Nightmare on V-Day

I stopped dead in my tracks one day last week… It was like I couldn’t breathe for what seemed about 10 minutes. An episode of “Vanished with Beth Holloway” was playing back on my DVR – a harrowing story of a kidnapping that a woman and her sister endured as children. How did I suppressContinue reading “Nightmare on V-Day”

The Case for Protocol & Procedure – Psychic Profiler, Carla Baron

Hundreds upon hundreds of requests from all over the world have sailed in, seeking my unique skills as a psychic profiler on crime scenes & missing persons investigations. Many of these have derived from my work on truTV’s “Haunting Evidence” and “Psychic Detectives.” (Production first commenced when the network was operating under the Court TVContinue reading “The Case for Protocol & Procedure – Psychic Profiler, Carla Baron”

Natalee Holloway, Holly Bobo … The Psychic Parallel

My psychic mind is drifting to these young souls this Sunday evening. Why? Because the same curious, frustrating, unexplainable injustice that had befallen Natalee Holloway’s family, is now fast becoming the never-ending nightmare with Holly Bobo’s immediate loved ones.  What prompted these thoughts today? Well, earlier, I was watching “Justice for Natalee Holloway” (Lifetime TV)Continue reading “Natalee Holloway, Holly Bobo … The Psychic Parallel”

Yet another case of “shoddy” news reporting on the Psychic and Holly Bobo ..

OFFICIAL STATEMENT- #HollyBobo If anyone in Nashville, TN was watching your NBC news ( @ 6pm CDT this evening.. they ‘reported’ a story on me saying I had “already given readings for the past month to the Bobo family.” And crews “supposedly” searched some ‘body of water‘ where I “said” to look for Holly… ____________________________Continue reading “Yet another case of “shoddy” news reporting on the Psychic and Holly Bobo ..”

Holly Bobo, A Prominent Psychic, & a Mother’s Primal Fear

(PARSONS, Tennessee) – Nursing student Holly Bobo, 20, was last seen being led by a camouflage-clad man into the woods near their home on Wednesday morning, April 13, 2011. Holly Bobo is cousin to famous country music artist, Whitney Duncan.  As of today, May 11, 2011 .. Holly Bobo remains missing. A couple weeks ago,Continue reading “Holly Bobo, A Prominent Psychic, & a Mother’s Primal Fear”