Right from the beginning – without me even telling her or going into detail about this new relationship – Carla already knew that he just got out of one and that he still communicates with his ex

Carla was amazing from the start, very friendly and open from the beginning. Her reading was in complete detail from beginning to end, and you will be surprised by what she knows without explaining the situation.

Most of all, Carla taught me to trust the universe because it will never steer you wrong.

Where do I even begin? I have been reading with Carla for approximately 8 months now. She is truly the best and has a gift like no other. I will never read with anyone else again. Carla has the ability to not only see things, but how to guide you through them. I began reading with Carla because my personal life was a complete mess. My boyfriend and I were broken up…

Carla is simply amazing. I’ve had many psychic readings over the years and most were a waste of time. But Carla is the real deal.

Carla is simply amazing. I’ve had two sessions in the past 4 months. Both were in reference to a new “complicated” love interest. Each time she was able to describe in detail, the dynamics, the issues, and all aspects of the relationship. She provided perfect clarification and was 100% accurate.