My father was a complicated person and you nailed his personality on the head! Without me saying a word, you saw that he had a ’tissue eating virus’. He had developed gangrene which was eating away at his organs.

The reading I got was wonderful, and it did settle my mind on a few things concerning my father. My father was a complicated person and you nailed his personality on the head with a few things you said – the fact that he was never truly happy with his course in life and just ‘settled.’ He always wanted to be something that he wasn’t. My father and mother divorced right before he passed.

I always say that he died of a broken heart, but what you saw was probably far more accurate. You saw that he had a ’tissue eating virus’ of sorts. Well, truth be told, he had developed gangrene which was eating away at his organs.

See, I was unable to be with my father for two years before his death, and I’ve been dealing with a ton of guilt. You made me feel so much better when you said he would not have made it easy for me to be around him anyway. This is so true, he was a difficult man to please. You said he did not like people to see him in his state and did not want to be taken care of – and that is the truth. Your description of my father was perfect. You even mentioned his marriage with my mother. She did leave him so brokenhearted, but you were right – he did feel like he failed her.

I don’t think I can say much more without sounding redundant. The reading was precise, and I’ll be returning for more insight from you, Miss Carla!

You did say something about ones who have passed not being able to ‘pop in’ at any given moment. I wish he could be with me all the time. I miss my dad. Can they hear us on the other side? Can he hear me when I’m speaking to him? I guess those are questions that will have to be answered in the next session.

Thank you so much again!

Take Care,

Amanda Reynolds

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