Carla NAILED the situation down to the date our first adoption experience started AND failed!!!


I had my first reading with Carla Baron today – December 12, 2011. I was at a standstill regarding the time frame that we would be adopting our first child. We had gone through a failed adoption which left us devastated and unsure if we would be able to trust the process again. When a new situation came to us, I thought I had to call Carla and get some guidance as to what to do. I have seen her on multiple TV shows etc. and thought THIS is who can guide me.

When we first started speaking, I was reluctant to reveal too much information about myself and the sensitive subject. Almost immediately Carla had me feeling calm and comfortable with her. Carla NAILED the situation down to the date that our first adoption experience started AND failed!!! A lot of what she had to say gave me goose bumps because it was SO accurate.

We spoke about the new situation and sure enough, she knew a lot about the “expecting parents.” Carla told me all about the situation that they are currently in and how the girl having the child was “really young,” she said. Carla thought the “daddy” of the baby was a bit older – she saw he was around 17 maybe. My heart broke for them, so young, and so scared.

I did not have all of this information as of yet from my attorney. After we hung up, I received a call from the attorney and AGAIN, when I asked questions about the expectant parents, I was told EXACTLY what Carla had predicted. I was very interested in knowing their “ages” – Carla was correct on BOTH of them! It was comforting to know that we would maybe be able to help such a young couple through a very difficult set of circumstances.

Carla provided me with a certain time frame that we might be bringing home a “little bundle of joy,” and helped me to understand how to cope with the unknown. Now, we are still in a waiting period, and nothing is certain, but if my reading today was any indication of what is to come – I am SUPER excited.

Carla, thank you for guiding me through this process and helping me to see that my fears are completely normal. I am looking forward to our next call when hopefully as we speak, I will be feeding our new baby.


A new forever client……………….


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