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There has been a lot going on in my life lately, and I just needed to talk to Carla for a reading. You always feel so much more focused after you have, and can put 2 + 2 together. She’s been a blessing in my life since I had my first reading. And I’ve changed so much in my life!

Well today – I wanted to know about my nephew and his health. Carla was very clear what is going on with him. He’s only 46 years old and had a stroke this past Tuesday – something I did not tell Carla about before our reading. I just gave her his name and day of birth. When she started the reading on him, she picked up that he had been having problems with his stomach for awhile, and that was a sign from his body to slow down and rest for a bit. She said the doctors are not picking up what is wrong with him. Carla said that my nephew KNOWS what is wrong. Carla saw that this is his first “window” to cross over. I will keep ya’ll updated on that.

Then I asked Carla about my puppy. My husband says that when he takes her for a walk, she’ll stop and look at the side of the building, I asked Carla what the puppy was seeing. Clear as day – Carla said, “She’s hearing a rodent of some sort!” Well last night, when I let the kittens out to do their nightly bugging, I opened up the door. They had brought me a HUGE mouse! How amazing is that? Carla hasn’t seen a “rodent” EVER in a reading before this, she told me.

Then we also talked about my health, and my decision to finally get healthy. Through several readings we’ve been talking about this, and my need to lose weight and get better. Since June 10th, I’ve lost 21 lbs! Carla said that I had made this decision because I had shed my ‘burdens’ I had and was ready to live again – which is correct! SHE was spot on. Also, we talked about my digestive problems, and need for a certain form of calcium. She is just so amazing. Because of my other readings with Carla, and her being “spot on about everything,” I’ve been able to come to terms with issues and change my life for the better. I am now starting to live for “ME” – leaving the past in the past and moving on. (She’ll never know how grateful I am for this.)

Carla is such a blessing to us all. I am glad that I took that first step and had my reading.

Will keep everyone posted on other things as they fall into place.

Thank you again, Carla.

Houston, TX

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