~ This grounded Aussie boy in tears on his 1st read w/ psychic Carla Baron ~


“My Reading with the High Priestess

I am an individual who has a lot of experience with the art of ‘divination’ ..(see my attached picture)

Having received many readings before, Carla’s reading clearly stood out from the pack.

Before the reading began, I was feeling incredibly anxious/nervous/excited about my reading, although I did expect and receive a highly accurate reading.

The reading began with Carla requesting ‘what I would like to know’, I began with what was foremost on my mind, my current relationship status. I have been involved with a gorgeous woman for the last few months, Yet these last few weeks I have personally felt as if we had been “drifting apart”, not on my behalf, but on hers. Carla got straight down to business and quickly clarified how this woman felt about me, hitting the nail on the head. It turns out she has received the impression that I am interested in another woman from an acquaintance of mine, whom she accurately picked up as working with me. Funny enough, me and this love interest used to be employed at the same work, and Carla picked this up (Carla had NO previous knowledge of this what so ever!)

I then went on to ask Carla about when I’ll get married, she mentioned my potential to get married will occur more then likely in my lates thirties, early fourties, ( I have previously been told this by a ‘private’ reader from the PSYCHIC GUILD OF AUSTRALIA, who has no affiliation with Miss Baron at all.)

I then went on to ask about an old friend’s passing over, which Carla described in UNCANNY detail, revealing some unknown information which I must keep private in regard to the people and families concerned with the death.

Finally, I queried Miss Baron in regard to my younger brothers severe back condition, Carla quickly began describing the details in regard to my brothers back condition in immense detail, and how a new procedure will benefit him (funnily enough my brother was scheduled to receive an extensive scan procedure in Perth this weekend (20/02/2011), unfortunately it has had to have been re-scheduled to next month due to an inefficient Medicare system (Australian Medical Health Service). She fully identified the areas in which he has ACTUALLY been experiencing pain, and suggested various method which can prove beneficial to his healing process. Carla had me STARSTRUCK when she described the psychological elements in which my brothers back condition has been inducing.

Carla, Thank you SO MUCH!, Your reading has been incredibly insightful, accurate, professional & friendly. I plan to utilize your AMAZING services in the future. I even BURST INTO TEARS at one point
(And I’m no softy!!!!!!!).

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Carla’s services to anyone who requires clarificationguidance or meaning
in their life.

Love & Light,



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