Carla’s timing & predictions on a new house purchase came to pass!

In March, when I was looking for a new house, I contacted Carla. I was told by her that I would purchase a house in the following four months. Given that I had been searching for a home in the pricey market for almost a year, I was skeptical. In the end, I bought aContinue reading “Carla’s timing & predictions on a new house purchase came to pass!”

What a wonderful gift I gave myself this Christmas!

I was feeling stuck and feeling as if I was off track career-wise from where I should be focusing. I reached out to Carla Baron. It was just as if I was speaking with a friend who cares deeply about others. Carla had insights to give to me that only a life-long friend could offer. Continue reading “What a wonderful gift I gave myself this Christmas!”

Psychic Carla Baron’s “The Missing” – A True Crime Podcast!

Originally posted on Psychic Carla Baron:
A new *special edition* podcast from psychic profiler, Carla Baron. This podcast airs biweekly (every 2 weeks) and new episodes chosen will be announced throughout on my official verified Twitter presence. Followers ONLY may submit their case file suggestions for possible selection on the biweekly drawings by the Universe.…