Psychic Medium Carla Baron peers into a sudden tragedy where a Nova Scotian woman’s brother was killed in an accident. The reading inspired a beautiful blossoming of her relationship with the brother’s son left behind.


Hello, my name is Barbara Pinto, and I would love to share with anyone who is willing to listen to me.

So 6 years ago I had lost my brother, Raymond, in a tragic accident, and for many years I wanted to know if he was scared, or if he was ok. I, like many other people who have lost a loved one, wish that I could tell my brother he is loved and always will be.

Well – the day I contacted Carla, she helped put my mind at ease. She told me my brother knew that I loved him. She even knew about the many phone calls I get a day that are just static on the other end when I answer. Carla confirmed that the “static” is Raymond connecting with me. Needless to say – that made my hurt turn into happy.

Carla also told me about his son (my nephew) – that he was having a hard time trusting. That next weekend, I had my nephew over for March break and gave him a few things of his father’s. Now I see a beautiful relationship between me and my nephew blooming. Without Carla’s help, this probably would not have happened.

I am so very thankful for Carla Baron’s abilities. She truly is gifted.

Nova Scotia, Canada

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