Predicted that her boyfriend would contact her after their breakup in 3 days – and that’s EXACTLY what he did! He contacted her last night – 3 DAYS after their split.


Carla is awesome! I just had my 3rd or 4th reading with her. I’m always amazed that she seems to be able to describe people in my life without ever having met them – or me for that matter.

I asked Carla whether my long term boyfriend and I were truly over or if we would end up back together. She said he was heartbroken over the split, which I knew he was, and that within three days he would break “like an egg” under the pressure and contact me. Last night he did – and that was three days after the split.

She also said he may move in around September – I am looking forward to that very much!!!

I also asked about his health. She said she saw pressure on his chest – mainly from stress. I knew this was spot on since he’s been under significant stress lately and he has been worried about his health.

Every time I talk to Carla she is spot on. Carla is the only psychic I will ever work with. Thank you, Carla!


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Published by Psychic Carla Baron

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