“Carla is authentic – a warm voice of certainty, sincerity .. accurate beyond words.”


Thank you again, Carla.
You touch my soul, and I see life.

I feel so alive. It’s like coming up for air after a long dive and wonderful swim.
Life has just changed, my priorities, my direction, and I don’t really have any problems.
I see my husband with new eyes … I feel awakened.

Carla is authentic, w/ a warm voice of certainty and sincerity. She did NOT know my plans for my greenhouse or my garden, NOR did she know my Ireland connection. Yet, I heard this truth come from her lips.

Carla, thank you and all your spirit guides, for today is a new beginning, with great enthusiasm. Carla said at the end of our reading, “You now have balance in your life,” and yes she is right again. I felt inspired to call Carla. I’ve been following her since
“Haunting Evidence,” and was curious to see what she has been up to.

I read testimonials on her blog, and knew I had to make a call the very next day.

We connected. I know my truth, and I do not fear my future. I embrace it.

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