Absolutely, just wow.

I just have to start this review by saying wow. Absolutely, just wow. It’s been a few hours since I finished my reading with Carla and I’m still in complete awe by everything that was said. I’ve had a few psychic readings done before but never have I been so amazed after a reading asContinue reading “Absolutely, just wow.”

Carla knew things that I hadn’t shared with anyone.

I had my second reading with Carla tonight and just like last time, she was spot on. She confirmed what I have been seeing and hearing in my home and that it’s not my imagination. Another fabulous reading in which Carla knew things that I hadn’t shared with anyone. I definitely trust her and willContinue reading “Carla knew things that I hadn’t shared with anyone.”

There is no way Carla could have known this information! 

Recently I was laid off from my job at a large corporation as a recruiter. Carla hit the nail on the head – my company was unhappy about laying me off, they didn’t have a choice, hands tied CORRECT. I asked what my next job would be – She said that she saw something about working with “records”.  

Carla, you were right on every single thing.

Hi Carla,  I wanted to let you know that the reading we did six weeks ago tomorrow has revealed a few more things. You stated David would pass in around 6 weeks. Today he was transferred to a hospice facility due to a rapid spiral down in his health. I don’t think he will makeContinue reading “Carla, you were right on every single thing.”

As far as what Carla picked up with D, everything was dead on. Every single thing.

Tonight, I had my first reading with Carla. I wasn’t sure what I wanted out of the reading, but I just felt I was supposed to do this. We ended up discussing my relationship with my partner who is currently in Hospice care. One of the first things she mentioned was that he wasn’t goingContinue reading “As far as what Carla picked up with D, everything was dead on. Every single thing.”