New love in the air! There were so many details Carla pinpointed exactly, that I don’t think anyone would have known besides the man I am interested in.


The other day I had spoken with Carla, frantic about a new man that entered my life. Someone I fell head over heels for quickly and unsure where he stood or if this thing even had a chance before I started to get too ahead of myself. There were so many details Carla pinpointed exactly, that I don’t think anyone would have known besides the man I am interested in.

One thing she did mention about him is that he is a nervous wreck right now with his life and life choices. He is trying to figure out what to do with his life and how he is going to make money. This man just graduated college and is in the process of trying to find a way to get a career started, so she hit the nail on the head with that one! She also mentioned that he was very smart. Something also very true about him, that many people may not at first recognize about this man, just by the way he carries himself.

She also looked into our chemistry and mentioned our chemistry is off the hook. This was really reassuring as I have never had better chemistry with someone before and it was nice to hear from Carla that he saw the chemistry in us as well.

One thing I did mention to Carla is that I am friends with his sister. Right off the bat she told me, I could NOT go and talk to the sister about anything (something I had began to do.) To keep our business between just me and him, as this is a huge concern and possible deal breaker for him. As he has concerns of being sabotaged and his sister knowing too much of his business.

When Carla told me this, it blew my mind. Just a couple days before he had mentioned to me directly to please not tell his sister about everything that was going on between us. So let’s say after this testimonial my lips are sealed.  I composed a small note to send off to him to “break the ice” and she said if I went about it in a certain way, I would get a response. And sure enough, a day later I did!!

When I first met this man, I knew there was something different about him. In a previous reading I had with Carla she mentioned to not worry about not finding love as a man will come into my life around the age that I am at now, and we will both know early on that we are meant for each other.

It’s still in the VERY beginning and all I know right now is that I have never had better chemistry with someone, but I will have to update you all later on how this story ends…. 😉

♥ Steph

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