The Attraction Device

I was on a client reading the other night where love relationship concerns were at the forefront.

Wish to highlight something I have spiritually seen to be oh-so-true when dealing with a love dynamic – whether it is one you have been immersed in for 20 years, one you’ve just encountered, or one yet to come.

Be yourself. Embrace the real you.
You’ve all heard those words before – again & again.
Now I will elaborate upon them:
Be the BEST you. Not the one who is out of balance – exhibiting every insecurity, fear, hurt, bitterness, regret you have gone thru like some proverbial “roadmap” on your sleeve – out there for all to see.

But the BEST you. The one who puts all those past lessons aside, dusts herself/ himself off, the one who literally BEAMS with your own individual, one-of-a-kind LIGHT.

That’s the attraction device.


Not some altered “version” of you that your mother, family, friends, society, or culture wants to mold out of your unique “clay.”

They cannot. Only you have the mold – predetermined by you and your guides the moment you became incarnate this lifetime. Only certain people who have true, unconditional, non-judgmental love for you can actually see the best you. Most individuals I have encountered in my psychic sessions cannot see this within themselves – NOT YET.

But each soul has its own time frame and schedule to work through the “veils” we use to protect, to hide, to lay dormant until we are ready.

You are ready when you are ready.

There is no “grading” system on how fast you get there. Just that you do – and within your own energy field – NOT someone else’s manufactured field.

Here’s a fitting quote from Hemal Radia:

“Love is you being YOU”

Love is about following the heart. As with most things, all the answers one needs are communicated through the emotions.

Love is not meant to be about obligation or control – they are based on insecurity and fear, you will know how they feel and they feel different from ‘true love’ – it is about expression and being free flowing, it is about being ‘You’ and unconditional love. It is not expecting the other person to be something, it is accepting them for who they are and loving them, and you being You in the same process. And ironically, when you really do this you have all the love in the world here.

When you are in this place of love the Universe beats a path to your door to make it all happen. The events and synchronicities and happenings all take care of themselves, they can’t not, from a vibrational perspective when in love you are ‘singing’ and attracting all that is a match. Literally the Universe creates a path for you, with the angels with harps and rainbows and more.

Perception is projection. You attract matches. If you want to attract your soulmate (or have your soulmate be the person you’re with), BE from that place and see what happens. You can attract a person with those qualities or draw those qualities from the person you’re with, it’s by appreciating who they are than who they’re not.

When, you ask?

When you realize you had the “ruby red slippers” all along. That YOU are enough. More than enough. That it’s ok now for everyone to see the authentic YOU.

The BEST you – the one who shines bright with all they have – whatever that may be. No comparisons. No wishing you had someone else’s life. Knowing what you have within the best you is the KEY to unlocking your destiny. Your happiness. That is what will attract & KEEP attracting … this inner self-knowing.

Some call this your “inner confidence.” I believe that term can be misleading at times as people want to put their best foot forward without REALLY knowing what they have.
It’s all theater. Not the actual goods.
One catch –

You must see this within yourself first.

(If you wait until someone else reveals this to you, it will still be under false pretenses.)


You will get it.

I have faith that you will.

Oh – keep it simple. There’s no “miracle” you.

YOU are the miracle.

And when you least expect…

Published by Psychic Carla Baron

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