The cruel thing my mother said years ago was.. EXACTLY what Carla said – and she would have NEVER known that!

Hi Carla –

I am emailing you with an update from my reading April 27th. I am comfortable with revealing some detail. One of the things I asked you was, “Why did my mom hate me so much?” You said she’s bitter and judges my marriage, that she thought my marriage was a sham and a conspiracy. I then revealed to you I could see that because I wasn’t really looking to get married.

Although I had been with my husband for over 3 years, I wasn’t in a hurry to do it again. I had been married, but my husband who in the Navy reserve was getting deployed in October 2008. We decided to move it up and get married because you truly don’t know whats going to happen in the middle of a war. We decided to have a small wedding and a big party, both to which I did invite my mom. She attended the party, stayed 5 minutes, and never spoke to me again. This went on for many years with her not talking to me for one reason or another – sometimes for years at a clip. You advised me to “move on, let it go.”

Well.. tonight – I had my son and his girlfriend over for dinner, and the conversation came up of my mom not talking to me. Kristina, my son’s girlfriend said to me, “You know we were at your mom’s 2 years ago, and she told me she is not talking to you because your marriage is a scam! You married your husband just for money.” I could not believe what I just heard. I said, “WHAT?” She said, “Your mom said she feels that you wanted something to happen to him over there so you could collect all the money.”

I was so angry because it was such a cruel thing to say. She doesn’t even know me. Thank God my husband is home safe! This reminded me of my psychic reading with you — THAT was EXACTLY what you said — and you would have NEVER known that!

I will keep you updated as more comes to light!


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