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November 10, 2016

After talking with you about needing help to conceive - and then discovering I had PCOS, it was a long road to get pregnant - but with some medication it DID HAPPEN!

It seemed to take forever, and at one point you had offered a rare 1-question quick free reading on your Facebook page where people could ask you a single question.

On a previous reading, you told me that I would need help to get pregnant. I never actually asked you if we would end up having a baby. So on that 1-question post - I asked you if you saw us with any children. Your response was "I see a boy child." [April 4, 2015]

All I know is that I became pregnant this year, and now 8 months along with a BOY. As usual, you were right.

Thank you!!

Maple Valley, WA

November 3, 2016

I wanted to have my reading with Carla after reading her testimonials. My life had recently taken some drastic turns. I have been married for 10 years and it wasn't a happy marriage. I met someone else, and had an affair. I fell in love with the person I had been seeing. My husband found out and I moved out, and in with the man I had been seeing. It all happened so fast.

I was unsure about what my future held. Carla got it so right the first time! She stated that my marriage should have been over in 2014 (which is right around the time my marriage started crumbling) - Carla knew that without me even stating. She knew things about the man that I have been with that I didn't even tell her. He was going through a hard time and she gave me some great advice. Carla stated that I needed to stop 'smothering' him and to let him 'tell his story' the way that he needs to. (He is suffering from PTSD.)

This hit me like a ton of bricks because she was absolutely right! Carla didn't know any of this, and it was so true.

Carla also confirmed that he really loved me. I really wasn't sure - although he had already told me he loved me. I was broken and confused and frankly didn't believe anything. I was really relieved, and she put my mind to rest. Carla told me that my divorce would be in, or around, February 2017, and that my marriage had just run its course. She said to "just let it happen." She was absolutely right.

Carla suggested we have a 'bonfire ceremony' in the backyard with my son & daughter as a way of saying goodbye to the past, ushering peace and tranquility into the future.
(Love that! ♡)

I then asked Carla about my job. I told her the commute was brutal, although I liked my job. Carla confirmed that I wouldn't be staying, and in the beginning of December around the first week - a new place would be opening. She said to start looking & sending my resume out, and to also follow up. (Carla did not know this during the reading, but I had already started looking around - just recently, in fact.)

Carla, thank you. You put my mind at ease and I felt so much better after I talked to you. It was such a great reading and full of insight and truths that I didn't want to face. You cleared the fog and made me face things I was scared of facing.

Thank you again,

Cindy Anderson
Aurora, IL

October 1, 2016

I spoke to Carla and asked her insight into a guy that I met online on a dating site.

She picked up that the guy wanted to control his love life. He was not happy, and he would not be calling me again. She said that he doesn't allow himself to be happy, and that he wasn't really available for a relationship. That is why he is just after sex, even though I had stated up front to him that I was not looking for a 'hookup,' but a relationship.

Carla also picked up that he wanted women " pay for him," which made complete sense, as he had asked me what my thoughts were on women picking up the tab. (Carla did not know this beforehand.) It also confirmed what she said as he had asked me if I was "exempt or non-exempt at work."

Carla said, "I dodged a bullet, and I would pick myself up, dust my self off."
(An expression I always use, by the way.)

I felt so much better in that she had such a great insight - confirming what this guy was all about. He didn't want a relationship, and she said he had done this type of thing all his life. I can now move forward.

Carla also saw that I was going to meet someone by chance - possibly this fall around Thanksgiving. She described that I would meet him at a place that resembles where I regularly shop. It would not be someone I would meet online. It would be a 'chance' encounter with someone new. He would make me laugh, be pleasant, no games. Not a 'commitment phob.' Carla felt we would have mutual friends in common.

Can't wait for Carla's prediction to come true. She is always spot on!

Atlanta, GA

August 15, 2016

Recently our family dog had to be put down. Interestingly the night before this - I had a dream about two shooting stars which were following the same line, same path in the night sky as if politely single file. Carla validated the shooting star dream I had to mean I now have two 'trackers' walking ahead of me as if on point. The two family dogs we've had that have now passed 'have been assigned to me' to guide and keep me on my life's path, each one walking on each side of me but just cool!!! Today's reading was all about hope, protection, and flowing into positive directions.

Never been really easy for me to break away from a relationship. Parts of it are supposed to be hard, right? The circumstances of my most-recent one would have devastated me months ago had I not been growing in the right direction. I know my worth and am happy now in ways today more than ever. So when I realized I'd come upon information that would sever my relationship entirely - I could still forgive it. I can and I have. But I will not accept what she did. There is a difference there. Via work I've done on my own and w/the guidance of previous readings w/Carla I'm at a peaceful, focused place. I have been given insight into additional heartbreaking information regarding what my ex was up to. I won't spill specifics here. But it points to what Carla had said in a previous reading about something being 'ongoing...' And it'll continue. Damn. That hurts. But. Knowing what I know Carla has seen - how my ex has treated me and how I am advertised to her friends/coworkers/family, I'd say not being with her sure has a nice ring to it.

Over the few readings I've had with Carla - there were always several things that she had predicted would happen in, around, and by summertime this year. Not so much personal finance info but mainly related to my profession/passion, and love life. It's been like going down her prediction list and checking them all off 'yep, THIS happened when you said it would, too, and this person's working out (or not) like you said!' I laughed today about the many things that have all managed to reveal themselves right on time this year - and in uncanny 'God/universe' ways that could NOT have been premeditated or accomplished 'on purpose.' The people I am working and creating with are wonderful for me, just as she said they would be. And this love relationship would see some events/change around Summer, but I would have arrived at a point to handle and grow from it all. And that's all been proven true. Carla I appreciate your kindness, sense of humor!, and help and am grateful you share your gifts.

I've also come to find through my reading with Carla that pursuing low level, obsessive details regarding my last relationship is unhealthy for my growth. I'm like any normal person and there's a time after a traumatic event or loss of love where you want to uncover all the minutia and pour over every scenario and detail (the 'who's doing what, where, and with whom now?' routine). It did me good to hear I (and we all) must stay out of that basement frequency and remain high above, keeping thoughts and focus big picture and bright future. This lesson taught me sometimes it isn't about knowing every little detail - it's about remembering why you chose the path you're on and to keep your focus forward and above. Psychic session and life lesson all rolled in to one!

Geoffrey Louis Koch

July 25, 2016

I asked about my "ex" and the pending legal deal.

This is my second call with Carla and I always feel so much relief after I talk with her. I feel like she connects with the deeper truth I feel and know but cannot articulate.

She said my ex is cheap and has been mad all along that I never made more money. (Which she couldn't have known, but is absolutely true!) The only time he ever really felt good about me was when I was making money. Carla said he likes women "to take care of him." He has never liked the way I spend money. Also very true. I like beautiful things and he only wants to pay for experiences. This was a huge problem in our relationship that never got resolved or aligned. We never found a safe way to 'take turns.'

Carla told me she thinks he is not really that attractive (even though I think he is.) My therapist has been telling me this for years!

Carla remarked that lots of men these days don't want - or know how - to provide for their families.

Carla sensed that he still wants me, but I have to decide if I want to continue with the pattern. He is angry that he cannot get me to do what he wants anymore. (That is definitely true.) Even after the divorce, he STILL wants to control where I live and how I spend my money.

I asked about the financial future of this pending deal, and she said I should not try to communicate with him directly because nothing will change - to let the lawyers and money managers handle it. She said that he will be unhappy with the outcome because they are going to garnish his wages. (I sure hope so.)

I asked about my children and if they are going to be ok. She said they are mad at him and this hurt will be a part of them for a long time. I said my daughter seems to love him and worry about him. Carla looked further and told me that my daughter is simply concerned that her father will never be happy.

I asked her if I would ever be able to love or be loved. Carla told me that time will heal this and she sees someone in my future, not tomorrow, but when I am ready to be able to receive love. She said I still look in the mirror and believe the things that my ex said to me. That's when I broke down crying because Carla got to the heart of my fears I have believed for so long that I didn't have any value, and that my ex was the one who was responsible for the good stuff. I felt so sad, but also relieved to hear that time would heal this.

Austin, TX

July 23, 2016

This is my first reading with Carla and I stumbled upon her by what seems like fate. I was reading her comments on a viral story about a photo of a victim's spirit from a fatal motorcycle accident in Kentucky, and just felt as if I had to contact her even before reading her testimonials.

I have only had one reading before with another psychic, but the majority of that session was on another topic - I did spend a few minutes on my current work situation then which was my main focus for contacting Carla. The previous psychic said that I would only be where I am for no more than two years in my current job, and she rambled off some words that seemed to come from left field and had nothing to do with my twenty-year engineering career. I have been feeling as if it is time for a change for some time but have been hesitant to look elsewhere as it is a good and secure job, but I dread going to it as most do. So I set up a half hour with Carla.

We started right out with my first question of what Carla saw for my current work situation, and where she saw me going if anywhere. She asked my wife's first name and immediately came back with, "Your wife doesn't know why you stay there and why you put up with their crap!" It really took me back as that is word for word what my wife has been saying for quite some time. Furthermore she said that people there are hidden enemies who pretend to be my friends, but are really out to get me - that they are the reason that I leave and that this will come in the next month. She said that I have overstayed my welcome and that I should have started looking for this new job nine months ago.

Then came the words related to my next job and totally threw me for a loop! Carla then said, "...outdoors, grounds keeping, landscaping, and new commercial development." They were the exact same words as my previous reading again! She also stated that she saw this change coming very quickly and finding this new job in September (which oddly enough is twenty three months from my last reading that said no more than two years.) She said that I will feel very comfortable with the dark-haired man that I am supposed to find for the new job, and that he was a brother in a previous life. He is planning on opening another location southeast and that she saw us moving in nine months to follow that opportunity. Also that he will want me to run this location and that I will make a lot more money there. Carla kept seeing the word "Ash" come up with the name of the location and Greensboro. Instantly I thought of Asheboro, NC where my wife has family and is fairly close to Greensboro. (Carla was not told any of this prior to her prediction.)She said that there is a word that they (Spirit Guides) will not give her because it will make it too easy, and that if it is revealed to me, I will not be as driven to follow this path and find it.

We had a few minutes remaining and I said that my wife and I struggle with the decision of whom to leave our young children with in case something were to happen to us. Luckily, she said that we really had nothing to worry about unless we were to pass unexpectedly as that is left hidden so we don't live in fear of that coming to fruition. She said that no matter who we picked, our families would not be happy as they are very jealous and after moving, it will be obvious who we are supposed to pick and that our children would have many better opportunities after the move.

Alas, our time was up and I certainly wish I had allotted for more time as I was not able to get to other questions. But I guess those can wait for the follow-up.

Lancaster, OH

July 22, 2016

Dear Carla,

I just wanted to thank you so much you did a question and answer session over Facebook where you answered one question from your fans. My question was, "Will I get married again?"

Your reply both stunned me and intrigued me...

You said that I will meet a widow and that we will get married and be soul also said the spirit guides didn't want me to know who he was just yet. So with that I always had that at the back of my mind..never thinking I would meet a widow of same/similar age.. I just thought that I don't want to be with an older man.

So time passes on, joined a dating site, and nothing.

Then BINGO! A guy messaged me!! We decided to meet up - wasn't sure at first.. until we got talking in depth. Turns out he's a widow who happens to live in the same town as me, has children, and we got on sooo well! In fact - to the point that we are 'soulmates.' We even know what the other one is going to say or thinking.. and YES - Carla you were spot on!!! We are getting engaged as soon as he's back from holiday next week. Hopefully we will be setting a date for 27th Sept 2017.

So Carla - we would love to invite you over to York to come to our wedding! ♡

Thank you for everything. You are amazing! Keep up the fab work!! xxx


Jayne Louise
York, England

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