Psychic Carla Baron’s “The Missing” – A True Crime Podcast!

A new *special edition* podcast from psychic profiler, Carla Baron. This podcast airs weekly now and new episodes chosen via submission will be announced throughout on my official verified Twitter presence. Followers ONLY may submit their case file suggestions for possible selection on the biweekly drawings by the Universe. Interspersed with these chosen cases willContinue reading “Psychic Carla Baron’s “The Missing” – A True Crime Podcast!”

Career Confessions: Carla Baron – Psychic Medium

Originally posted on Career Confessions:
Carla became known throughout the globe for her real-life portrayal of a psychic crime fighter, starring in the hit TruTV (formally Court TV) series, “Haunting Evidence,” now in worldwide syndication. In fact, Ms. Baron actually coined the term “psychic profiler” years before this series was even in development, as numerous articles /…

The Mystifying Twists & Turns In The Search For Robyn Gardner

As a famed psychic profiler, I receive numerous emails daily from fans around the world, clients wishing to book a psychic reading, those wishing to understand their own intuitive gifts a little more clearly. When one of my television programs happens to be airing, there are literally 400-500 emails on any given day. It’s simplyContinue reading “The Mystifying Twists & Turns In The Search For Robyn Gardner”

The Psychic Search For Robyn Gardner

I have achieved a level of integrity & respect in this industry as a famed psychic, medium, and crime profiler. I will not be “bullied” by individuals who represent less. (Or anyone, for that matter.) As those of you who know, support, and send so much love my way in my continued efforts… I workContinue reading “The Psychic Search For Robyn Gardner”

Nightmare on V-Day

I stopped dead in my tracks one day last week… It was like I couldn’t breathe for what seemed about 10 minutes. An episode of “Vanished with Beth Holloway” was playing back on my DVR – a harrowing story of a kidnapping that a woman and her sister endured as children. How did I suppressContinue reading “Nightmare on V-Day”