Just as Carla predicted, a meeting did not occur in Germany with the love of my life.. Carla sees that he will contact me again.


Today, I had my fourth reading with Carla. As with all the times before, I was amazed. I am generally a very shy person but always feel at ease when speaking with her. I am basically heartbroken and trying to understand what has happened.

About a year and a half ago, a love from the past contacted me via e-mail. I would say that he was the love of my life. Our last contact had been in 1994. Out of the blue, he contacted me. I was ecstatic.

He was in the army and stationed in Germany. He was being deployed to Afghanistan in 6 months. I live in USA. Our correspondence continued and things progressed to the point where we planned on meeting once he returned to Germany.

In the last month prior to returning to Germany, the contact was daily and very intense. A few days before his return, suddenly all contact stopped. I received one e-mail two weeks later saying he had run into problems and that he would contact me soon. A month passed and nothing- no news. I finally started e-mailing asking if he was OK but there was no response. My heart was broken and I did not know what to think. Unexpectedly, I had to travel to Germany for business a few weeks ago. I saw this as an opportunity of a lifetime for my love and I to see each other after so many years, a sign from fate. I decided that I had to give it my best shot. I tried to contact him so that he knew I was within one hour of him for the first time in almost two decades. I left a message at the base for him.

The next morning, I finally received a response. He wrote back that it was not possible for him to see me and that so many things were happening. He was so busy at his base. The base was shutting down unexpectedly and he had to ensure that soldiers and their families were able to ship out to new assignments. He was also dealing with all the emotional issues for his soldiers post deployment. He, himself, would be re-assigned and would have to leave back to the states by August. He said he was totally unprepared for this.

I could not believe that in a 5 days’ time that I would be in Germany, he would not make a few moments to see me. I could not understand what had happened if we were so close just weeks before. I have been reeling from the sense of loss and betrayal. I needed to understand what was going on. Carla was able to clarify the problems and issues that he was experiencing and what my next step should be. The funny thing was that in my last reading, Carla told me that we would see each other again but it would NOT be in Germany. She stated that he would travel to the USA on business, and we would see each other here, near an old historic city.

At the time, this did not make sense to me. I thought she could not possibly be right. He was in Afghanistan and would then be stationed in Germany until the end of 2013, therefore, it didn’t make sense. He had no reason to come to the states. I truly believed that our meeting would occur in Germany, especially when I unexpectedly had to travel so near to where he was. I felt so sure he would not turn down the opportunity, especially having me so near after so many years. But just as Carla predicted, a meeting did not occur in Germany and my heart is devastated. I have been walking around in a cloud of confusion and hurt these last few weeks but now have clarity and a bigger picture of the situation.

Carla sees that he will contact me again and has provided insight into how I should proceed. I truly hope with all my heart that this prediction will come to be just like she was right the last time. I will be ready and will know what to do.

Thank you so much, Carla. My heart and soul thank you.


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