“I live in my beautiful house now as I write this.. ALL this came to pass because of Carla’s guidance.”


My first question that I had was about the house I’m trying to purchase. I have been in this process for 5 months. It was one thing after another and now they want money that I just don’t have. I’m a single mother trying to give my children a stable home. She said they know my desperation and what they are trying to do is illegal. Oh, my beautiful house. I want this house so much. She reassured me that I would have this house but I will have to wait. For me to get this house I have to first report my case to the fair housing market. I’m a true Libra and try to avoid confrontation but also I am the sign of the scales which is balance and justice.

I wanted to give you an update…I had sent to you an email telling you how things started working after I contacted Fair Housing. Well, there was a turn of events. You had specifically told me that there was something illegal going on with the deal with my house.

Well after everything started moving quicker, I had a sudden chain of misfortune with the house. The seller’s asset manager terminated my contract without notice and put it back on the market with a new listing agent for $10,000. I found out the very last day that I could put in an offer that this what was going on. At this point there were 3 other offers on the house and I was sure to lose it. I didn’t hesitate. At this point I had lost my $1000 good faith money, $1000 worth of work that I had already had done on the house, and had to pay $550 on the appraisal. I had chosen at this point to go with a new lender and I will tell you the old lender was not happy and quite rude. Anyway, the new lender and I did win the bid. At this point I am looking at purchasing the house for $10,000 less than I was the week prior.

Exactly what you said would happen if I reported to fair housing. What had taken 5 months now was ready to close within 2 weeks. Hmmm…How wonderful plus the new lender found grants that were available to me. I went from paying up front closing cost of over $7000 to paying a total of $400 in closing cost. New lender, new seller asset manager, and everything was moving beautifully until it came to closing. Everything was ready and the seller’s attorney changed my closing date 5 times usually 30 minutes after the closing was to begin. Then with the budget freeze and FHA on hold I was sure to lose the house again due to expiration of the closing time allowed. Another $1000 plus re-inspections of everything because at this point, they all had expired leaving the total loss at over $5000. I was devastated.

Well, my story got around to everyone involved including the Title Company and new asset manager. All I can say is that top dogs with all parties got involved. I can honestly tell you that I was assured that my case was a top priority for investigation with formal complaints by people much higher up then I could have ever imagined. The end result… I live in my beautiful house now as I write this letter. My girls and I have been in here for 10 days now and we absolutely love it here. All this came to pass because of your guidance. Thank you so much and many blessings. I’ll let you know as the other things we talked about unfold.


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