Right from the beginning – without me even telling her or going into detail about this new relationship – Carla already knew that he just got out of one and that he still communicates with his ex

Carla was amazing from the start, very friendly and open from the beginning. Her reading was in complete detail from beginning to end, and you will be surprised by what she knows without explaining the situation.

In talking with Carla, she correctly identified so many elements pertaining to family members on both occasions… it’s kinda creepy.

This is the second reading that I have had from Carla over the period of a year. Both times she identified that my son was angry with me (true), but that he knows my grandson is better off being a part of our lives and OUR home is the best fit for my grandson […]

Carla nailed all of this! And the best part is that I have my power back.

I was recently referred to Carla by a friend and I am so grateful for her! Her guidance has been a blessing. I am no stranger to psychics & mediums – however, I must say that Carla by far is the best. I will never utilize anyone else as she has the real gift!  SheContinue reading “Carla nailed all of this! And the best part is that I have my power back.”

My dreams revealed direct messages from my Higher Self

Thank you for my reading on my “haunting dream” I have had for many years. Who knew about my deep feelings but you picked up on that. You hit “a lot” on my past life and my situation on an ex bf. You are correct on that forgiveness is the “key word” on ME… IContinue reading “My dreams revealed direct messages from my Higher Self”