Psychokinesis (PK) and the Psychic-To-Be

You’re probably thinking Stephen King’s “Carrie,” starring Sissy Spacek / John Travolta, right about now. Or perhaps “Firestarter,” “The Fury,” or the later Travolta project,  “Phenomenon,” where an ordinary man sees a bright light descend from the sky, and discovers he now has super-intelligence and telekinesis. Maybe the recent PK-packed thriller “Push” about group ofContinue reading “Psychokinesis (PK) and the Psychic-To-Be”

The Gift

One of my favorite movies ever depicting the psychic arts!  Sam Raimi directs, Billy Bob Thornton writes, Paramount distributes, and it’s about a psychic – a genuine psychic. What’s not to love? “The Gift” (which premiered in U.S. limited release Christmas weekend, 2000) is set in the fictional southern town of Brixton, Georgia, where youngContinue reading “The Gift”

~ In celebration of my new official blog.. and the 2011 Academy Awards ~

  Subscribe to my official blog here @ to receive notifications when I post a new entry right to your email inbox! And … a 2011 Academy Awards gift to all my fans ~ If you are also a subscriber to my official mailing list via my main website @ …   ► YouContinue reading “~ In celebration of my new official blog.. and the 2011 Academy Awards ~”

“Dark Shadows” revisited … YES!!!

So I am LOVING the “Dark Shadows” latest remake w/ Tim Burton! Johnny Depp as Barnabas Collins, Michelle Pfeiffer as Elizabeth Collins, & Helena Bonham Carter as Dr. Hoffman (What is not to like here?! ) I used to watch reruns of “Dark Shadows” on location in the hotels w/ MTV’s FEAR + coffee beforeContinue reading ““Dark Shadows” revisited … YES!!!”