Psychic Carla Baron’s “The Missing” – New Podcast!

A new *special edition* podcast from psychic profiler, Carla Baron. This podcast airs biweekly (every 2 weeks) and new episodes chosen will be announced throughout on my official verified Twitter presence. Followers ONLY may submit their case file suggestions for possible selection on the biweekly drawings by the Universe. Available on: Amazon Music | AnchorContinue reading “Psychic Carla Baron’s “The Missing” – New Podcast!”

Past Lives Illuminate The Present

I just finished a very enlightening reading with Carla. I knew Carla from my time in the US when Haunting Evidence used to be broadcasted and I used to watch it religiously. Her personality and how she always so carefully went about a case was always so fascinating for me. So, I knew that thisContinue reading “Past Lives Illuminate The Present”