I can’t believe the level of psychic insight Carla has… it gives me goose bumps- really!

I can’t believe the level of psychic insight Carla has…it gives me goose bumps – really! She told me stuff that not only were things that she couldn’t possibly have known, but she told me things that I didn’t even remember until she mentioned them…and NO ONE except one other person was ever told.

She was exactly right about an issue with my daughter in relation to my old boyfriend and made SO much sense out of things that hadn’t up until then.

The primary reason I called Carla was about an old boyfriend from 20 years ago, who is back in my life. Long story short…I never stopped believing there was a strong connection between him and I, and that it was “true love” (the soul mate kind), even though he broke my heart and made me cry when he cheated on me toward the end of our one-year, inseparable relationship. I could never understand or get it why he sabotaged our what-I-thought-was-perfect relationship…I mean, we used to finish each other’s sentences. I told him I couldn’t accept his terms of seeing another woman and I ended the relationship, NEVER believing that he wouldn’t realize his mistake and come back to me wanting a second chance – he didn’t. Over all those years he was almost ALWAYS on my mind, and I missed him terribly.

About seven years ago (after the 2nd divorce that took place in that time period) he started coming back in and out of my life… he’d call, I’d see him a couple of times; years would pass, he’d call again, I’d see him.. on and on. A year ago, I started seeing him more frequently and it went from platonic to intimate and the last four months it’s been almost every weekend. I’m still crazy in love with him but have been very aloof.. not saying anything or expecting anything.. not wanting to do anything that might “upset the apple cart,” but all the while wondering what was on his mind and how he truly feels (and felt) about me. Carla told me he does truly love me (she told me that through her many readings, this is rare…she doesn’t say that often) but he’s afraid to look me in the eye. I’m a glaring reminder of all he did that was wrong and it makes him feel guilty. She said he needs to forgive himself (and it wouldn’t help if I offered to forgive him.)

She said that throughout the two marriages he had in the time after me that ended, he always thought of me and realized I was the “one” .. the others were not love, I was the one that was actually love and that he hasn’t been complete without me. She told me I can’t continue to accept his terms of calling me when he feels like and keeping the relationship casual, that I have to insist that he be there when I need him and assure me that I can count on him in a crisis or intense situation. So far, I’ve allowed him to be pretty much no-strings-attached, foot loose and fancy free. Even though I’m not looking for a commitment or him to pledge undying love, I have to know I can count on him. He will respect me more if I do this. Now I just need to gain the courage to risk making this “demand.” Someone once said you’ve got to be willing to lose in order to win and that is my challenge. Everything just made so much sense and became crystal clear after speaking to Carla… I will definitely be calling her again.

T H A N K S, C A R L A!!!

Cat DeBinder

“A good attitude will get you through bad times better than a bad attitude
will get you through good times.”


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