A Matter of Timing, that’s all ..


I had a reading with Carla in January about my future, personal and professional levels. Within seconds of being on the phone, Carla knew how stressed and nervous I was for the coming week. I have been on a split road trying to figure out what is the best option for me in terms of career. I had two interviews that week to which Carla stated – one will be successful and is the path for me, while the other is not the best option. She stated that she sees a contract with this company and I will grow within the company. Couple of months passed and I did not hear anything from the company due to hiring freeze. Right when I started to give up hope, within a few days I was extended an offer with the company of my choice. The first thing that crossed my mind was what Carla said about the job. I was speechless because I had my reading end of January and now its almost April and everything Carla said was “on the dot” about my career!! I am beyond excited about my new career and am SO glad I contacted Carla to help me choose the right/best path for me.

Moving on, she also said that my current bf will be the one for me and will lead to a marriage. She was also able to see that my parents were not happy with the man I have chosen, but that will all melt away when a child is born. Carla also sensed that I was anemic and a vegetarian (which I am.) She said I need to change up my diet and add more protein and iron rich products to improve my health and rid of fatigue. I was surprised at what all she was able to see. She gave me reassurance that I needed for my career path, as well as, reassurance in my relationship. Talking to Carla was like talking to an old friend who you have not spoken to in years and is giving you the best advise possible. I greatly appreciate everything Carla has done. Thank you!


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