Absolutely, just wow.

I just have to start this review by saying wow. Absolutely, just wow. It’s been a few hours since I finished my reading with Carla and I’m still in complete awe by everything that was said. I’ve had a few psychic readings done before but never have I been so amazed after a reading asContinue reading “Absolutely, just wow.”

Carla knew things that I hadn’t shared with anyone.

I had my second reading with Carla tonight and just like last time, she was spot on. She confirmed what I have been seeing and hearing in my home and that it’s not my imagination. Another fabulous reading in which Carla knew things that I hadn’t shared with anyone. I definitely trust her and willContinue reading “Carla knew things that I hadn’t shared with anyone.”

There is no way Carla could have known this information! 

Recently I was laid off from my job at a large corporation as a recruiter. Carla hit the nail on the head – my company was unhappy about laying me off, they didn’t have a choice, hands tied CORRECT. I asked what my next job would be – She said that she saw something about working with “records”.  

Carla, you were right on every single thing.

Hi Carla,  I wanted to let you know that the reading we did six weeks ago tomorrow has revealed a few more things. You stated David would pass in around 6 weeks. Today he was transferred to a hospice facility due to a rapid spiral down in his health. I don’t think he will makeContinue reading “Carla, you were right on every single thing.”

So grateful for the amazing read we had!

Dear Carla, I want to write you to say I am so grateful for the amazing read we had. It was so moving, so perfectly attuned, so on target with what is going on in my life currently.  I want you to know how positive you left me, clear and so optimistic about my future withContinue reading “So grateful for the amazing read we had!”