be like I'm tanning on the beach, but the source of my sunlight is the light at the end of the tunnel.

Since the Mantra had worked so well, I started with the visualization exercises. I'm not great at visualization, so I also made up a supporting mantra for what I felt I was missing out on with the visualization exercises. I also made a list of the things that I wanted from my prospective employer, from benefits, to work/ life balance.

So now onto the visualization... A month or so after I first called Carla, I scheduled a short reading just for a check-in. I wanted to share what the Mantra had done for me, but also, I wanted to see if there was any new information from the Universe for me. Carla being Carla, she called me out for not believing her, and she was right. I could never have predicted how things would be changed in just that short of a period of time.

Much to my surprise, things had worked better than I thought, and my new opportunity had sped up from early 2020 to October of 2019, which was just 6 weeks away! Talk about putting a firebrand to my toosh! I had hope! For the first time in years, I had hope that I could finally escape what had become my prison of 15 years. With this news, I kept up with my Mantra and I kept up with the visualizations... Just making it one day to the next, closer and closer to October.

In September, I started applying for jobs that I knew I had the qualifications and skills to do, not hearing anything, but putting my resume out there. I know now I should have called and followed up, hind sight, right? I put 2 applications into the company a family member works at, hoping I would at least get an interview. It's been a few weeks, and since October 1 was finally here, I scheduled a reading with Carla for an update.

She told me that I had to be more pro-active, stop sitting back and hoping someone would notice my resume or act on my behalf. She broke the news that they were not going to consider me for the first application I put in in early September, but that I had a good chance with the 2nd application I put in in late September. She said that they had already hired for the position, they hired a male, but that it wasn't working out, and I would have a chance around October 10. I needed to go outside my comfort zone, go there in person, visit my family member, and introduce myself. Be my best self, so to speak, and make it known that I would really like to be part of their team. So last night (Tuesday) I texted my family member, and I'm going to be crashing the last part of her work day after I'm off work Friday...

Low and behold, I get a text today from her that she found out that the position (late September application) had been hired out already and they were considering other internal candidates for the other position I applied for (early Sept.)

Carla called it.

So now a huge thank you to Carla for calling it - they did hire out. I don't know if it's a male or female, so now starts the waiting game on my end for Friday and for the 10th. Wish me luck!

Vacaville, CA

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