Mother/Daughter Reading from Wisconsin… Mother states, “I’m no longer a skeptic!”


Hi Readers! My name is Stephanie and I live in Wisconsin . And if you are like me, you’ll find yourself mesmerized reading the rest of Carla’s amazing and accurate testimonials online – wanting to call and make your own appointment. The 6th sense has always fascinated me. I learned of Carla through her Haunting Evidence TV show.  I read her testimonials online at her website and her posts on her FB fan page. I always wanted to get a reading from a good psychic. There are a lot out there on the internet; however, reading Carla’s daily posts on FB assured me she was authentic and wasn’t out there to just make a buck. Not only that, she seems to stay in tune with her customers and takes the time to update us with new happenings. She is for real.

Why I Contacted Carla

There are two reasons why I wanted to contact Carla. The first reason was I had an unfortunate situation at work and I was in need of the outcome. The second reason, and most important reason, was for my mother because I have been a bit worried about her and knew that if she had the opportunity to talk to Carla about some of the things going on in her life, it may give her peace of mind. My mother is disabled and doesn’t make a lot of money, and I knew she couldn’t afford it herself. I desperately wanted her to talk with Carla. Seeing my mother in such pain both inside and out, as well as my situation at work, made me seriously think about this.

I went to my mother’s 3/16 and sat down at her computer. I went ahead and purchased the hour reading at 5pm in hopes that if I contacted Carla she would agree to do 1/2 hour for mom and 1/2 for me. After the transaction was made the phone rang 10 minutes later! Carla agreed to split the session and scheduled the session for later THAT very evening at 7pm! Talk about customer service!

Although this was my first reading so I cannot compare it with another; but I can tell you of my experience. My purpose of sharing this info is to hopefully have an impact on you, the reader, for the next time you find yourself in my position sitting at Carla’s website. deciding whether you should click “Purchase” at her “setup an appointment page.” The other reason I hope to make you think about is that if you have a family member in need of guidance, or peace of mind, a reading from Carla may be an avenue you could take for peace of mind not just for you, but for your loved one as well. Here goes it:


Carla asked me for my name and birth date and what I would like to know. I explained in small detail the situation at work and here’s what she saw: Carla explained I’d be ok and even provided additional info relating to work for the future (for September 2011). This information is nothing I ever thought of and it was very detailed. It allowed for me to better plan for my future and proactively prepare myself should some of the situations Carla revealed take place. The only thing I can reveal at this time in light of that topic is that I will be accused of something big, potentially stealing, and the accuser is the guilty one. As this female does not like me and wants me O-U-T.


I’m getting married next month and asked a bit about my fiance. Although I have never had the opportunity to meet his parents as they have passed, she was right on with their personalities and moments before their passing. I know this because I discussed the info with my fiance after the call. I also learned that I will be a proud mother of twins, and if not, they will be born very close together and suggested a possible preemie. I didn’t share with Carla that my sister has a fertility issue and also had a premature. There were many other things discussed of which I will provide an update in the months to come to let you know how it all worked out. I read many of Carla’s other testimonials online and wonder of the outcomes so I will be sure to add a follow-up.


I will share with you that I stressed the concern and well-being of my brother, who lives in Georgia. Carla came straight out and suggested his marriage is over. I didn’t say anything about my brother. Carla was right, and we all already know that. She even said his wife does NOT like us. We already knew that too. But having Carla validate and share this information up front (before telling her anything about him) only made us so much more open minded for the additional information she shared regarding my brother. All in all, the detail Carla provided is going to help my brother and prepare him for the anticipated hard times to come. Knowing that my brother will be at peace after it is all over ensures us (the family) that we do not have to worry so much, and just be there for him while he has to go through the process. Especially when he is lives in another state – there is not much we can do… what can you do?

In Closing

Overall, Carla was extremely friendly, professional, and a natural at what she does. Not only that – I’ve noticed a change in my mother since her reading and that in itself was worth the call and letting mom talk with Carla for the other 1/2 hour.

I will be contacting Carla again soon. In fact, my mom is putting a couple bucks away every week to save for her next reading. I really don’t care what others may think about ‘psychic’ readings and whether or not they believe in it. Even if it doesn’t have to do with fortune telling, the conversation with Carla was not only therapeutic, but was 10x more comforting then speaking with a counselor. It was great therapy.

Thank you, Carla, for your prompt response. I can’t tell you how excited I am to talk with you VERY soon in the future. I have two sisters that I shared my experience with as well. They were mad that I didn’t ask about them! One said, “you talked for an hour and didn’t ask about me!?” I told her to make her own phone call! So be expecting to meet the rest of the family.


My name is Debra and I am from WI. My daughter has been following Carla and called me one day to check out Carla’s Haunting Evidence show and look at her facebook page and website. A few weeks passed and I kept watching her website and ended up reading all of her testimonials. After reading, I called my daughter and said, “I’m hooked.”

On 3/16/2011 my daughter stopped over and seemed a bit down. She had an incident at work and told me she really wanted to contact Carla. I said, “Let’s go for it.” My daughter went to her website, prepaid the session, and no more then 10 minutes later Carla called my home phone to setup the reading for later that evening. What service!

My daughter took the first 1/2 hour, I took the second. Here is my experience:

I didn’t want to give her a lot of information up front because I wanted her to provide me the info she saw; and I will admit, I was a bit skeptic. She asked, “What do I want to talk about?” I shared with her minimal info about difficulties I have been having with my siblings since the passing of my mother. Instantly her reply was unbelievable. What she had told me was confirmation of something that has been eating away at me every day. She validated that I was right all along, and the actions of my sister were right on. It was peace of mind. That in itself was worth the money.

Furthermore, I asked if she could tell me anything about my son, that I was worried about him. She replied I didn’t need to worry personally, that he will be emotional but will handle what’s to come; it’ll be difficult but it will be OK. I was not too surprised as to what she shared with me; I actually knew a lot of the stuff and Carla was right on. She only gave me more of a time slot as to when to be prepared for what I am anticipating. It will be interesting to find out if she is correct on this particular situation.

She told me I would be living with perhaps one of my family members soon and I will be leaving my home; whether I have sold it or not in the very near future. Once again, this is something I have to wait and see; however, I have had this on my mind for some time now and have been thinking about this!

Carla described my family dead on. She was able to put a perspective on the person I am and the situation with my siblings; using analogies that I could relate to and better understand and see as an outsider.

After speaking with Carla, I must say I feel very relaxed, like a load has been lifted off my shoulders. I’m no longer a skeptic; and if my finances allow me, I would so very much love to call Carla again. I guess I should have asked Carla about my financial situation. I could have at least known then when I will be be so lucky and have the opportunity to speak with her again. LOL!

Kind regards,
Deb in Wisconsin


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