I remembered that when we talked last that many of her predictions for me were to be 2 years away. Ironically Carla’s career predictions for me a couple weeks ago were almost 2 years from the day that she originally predicted that I would have a change in jobs.


I was in a state of frustration and confusion. I felt as if I had nowhere to turn. I remember that a year & a half ago I had spoken with Carla and got some much needed clarity. In hindsight, I remembered that when we talked last that many of her predictions for me were to be 2 years away. I was wondering if those predictions still were true for me or had I altered it from my actions over the last year and a half.

Carla and I began our session with no indication from me that we had spoken before. I started with what was my future state of financial security would be since I was in such a downward spiral at this time. She did give me some rational advice on what I needed to do to consolidate my debts and pay 25% of what I currently owe. I had looked in the past at this with great reluctance. It’s as if she knew my dismay and hesitation to do this. She assured me that, without my prompting, I did not want to do this but it is the right path to do and I would see a great upswing in my financial security come January. Comforting I promise you.

We stepped right from there to my future job change that would come in March. Ironically that timeframe was almost 2 years from the day that she originally predicted that I would have a change in jobs. She got almost giddy over how this new job would change my life and how my income will triple. She said I would be doing home health care. I had not mentioned at this time that we had either spoken before or that I was a nurse. As if she knew my concerns over my current state of disdain over how corporate and insurance companies dictate what THEY feel is the best plan of action for a patient. Of course, I know that this is financially driven and not them being a patient advocate. I took a job for the money, and it took me into management away from patient care and I hated it. Her statement… “Never let money make your decisions.” She is so right. It’s not worth it at all.

How would this new job change my life? This is where I stand conflicted. She said I would be a private duty nurse for the wealthy woman. How is this dilemma? Very easy, I was going to be there around the clock. Yes, I would be living with her. This is bad because I am the mother of a 10-year-old girl and a 13-year-old girl. They are my world. Quite literally my children are my world. How could I not come home to my children every night? I have no answer to this question at this time. She assured me I would be happier than I’ve been in a long time being with this woman. She said she has dementia but she’s quirky and fun and well-learned. This woman will alter my perception of the world and myself. I would be better for it. Grrrraaaa. Who can make a choice like this??? I do abhor my job now and would love to grow spiritually and intellectually but at the cost of leaving my kids. She said the kids would be fine because I raised them to be so independent and their dad lives right behind us. But still…

So now my stomach’s in a knot so might as well ask one last question. How about love? Well she sees nothing in the next 5 years. Dear Lord – these are all things I do not really want to hear. Right away she sees my heart is not open to it at all. This is true. I’m like a wounded animal and would probably bite if someone got to close. I had my heart broken and though I do not let it run my life I do stand leery of ever letting someone in again. Well, for now anyway, due to the fresh wound. But one day I do want to open up again.

Sitting in turmoil now more confused than I was when I started. I honestly don’t know what to do but I will take Carla’s advice and meditate on it and let things be as they should. When the time comes, I will make the decision with a clear mind and an open heart. For those that think calling a psychic is a path to all those happy things that are to come this is not the psychic to call. She will be honest and open and tell you what will come good or bad. That is why she is my one and only choice for guidance. She is kind and generous and always tells you what you must do to make things work or how to avoid something ominous. In my southern drawl I say, “Y’all we are talking about life, and in life there are no easy choices and most of the time you must give up something you love to attain something better.” Be brave and follow your heart, friends. The heart never lies. Thank you, Carla, I will take all your advice and meditate on it. Love and well wishes…

Florida Panhandle

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