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November 9, 2018

Timing is Everything.. boy, is it ever!

I had a reading with Carla in mid-October 2018, to get some clarity on a flurry of unforeseen circumstances that had arisen - of course - all at the same time and all needing dealing with one way or another.

Well, as I needed to make coherent and pragmatic plans in order to sort out these circumstances, I really needed, quite desperately, to know the timings involved for certain events and people to make their appearances, so that I could be well-prepared and organized enough to deal with them -and then, be able to deal with the new set of circumstances which would be triggered as a result.

As I asked Carla - "OK, when will I find the person I need to do this for me?" (I, myself, thought I did a great job of hiding my desperation, by the way) she answered with her usual and ever-so-charismatic and casual flair - "10th November - around that date - don't fix too hard on that exact date, but 10th November."

Well, of course I restrained myself really well - I thought - as she then went into the why's and wherefore's of how the best life is lived knowing that "everything always works out in the end - always, and that those things and people which bother us the most, are of course all just playing their part and that it's living life in true appreciation, which really brings us to where we need to be." So, my desperation and my 'needing to know' was well and truly outed - and as a result - it seemed to all just melt away as those words gently, rolled on down the Skype line!

Today is 9th November 2018 - the person that Carla said would turn up on the 10th November 2018 actually arrived today - a whole day early! - and a whole new lot of 'melting away of angst' happened all over again!

Carla is like the digital time-keeper of the great, vast, unknown..she is exact, en-pointe and resolute in her offerings, when asked to give a timing to an event that will occur.

Forget the fretting..just ask Carla!

With lots of Love from London England, Carla - Thank you!!!

London, UK

October 19, 2018

I had my second reading today with Carla for one hour. I am absolutely amazed by her insight into what is going on in my life.

Her psychic ability astounds me each time I have a reading from her. The first time was in August of this year. I was so thrilled with her accuracy that I even gave my brother a birthday gift of a one-hour reading by Carla.

Today's reading was a very crucial one for me. The answers I was looking for I could not find on my own. I truly felt the only way I would know them was if I went into the future to see how to handle my situations, and then came back with the answer. Since, of course, that is impossible - I was still stuck without the answers that would mold my ultimate success.

I'll start by saying when I first got on the phone today the first thing Carla said to me was that I had to release my guilt. I had not even asked a question yet, but the statement she said rang true with the questions that I would be asking and ultimately change the course that I was going to be taking. My decision before talking to Carla was that I would move back into my deceased parent's home, and spend the next year doing construction, plumbing, and other major changes to their home all while working full-time. This would leave me with no time to start living my life again after having been my mother's caregiver for eleven and a half years. This type of sacrifice would have crippled me emotionally and destroyed me physically.

When I asked the question to Carla as to what should I do, her answers were amazingly insightful. She began telling me that I will be moving thirty to thirty-five minutes away renting in a type of split-level duplex, and that my neighbor would be an elderly female. Carla also described a man who I would be working with who would be doing the changes in my parent's home which would release me from doing all of the physical work. Carla continued to give me insight into different situations that would arise during this time.

I was very concerned about a particular personal issue that would arise. Carla was able to psychically look at the whole issue in depth and was able to tell me reasons why the issue came about in the first place. The peace that she gave me by giving me an answer to a question that had always bothered me that I could not figure out how to get past was absolutely wonderful. Not only did she give me the answer, but Carla took it beyond that and explained with her ability how to resolve it.

To truly understand the impact Carla with her psychic ability has had on my future with today's reading is nothing short of a miracle. Not only will I have free time to rediscover my life journey, but the financial gain that I will achieve will be tremendous.

I would urge anyone out there to take time for yourself and have a well-deserved reading by Carla. She is very easy to talk to, and by the time you hang up the phone - you feel like you just made a new best friend.

New Windsor, NY

October 5, 2018

I just had my very first reading with Carla today. I went in with an open mind, and focused on a specific topic that she knew nothing about.
She asked only the name, birth month and day, nothing else!

What happened next floored me to say the least, she described this person to a "T" - she saw this current situation is 'physically making me ill' - which it is. It was amazing! Carla knew that I was in financial distress, and that it was coming from my ex in-laws. Also, that I was a 'magnet for viruses - especially bronchitis' - which is completely accurate.

This situation I've been stuck in for years, she was 100% on everything!

I'm a very private person, so there's no way Carla could have known these things!
She saw in detail what's to come, and when to expect it - something I needed desperately to know!

Carla is the real deal. This I can say wholeheartedly.


Claymont, Delaware

August 21, 2018

I am a reasonably open-minded person. I have lived a very active life and have developed a strong belief that each of us has a spirit. I also believe spiritual life goes far beyond our physical being. As a 54-year-old father of four teenagers, I truly felt I was past the point of being surprised, much less amazed.

Much to my surprise my sister got me an hour reading for my birthday from Carla Baron. Before I get started - I need to say that I am very glad the reading was an hour long. In the end, it took all of this time to go over things I wanted to get into.

The reading started out with me needing to relax and breath calmly with this - getting very hard to maintain at times with the intensity of things that were said to me. I would like to also say for starters - I said I would like to discuss my health when I was asked what I was interested in asking about. It got difficult for me very fast as Carla immediately got into a major health issue that I was having with my lung and my right lung in particular. This is a recent problem that has almost killed me and put me in the hospital four times for over five weeks in the last six weeks. She got into specifics that only me, my wife, and Doctor know. Oh - and yes my sister knew I was in the hospital, but not the full or complete details that Carla was discussing. I was pointed in a direction of things to seek to help me get better. The only person who had discussed some of these things with me as a path he may have to take was my Doctor. Her information and discussion gave me goose bumps. We discussed financial issues that she also could not have had a clue. She was spot on with a lot of things currently going on. She then had very good information on what path is going to present itself, and the why she is encouraging me to follow this action and what else will present itself and why to not choose it.

I then asked about my four children - and yes that was done one at a time. They are all teenagers and very different. She first went over their personalities which was - wow amazing. She discussed information on things I need to be aware and what direction they will be going in and why. There were details she went over that unless she lived with them, she could not know. Understand that my sister lives 500 miles away from me and has not seen or talked with them in a very long time. The only people they normally speak with are their friends, along with only my wife and I when the need presents.

Lastly was a discussion about my mother and father-in-law who had passed. One very recently and the other a year ago. The things she spoke about were so much of the people they were that it brought me and my wife was in the room to tears on more than one occasion. The information that was given about them now made me feel so much better and the way she was describing their current interactions was the way that they acted in life. They were so (and apparently are still so) in love with each other that it really made us feel better. Yes - we still are sad that they are gone from us, but glad their love and - interesting - even cute interactive is still the case.

I can say that I needed this reading more than I could have ever imagined. I was given information that couldn't have been known outside of me and my wife. Carla gave me information that will in some aspects, and hopefully in other ways, point me in a direction that it needs to. Most of all - I was given a peace of mind about things that I needed and interestingly - in a way that only my In-Laws would have done with me.

Thank you, Carla. Some of the quirky little things you discussed gave so much meaning to my reading. I will sleep better, and feel better about many things. You are amazing.

Alex C.
Boydton, VA

August 12, 2018

I spoke to Carla on 11 August & asked her if the guy I am interested in will reach out to me soon.
She told me to post some pictures on social media about being back in New York from the airport today when I landed.

Well exactly like she said - it totally worked! I got a message the moment I posted!
We had not been talking for days.

Carla is always right, and her guidance is amazing.
Her predictions are always spot on.

New York, NY

August 11, 2018

Carla is really good!! In general, I am a very confused soul, however, after talking to her I was relaxed. A few things she mentioned from my past were spot on, and I was astonished about this fact as this was my first time reading with her. She also mentioned a few things about the future that are still to happen. However, I am confident that post my conversation with her I have the direction and courage to face them.

The most notable thing she mentioned was about a person in the job, which I have applied for. I never mentioned anything about this person, but how she described the person was out of this world. Also her description from my past relationship was very vivid. To be honest I was not expecting it.

Thank you, Carla!!


London, UK

August 3, 2018

It's been a while since I had a reading. Carla read me a couple times prior to today but it's been almost two years since the last reading. I've been hitting a few walls in my life lately and was looking for some insight. If not insight, validation.

I asked her about my current relationship and she asked me if there had been talk about marriage. We just got engaged a couple months ago. First thing she said was she saw money issues. That was the biggest reason I scheduled a reading. My boyfriend and I have been together over two years and it seemed like since I got my divorce settlement, I'm paying for almost everything and then some. It's really been bugging me lately because the money is almost gone. She said she felt that he loved me and everything but that he was kind of lazy. He helps around the house which is something my ex-husband didn't do, and it really means a lot to me that he doesn't have to be told to pick up after himself. To me, it's more of his attitude about going to work. I'm the type of person that would bend over backwards and overexert myself to dig out of a tough spot.

She said he had a history of being taken care of, like I'm his proverbial "sugar momma." It's so funny she used that exact wording because that's what I've been thinking to myself in my head. He has a history of his mom taking care of his monetary needs if he runs into trouble. He's been divorced for quite a few years. He just has a very cavalier attitude towards paying bills unless it's his car or his cell phones. He throws his other bills away. I told her he owned his own property in another state and she suggested I do some research on the title. She said she saw the property possibly being ceased. This could be entirely possible because he does have some large debts from his past kind of looming out there that haven't been addressed. This is kind of why we haven't set a wedding date. I don't want to get married and drag our personal financial past into a marriage. I don't want to have to pay for debts from his ex-wife.

I had a very bitter divorce and I've been trying to co-parent with my ex-husband and it hasn't been going well. I asked Carla if she saw my relationship with him improving any. I would love if we could just get along. He stresses me out. I gave Carla his first name and his birthday - month and day. The first thing she said is "he's an angry guy." YES, HE IS. He seems to be getting angrier as time has passed instead of getting over things. She said he feels like the world is against him and that any chance of success in his life has been taken away, that he's disappointed in life and his choices are limited. She described him perfectly. I couldn't have described him any better.

Carla kind of diverted the reading at this point, asking me why I would want to get along and have someone in my life who was so angry and to have that kind of negativity directed at me constantly. She then asked me about my health. She said she thought my relationships were influencing my health. I confirmed I have been struggling with health issues for some time now. She took a minute and said, "let me look at it." Then she said, "It's something with your lungs." I have been struggling with sinus issues that keep turning into bronchitis. I am on round five of antibiotics this time. I had become ill last November and though I got better, I never seem to have kicked it. She saw it being more serious than the doctors have determined and that I'm at a point where it may not be able to be reversed. Then she asked me if I'd been having issues with my skin. I've been struggling with eczema patches and small breakouts of what they think is a type of psoriasis. She has a gift.

Lastly, I asked her about my job. I'm on the fence about whether to stay or move on. She said she saw some sort of supervisor making a decision that would lead to less pay. The HR at my work has just switched health insurance companies without warning which has caused my premiums to increase $70 per month. She said if I do leave, it won't be on good terms. She said she saw a possible new job near the end of the year and that I would be working for a woman. I work for a woman now, but she said that I would still be working for a woman. She said she thought it would be a different type of work and maybe a smaller office with some sort of accounting work. I didn't tell Carla my profession - even after she read me. I'm an accounting assistant.

Thanks for the insights, suggestions, and validation, Carla. You gave me much to think about and some different angles to investigate further.

Elyria, OH

August 3, 2018

Today was my fourth reading with Carla - she was spot on about everything! I would definitely be needing a lifetime guidance from her.

In my last reading, Carla told me that I would get my student visa and the only hurdle might be submitting one missing document. She was so accurate! I got my visa approved today, but even after checking so many times - ONE document was missing that I had to submit to process my visa.

I am in shock and in awe at the same time. Can't thank you enough for guidance and support.

Indore, India

July 30, 2018

Hi Carla!

Thanks for the read today- you are awesome!!!!

When we first spoke, you told me I would meet a man younger than I was, and to be honest I was not attracted to younger men at all. Thought what you said was crap, and would not happen in a thousand years.

Now 3 months after, I met someone more than 10 years younger than me, and we have the best connection ever, better than the guys I have dated for the last 10 years! You are absolutely spot on about what happened in his last relationship- she was with someone else while with him.

Thank you for the clarity, the advice and guidance on all aspects of my life - I look forward to speaking with you again!

Speak soon,

Singapore, Southeast Asia

July 30, 2018

I have had three readings with Carla over the past month and she simply amazes me each time. She is such a pleasure to talk to and the scheduling process couldn't be easier or quicker.

The focus of my readings was a relationship that officially fell apart in April. I tried to move on but things just weren't sitting right with me about it all. That's when I reached out to Carla for some clarity on the situation. I really just wanted to know whether to move on or keep holding out hope. In the back of my mind, I honestly was expecting her to say that it's over and time to move on, but to my surprise that wasn't the case.

She nailed his personality and recent attitude towards me right on the head, and all I provided was his first name and date of birth. She picked up on similar themes in all three readings. Carla mentioned that there was 'true love' between us but that he was holding the power in the situation and pulling a power trip by not reaching out to me. She went on to say that he felt that he wasn't good enough for me but that this was something that he had to overcome personally and not something I could do anything about.

She said that there is a 'marriage agreement' with him but that things needed to play out before that could come to fruition. There is always free will and just because there is a contract doesn't mean that I can't decide to go a different route via 'free will' this lifetime. I could see myself marrying him, but given his lack of interest towards me right now, it's hard to believe that marriage could be in our future. I'm certainly excited to see what happens with this as Carla predicted! She mentioned that he would have a change in career and provided details on what field it might relate to. Lastly, she said that he would be coming back to FL around the September time frame (this is within the 2-4 months she had predicted in the second reading!) and that a friend of his would eventually make him come to his senses and reach out to me.

These readings with Carla have given me hope that things might not be over between us. Her insight into this difficult situation has been so helpful, and I'm so thankful that she takes time to share her amazing gift with others. I'm excited to see what happens and will provide an update as things occur.

Tampa, FL

July 29, 2018

I got my reading with Carla Baron this past Friday night during the longest total lunar eclipse of the 21st Century!

I am highly impressed with her accuracy and details. Carla described my man perfectly - the things I never understood about him, the money problems, and all the games he is playing (basically being immature.)

She also gave me a succinct '1st window' on the timeline when we would get back together. I had three readings with her this weekend. She accurately described what problems I would encounter during my visa interview, and that I would be getting it.

I have had many readings, but the thing with Carla is she could also guide me through the solution - providing useful, practical tips on how to 'tackle' this situation which proved really stressful for me.

Indore, India

July 15, 2018

Hi Carla,

Hope you are well and having a nice weekend.

Just thought I'd tell you that your first prediction from my reading two weeks ago has come true already!

You had said that there was treachery going on behind my back in my place of work, really juvenile stuff, from people that are junior to me and very competitive, who were being sly about me behind my back and that I would be enlightened about it before July is out.

WELL it has turned out that this girl who is in my team and is junior to me (and who I have always been mistrustful of) has been going to our MD and complaining about me. Basically I had to pull her up on something a month ago, I thought it was no big deal, but it turns out it has festered with her and she has been trying to convince my manager and MD to discipline me over it, they have basically told her to get lost and have told me it is a total non-issue. Hopefully they are not lying to me as I don't really trust them either. But the whole thing has been totally unpleasant and I feel totally undermined by it.. erghh.

This occurred 4 days ago - so EXACTLY what you said regarding timing... 'before end of July.'

Hope your next prediction about a new job manifesting in Sept comes true. I've already started to think how I can try to find this job. This stuff has been a bit of an eye-opener in terms of people that I work with! But you were totally right!

Many thanks!

Kent, UK

June 21, 2018

Carla only asked me for my day of birth and month, and first names of people that were involved in the situation.. Carla saw that I am moving in the fall without me mentioning this at all. Carla saw the move and the timing, without me prompting her. Carla was able to figure out this very complex situation within the first 15 minutes or so - AMAZING!

I had an outstanding reading with Carla - beginning the 13th of April and going into May 19th I experienced shock and major pets were seized and life was not the same. I had to attend court where my presence was not acknowledged. Nothing I said or did made a difference, and the judge awarded my pets to state custody. Carla helped me to see what a dishonest bunch of vipers these people are.

Carla helped me to see they are all friends in a tightly woven network. Carla could see two problems - the first, the pets were taken and the second, a money judgment of 10k. Carla helped me to know I could fight back but would endure battle scars. This situation, she said, would take 2-3 years but would end positively if I were fighting with the other victims.

Carla could see I am a fighter. Carla said, "They are afraid of what you are going to do." Carla also saw I am moving West for a job in the fall (all true) and advised I start fresh, but keep my personal info private as these vipers would hunt me down.

The most important message Carla gave me is that there is a reason I was caught in this cyclone; on a karmic level, I am to expose and deal with this corruption. In fact, there are other individuals in my area who have suffered loss of their pets and whopping judgments on top of it. When Carla told me this I was able to see the bigger picture. Better news was at the end of this issue which may extend into 3 years - there will be a nice surprise.

Love, from Karen
Lantana, Florida

June 8, 2018

I've consulted with Carla a few times in the last several years and she never ceases to amaze me with her insight and keen psychic abilities. She has been spot on in every instance.

For example, in a previous reading she saw that my daughter, who was a hard-to-handle teenager at the time, would turn her life around. She saw that my daughter would be working in a lab around x-ray machines within a few years of the reading.

My daughter currently works in the medical field around x-ray machines.

I never in a million years thought this would be true.
(But it was.)

San Francisco, CA

June 1, 2018

I've been reading with Carla since the fall of 2017. I was in a strange time in my life and felt like on was on the verge of something larger than I could see.

My first call with Carla we spoke about my romantic life. She felt like I would have someone come into my life in early 2018, from my work. Sure enough, I went to Punta Cana on a reward trip from my job. There was a guy that came out of nowhere, as Carla predicted. She also said that I would end it. The relationship happened, exactly the way she said it would. At the time, I couldn't even see myself being open to anything, but as she told me it would play out, it did! The guy sent me non-stop selfies of himself during the day which at first was like, okay this is strange but after several weeks, and hundreds of selfies, I ran for the hills!

She also told me I would be making a big change, too, in my life. At that time, I was top sales producer in a company, and field of work I adored. I kinda thought, no way could this be correct. In April, I was retaliated against and fired from my job. I moved from Maryland to North Carolina within two weeks.

I always had a feeling I would come into money, and be financially secure. She said she saw me being fine financially. Tough to hear when you're just getting by. In February my ex's stepmother passed, and both myself and my son inherited money. That money afforded me the chance to hire a top attorney that is now representing me in a lawsuit against my former employer for wrongful termination and violations on the fair wage act. They are currently withholding around 97k in back commissions.

Carla has been instrumental in walking me through my lawsuit. Two days ago, she said I would be successful in the case, and that there would be two cases. Last night my attorney told me they decided to pursue two cases! I just spoke to Carla again, and she has predicted it will be in full gear in one month. Again, my attorneys are filing one case in two weeks, and a second one the following week. She predicts that it won't drag on, and I will open the door to more class action lawsuits in my field, as what my employer did is done to many people. Look out for my follow up as things progress!

Holly Springs, NC

May 16, 2018

I had a reading today with the magnificent Carla!

Although I chose a short reading, it was full of insight as to what to expect shortly.

With no information in front of her other than my month/day of birth and my first name, she was able to give me great direction on a difficult crossroad I currently have before me.

She described current situations and people accurately and gave me advice on what to expect on the outcome of this issue I have in the near future. She gave me advice on the best way to help my child with a learning issue in the school setting. And she told me what my children would gravitate towards in their careers. To my surprise, she described their inclinations at this time very accurately.

Carla made me feel very comfortable and it was easy to speak with her... like a good girlfriend!

I had a reading from her several years ago and found my notes that I made during that reading. She was right on the dot. I decided to make an appointment with her again at that moment.

Thank you, Carla, for your kindness and clarity. For being matter-of-fact and not holding anything back, but being straightforward and honest. Sometimes it's what we need to be nudged in the right direction.

You are a gift! Thank you for your help. I will be back!

Erie, PA

May 1, 2018

My recommendation:

So I had my very first reading with Carla this morning. Payment and connecting with Carla could not have been easier. I was a little nervous at first but my nerves were put at ease as soon as Carla sounds super sweet and really cares about what she is doing for me. I asked about a current relationship that I am in and if things would progress to marriage. She said in a few years, yes. She was so insightful about my partner and has helped me understand him better. She emphasized some things I could do to get my health in order, things that I never expected her to read into. She even knew I that I have in my past suffered from fainting spells! Crazy!

I hope to speak with her again soon! Not only does she give great insight, but her recommendations are spot on too. She is so easy to talk to. Really loved the session and the insight! Thanks Carla!

Campbell, CA

April 27, 2018

I have gotten readings from Carla many years ago. During one reading, Carla had told me that my granddaughter was going to die at a young age. Of course I never mentioned it to anyone in the family. Years passed and I remembered back to that reading and said to myself, "Well you got that part of the reading wrong." My granddaughter had grown into her late teens.

Just before Christmas 2017 we received the tragic news that my beautiful granddaughter had suddenly passed. I wanted to share this with those of you who will be reading this.

This evening Carla did another reading for me. I had some things weighing heavily on my mind. I have young family members who have recently started living with me. Just recently I discovered that a vintage item that I had purchased was missing. I read Tarot cards for myself and am somewhat psychic. I wanted to be 100% sure and without giving Carla any information except that the item was missing she told me the boy took it and he had a friend who was in on it also. Carla also said that one of the girls living here knew what he had done and feels awful for not telling me, but the boy is blackmailing her in some way. I was 90% sure the boy took the item and took it to school to trade. I had a strong feeling that one of the girls knew about this.

Thank you, Carla, for now I am absolutely sure what had happened to my item. Carla told me that I would not be getting the item back, and I can live with that. What was difficult for me before talking to Carla was that little bit of doubt I had about my thoughts. Now I will definitely be putting things away that are of value to me because as Carla said - it is not the first time he has done this. I am sure if he is given the chance - it probably won't be the last time he will try.

Thanks again for peace of mind.

Grants Pass, Oregon

April 26, 2018

I had a reading yesterday with Carla and I am reaching out to anyone who might have any doubt that they could benefit from taking the time to contact Carla.

Firstly, I will comment on the ease of setting up the appointment. Her instructions are laid out on her website and I paid through Paypal which was quick and easy. In my circumstance I am assuming that as soon as Carla got the notification from PayPal that I purchased a 15-minute session, she contacted me to let me know, via the email I provided. She offered a time slot that morning and we spoke just over an hour later. I liked having the appointment happen soon after I paid. I personally appreciated not having to anticipate anything for too long.

We connected through skype audio and I gave the birthdate of my Grandfather who passed on Christmas several years ago. She was able to pick up on the fact that he was completely ready to go when he did and had great sense of peace about where he was headed. This was indeed exactly so. He in fact had written a whole page explaining to people who he was leaving behind to be happy for him and not sad.

I then asked her to check on my mother to see how she was. She is still alive, but I have been dealing with constant thoughts pertaining to her safety. This ongoing plaguing feeling that never goes away is what I can only think my intuition. But I cannot know for sure until that sweet gift of hindsight smacks me in my face.

Please know that I did not give any information about why I wanted Carla to see if she could pick up on anything about my mother. Again I gave her first name, and day and month of birth.

Only a few seconds after her receiving the birthdate information she commented to me about her relationship. I could hear her grimacing as she said this man is not good. I stayed quiet. Next she said he is doing something that is in her words - "criminal."

To whom this may concern: Please know Carla hit the nail right on the head, and those exact worries that have been plaguing me for over three years. Although I have tried to express my concern to my mother, it only put a wedge between us and now our relationship is nonexistent.

Difficult to hear those words from Carla as the truth can hurt, but I can certainly say that I have gained a better respect for my own abilities as a sensitive human.

Carla helped me understand that my mother is extremely proud and she will soon come to realize what I have thought to be true; she also will realize this within a 6-month time frame. It will be difficult as you all can imagine - it is my mother. I do feel that Carla’s guidance to me to step back is not only better for my health, it is what needs to be done in order for my mother to come into her own awakening.

I will end with this: I would recommend MORE than the 15 minute session - and if you have to postpone in order to afford the longer session, just do it. Or if there is something plaguing you and you are in need of some clear perspective, then just go ahead and contact her. I do not doubt there will be something in it for you.

Sincerely, wishing the world peace.

Toronto, Ontario

January 29, 2018

To whom it may concern:

I reached out to Carla in Jan of 2018 to figure out where my life was headed at this time. I have previously talked to Carla in 2015. I want to let everyone know about how Carla hit things on the head in my talk with her. My sister Jackie passed away in 2005. I was very close to my sister. She was my mother type figure. It was always a running joke that I was going to raise her kids down the road. On April 13 2005 my sister passed away from throat cancer. This is where things get interesting... When Carla channeled my sister Carla said that she feels that you sister is mad, she thought she beat it but it came back and claimed her life. My sister had surgery to remove throat cancer. The doctors said that she was 100% cancer free. A 3-month checkup told her that she only had 6 months to live because the cancer came back and spread thru out her body. As Carla was continuing her reading she was seeing a black mass that she felt was cancer that took my sister's life. I was floored that Carla was able to see that, considering I gave her the wrong year of death on accident. Carla started to talk like my sister - that was icing on the cake. (Plus pretty funny.)

I asked some questions about my wife of 18 years. She couldn't have been more on point with this than someone that knew my wife for many years. Carla helped me to understand my wife a lot more. We have done physical counseling. After talking with Carla about my wife I realized that I was asking her to do things that her soul plan wasn't offering. I got caught up in wanting that motherly loving from her, but I have never received that from her. I got caught up in what the physical body wanted - not my soul. Carla showed me that the love I was wanting was from helping people, not that motherly love I thought I was missing in my life. The one word that Carla said about this was stop "force feeding" your wife what you think you want. That is hilarious because my wife would say that in conversation many times.

I have recently started doing motivational speeches. I have had a burning fire inside to help people. My childhood life was rough. That's a nice way of putting it. Carla led me to see that this is the path I was supposed to take minus a few speed bumps that thru me off my plan. I was told that I will be working with suicidal people that are going to give up, not just their physical bodies but their souls are giving up. I have ALWAYS had a feeling inside that I have mentioned to many people that I believe that I am here to help people's souls. I didn't understand it when I was younger. I thought I just cared about things more than others. For Carla to know that about me without me saying a word about it. Gives me that funny feeling inside plus motivation! In my eyes we are all trying to figure this thing called life out. I feel so much better emotionally and spiritually after talking to Carla. Carla says it how it needs to be said, straight and to the point. I honestly believe that married couples should do a reading before they go to counseling, it will help you understand your spouse on another level.

Josh Perris
Tehachapi, CA

January 8, 2018

Hi Carla,


I won a 15-minute reading with Carla in the raffle held over the weekend. I had my reading yesterday morning.

My question was about love. All that she received about the man coming into my life - including my role in his life, the project we will undertake together, and the words that go with that project were completely accurate.

All she said was correct in every respect, even though some details were complicated. She also recommended a specific calcium supplement for me to take to strengthen my bone density. I know she helps so many people including me and I highly recommend you have a reading with Carla. Her readings can give your life direction and lead you to make the correct decisions for your highest good.

Jane McDonnell
Sydney, Australia

January 4, 2018

I booked a reading with Carla as I was not sure whether to sell my share in property to a relative. It was a property that I inherited and co-owned with the relative. I was about to take the offer, but I wanted to check with Carla if I was making the correct decision. I believed the amount offered by my relative was a fair amount - however Carla informed me that the property was worth a lot more.

After speaking to Carla, we decided to get the property valued and just as she said, the property was worth a lot more than what our relative was offering! Carla did suggest that we go through rental companies which we are planning to do. Thank you for your advice as we would have lost out on a lot of money!

New Delhi, India

September 29, 2017

Hi Carla,

Hope you are keeping well.

Just to give you an update, well you were obviously right with regards to your predictions from my last reading.

Aaron and I did meet up and although we had a minor argument at first-based on the miscommunication on our meeting point and him getting annoyed at me when other men were staring at me (at this point he said was aware that he was being aggressive towards me) and also he said I need to stop being so kind to everyone?! I did feel that during this visit we truly bonded! ....just like you said!

We were a lot more intimate this time - like you said we would, but we couldn't have sex because I was very tired/tense (From some reason I had the strongest vibe of my dad-who has passed over...the ultimate mood killer!!!)

I am glad you told me it was ok to be intimate with him because I felt happy and still do, so thank for that.You also removed my fear of being intimate with someone - a fear that I thought would always stick with me so again really thank you.

Despite the mishaps he told me that we were committed to one another and that I mean something to him.

We said our goodbyes and would have to say I had an amazing time with him and I thought he did as well. He wouldn't leave when we were saying our goodbyes!

However, he told me when we last met that he would be flying into London on 29th- today, however I have not heard anything from him! Whenever we plan to meet up he tells me in advance, so I am assuming he just doesn't want to see me? I never thought of him being a devious person, but I suppose people change? I really thought all was going well! Maybe this is a life lesson.

Anyways I am about to book a session with you.

Kind regards,

London, UK

September 16, 2017

On Tues 12th Sept I booked a reading with Carla, which took place on Wed 13th Sept 2017. I'm in Barnet, Hertfordshire in the UK so we arranged to do the reading via Skype telephone.

I had a list of questions that I wanted to ask Carla, which, come Wed had completely gone out of the window, as, being a psychic medium myself - I had been drawn in to a Missing Person case - not by the family, but by the Missing Person himself, whom is deceased. I even feel bloody weird writing THAT down - but that's the truth of it!

Long story short, the first question I asked Carla was "am I right in the all the information I'd got from the person" - yes I know, some mediums, etc., call dead people 'entities' and 'energies' and 'ghosties' or what have you - but, for me - in my world and life, since I was visited by the first dead person I clearly recall - they were a person - they always were - and always will be - it was my maternal grandmother - and she was no more an 'entity' than I was - or am. She was and still is, my nan - and always will be.

Anyway - Carla gave me the low down and answered: yes, I was correct and although there were other key pieces of info that I hadn't received - but what I had received was indeed, correct.

I had to ask Carla that question because - well - she's the expert on Missing people that I have great respect for - and - well, I'd booked the reading with her initially to know what the heck it was I was meant to be doing with my gifts because I hadn't been doing anything at all - until that same, fateful Wed morning when I'd gone to Sainsburys and felt myself dragged to the news stand to buy the Irish weekly paper, depicting the missing man on the front!

In the past I'd received lots of detailed information about missing people, from the missing deceased people themselves or others in the world beyond the veil - and - I'd never done anything with the information. Let's just say 'life' kept getting in the way - and I just didn't - and the end result was always, that I was proven right, which I don't say with any glow of excitement whatsoever (long story).

Anyway - Carla next said - 'attempt to contact the family as I will be instrumental in offering them a different direction to pursue - and to do this now.' She then said that this was my destiny role - doing this kind of work with my gifts.

So basically - Carla entirely answered the question I ringing to ask her in the first place - but didn't get around to! She said she saw me with the family when the body was discovered - that I would be responsible for discovering it - leading them to it.

She also said I tend to shy away calling myself an 'expert' at anything - so true! And that within a year from now - this kind of work, will be my 'thing'. The biggest thing Carla said - the most impactful thing was - 'to contact the family - and do this now' - well - I'm just a regular plain Jane, jean wearing non-fluffy - regular - really regular person. In the grand scheme of things - especially the psychic world - I'm a 'nobody'. No 'case files' no recorded feedback, no list of clients nor any great prediction tales to write home about. I'd only ever done 'sittings' or 'readings' for people in some workshops I've attended - none whatsoever anywhere else.

A huge massive part of me thought, to put it mildly, who am I to phone a complete stranger - in another country - to tell her that what's in the paper, that she herself had relayed to the paper - was in fact - a lot of - untruths - and to cap it all - that her brother was in fact - in another world altogether, not just in another country!

Carla told and assured me that the family member would be open to receiving my contact with them and the information I'd provide. Carla said - quote - "you'll hyperventilate a bit when making the call" - hmmm - yep - I did THAT alright! At the time she was telling me this and I was writing it down - I know there was a large part of me thinking "wtf!?..." or something to that effect! I had no intention of telephoning anyone about the info I'd received prior to having this reading with Carla - but 'something' made me absolutely know she was right.

She told me she had never, in all her career - ever told anyone to contact the family under such circumstances before - which I believe - yes, I'm a reluctant psychic medium, always have been - but I knew myself that 2017 was a 'different year for me' in this respect - I just didn't expect (really) that I'd have to stick my neck out so far as having to contact total strangers myself - after all - it's different if they come to you looking for help - often I have felt totally 'put upon' by dead people - so much so, that through the years - I have told many - to - go away - or something to that effect!

I mean who the heck goes ringing up totally distraught people, who are at their wits end, desperately looking for a loved brother, sister, husband, wife, son, daughter, mother, father or friend. People whom have absolutely no one to turn to, to answer their questions, to solve the massive burden of the awful mystery that they find themselves enveloped in - with nowhere to turn.

I learned from Carla - it seems - I AM THAT person, on this occasion at least. The most reluctant psychic medium I know - me - has been saddled with THAT burden. My own evidence had better be 'better than good' - that's all I can say! Who the heck would want this burden? I don't even call my own kids half the time because there's always some huge life thing going on in their worlds - and I don't want to have to sort it out! - I want to live the life of a footloose, trouble-free mum and granny thanks, whenever I can!

Anyway - I called the woman in question - gave her the list of info about her brother - including a key piece that Carla had given - I hyperventilated my way through it - nearly had a bloody heart attack when she asked me if I knew her brother - which in response to, I had to say the words 'I'm a psychic medium'...I'm sure my face was almost purple at this stage, but I pressed on!

I told her I wouldn't call her again - but she had my number if she needed/wanted it - and I wished for her and her family, peace - and apologized for having to tell her such things on the telephone - but I couldn't help it as I knew the story in the paper was wrong - and she was suffering so much. But I did it!

And then I nearly fell off the couch when she told me she'd let me know the outcome! God Bless her and her family - my heart goes out to them all.

But Carla sees me being there - finding the body - with the sister - and bringing him back home and being protective of her and her family. On another note, in answer to what work I'd be doing for a living - to earn an income - Carla said she saw me working with an Author doing research work and working in collaboration with him - that we'd meet around Halloween 2017 and we'd turn into good friends - and that the research was to do with 'psychic detective work'.

Carla spoke of the Karmic lessons we're all here to learn and picked out mine very accurately. She also read my astro-natal chart and gave me a clear insight in to the type of person I am - the psychic I am and gave me a clear indication of why my life and psychic ability was panning out as it is right now - it was a really helpful insight in to 'me' for myself.

She also told me I'd have a gallery online with the psychic art and portraits I do - given I've taken the first huge step - I'm looking forward to seeing all this come to fruition myself and seeing exactly what it can do to improve the lives of others.

Lots of Love, Carla!

From Barnet, Hertfordshire UK - all well and good - and being nicely looked after despite the miserable nasties out there! :o)

P.S. - I found websites etc on line today about the man - and some things I mentioned to the woman were there to be seen and read - I didn't look for anything before I called her that same day I spoke to you, I just did it today - glad I did - it gives me hope at least!

Barnet, Hertfordshire UK

September 7, 2017

I have been having sessions with Carla recently and I've told you all how accurate mine have been. I'm in a complicated situation, but she has allowed me to have clarity on things I didn't know would be ok. Turns out - it will be ok!

There have been multiple things that have been repeated to me - for instance, a job offer has been said twice,the same job, plus my personal life has been seen as true love! (I definitely needed that!) I also am moving, and from the beginning - the city that was chosen turns out to have been the right place from the beginning. This, mind you, was Carla having absolutely no prior knowledge of my issue at the time of our sessions. These are just the specifics that I can say. There is so much more.

This gives me hope that my heart and my mind are in the right place, doing the right things. I trust my sessions with Carla and there hasn't been a time when it's been wrong. I am very thankful to have Carla in my life because without her sessions, I'm not sure exactly where my life would be right now. So amazing! Thank you Carla!

C Crocker

August 24, 2017

Hello all! Once again I am just over the moon about Carla!

I have come to her with a crisis now at least 2x and I always hang up feeling like my head and my heart has been put at ease! I've been in a really sticky type situation and I've never felt like I've ever been let down - even if it's not always what you wanna hear, it's truth and it's something I've been able to rely on in times I think I'm going crazy!

And it's not like a session where you leave more confused then when you started, you leave feeling like you have a direction to go, sometimes specific directions. I will never seek anyone else for any other readings because this is the REAL DEAL! If you want accuracy you shouldn't go anywhere else but Carla! Thank you again and again!

Franklin, Maine

August 11, 2017

Hello everyone! So this is the 2nd reading I've had with Carla and I'm just never disappointed! It was late and it was last minute and she was still willing to do a reading! I was a little desperate and confused and she was able to verify to me what I wasn't sure was true! I can't say too much because of my situation, but I will continue coming back. Carla has been able to set my mind at ease not once but twice now in like the last couple of weeks!

I trusted her before I did a reading because I've watched her show and now more than ever I will never go to anyone else! Trust that! Thank you Carla and I'll be back again soon!

Cynarra Crocker
Was out of town at the time in NH

August 5, 2017

Hi Carla,

My first reading was nothing short of life changing and incredible! I feel like a great weight has been lifted off my soul.

I have been struggling with my belief that my dad is really still here with me after he passed away last year, and you gave me all the reassurance I needed. I can't believe you didn't know anything about my dad except his name and date of death and were able to tell me so many accurate things! You were right that we called him "Dan the man" and that he wasn't good at taking care of himself, and that power was a big part of his personality. You were spot on when you mentioned he could be gruff and could push people away in his work, marriage, and family, but then break down and show his true self.

My dad's life was about leaving a legacy, and you totally picked up on that. When you said that the stress in his life was immense and built up in his brain and eventually burst, I broke down because I couldn't believe you could know that. The very first thing you said about my dad's death was, "I'm up around his brain area."

He died of brain cancer and had several surgeries to remove brain tumors in the past. The stress throughout his life was so intense that it truly built up in his brain. He also had other health issues, and you touched on the lower leg circulation which was 100% true. He had trouble getting around for the past 20 years or so because of his legs and couldn't feel his right leg. He would just lie in bed a lot of the time and not want to do anything but watch T.V., so when you said that he had trouble remembering to stand up and move around it was just more validation.

My dad and mom's marriage was terrible and they divorced when I was 9, so I wasn't surprised when you mentioned that his marriage to my mother was robotic and he felt that he was just "doing his duty" by being married to her. I was a bit shocked but not surprised when you said that my stepmom only married my dad for his money and had affairs while they were married, but that he ignored it because he just wanted to be married. I had always suspected that.

When you said he was pointing to the age *48* - I was definitely amazed. There is no way you could have known - just by his name and date of death - that the year 2000 was when his brain tumors started to grow, his only grandson was born, and he started to move from Alaska to Washington. That was a very tumultuous time and there were other things going on within his marriage to my stepmom that I don't know. That was a very significant year for him. Then my dad began talking about the relationship he and I had and said that "I'm a chip off the old block" and that everyone knew how alike we were and what a great bond we had. So true. But the turning point in the reading for me was when he showed you the gold coin, which I took as a reference to the coin collection he passed down to me just before he died. Coin collecting was something we both enjoyed and was a big connection between us. That was incredibly validating and there is no way you could have looked that up on the internet or known that beforehand. That was something so specific that I knew my dad was there.

When I asked why my dad hadn't given me a sign I had asked for on my birthday this past January, and he said to you "You don't need to ask that", I felt like he was talking directly to me instead of through you. He also said that I don't need a sign and that I know in my heart that he is always with me. That is what he would have said to me if he was saying it in person.

When we talked about the fact that I will not be staying with my current husband, and that our marriage will be over by October of this year, 2017, it was scary and exciting at the same time. You explained that my husband is angry and blames me for not being able to go further in his life, which I believe is 100% true. You mentioned also that he is waiting for me to file for divorce so he doesn't have to deal with it, which I have suspected for a long time. I was surprised when you said that my dad, who was basically best friends with my husband while alive, now doesn't like him at all because he can see all of the pain and hurt he has caused me. I was really shocked to hear that you see me getting married again in the winter of 2019 and starting a business that in some way helps humanity with my new husband. And since you also saw the name "Brian" as someone who will be involved in introducing me to my new husband, I will be sure to watch out for that person! When you said that my dad will be there for the wedding and would "surprise" me somehow with some kind of sign, whether that be a person or something else, that truly made me happy, as well as a little bit sad. I'm really glad to hear that you see me moving back to the Pacific Northwest!

I asked about having kids, and you said that if I decide to try to have a biological child it is critical to my health to be monitored by doctors every step of the way, especially in the first trimester, but I will probably have a miscarriage and have a hysterectomy afterward. I think you saw more, but weren't allowed to tell me. You said it is better for my health not to have a biological child. I know I am at a high risk of death if I get pregnant, and I have been told by my doctor to have a hysterectomy for a few years now, so I'm going to take your advice and not have a biological child. That is something that no one except my husband and I know about! You mentioned there might be older kids in my future -probably teenagers, so we'll see!

When I asked about any health issues I should watch out for, I was very surprised when you brought up ringing in my ears, which is a problem that just started bothering me recently. Since you think it could be a lack of minerals, I will definitely look into that. Also, since you said you think I have too much metal in my body, I will try to make some changes like not drinking out of aluminum cans and switching to a "crystal" deodorant as you suggested.

The last thing I asked about were my dogs, who are litter mates. For my dogs, you only asked for their names, not even their birth dates. Sami has a cataract surgery coming up and I asked how that would go as well as how she was doing in general. I was thankful to hear you say that her surgery will go well and she has at least 2 more years to live. I was very surprised to hear that she is lonely, even with her sister around, and that introducing her to a male dog might help her loneliness. For Lily, she might lose a lot of weight soon, we may need to change her diet, she will suddenly lose her appetite, and heat is very bad for her. I was worried that the two dogs might have gotten mixed up but then you said that Lily has skin irritation, which is incredible! Lily has had skin allergies for years and has to take prescription medications for it. There is no way you could have ever known that! That was another huge validation for me.

All of the things you brought up about my dad and my dogs are 100% accurate, as well as the issues in my marriage and with my health. I feel honored to have been able to talk with you and feel so amazing after having so many things validated. Your compassion and easy, personable manner make it seem like you're chatting with a close friend and put me totally at ease. I feel a sense of calm and peace about my dad, my life, and my dogs that I didn't have before and I simply can't thank you enough for taking the time to talk with me!

Jasmine Sherk
Amarillo, TX

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