“I want everyone out there to know what Carla says you can take to heart. It might not happen that particular year – but it WILL happen.”


I talked to Carla last night and had my third reading with her. It had been a couple of years since I had talked with her and she was just as easy to talk to as I remembered. When I spoke to her a couple of years ago, I had been single for about 6 years and I was real scared and picky about the next man I would let into my life, so I wanted her advice to help me decide.

I was seeing a guy at the time, and I asked Carla if he was the right one or not. She told me “no” and went into detail about the guy – she was dead on about everything she said! She told me that in June I would meet the right guy and that he would be mourning the loss of his wife or daughter, and I would meet him at a hospital or graveyard.

Well, in June – I found myself in the hospital visiting a friend that was in a coma. I had not been in a hospital in years – nor had to visit anyone in the hospital. The guy died, but I didn’t go to the funeral.

June came and went, and in July I met a guy, but he didn’t fit Carla’s “description,” so I contacted her again and asked if he was the one. She told me “no.” Carla went into detail about the guy, and how he would act when I ended the relationship. She was DEAD ON with everything she said!

Carla also said that the guy I was going to be with will be “mourning the loss of his wife or daughter” – and that I would meet him in spring. She stated that somehow he and I had bypassed each other that time around. How could she remember the same thing she had told me in the last reading, about the same guy losing his wife?!

Well – last spring, the last guy I had a real relationship with came back into my life. We were off and on all through summer, and some of fall, and I didn’t meet the right guy who had lost his wife. I kept in mind what Carla told me about the guy who lost his wife and figured we probably ‘bypassed each other’ again.

By the time this past spring came around, I had forgotten about what Carla said. Here I was – in the beginning of spring – I was out with some friends I usually don’t hang out with, and I found myself at a little bar I would have never gone to.

Well… low and behold – I’m outside, and this kind of tall stocky guy that was the doorman comes outside and introduces me to this short wiry guy. (This was yet another thing Carla had told me on that last reading – that I would be out with friends, and that a friend of his would be introducing us! ALSO – something about him being a wiry type of guy!)

He seemed so familiar to me, like I knew him, or had seen him before. He and I started talking, and from the moment we met – I felt this weird kind of pull because of his great personality. Also, I was intrigued because he was not drinking, but yet – was at a bar.

He begins to tell me that he’s a recovering addict, and that he doesn’t want to ever drink or do drugs again because he was trying to get his daughter back. When I asked where the mother was, he told me his wife died, and that was the reason he got into drugs and alcohol – because of the depression. It took all I had for my mouth not to drop to the floor! I knew this was the guy Carla had told me about 2 years ago! Also this guy is a wiry type of guy, full of energy and also an electrician. (Wiry, get it?! LOL)

(cont.) …

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