The Case for Protocol & Procedure – Psychic Profiler, Carla Baron

Hundreds upon hundreds of requests from all over the world have sailed in, seeking my unique skills as a psychic profiler on crime scenes & missing persons investigations. Many of these have derived from my work on truTV’s “Haunting Evidence” and“Psychic Detectives.” (Production first commenced when the network was operating under the Court TV brand.)Continue reading “The Case for Protocol & Procedure – Psychic Profiler, Carla Baron”

Mother/Daughter Reading from Wisconsin… Mother states, “I’m no longer a skeptic!”

Intro Hi Readers! My name is Stephanie and I live in Wisconsin . And if you are like me, you’ll find yourself mesmerized reading the rest of Carla’s amazing and accurate testimonials online – wanting to call and make your own appointment. The 6th sense has always fascinated me. I learned of Carla through herContinue reading “Mother/Daughter Reading from Wisconsin… Mother states, “I’m no longer a skeptic!””

~ A testimony so sweet ~

Sometimes it’s not about a psychic reading.. it’s a testimony with a sweet story ~ ∞ಌ◦° Hi Carla – I did want to share this with you. Totally amazing story. I was on one of your posts one evening and you and I were chatting away about Haunting Evidence. A lady named Michelle Simpson jumpedContinue reading “~ A testimony so sweet ~”

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