Predictions come to pass exactly as seen 5 years ago! Carla performed a reading for me in early November of 2007. There were 3 key points that came true.


Carla performed a reading for me in early November of 2007. There were 3 key points that came true. One of which had to do with my daughter who was 17 at the time. My daughter was spiraling out of control emotionally and just with life in general.

Without giving Carla details, Carla stated it was an abusive boyfriend who was into drugs that was causing my daughter’s spiraling. Carla said to paraphrase: “She will do 180 degree turnaround in her early 20’s and her life will really settle down around 23-24 years old.” Carla also said my daughter would be working in the medical field (my daughter was working a dead end retail job) and that she would be around “medical equipment”.

I thought at the time of the reading: “Yeah right”.

Well, I’m here to say that my daughter got rid of the loser boyfriend for good. Has been in a live-in relationship with one of the nicest, kindest human beings who treats my daughter like gold. My daughter has a stable job with a great future in a huge eye physician group practice in an office around lots of equipment (they perform everything from exams to eye surgery). My daughter went from being physically and mentally abused, working in a dead-end job, to a life where she is a happy and positive individual. 5 years later my daughter’s life has taken a 180 degree turn.

Thanks again, Carla. Hopefully, you can read for me in a few months!

Take care,

Delilah S.
San Francisco

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