You saw our home would be near beaches, water, and a “lot of seagulls.” You were so right! I did not say a word to you…BUT YOU KNEW!!!

The reading I did with you was two days ago. Two weeks ago I got Skype and remembered what my cousin sent to me – she told me to contact you for a reading. From that reading you have opened up and confirmed SO MANY THINGS that are going on in my life, also my family’s life. It was truly amazing and comforting.

In the first 5 minutes, you were able to confirm my husband’s new employment and that there is a reason he needed to look into his contract with the company – there may be discrepancies with the contract, and he should be cautious. You said he believes what people say and take them for their word – yet they are not truthful.

At the present moment, he just started this job, and yet there are still a few questions that have not been clarified concerning his contract. He still needs answers. You knew that without me saying a word, Carla. I have informed him of this and now he is reading his contract as I type this testimonial! I always thought this new job was too good to be true and was afraid for my husband to take it on. This information you have given me prompted both of us to recheck all the fine print! We are so grateful for this.

You said my husband is the “impulse buyer,” whereas I am the one who is more grounded. At times I do tell him “It’s not a good idea.” lol It’s true – he tends to “jump the gun,” at times and I usually have to stop him from jumping. (hehehehe)

Next, I had asked you in regard to a move whether it would be a positive one, and if in fact we would actually move elsewhere. You stated that it would be around now, near the end of April, that we would actually move and that it will be a positive one. You saw our home would be near beaches, water, and a “lot of seagulls.”

This is VERY TRUE! We have been looking for a new home in another state. We live in Sydney, Australia, and since my husband has started his new job, we are very keen on moving as soon as possible. The location is in Gold Coast – a holiday destination in Australia with many, many beaches. You also said, “I would love it up there,” as well. I knew I would because I have a lot of family there. You were so right! I did not say a word to you about where we were looking to relocate – BUT YOU KNEW!!!

I just wanted to make sure it was a good positive move for all of my family, especially my kids. You helped confirm that it would be. That makes me feel good knowing that all will be well with this move. My kids will adapt well, you said, but you did speak a lot about my middle child whom I’ve always been worried about and confirmed that she may be affected a little with the move.

You said I need to watch her as she gets older. You said – “I sense your middle child has a touch of OCD. I tend to recognize my ‘own kind.'” Then I revealed to you, Carla, that she was born on Oct. 4th. You said “Ahhh… that’s why! She’s a “4” and so am I! Nov. 4th is my birthday. We are both 4’s, and that makes so much sense to me now with what I am seeing.”

You were right on that she may be the one that will make me more worried as she gets older. I’ve ALWAYS thought this, but you confirming it give me more relief. I can watch over more closely, if need be, and that she may be my “little nutcracker” in the family! (hehehe)

You explained so much about what I have to look forward to as my kids grow older, and it makes me laugh – some points you had were right on the money!

You stated that this move would be good for me cause it meant leaving some contacts I have here in Sydney. You said that some of the old contacts I have here are not true friends and are jealous of me, and to be careful what I say about my move as all they do is bitch and complain. This I TOTALLY see at this moment! I’ve realized that now I need to suss out the real friends and let go of the fake ones. I know who the fake ones are, and not allowing them in on what’s happening now with my life is better for me – I know then they won’t have anything to bitch about.

Last but not least –

I asked you about having another child (preferably a son, as I have 3 girls whom I adore.) I just want to have a “son” to complete my family. You gave me many reasons why I need to get myself checked medically which I have been avoiding. This will improve my health in general, and also possibly help give me the gift of the son I’ve always wanted. I’ll be writing to you again as these things begin to happen.

I enjoyed speaking with you, Carla. I know what you put out there and read for me was so accurate and many things fell into place when going through the reading notes. I am so thankful for my cousin telling me about you, and for giving me the opportunity to have a reading with you. I am forever grateful you were able to do and make time for my reading as I know you have a busy schedule.

I recommend anyone and everyone to have readings with you as you are truly amazing! Thank you, Carla, and I will be getting many more readings in the near future, as well as, posting back to you with everything that has been mentioned in this reading.

Thank you again and keep doing what you are doing. xoxo

Feta Carrion
Sydney, Australia


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