Alone in the Dark: An Oral History of MTV’s Fear

by Jake Rossen for Mental Floss The horror reality show gave contestants their own cameras and set them loose in purportedly haunted locations. The crew still can’t explain what happened next. (Some article highlights below) Phillips: We had [psychic] Carla Baron come in advance and decide where the paranormal readings were. They’d tell us, “BeContinue reading “Alone in the Dark: An Oral History of MTV’s Fear”

I ain’t afraid of no ghost! .. (Or maybe I am.)

It was a shockingly cold winter’s night when my plane landed in Philadelphia to shoot an episode of MTV’s FEAR at the Eastern State Penitentiary. Having signed my virtual life away with MTV’s well-known standard legal non-disclosure documents, I was sworn to not reveal my location to anyone – family members, friends, NO ONE. ThereContinue reading “I ain’t afraid of no ghost! .. (Or maybe I am.)”

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“Dark Shadows” revisited … YES!!!

So I am LOVING the “Dark Shadows” latest remake w/ Tim Burton! Johnny Depp as Barnabas Collins, Michelle Pfeiffer as Elizabeth Collins, & Helena Bonham Carter as Dr. Hoffman (What is not to like here?! ) I used to watch reruns of “Dark Shadows” on location in the hotels w/ MTV’s FEAR + coffee beforeContinue reading ““Dark Shadows” revisited … YES!!!”